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  1. dingbat2

    2019 Headliners

    I didn't realise you didn't get tickets after all. I tried for you after your post on here, I managed to enter all six reg details in but didn't get any further. Happy to try again in April...
  2. dingbat2

    2019 Headliners

    I don't fear the headliners becoming shit, I only fear he undercard/other stages becoming shit, which there is no sign of happening as far as I can see. The headliners will attract the newbs to the festival which is no bad thing, hopefully they will wander round the other stages the rest of the time to find something they haven't heard of and come to love. That happened to me with the likes of Goldfrapp, Holy Fuck and M83
  3. dingbat2

    Lost in Vagueness Documentary

    The Mouse
  4. Went to Jools this week, had a cracking time, all the bands were ace. Really like these guys, hope to see them live again next year at G. They did another couple tracks for Saturdays show which were particularly ace... Sam Fender was also superb, expect a lot for him/them as well... Check out the acoustic version of the Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen as well on Saturdays show... Ace
  5. dingbat2

    The National

    I thing it was the worst place they could have put them, after Katy Perry, before the Foos on a Saturday evening at the Pyramid. Terrible scheduling. Probably the worst/smallest/most disinterested crowd i have ever seen at that stage at that time They didnt help themselves either but the reality is it was never going to work at that time of day on that stage
  6. dingbat2


    The bottom half of that picture still looks like a knob to me
  7. dingbat2

    Questions for Michael

    So is it being suggested that we could have live music at the Park Stage after hours? Or just the smaller venues up there? If it's just the smaller venues then I cant see it will change much, I remember seeing Subgiant at 2am in the morning at the Bimble Inn which was ace, as well as the stuff they have at Stonebridge and the Crows Nest It would be crazy to have live music at that stage late at night, everyone would be heading there and it would be another Park Stage secret set nightmare like a few years back with Radiohead and Pulp. It would be carnage. Unless they just have bands lower down the order at that time of night?
  8. dingbat2

    Fitness for Glasto 2019 Thread

    Gubbins is my favourite word. Fact
  9. dingbat2

    Fitness for Glasto 2019 Thread

    Why Gibbons? I tried this with Barbary Apes but struggled with it, mainly due to lack of availability of the creatures in these parts. And they kept stealing my bananas How many do you have, did they enjoy it?
  10. dingbat2


    Tonight on Countryfile....
  11. dingbat2


  12. dingbat2


  13. dingbat2

    2019 Improvements

    Love to see the return of the original Shangri La lanes - it was fun getting lost in there and finding the microvenues/hidden doors, especially the DJ playing Commodore 64 music
  14. dingbat2

    2019 Headliners

    They'll never let me down again
  15. dingbat2

    Questions for Michael

    Are there any major changes planned for next year, any hints to what they may be?