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  1. Got constant shit for supporting city in school coz we were shit and constant shit since, now look at us, only gone and got ourselves a champions league final. @eastynh
  2. I decided to blast through New Girl as some of the clips on Facebook made me laugh and I'm glad I did as it was mostly very likable.
  3. I miss the first couple of songs from the nearest pub like a grown up now. Although I do miss stuffing all our coats and bags into a bin bag and stuffing that into a nearby bush like we used to, always had a problem with cloakrooms.
  4. absolute scenes when it turns out we all have to wear masks at gigs so can't drink inside and everyone has to go back to the spots we used to scull a tonne of pre-gig tinnies minutes before the band were on.
  5. Excited for the EADES EP tomorrow, can't find a tracklist and they've released their 3rd track from it yesterday so dunno how much new we'll get
  6. That song the other day was so annoyingly mild it's killed off 3 years worth of hype for me
  7. priest17

    Kendrick Lamar

    I got I got I got I got?
  8. Pretty restraint for the brit school boys but still pretty bonkers. Not as good as John L for me but I've got high hopes for this album now, they might even nab the number #2 spot on the May album of the month list EDIT: here's the song
  9. Can we start the May thread and give Squid the ol' crown yet
  10. Should be a top Friday of releases, probably got Paul Jacobs and girl in red at the top of my list
  11. Re-read the rules dude ya got till May 6th.
  12. Current three surely the aim, guess it's easy to think that with the quality across the board and all three of them having been in the wishlist for so long before they even got announced. If we do get em the real fun starts in '23, pretty much a blank slate at that point. (Or arctic monkeys, muse and Coldplay)
  13. Manchester's been alright if you know where to look and get a bit lucky here and there, I haven't booked anywhere and am fairly deep in my overdraft thanks to the last couple of weeks. I did queue for near enough an hour to get into YES Saturday afternoon but its one of the better spots for a bit of craic with those around you so I didn't mind and just stayed there long enough to make the hour wait worth it.
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