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15 hours ago, discgoesmic said:

Awesome, seen Coldplay 4 times already but going to shoot for the 16th August date with London Grammar. Apparently ticket prices for Wembley are £60-132 depending where you sit in the arena. This was confirmed by Ticketmaster on Twitter.


Pre sale is 21st 

you can get a code here https://ukstore.coldplay.com/pages/sign-up-for-pre-sale-accesss

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5 hours ago, Euphoricape said:


Christ. Who ever thought Barry from EastEnders would tread the legendary boards of the Joiners, following in the footsteps of PJ Harvey, Radiohead, Oasis, Coldplay, Ed Sheeran etc.

It's my main local venue. Seen hundreds of bands there. Might give that a miss though unless @SighMo

fancies it?

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Got an email last week to say the Big Moon gig I bought tickets for just before the pandemic started is now going to be on the 23rd of May 2022. Glad to have a date for it as was starting to worry I'd missed an email about it. But a bit gutted it's still so far away. Really loved the album that was just out when I bought tickets, so selfishly hoping they don't release any new music before I see them so I can get to hear lots of it live.

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