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  1. No the shows are recorded 2-3 weeks earlier now for some reason, and its moved back to TV centre in London rather than Maidstone - not too sure why, I though it was ace when it was in Maidstone and they had did the 1/2 hour live show show immediately after the one hour recording. Seemed a lot less people there as well, there used to be around 400 when recorder in Maidstone
  2. They were probably my greatest find at glasto,. Cant remember exactly which year (2007 or 2008? ) but it was early afternoon at the Jp and I had a monster hangover lying outside the tent and suddenly Lovely Allen could be heard from inside. Totally blew me away, got up, went in and danced like a tit, it's even on you tube somewhere me dancing like a lune. Loved them ever since, they were back a few years later, I think in William's Green and they were ace then as well. Some great tunes
  3. .. actually third down on Sunday might be a good shout for them, Just after Diana Ross so will get a decent crowd. Cant really see them subbing the Pyramid again
  4. Pyramid sub for a change?
  5. 80s electronic acts... e.g Gary Numan OMD John Foxx Human League Tears for Fears
  6. dingbat2

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Oh, and Lionel. Such a wonderful joyous experience. A happy, happy, cheesy afternoon in the sun. Never known such a wonderful atmosphere at Glasto ever
  7. dingbat2

    Funnest Glasto sets

    Primal Scream 2005, absolute car crash
  8. Off the top of my head... 1. Portishead - Other Stage 2013 2. Elbow - Queens Head 2008 3. Stones - Pyramid 2013 4. The Cure - Pryramid 2019 5. Lionel - Pramid 2015 6. Doves - Pyramid 2005 7. Goldfrapp - West Holts 2024
  9. I am not sure you understood the point I was making, or you were being awkward. I know I have been lucky in the past, but what is that made me even luckier than the average punter?That's what I would love to understand. More tabs, more computers, more isps, I dont know. Something was improving my chances, like many others on these boards. It wasn't that we were all lucky, we were doing something different to the average punter. Just interested to know what that was
  10. A comedy moustache you mean?
  11. I wonder if they are using the ballot to get an idea of the real number of people trying for tickets, I assume they don't currently have any idea how many people are actually trying on T day, just as we don't know. By having a ballot, they will know broadly how many people were unsuccessful and were trying to get a ticket. So the number of registrations in the ballot + 135,000 will give them a pretty accurate idea about how many people were trying for tickets (assuming everyone who was trying on Sunday will enter the ballot, I would guess most will, even though the ballot is only for 2 tickets) I hope they broadcast how many registrations enter the ballot, it will be fascnitaing to know how many people want tickets It will also give them an idea about future expansion plans maybe, by giving them a number of how many tickets they could actually sell if capacity was increased?
  12. So the million dollar question which we never seem to get a definitive answer it is what gives us the advantage over others in getting tickets. Although I missed out this year, I have managed to get tickets every year since 2004, that couldn't be down to luck alone could it? I only ever use 1 ISP and I... 1. Use 3 or 4 computers and a tablet 2. Use multiple different browsers, IE, Chrome, Firefox on each computer 3. Have multiple windows (12) open on each computer. Have then all preloaded and positioned with the rticket buying screen loaded 4. Throttle each window with F5 continuously 5. Have everything written down ready to key in if the reg screen appears on one What is it that was working up to know compared with others? F5? I though that didnt help either? Really keen to know what people think
  13. We have camped in Pylon and Rivermead the last 10 years, there has also been loads of space if you just walk a few metres off the main paths. Last year we were on the boundary between Rivermesd and Pylon near the fence to the West and there was loads of space when we arrived Thursday afternoon and throughout the entire weekend. Cracking place to pitch. You just have to look beyond the main paths, do a reccy when you get to a camping field and work if theres space in the corners. It's something I think the Camping Crews should be better at to be honest, they don't seem to check the areas behind the main paths, and theres usually bucket loads of space behind if you spend 10 minutes having a wander behind the main paths
  14. dingbat2

    2020 Pyramid Subs

    No doubt the most difficult slot to fill, you have to be a band who can energise and get the crowd going for the main headliner, it can really go horribly wrong. I thought the National in 2017 was horribly wrong, the smallest crowd for a sub I have ever seen, such a shame, I love the National lots but they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. There was so few people there eho got it. On the Other stage it would have been acs, but not on the Pyramid. Quite sad it was in my opinion. Noone was there The slot needs a familiar crowd pleaser like Elbow or Faithless, or at least a band who gets where they are, who their audience are and absolutely makes the most of the chance like a Nick Cave
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