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  1. Wont they do the same as what they do with flu jabs? Identify the most at risk groups, vaccinate them, but then allow the spread of the virus to circulate amongst the rest of the population who will on the whole not suffer too badly. Say the key workers, vulnerable and anyone over 50, maybe even lower depending on the availability of the vaccine. A few of the less at risk group people will have very adverse effects, so the priority becomes identifying them asap and treating them which we are much better at now. No need for social distancing and the economy can get back on its feet?
  2. Looks like Curry Sauce is going to take the House of Condiments
  3. I think they might be upgrading their version of Excel from 2007 to Office 365
  4. I like him, nice bloke
  5. Lovely, you are lucky to get anywhere this late, most places are fully booked in the area. As someone who was born and bred in Lowestoft and has lived in Norfolk for over 20 years, I can suggest a few lush places if you need recommendations. Where are you staying, and how many days are you staying for? The east coast is surprisingly big, Southend is a good 80 miles from lowestoft so I woudln't go there on a day trip tbh, try Southwold which is lovely and home to the Adnams brewery. If you can get there the North Norfolk coast from Cromew westward is lush, there are some of the most beautiful b
  6. Cracking interview between Wayne Coyne and Tim O'Brien at bluedot at the moment, great stuff, two iincredibly intelligent, articulate and positive people, worth a watch if you havemt seen it. Great stuff, it will cheer you up with everything else that's going on at the moment
  7. Enjoying the bluedot lockdown festival this weekend, love this festival, cant wait to get back there next year all being well. Enjoyed the Lips so far tonight, and good lineup over the weekend, hope some of you enjoy it is much as I do/will
  8. Lol, yeah he does seem to suffer a bit. I saw him at a Jools Holland TV show a year or so ago, and he was mesmerising, I would love to have seen him again since, but each time there seems to have been a 'mishap' of some kind, including glasto last year. I am sure I am just unlucky I'm sure
  9. My money is on Sam Fender to win it this year Snapped Ankles maybe? No idea whether these are eligible for the award this year and the timing of the albums as they have seem to have been around for a while now
  10. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    I wonder how loud if sounds in the neighbouring villages like in Pilton these days. The site seems so far away from things especially being in the valley. Can you hear the Pyramid from outside the perimeter? John Peel maybe because its closer to Pilton, but even that's surrounded by trees. I know there are other smaller hamlets as well, Pylle, etc but is there much noise pollution now?
  11. I have walked past the BBC introducing stage a few times when it first started up, especially when it was outdoors up in the park I think, and there was noone there at all first thing. I used to love and go and see who was playing and give them a crowd, they use fto appreciate the effort, they were playing just for me and my mate! Honoured I was
  12. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    Of course, they had to have something to distract the crowd from theiir obvious lack of performing and musical talent, lol
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