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  1. I would happily pay money to watch the Subways play live at the moment. Or Reverand and the Makers Any live music with a beer seems like utopia just now
  2. My missus had a letter from Norfolk County Council this morning telling her she has to shield until the end of March all of a sudden. She is a teacher, and has been week working from home for a week then working in school for a week, but now isnt allowed to go in at all She is type 2 diabetic, and apparently NCC have extended their list of vulnerable people all of a sudden. People with a high BMI have also been added to the list. I suspect there will be a lot more people being asked to shield now
  3. Its good to see you can still rely on good quality local journalism rather than sensationalist headlines... https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/mannequin-legs-found-by-police-in-wretton-norfolk-7655998
  4. The 80s is the greatest decade for music ever
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  6. Presumably they will be able to establish how/where these cases contracted the virus. Assuming they can then they should make it public so we know how easy it is to contract and spread the virus (whilst maintaining the anonymity of those infected) - a lot of the issues are with people thinking they are doing the right thing without realising what they are doing might still be putting themselves and then others at risk. There arent real world examples of how the virus is managing to spread in the general population so easily, it will be interesting to find out how and where they were infected.
  7. Gutted, but not surprised. I will see Doves play live again....
  8. Yes, it shows that although Covid is impacting on deaths, the lockdown is having a double impact in reducing both covid deaths and non-covid deaths, such as from flu, as people are staying indoors now who might have otherwise died from flu. The people who are not included in the excess non-covid deaths (but would normally have been) are not necessarily the same people causing the increase in Covd deaths (all of which are excess) but are likely to be the same people on the whole
  9. There is no point in having the speaker of the house. He simply doesn't force Spaffer to answer any questions, PMQs is an utterly pointless exercise these days (not implying it wasnt before)
  10. If that's what they think then they need to make sure care homes are aware, and advise them to take even more precautions in the week after vaccinations. My 90 year old Mum is in a care home, who have been absolutely brilliant ever since this started, and have been ultra careful throughout. Mum got jabbed just over 3 weeks ago and within a week of the vaccination 4 people and 3 carers in the home contracted Covid despite them being so careful. Its hit the care home for six and everyone has been in lockdown/semi-isolation ever since and everyone is being tested regularly. There haven been any m
  11. ... and we know that the (single dose) vaccine is only 70% effective anyway, so 30% of those who would have got Covid anyway and have been vaccinated will still get Covid, although the evidence suggests they wont suffer as badly as if they had not been vaccinated at all. Hopefully
  12. We would probably be going to restaurants and gigs, seeing our friends and families, going to work and taking our kids to school
  13. It also suggests that after we have vaccinated all the over 65s then deaths should in theory drop by 93% (assuming vaccination is 100% effective but we know it to be only 70% effective after 1st jab at the moment, although they are very effective in preventing deaths)
  14. For me. thats the most important table there is in determining the order of who gets vaccinated and in what order. Its quite an eye opener as it shows the rewards from vaccinating each group, its incredible to think that vaccinating just 20 people in a care home would save one life (assuming the vaccinations is 100% effective) Its also the table which should be referred to when determining when restrictions can start to be lifted, in terms of risks (deaths and hospitalisations) versus reward (to mental health, the economy, etc) Is there a more up to date version of this, as its a couple p
  15. The issue with schools isn't so much about the teachers being vaccinated, its more about kids spreading it to each other and then to their families. And then the resultant pressure on hospitals and deaths. If we can minimise this pressure, by vaccinating all the elderly and vulnerable first then yes start thinking about getting schools back. And then manage the spread as much as possible in schools with testing, bubbles, etc. Starmer has scored an own goal there, as the inevitable response will be which vulnerable or elderly group should have their vaccination delayed to allow teachers t
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