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  1. I'm gonna have to look this up, I'm a rolly smoker who's interested. I used to love nothing more than flinging a cig butt away, I get now it's a bit of a shit move. The filters do make them nicer though and the bio degradable ones do not. I dunno what else to say really. It's killing me and the planet but I really fucking love it. I kick the habit as I drop in and out of employment (freelance) as its bloody expensive.
  2. priest17

    2020 New Music

    Second Princess Nokia album of the day might be better than the first 😍 She's basically dropped a double album today which I'm not gonna lie I'm usually against but having one half played all day and the second all tomorrow she's done it well. Really enjoyed today (although I had an hour of listening to Irish drill music supplied by my little brother), really excited to go through Everything Is Beautiful more tomorrow.
  3. It's a best of collection. I'm genuinely intrigued what they've got in it. (Genuinely!)
  4. priest17

    2020 New Music

    New Shabazz Palaces album out April 17th
  5. priest17

    2020 New Music

    Have Dirty Projectors always been so Joni Mitchell? Suits them either way
  6. priest17

    2020 New Music

    Its back now with a bunch of press releases out there as well. I really like it, seems like a natural progression and done really well.
  7. I may not be right with my guess but at least I won't get that strike out of doom going through my name.
  8. priest17

    2020 New Music

    Princess Nokia only released one of 2 promised albums today (so far), I love it. She can drop the next one at her leisure.
  9. priest17

    2020 New Music

    Princess Nokia confirmed she's releasing an album on Friday Wednesday called Everything Is Beautiful, dropped this. Buzzin'. In completely separate news, Princess Nokia has announced she's releasing an album on Friday Wednesday called Everything Sucks, dropped this. Buzzin'.
  10. Christ, that'd probably be awful. See ya there.
  11. Must admit, didn't really know of him before his passing, but it's obviously always sad to hear someone's gone that people you love respect. Eye opening show on 6music though, seemed like a thoroughly great bloke.
  12. City's goin down with a billion in the bank
  13. priest17

    Self Confirmed 2020

    One can be a big fan of the name without actually being called Tom. I imagine so anyway. I am called Tom.
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