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  1. All the songs on this EP have already been released but now's the time to jump in you didn't already know them, fucking great stuff by Enola Gay. Angry and huge.
  2. My dealer thought Glastonbury went too corporate years ago and doesn't give a shit. There's a 37 capacity fest just outside of Hulme, that's where it's at.
  3. This is the wrong way round mate, Pink Floyd are shit. Bonham's got more talent in his bass drum pedal.
  4. priest17

    Kendrick Lamar

    I'm not falling for this again #NATION
  5. Another day, another Goa Express gig in Manchester. Big fan of the price and The Bug Club though so may well try for tickets, I am seeing BBCC at whp the night before though.
  6. Finally had a chance to have a proper go at Xenia Rubinos new album, pretty different again from her but keeping the quirk alive. Much more RnB and it works well with her voice. Not matched the strong start her first 2 albums have and can see me skipping the first 2 tracks in the future but really picks up by the end.
  7. Thanks for this, loved Dead Pretties (social experiment was my top listened to song of 2017 apparently), was gutted when they kicked it. Looked knackered on the first night of their first tour to be fair. I like this anyway, not as immediate as his last band but I can see it getting played a fair bit.
  8. That said these guys continue to be fucking top, album out march 11th, touring just after
  9. A Parquet Courts album in third gear overtakes half the stuff posted in here.
  10. I think the C I got in A level graphics really gives me the authority on this debate
  11. Awful poster design, I'd just assume that was sold out at a glance
  12. He tackled one of his better players in training and injured him.
  13. This is good news, seeing him on Sunday and didn't know what to expect. Can't really drink as I'm on it all weekend and have one of those workdays I can't just sit scowling in the corner on Monday but seems like the kind of gig that lends itself to being sober from what you say.
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