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  1. ah good looks like the photos are uploading properly now .... iggy did say he'd sorted it πŸ™‚
  2. have you a link to that ?
  3. dont they accept donations from other sources ?
  4. Yep that info has emerged since my post
  5. @eFestivals @paulshanewas enquiring about similar using the report function dont know if you saw it ?
  6. good find ... where on FB ? would imagine they get stacked as the steps seem to be for several levels EDIT found them on Glasto chat and while there mutterings about a dragonfly for Arcadia ( not sure on accuracy as I dont know their posters )
  7. Crazyfool01


    fence seems well ahead of normal .. 2 parts should join in next few days I guess the rate its going up
  8. now all the same fresh and black tents will be lit up with the same fairy lights πŸ™‚ should be easy to spot the efesters in the fields πŸ™‚
  9. seems to be hitting the farm now
  10. scores corrected and my vote added ... @kalifire you have another go as d block were already eliminated
  11. Dua Lipa 115 Coldplay 110 SZA 80 Shania Twain 98 LCD Soundsystem 120 Little Simz 105 Burna Boy 100 IDLES 115 Disclosure 95 The National 110 The Streets 112 Two Door Cinema Club 92 Jungle 100 Jessie Ware 85 Justice 175 Heilung 115 Masego 100 Nia Archives 110 Jamie xx 100 Gossip 68 James Blake 105 Sampha 100 Sleaford Mods 85 -10 Romy 110 Fontaines D.C. 144 Peggy Gou 95 London Grammar 100 King Krule 100 Orbital 131 Ghetts 100
  12. for definite but honestly its just a load of people and some maybe familiar names chatting over a few drinks in a field in the best place on earth
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