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  1. How old is you daughter, is she interested in a science and space? If so, she will absolutely love it, if not then she will probably still love it!
  2. Blimey, 3 years ago I posted this after the first Bluedot. Told the kids this morning that i bought tickets for next year, they are so excited, after missing the last two due them falling during term time,. Watching JMJ that year inspired my eldest to start listening to and then learning music, playing keyboards and now drums, learning JMJ tunes first then onto Queen. He loves playing now and has become really good at it (can play the whole of the piano parts Bohemian Rhapsody from memory) - really proud of him having finally found an interest and talent we never know he had. We have JMJ's (+M83) song Gloryto thank for that that was the song which ignited it all
  3. Woop woop, just booked our tickets for next year, £158.75 (+ £31.90 for Thursday) for release 1 tickets, inc booking fee kids (11-15) £87 (+£11 for Thursday) Kids under 11 are free at the moment Chose the payment plan option which was £20 today + 8 monthly instalments of £18, so £164 in total, so not much different to paying it all up front
  4. Not sure if they fit into the right time frame for the Mercury announcement, but wondered if Snapped Ankles might have appeared on the list, their last album was superb in my opinion, one of the best I have heard all year Saying that, thats a pretty cool list, much better than the populist lists of recent years I think Idles will win it though, just pipping Fontaines DC
  5. Just seen the dates for next year, 23rd - 26th July 2020.... I cant believe it, we will be able to go again next year, I had given up hope of being able to go again after the last two bluedots fell during term time where we live (Norfolk) - but it looks like these dates are during the school holidays, the day after they break up. We (especially the kids) missed it so much the last two years, but next year we will be able to go again and celebrate the 5th bluedot. Well chuffed, cant wait to return. Thanks bluedot organisers! See you next year! ... P.S. How was it this year, I heard it was a bit muddy, but did you all have fun?
  6. Gary Numan Jean Michel Jarre OMD (might be wrong) Depeche Mode Dave Gilmour AC/DC Iron Maiden Genesis Human League (might be wrong again) ...and Coldplay, Radiohead and Elbow obviously...
  7. The Comet is Coming are great as well
  8. Definitely Snapped Ankles, they are superb Squid as well
  9. I have loads of those cups at home, the kids loved collecting them the first two years we went, we had to collect all the different designs. I would recommend anyone who's there now and hasn't been before to visit the Illuminarium while (i suspect) the queues are relatively small. There were always long queues there come the weekend, and its a lovely place to wander through and have a chill out Have fun everybody, I am well jealous, wish I could have been there but coudn't as its during term time where we live still. Hopefully they will make a week or two later next year so we can go back? Say hello to Ralf for me on Satursday!
  10. I was also going to suggest Tears for Fears which would be really ace
  11. I thought it was called that because it was a new "bands tent"' rather than it being a tent for "new bands"? Might be wrong though
  12. The Guardian lanyard thingy referred to a souvenir print edition being available when you leave, I didnt see anything and haven't noticed anything in the shops since so I assume they were talking plop plops? Shame, I loved those aerial poster photos, if nothing else, still look at prior years posters now
  13. There was so much potential on show at William's Green this year, some incredible bands playing early on each day, so I see the likes of Squid, Sports Team, Snapped Ankles, Boy Azooga, etc being bumped up to John Peel at least, Fontaines DC getting a better slot as well from their JP/WG gigs this year ... I also wonder whether its about time the Bootleg Beatles got promoted from their regular Sunday evening Acoustic slot to a slot on the Pyramid or somewhere, like Bjorn Again. It thought they had improved a lot since I saw them last two years ago, they are a really tight band these days, and will get the crowd going at an even bigger stage given the oppurtunity
  14. The Cure will be upgraded to the Godlike Genius stage next time
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