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  1. priest17

    Kate Tempest

    It's 280 now to be fair which means with my millennial attention span I don't even read full tweets now.
  2. priest17


    As ever, Mr Plan is right about all things A Hymn, it's a bit bloody great. I haven't heard the new one and don't really find The Chats funny so can't comment on the rest of the quote though.
  3. priest17

    2020 New Music

    new from HMLTD Walt Disco
  4. priest17

    Kate Tempest

    nae bother ahah. I'm on another website called twitter dot com and can assure you this is truly a debate with no end in sight.
  5. priest17

    Kate Tempest

    I get it, as the debate has gone on over time its been used as an insult to hit back, I just haven't heard another term being used for it and don't find it particularly offensive myself. I've seen some people get annoyed by it because they don't think 'normal' should have its own term though and thats a bit off. I was really trying to diffuse with that post not start another argument ahah. I don't really care what you call me personally, but if someone gets upset by being referred to as a certain way I try to accommodate.
  6. priest17

    Kate Tempest

    Fair enough. I'm no authority on the subject obviously, just wanted to put in my 2 penny worth. I try and keep up with it all so I can treat everyone with respect, as long as we're all on that page then a bunch of cis people arguing about the English interpretations of it is probably just wasting our morning ahah. Its positive everyone here is supporting Kae at least.
  7. priest17

    Kate Tempest

    I understand people struggling with some of these concepts but its been really well explained elsewhere in the thread. Kae hasn't changed their identity, they've realised they always had a different one. Its one thing not changing a thread name that was created years ago, and I kind of get it as I doubt the album names and that will be changed as in this instance its somewhat a brand, but continuing to use the wrong pronouns out of stubbornness is a bit off. They didn't used to be she/her, they've realised they were always they/their therefore its appropriate to refer to their past self accordingly. I'm guessing someone else has already pointed that out in the time it took me to write that post, I must admit I had to reread and correct a few of the pronouns I'd got wrong out of habit.
  8. The general public when someone mentions twod
  9. I mean I have but I'm a music aficionado obviously
  10. I hate to trivialise it guys but noones heard of the war on drugs
  11. Top right looks like half of Metallica
  12. Just waited 2 mins for that to load like a numpty. Gotta be Elbow on the first line
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