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  1. Chibnall bowing out of showrunning doctor who, wonder who they will wheel out next for the thankless task of running the show. Shame to see Whittaker go though, she could have shone with some decent material, I can see why she'd wanna get off though.
  2. priest17

    Billie Eilish

    Incident is right, get Avril Lavigne headlining.
  3. Sounds like you've been (j)Had
  4. Very not new but covers of the full album Is This It by a great roster of bands, av at it PLFP2suoRq-spvKK-mN7RbrxDqnyZwQf8u
  5. Tripling down on Horsey posting coz this is fuckin mint
  6. Came out last week but a great little EP from Helsinki band Meal (bookmark this post coz they are impossible to Google, no I don't mean metal bands ya tw*t) sounds to me what it would sound like if The Cribs tried doing some parquet courtsy art punk. Therefore I love it, obviously. Also when they say plastic marine it sounds like they're saying Glastonbury so yeah
  7. That Horsey album is great, went a bit heavier than I was expecting at points, swung from Lemon Twigs to Tropical Fuck Storm. Very talented lads, I'll probably have it on all day. Great King Krule feature at the end as well, they're good friends apparently. I'd deffo buy a Manchester ticket if I wasn't already at Pom Poko that night
  8. To think that damn virus kept us from this for 2 years.
  9. This thread name would be a great name for a skateboard trick
  10. Ahah I never caught it. Been cinema a fair bit recently so will probably end up watching it there at some point, dunno if I can be arsed goin on my own tomorrow though so might have a sneak peak
  11. It is across the pond so will be available in HD with a bit of sneaky sneaky. Could lob a cinema ticket at it to alleviate any moral woes.
  12. People say that about every superhero film so not paying too much attention to that, James Gunn being allowed to go R-Rated with a bunch of lovable rogues was always a winning concept though so glad it's paid off. Really looking forward to it.
  13. Sleigh Bells are back y'all
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