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  1. Yes, noone who has survived those three years with the same footwear can't be wrong, whatever footwear they were wearing! Must admit I feel as if I have taken everything glasto could possibly throw at me surviving those. ...and 2010, but for very different reasons!
  2. Wellies, with decent welly socks for me. The welly socks are the key , they can make wellies really comfortable. And a small pear of socks underneath to make it comfortable underfoot. And bandage up the areas likely to blister. Managed to avoid blisters and welly rash now for a good 10 years by following this Absolute ballache to get off when caked in mud (black bin bags are a must to get them off at 3am when bladdered and knackered) Survived 2005, 2007 and 2016 with wellies so cant be wrong
  3. dingbat2


    Ahh, the coronation of the Pryramid is complete. I wish they had a webcam inside the hat, it would be a great watch, especiallu during the festival itself
  4. My vote is to call it Lemmy
  5. ... Roberta Flack now, another legend. This is making me well up a bit.
  6. No worries, let's share a beer/smoke whilst watching Easy listening classics on BBC4 at the moment. Burt, how privelaged were we all to catch him at Glasto a few years back... loving it
  7. Yes, i was joking
  8. Love the way you extrapolated the views of 50 people to the views of the entire country of 60 million. You should work in politics... .... Or toothpaste.... ....Or cat food
  9. They're married, of course they will argue, that's marriage I'm afraid. The puppy is purely food/an excuse for them to disagree about something, which keeps everything alive, .. must admit I always piss myself laughing when HMV slags off her 'toss pot' husband when he goes to bed early without resolving a dispute
  10. Colossus without a doubt for me My favourite song of last year. The way it builds and builds is ace. Stunning live Going to sound ace at Glasto
  11. Absolutely agree, 100%, there will always be something at Glasto that you think, wtf I wasnt expecting that
  12. This is ace news, I will certainly be there. Saw them for a few songs at Bluedot a couple of years ago, but had to leave due to hungry kids and a disinterested wife, but they were ace...
  13. Did he realise it wasn't Radiohead playing?
  14. Apologies all I am a twat. You don't collect the water bottles until you get there, so wont save any space by buying them now. What a nutsack I am...
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