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  1. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    I wonder how loud if sounds in the neighbouring villages like in Pilton these days. The site seems so far away from things especially being in the valley. Can you hear the Pyramid from outside the perimeter? John Peel maybe because its closer to Pilton, but even that's surrounded by trees. I know there are other smaller hamlets as well, Pylle, etc but is there much noise pollution now?
  2. I have walked past the BBC introducing stage a few times when it first started up, especially when it was outdoors up in the park I think, and there was noone there at all first thing. I used to love and go and see who was playing and give them a crowd, they use fto appreciate the effort, they were playing just for me and my mate! Honoured I was
  3. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    Of course, they had to have something to distract the crowd from theiir obvious lack of performing and musical talent, lol
  4. Those t in the park crowds are awful. Theres another picture at John Grant the same year with hardly alone there, utterly depressing. Where were everyone? Really sad to see, especially with LCD after how good their set was that year at Glasto. Weird stuff
  5. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    Mmmm interesting, this is only my point of view, but I always think the Killers are one of those bands who peaked with their first album which was superb and struggled to keep it up for future albums, although maintained a consistently high level of commerical success. I feel the same about Kasabin, Arctic Monkeys and Arcade Fire. Just my opinion though, I suspect it's mainly because I remember those first albums too fondly, and have been too lazy to spend enough time looking at their latest material.
  6. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    Watched Nick Cave again from 2013 this afternoon, what a wondrous intense gig that was. That was a great year for great sets for me, Portishead, the Stones and Cave. Probably the year I replay most sets from on YouTube
  7. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    The Cure 2019 for me. if you are looking at Pyramid headliners. I didnt see Adele, she is utterly ace but I saw her in Brum around the same time so didnt need to see her again so soon. And the Stones, because it's the Stones, and they nailed it. Beyonce's not my bag at all so cant comment. Portishead 2013 is the set of the decade if you are looking at all headliners in my opinion! Cant ever see it being beaten...
  8. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    Carly Simon is the best though
  9. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    Yeah, maybe not next year, or indeed ever again , she admits to cacking her pants thinking about doing glasto. Strange because she absolutely nailed it and always appears so confideent on stage, really down to earth and engaging even allowing for her potty mouth! Love her to bits
  10. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    I do wonder if 'dele will turn up at the farm tomorrow to say shes headlining next year, it wouldn't surprise me at all...
  11. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    I thougt there were far more flags in all the years up to about 2016 then it subsided a bit after the eavii asking people not to bring them. Nasty things
  12. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    Lol, she does have a bit of a potty mouth bless her
  13. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    I was thinking a liive interview from the farm. .. or macca maybe
  14. dingbat2

    BBC Glastonbury

    Adele I reckon....
  15. The Thrills 2005, and it was extra special because it was after the flood in 2005 and many acts were postponed earlier in the day at the Pyramid and their were rumours circulating that the festival might have to be cancelled. Then out of the gloom we gathered in front of the Pyramid and a band walked on and proclaimed "we are the Thrills" and the music started. What a feeling that was, pure ecstasy, the music was on!. Doubly helped by Doves playing a bit later than afternoon. A truly joyous afternoon in the mud and gloom, one of "those moments" for me, I will never forget it
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