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  1. Dyou ever have a mild opinion of an album and get penny dropped by someone else's opinion ahah. There's a lot I enjoyed on that album but can't really argue with any of your critisism. Not a great week for new stuff but man I feel like I need to reiterate how good Iguana Death Cult's album is from a couple of weeks ago. Cannae stop spinning that.
  2. priest17

    2020 headliners

    I'm tellin ya, that dress was white and gold.
  3. priest17

    2020 headliners

    Nah they e-mailed me about it which I thought was coming across a bit strong. I'll probably check it out at some point, maybe Sunday with a brew and a hangover. For all my pro-Foals headline rhetoric on here I'm not really that big a fan.
  4. priest17

    2020 headliners

    D'you remember a few weeks ago where, for no real reason, we all convinced ourselves that Macca, Kendrick and Swift were the three headliners and there was harmony across the boards? Makes me cringe.
  5. priest17

    2020 headliners

    can we argue about Foals again yet or wot
  6. priest17

    2020 headliners

    this thread is the toilet.
  7. Those Killers dates surely put them in the frame for headlining next year. I don't think them doing it twice in a row is any less relevant than them doing it in 2019.
  8. priest17

    2020 headliners

    yeah come on guys, the real issue at hand is that they're r e a l l y bad live.
  9. That DJ Shadow album that came out today is good. Feels like 2 different albums really but there's some great stuff on both discs. Some one get whoever it was that said RTJ has dropped off a link to Kings And Queens. I finally got to the Ocean Wisdom album and I liked it but it was well too long. I finally started getting my head round 25 minute rap albums and he drops an hour and a half one. Didn't really need the last 8 songs for me really, was kind of willing for it to finish. Some great stuff throughout though, great flow.
  10. Sunflowers continuing to mine the Oh Sees sound of 6 years ago. No complaints here, fun garage fuzz
  11. priest17

    Nick Cave

    I fucking love Nick Cave. I've advocated for him headlining the pyramid for years and his last Manchester arena show is potentially my favourite gig I've been to (I average around 30 a year). Skeleton Tree might be in my top 3 Nick Cave albums. I can't connect to this one at all though, I dunno what it is. PTSA took me ages to get into so maybe I just need to be patient, he did say in his conversation I went to that he loves that every album he released his fans have to question whether they're still Nick Cave fans, so maybe I just have to sit this one out. I don't dislike it though, I'm just not getting the same as everyone else. Just a bit meh currently.
  12. priest17

    Taylor Swift

    I was under the impression when this first rolled round that he'd acquired the masters through some trickery, did she literally just sell them to him?
  13. Ya boi Cave-o should wait and get the pyramid top spot Edit: I meant Nick Cave, not the dude everyone is telling to get on a cave.
  14. I do, I've heard 0 people talk about the new song she dropped last night though.
  15. priest17

    2020 headliners

    we don't have an effing clue lol
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