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  1. Just watching TCW season 7 shows how much they're happy to throw at it. I'm a fan so was, err happy(?), to sit through some of the earlier issues of the animated stuff but the level they threw into that shows how commited they are. Would love some of the Mando threads to be explored with that higher quality animation. (Please hire me for it, I promise I'm a quality 3D artist) Not been this excited about star wars since the second force awakens trailer. Feels fun again.
  2. So I guess testing will in fact influence attending after all
  3. Oh alright, more John Dwyer!
  4. priest17

    Kendrick Lamar

    Well yeah for a start there's a pun in BLM sounding a bit like album but I can only make it work with my wine mouth. He's been very vocal about black lives already, I'm curious about the narrative he'd take on it. I only mentioned it at all coz it's something he's passionate about, songs like alright have already addressed the issues and I can't see him repeating himself.
  5. priest17

    Kendrick Lamar

    Fair, did he not do something similar before TPAB? I loved that in the run up to that album he played a few tracks on shows that weren't in the final cut, got us completely ready for what we were about to receive without spoiling anything. Then flipped it by using a live version on the album of the one studio thing he'd put out on. Then we got the studio versions of the other ones anyway. I love him.
  6. I'm a fan, consider me serviced. So many punch the air moments. Finished rebels yesterday so I'm pumped, the Filoniverse is real and I'm excited. The film's can do one ahah. Speaking of ***SPOILERS FOR LAST WEEK*** that had to be snoke clones in the chambers? It'd make sense them doing what the clone wars did for the prequels to the sequels. Dave is gonna make us all believe again. I hope this show goes on forever and a teenage Yoda is looking after old mando.
  7. priest17

    Kendrick Lamar

    Gotta wonder about that new album, he was supposed to be ready to release his rock album start of this year, I wonder if any of it still exists after the year we've had. Seems like a lifetime ago but there's no way the summer of BLM won't have made a mark on his stuff. I'm happy for him to take his time and drop whatever he wants though, complete faith in the guy.
  8. My mates always banging on about these but I refuse to listen to them as I hate the band name so much.
  9. change of pace but awesome, videos fun as well
  10. Nice that Aitch and AJ Tracey will probably be back, pity we've all forgotten about Rain. Give us Ivorian Doll That is all.
  11. Must be hard for the old man coz a lot of the reason he didn't win wasn't even his fault. This is the point I had to stop supporting him
  12. Lars Finberg (head honcho of The Intelligence, drummer on Carrion Crawler/The Dream (irrelevant to this I just found that out recently)) has just dropped a solo album today and its pretty good! It's not gonna trouble ya AOTY list but its a nice lil head bobber for a Friday morn.
  13. I tried to mention that but I've used my eFestivals quota for the year talking about new JD material. No one else seems excited about the remix album he's done from his fourth album of the year. Lovely photo of him though, bit uncanny valley though anytime I see him wearing trousers.
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