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Published: Sat 11th Apr 2015

Mobile Website

The eFestivals website now utilises 'responsive web design' to give a version of the website layout most suitable for a user's device (phone, tablet, or computer).

If you would rather have a different layout to the one that you get by default, simply click on the link which is at the bottom of every page to swap to the other version.

There's still a lot of development work taking place on the new website. If there's any changes or new features you'd like we welcome your feedback and suggestions; please contact with your ideas.

launched: 11/5/2013
last updated: 21/05/2013

eFestivals FREE Android app

Gives full access to all of efestivals - news, listings, line-ups, forums and more.
Download directly from Google Play with your mobile device (search for 'efestivals'), or check out the Google Play page.

app launched: 19/12/2012 (v0.61)
app updated: 11/05/2013 (v0.70)


eFestivals News app for iPhone, Android & Windows 7 phones

The app can be downloaded for any of those three phone types from here.

app launched: 12/7/2012
app updated: none expected

If you have difficulties installing the app, please see the forum topic here for any tips, or to ask for help

'eFestivals Survivor' app for Nokia touchscreens

A news app (similar to the one above), plus a few other features, available from the Ovi Store.

app launched: 21/6/2010
app updated: none expected


eFestivals Forums app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod

This app is no longer available, sorry. There are currently no plans for a replacement.

other apps

While we might like to create apps for every mobile platform, it's unlikely to happen as things stand, sorry.

If you require further information, or help with any of the above, please feel free to email

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