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  1. What better way to spend a Sunday at Glastonbury trying to make heads or tails out of a woman on stage making strange and unenjoyable noises because you probably won't get the chance again. That's why I was at Dolly Parton.
  2. Double thumbs up if I can leg it from Don't Wanna Miss A Thing over to the park in time for The Avalanches
  3. It was very rammo and very hot. I've spent years building a snobby music taste and being a cultural elitist, all undone by my best drink of the weekend being a pint of carlsberg at Gerry Cinnamon.
  4. Another good month 1.) Psychedelic Porn Crumpets - SHYGA! The Sunlight Mound 2.) Nick Cave And Warren Ellis - Carnage! 3.) Mush - Lines Redacted Commiserations to those that missed out, of which a few were very close to the top 3.
  5. Had this on all day and really enjoying it, neat little short songs with a lofi kinda macca vibe to them
  6. Let the bad times roll
  7. Blasted through Close Enough season 1 and loved it, very easy to watch. Had it in my head that season 2 was out but it's just out in America thanks to HBO Max. Is it me or are we going backwards with regional exclusives? We're getting shafted by HBO Max and Hulu at this point, I get why with contracts and that but it's still annoying. Been waiting a year to watch Palm Springs and it doesn't even look that good. Are we withholding anything from them? Let's even it up, tell em to do one and not give them bake off or something. It's been fun us all watching Wandavision and the Mandalorian al
  8. Tame Impala/Kevin Smith seems like an obvious one to me.
  9. Scorsese, God bless him and his incredible previous films, made me sit through 4 hours of film that didn't need to be there recently so dunno what he's on about
  10. The comic readers are missing a trick not making more stuff up to be honest, I've never touched one and believe everything they say. "Yeah it could all go the way of hungry hungry wandapillar where she simply eats Agatha and turns into a butterfly made of 2002 world cup replica footballs" "Wow the comics are Cray hope we get to see that"
  11. priest17

    Nick Cave

    I love it truly. I would say he's not helping his glasto headline bid but we're not clammering for macca to play Fuh You.
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