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  1. I am a twat sorry, a bit twattered! The last few points were from Newcastle fans, sorry all, lol!!!! OTBC!
  2. Its not over at all for Norwich at all, yep we aren't the best but don't forget we have 8 points from the last 4 games, and have moved to 18th, albeit temporarily. Tonight was a missed opportunity and highlighted our weaknesses, need a decent striker, but its not as doom and gloom as it was the day before Farke got the boot. A long way to go... we aren't out of it yet, but we are closer to staying up than we were a few weeks ago...
  3. At some point the media/Government will realise that case numbers are irrelevant and the only two measures which we need to focus on are decreasing the percentage of people not vaccinated at all and increasing the percentage of people who have had the booster. Sort those two out (boosters shouldn't be a problem) and no other measures matter
  4. I was wondering this too, they still seem insistent that you have to wait 6 months, I through they would reduce the gap to 5 months or something to help ramp up the rollout of the booster, knowing how effective it is, and how the benefits from the second does diminish over time
  5. Well played New Zealand, you gave us a bit of our own medicine, needing 57 from the last 4 and getting them with an over to spare. Gutted but it could have gone either way throughout the match, maybe we were always second favourites after losing the toss, but the boys did really well throughout the tournament so cant complaint too much. We still have a great team. Hope NZ win the final
  6. Sky now added some clarification to that article.. ANALYSIS BY ED CONWAY, DATA EDITOR Are there really 14 times more people in hospital with COVID-19 than there were this time last year? The short answer to this question is, contrary to what the NHS chief executive Amanda Pritchard might have you believe: no. In fact, over the past fortnight, the number of people in hospitals in England with COVID has been lower than last year. In other words, it’s not so much that she’s got the magnitude of her claim wrong, the entire basis of it is wrong, as of now. To see how this has all happened it’s worth briefly pondering the precise words Ms Pritchard used: “We HAVE HAD 14 times the number of people in hospital with COVID-19 than we saw this time last year.” Note the past tense. The NHS tell us this statistic was based on NHS monthly data for August 2021, compared with the August of 2020. And indeed, if you look at the number of people in hospital this August and compare it with the previous year, there is a big difference: 5,400 on average this August vs 625 last August. Lo and behold, that’s about fourteen times bigger. But there are two big clanging issues with this comparison. The first is that in terms of hospital numbers last August was quite literally the low point of the pandemic. Pretty much any month’s numbers would look high in comparison with it. As it was, this August numbers were not exactly low, but were still, to put it into perspective, about a sixth the level they were at the peak of the second wave. The second problem is that even if this absurdly unrepresentative ratio were true for the briefest of moments in August (and only because the previous year’s numbers were unusually low) it should have been patently clear that it is no longer true now. In fact, as of 5 November 2021 the Pritchard ratio, as it should perhaps be called, was running at 0.64, and will probably fall further in the coming weeks, since we are comparing the current post-vaccine era with the pre-vaccine period when the Kent/Alpha variant was about to take the UK health system by storm. Here at Sky News we do our best to check these facts as quickly as we can. We don’t always get it right, but if we notice something fishy we’ll do our best to correct it or provide context as soon as we can. It’s quite unusual – and I say this as someone who’s been sifting through this stuff since the very beginning - to come across something quite so fishy coming from such a senior figure. But perhaps this tells you as much about the state of mind at the top of the NHS ahead of this winter as it does about their grasp of the numbers.
  7. Inevitable really, timing just unlucky after first win of the season. Norwich needed something to change, you can't consistently be by far the best team in the championship then the next season be by far the worst team in the premiership. Not the first time either so haven't learnt a lot from the last time it happened. Something wasn't quite right. Farke has been ace for Norwich but time for something different
  8. That is shockingly misleading, I had to look at that graph twice, those death figures are absolute numbers aren't they, so deaths increased by 1 to 6? And she is saying that increase of 1 is due to the lack of Covid restrictions in schools? Really? It would be interesting to know what those poor children actually did die from, road traffic accidents for example, I assume that would count as a covid death if a child who tested positive and suffered no adverse affects from it (like the vast majority of children) but then dies in an unrelated accident/illness, that would still appear as a covid related death under these stats
  9. dingbat2


    I see Doves have cancelled all future shows due to mental health issues. I was looking forward to seeing them next year, but hopefully I will get one last chance to see them again sometime in the future. I hope they are OK...
  10. Already a new date announced, 19th at Wembley no surprise there, I suspect they will announce more on 17th and / or 18th with London Grammar only subbing on 16th at the moment, no doubt they will sub more than just one day at Wembley
  11. Where were you in the queue when your tried for Glasgow tickets? I though the queue was for any date rather than a queue for a specific date. I was around 60000 in the queue and took about an hour to get Wembley tickets for the Tuesday (waned to catch Londion Grammar again)
  12. I think presale tickets are still on sale for Coldplay, I just go another 4 in a much better position after getting some earlier in one of the corner sections with a worse view. I had two presale codes for some reason, one when we ordered the CD and then another different code this morning, so used both, you might want to check if you had two codes as well. Will sell the first four tickets, I cant image I wont be able to sell them on or sell them back to ticketmaster
  13. I love Floating Points but I didnt really get this album to be honest. Didn't do anything for me, but I am sure I missed something somewhere!
  14. Loving this to be honest. Celeste on at the moment, fucking loving it, brilliant, fuck have I missed live music so much this past year. Enjoy it again...
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