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  1. This in the other hand is very now, night and day getting hassle from people who moved nearby over lockdown. Help em out gang. https://www.change.org/p/manchester-city-council-remove-our-noise-abatement-notice
  2. Haven't felt the need to spill on any of the gigs I've been to so far but just back from For Those I Love in Manchester and holy shit. Never had an event have such a profound effect on me, it was so brutal. Cried through half of it. Like staring into an open wound. The sheer rawness of the whole thing seemed to expose all my own mental health problems and slap them about. Gonna take days to process that.
  3. priest17


    For sought after stuff the email alerts simply aren't quick enough, luck of the draw really. It's a solid system that I trust and I've got some great tickets via that route but I've equally missed out on a few.
  4. priest17


    They're no Chic
  5. Because The Clash would simply eat Chic.
  6. Shocked anyone listens to them to be honest
  7. We can join together wincing at idles cringey nature, at least it got an actual reaction from us. Disco has limped along, picked up randomly by pop acts out if ideas (even, sadly, Daft Punk). I see decent, raw, upcoming acts perform every week. Funny how you don't see anyone in their late teens/early 20s limp through a disco set it's for boring oldies. There are no exceptions. My horizons are perfectly broad. I am right.
  8. Punk was born out of people who couldn't play instruments picking them up and fucking doing something. The DIY scene it created went on to have a massive impact on the dance and rave scene. Imagine being talented and deciding to play... Disco? Better than dressing up as a wizard and doing a 10 minute keyboard solo to be fair.
  9. I'm surprised disco music caused that much of a stir to be honest, it's a lame duck of a genre. The rest of your example is some solid bait, I'll give you that.
  10. Just closed my work laptop, bring it.
  11. Horses for courses and all but that statement coming from a champion of disco music is flabbergasting.
  12. I feel like this is the main point, there's like 10 versions of left wing politics and 1 version of right wing. We are a bunch of stubborn gits ahah.
  13. Well yeah ahah thats coz I've tried to cut as much news out as possible but people I like shout about labour "wins". I try to stay out of it but I swear they've been on basically 35 points since Corbyn with the Tories only having any real movement.
  14. I can tell my political exposure is skewed because I always seem to see polls where labours numbers are going up and they're always always always lower than the Tories. (Fwiw I decided 6 months or so to try and completely cut myself off from the news, hard work on the ol wide web though)
  15. Stadium gigs are for the rich and old now.
  16. All the songs on this EP have already been released but now's the time to jump in you didn't already know them, fucking great stuff by Enola Gay. Angry and huge.
  17. My dealer thought Glastonbury went too corporate years ago and doesn't give a shit. There's a 37 capacity fest just outside of Hulme, that's where it's at.
  18. This is the wrong way round mate, Pink Floyd are shit. Bonham's got more talent in his bass drum pedal.
  19. priest17

    Kendrick Lamar

    I'm not falling for this again #NATION
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