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  1. Sorry for the stupid question and not really in the right thread I know, but has Barry Manilow been ruled out from being there this year?
  2. The innerstage area between the Pyramid and Other Stage is a really soulless place, full of media types and journos with laptops (obviously). Its only good to get from stages quicker in an emergency, and you will miss so much by bypassing the pathways, stalls, bars and generally normal people on your travels which make the festival what it is
  3. the "**" are replaced by "un" above by the way on the shirt
  4. ... but they still allow the stall who sells shirts with the word "c**t" on and I think only sell them in children's sizes! Always make me laugh, I would love to know how many they sell each year
  5. My best memories of Glastonbury are the ones I cant remember! Or the ones I just have snapshots in the back on my brain. I remember I go absolutely twatted one year and had absolutely no recollection of anything other than a snap shot in my brain of a small pond and a small, windy path, and some bloke telling me to f&*k off out of there. I had no idea where I was or how i eventually managed to get back to my tent that night My only memory the next say was those snapshots, but i had no idea where I had been so I spent a lot of next day trying to retrace my steps from the last place I had a coherent memory of, being Shangri La Eventually worked it out, I was fumbling my way through the (closed) Permaculture Garden at 4am and falling over many, many times, and especially lucky not have fallen in the pond/trees and drowned Happy days indeed
  6. I loved the Shangri-la lanes at the start, 2008ish was it, I think they only lasted a year or two I think but they were great, proper Blade Runner dystopia stuff and loads of hidden micro venues. The venue which had a bloke DJing old Commodore 64 music was a particular favourite of mine (I think that was a bit later), it was pure quality for people of certain age, brought bank many happy memories of my childhood!
  7. It would be great to have a few more secret bits this year, The Underground Piano Bar and the Rabbit Hole have been around for a long time and attract big queues to get in as they seem to have become tourist attractions in recent years. I used to love the micro venues when they had lanes in Shangri la, hidden doors which take you to tiny venues, etc with some bloke DJing old Commodore 64 computer game music! I miss those I hope there a a few new secret things hidden away this year to discover (or more likely not discover!)
  8. I think Portishead in 2013 was a total surprise weren't they, and first time they were mentioned was when the poster dropped? Might be wrong but it was the first band that really stood out to me from the poster drop
  9. Yeah, Sunday afternoon is going to be something special
  10. dingbat2


    So sad to see it felled so unceremoniously, I had a soft spot for that crane, I really liked the cut of its jib
  11. Yes, I would love it there was a "Decibels allowed" map showing how much noise is tolerated after hours. I often think it would be really ace to still have live music playing on some of the other main stages eg Park after the headliners finished, even if it was only new bands, BBC introducing bands, Emerging talent acts, even tribute acts/retro acts. I couldnt think if anything better than watching a decent band whilst chilling out with a beer or two in the early hours of the morning. I think they would get a good crowd too away from the dance music which often seems to be the only music allowed after hours (appreciate there are exceptions - Subgiant at 2am in the Bimble Inn being a particular highlight from my fuzzy memory!)
  12. I do remember always being so impressed by Arcadia since it started in 2007 or 2008 when it was in SE corner, it seemed so different and so impressive every time I saw it. Then they moved it to "a mainstream" part of the site and it didn't seem so special for me, partly because it was there, in your face, during the day. I always thought it was a bit of a secret find when tucked away in the SE corner, even though you could see the fire from all over the site. They did have the Lords of Lightning though which were always ace, and it still all looks pretty cool looking at the photos/vids of 2013
  13. I was then about to complain about the number of ads advertising farmyard machinery, but don't think I will mention it now
  14. The most bonkers decision ever made was to put Arcadia between the Glade and Other stage that year, what on earth were they thinking!
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