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  1. 2 free tickets to this tonight, can send them over DICE, I'm watching the footie
  2. What the fuck have Franz Ferdinand done to Lucid Dreams on that greatest hits comp
  3. Wet Leg were alright on Friday, the album will be fine. I was a bit busy cringing at whichever one of you lot brought along a fucking England flag with an efest mug on it? Wtf happened to this place. I bought the tickets for Mandy, Indiana tbf who slayed it as per. Best thing I saw that weekend was AUTOMATION. As ya were
  4. Bye thread xx Pretty sure I stopped posting in here around October so thankfully no recommendations were lost.
  5. Haven't felt the need to spill on any of the gigs I've been to so far but just back from For Those I Love in Manchester and holy shit. Never had an event have such a profound effect on me, it was so brutal. Cried through half of it. Like staring into an open wound. The sheer rawness of the whole thing seemed to expose all my own mental health problems and slap them about. Gonna take days to process that.
  6. priest17


    For sought after stuff the email alerts simply aren't quick enough, luck of the draw really. It's a solid system that I trust and I've got some great tickets via that route but I've equally missed out on a few.
  7. Shocked anyone listens to them to be honest
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