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  1. dingbat2

    Blue Dot Festival

    I would have loved to have gone to Deer Shed this year, but it was the same weekend as Bluedot, during term time for us. It had a cracking line up for me and the family. Great (for me personally) that they have moved Deer Shed forward a week next year. I will definitely give it a good look I don't have any issues with Bluedot being the weekend it is, its just a disappointment for me personally, and my wife and kids. The first two years were brilliant. I suspect it would cost a lot more to hold it at Jodrell Bank the week after as it will fall during school holidays so I assume they would normally get a lot of tourist income there during the holidays Really pleased for them that they still managed to sell all of the weekend tickets despite it being during term time (for some of us anyway)
  2. dingbat2

    Blue Dot Festival

    Nuts. I just saw the dates for next years festival, 18th to 21st July 2019. No Bluedot for me again next year as the wife and kids don't break up from school until the following Thursday. Ho hum, the two years we had at Bluedot were great
  3. dingbat2

    Blue Dot Festival

    Was it ace then?
  4. dingbat2

    Blue Dot Festival

    Yes, they give you an extra wristband, so you cant transfer it between people. And you can buy them when you get there, so you might want to see how you get on after a day or two. My missus has always bought one at Bluedot, but me and the boys weren't bothered about it. The toilets were OK last year and there are taps around when you need to freshen up.
  5. dingbat2

    Blue Dot Festival

    .Still gutted we wont be going this year with it being during term time for us, and the wife being a teacher. We went the last two years ands it was fantastic, this year would also have been great, a cracking line up for me, and the kids are really getting into their music. Fingers crossed it will be a week later next year so we come back to Bluedot. We will really miss it this year. Have fun all you lucky folk with tickets
  6. dingbat2


    This years site build is progressing well ready for next week
  7. dingbat2

    Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    She would be a very 'worthy' Park, JP or West Holts headliner. It would be ace
  8. dingbat2

    Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    Went last week and thought St Vincent was ace on the hour long show, especially the collab with Kamasi
  9. dingbat2

    1.3 million - does Michael Eavis know something we don't know ?

    There is truth to that, although I don't think likelihood is as high as 99% for us lot, maybe 85% for the people who know what to expect compared with 50% for those who do not? There is a lot to be said for how prepared you are and how hard you try. I have loads of browser sessions open, using multiple devices, the wife trying as well, card details already written down, familiarity with what the screens will look like when you get through, hammering F5 continuously. My chances must be a lot better than others not as familiar or as prepared for the carnage that is T-day Someone I go with tries at the same time, but has never got through, I have always been the one to get the tickets. I suspect I am just trying harder than he is on T day
  10. dingbat2

    1.3 million - does Michael Eavis know something we don't know ?

    I think the festival is much more popular than it was in 2008 2008 was preceded by a quagmire which I am sure put a lot of people off Also , the festival really upped their game in 2007/2008 by introducing the Park and then in 2008 developing the SW corner with Shangri La and Arcadia. That introduced a whole new crowd to the festival
  11. dingbat2

    1.3 million - does Michael Eavis know something we don't know ?

    As mentioned above I guess the 1.3 million refers to the number of registrations. I am not sure how many of those would be multiple registrations or inactive registrations, for people who go (or don't go) one year and then don't try again. I cant remember if/when registrations lapse any more, I didnt think they lapsed any more? Divide 1.3 million by 138000 and it would indicate 1 in 9 chance, if all 1.3 million were actively trying for tickets each year. I dont believe there is a 1 in 7 chance of getting a ticket. I feel its a lot better than that (1 in 2 or better?) having been lucky enough to bag a ticket every year for the last 10 Glastos. The chance of me doing that every year at odds of 1 in 7 would be 300 million to 1 ! I need to be buying lottery tickets if that was the case. I do try bloody hard each year to bag them though
  12. dingbat2

    Nick Cave

    Oh yeah, 2012 was the fallow year. D'oh
  13. dingbat2

    Nick Cave

    I cant see Nick Cave headlining Glastonbury, I don't think I ever want him to. The Pyramid headline slots are for the TV crowd and the people there to watch a Glastonbury headliner. The crowd would leave in droves. I would much rather see them on the other where the crowd really makes a choice to be there, rather that at the Pyramid. Take Portishead in 2012, it would never had the same impact on the Pyramid. Everybody in that crowd wanted to be there and it made for an utterly intense and personal experience, the best I have ever experienced at Glastonbury. It simply would have had the same impact at The Pyramid because so many punters are there to watch the headliner whoever it is. They just wouldn't get it, and would be moaning/talking amongst themselves and kill the atmosphere which Cave generates Their sub set on the Pyramid in 2012 was ace though, brilliant, I will never forget the faces on the Mumford lot during Stagger Lee, they really didn't know what had hit them. Rabbits in headlights 2012 was great year for me at Glastonbury, and I didn't even mention the Stones!
  14. dingbat2

    Blue Dot Festival

    The Arboretum and the Roots stage are both outside the arena and are really nice areas to take picnics and chill with a beer. As mentioned the camp sites are not too far away so you can always pop back to your tent and eat. We always do this just to have a chill for an hour before returning to the arena late afternoon. Also really nice places to go after the main stage has finished, a very nice place
  15. dingbat2

    Last night i watched Jools Holland........... and

    I went last week when the Manics were on and had an ace time, really enjoyed all the acts they had on that week. A mate who won tickets tickets invited me, I have never had any joy getting tickets having applied for many years. But now I have managed to bag tickets myself for 5th June so will be going again! Happy days I didn't get Bjork at all this week, I use to love her slightly more 'mainstream' stuff from a few years back, but Tuesday's performance was just odd for odds sake in my opinion