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  1. ... and the lords of lightning
  2. The original Shangri La lanes with all the hidden micro venues.
  3. So Neil, who was it?! I am guessing Holy F...? Spiritualized maybe?
  4. Beak> are partly Geoff Barrow from from Portishead as well don't forget, and they are on the lineup....
  5. I must admit I was wondering where Bluedot would go with their line up this year, most of the big electronic acts have already played, I was wondering who they would get. But they have pulled it out of the bag again. Groove Armada, Bjork, Spiritualised, Squarepusher, Holy Fuck (were these who were referring to earlier Neil?), Tim Peake, Beak, Henge, even bloody Tangerine Dream . Wow, well done Bluedot, cant wait for July now
  6. Please tell me Holy F = Holy Fuck. Well chuffed if they are playing, they are ace live
  7. Loved to see goldfrapp there again, but it's only 3 years since they last played so I doubt it unfortunately
  8. Pet Shop Boys are there arent they, i thought that was a given?
  9. Intriguing, I an trying to rack my brains who that could be, great live, rarely perform, assume an electronic vibe as its bluedot? Hmmm, any clues? M83? Snapped Ankles? Portishead are too big...
  10. Probably depends on what you school is like in terms of very occasional flexibitly in working hours. Sometime honesty is the best option. If you work your nuts off the rest of the year and they know you aren't taking the piss the a lot of schools will allow it, treating the Friday as PPA timer whatever its called where a teacher is way from the class planning, etc. Even if you could leave at midday you could still get there by 4 and have a great time. I have driven back Sunday night, having to work in Norfolk the next day. Not ideal but it can be done. And no queues getting in or out As I have said it depends on you relationship with the school and the headteacher. If they trust you and you are totally honest up front with them, i think you will find s lot of schools might allow at least half a day if you go the 'extra mile' the rest of the year
  11. dingbat2


    Not specifically Cats related but I wonder why they dont do a Les Mis type set with the likes of Boe and Ball. Surprised they have never got it sorted, would go down an absolute treat on the Pyramid and on TV. It could be a real Glasto moment
  12. I know its a long shot but wonder if Ed Sheeran might headline. A local lad, also features in the film Yesterday which was partly filmed there? Has also played there before? Reckon it would be right up his street
  13. What about Portishead, are they a shout?
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