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  1. It's hardly going to thrive if people like you don't buy tickets and wait for free ones tho is it?
  2. why were they so desperate to move to a 4 day festival?
  3. Cause their planned ones pulled out so they had nothing to announce..
  4. They alway seem to announce at 11am UK time/ midday spanish time. So probs half an hour.
  5. have you looked at his posts from late last year? look at them and tell me he doesn't know his stuff
  6. Yeah he messed up there but if you look back at his posts he knew who was playing BBK Bilbao before it was announced and knew the killers were playing MC
  7. They usually do 2 headliners each day i think
  8. Swine flu was a pandemic; didn't mean we all got it did it.
  9. There's been 80k cases worldwide out of 7 billion people in the world lol, why would you be accepting you're gonna get it. Such hyperbole.
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