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  1. priest17

    Self Confirmed for 2019

    Last time they played they thought they were in London to be fair.
  2. priest17

    June 2018

    I'm kind of glad there's been a year off. I've obviously missed it loads (understatement) but it's financially incredibly draining it's been kinda nice having some money this june/july. After a few in a row it gets in no way samey but there's an odd routine to it, I'll be doubly ready next time and soak it all in a little better. Plus, it'll be 10 years since my first one next year so I'm gonna go hard for that bad boy. I missed tickets in 2013 so that was a 2 year gap (after going 09, 10 and 11) which makes this 1 year gap (hopefully) not seem so bad. I'm gonna go for a lazy west holts afternoon 5 for this one.
  3. priest17

    2019 Improvements

    I'd like it to be near a city this time so I can go on a cheeky beer run one day. It's in the middle of bloody nowhere at this point.
  4. priest17

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Aye, responsible for some of the best gigs I've ever been to. Their 10th birthday bash should be a laugh as well. There's 5,000 free pints up for grabs on opening weekend as well apparently.
  5. priest17

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    YES is a venue NOW WAVE are opening in September. Well 2 venues a bar and a roof terrace spread over 4 floors. I'm buzzin for it to open, especially as the Boy Azooga gig I'm off to just sold out.
  6. priest17

    Parquet Courts

    The best thing about Parquet Courts is you know they've another few albums this good still left in them.
  7. priest17

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    It'd be full of people that aren't actually going to the gig though and the logistics of getting a thousand drunk England fans out and getting the Oh Sees fans that weren't at the football in would be a bit of a headache. They haven't announced they're definitely cancelling it they're just looking at ways of recreating what they did on Sunday which I imagine made them a lotta dolla, sounds to me like they're talking to the band to work out how to arrange it. They haven't even announced a support act yet so there might not even be one at this point ahah
  8. priest17

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Never mind 'are they showing the football at glastonbury', Leeds academy are looking to full on cancel the Oh Sees gig I'm supposed to be gong to on Wednesday to show it. There's like a billion other places to watch the football and the times wouldn't even clash, I was looking forward to the double header to be honest.
  9. priest17

    2019 Improvements

    You could land in the pool that I'm sure we all agree we need now.
  10. priest17

    2019 Improvements

    I reckon I've lost around 9 years of my life trekking up to the crows nest so some form of escalator up there would be nice please.
  11. priest17

    2019 Possibilities (Non-Headliner)

    Yeah I discovered them a week or so after the fest after people were talking about it on here. I'd love to catch them in the crows nest but I never take a smartphone so short of actually going up there and looking at times I never know when to go. Dunno how I knew about Gizzard, surprised I got in tbh.
  12. priest17

    The size of the crowds

    I definitely drew the short straw having to get the round in during Dolly's set. There were security driving through that path at the same time (surely there's a back stage way they could have gone), one of them threw a crisp packet out of the window on the floor and just looked at me with an 'And Wot' kind of look. I was somewhere between deadly hungover and drunk at that point I had no reaction to give. But yeah it gets busy back there fo' sho.
  13. priest17

    2019 Headliners

    He's taller I guess if that's what you're getting at...
  14. priest17

    2018 New Music

    Love the new HMLTD EP on first listen, I'd have got through it a few more times but Spotify FINALLY uploaded Let It Be... Naked so I've been hammering that all day. Slaves have announced a new album coming out next month with this video, which is pretty funny depending on how much you like posh boys playing punk.
  15. priest17

    2019 Headliners

    I walked past a giant poster for Fetish Week this morning, gonna be an interesting year for the pyramid if there's out to this theory.