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  1. Imagine so shamelessly exploiting the pandemic to gain more Twitter followers to sell more masks. She makes me sick.
  2. I also saw something about recovery from the common cold can help too. I had a shocking cold a couple months ago so maybe recovering from that helped. Fuck knows. Also it makes sense about the drinking thing, I’m defo more susceptible to stuff just after drinking a lot
  3. I do think it was a mistake from day one saying that the vaccines stopped transmission instead of focussing on the hospital/ dying thing. Tbh I really don’t understand covid at all. My gf had it in December and I didn’t get it despite the fact we share a one bed flat. In contrast one of my pals got delta in December and then after a new year house party caught omicron in early January which is mental imo. The second time was barely a sniffle tho which was great news.
  4. Soon we are gonna have to stop testing people who aren’t actually ill. Can’t be like this forever. This is the most optimistic I’ve felt in ages about this all, everything seems to be going the right way for once
  5. Denmark dropping all restrictions at the end of jan despite high case rates. Good stuff!
  6. It clearly was if you a) have a bit of a sense of humour and b) aren’t extremely highly strung. Clearly neither applies to you as you’ve demonstrated repeatedly on here
  7. You seriously need to lighten up. He was clearly just being sarcastic and having a wee joke. You don't need to be so highly strung all the time.
  8. Basically yeah but with an annoying delay so they can seem more cautious.
  9. This is amazing! Unfortunately I’m in Scotland so sturgeon will wait a while before joining. I’m away to Copenhagen late feb so praying it’s gone by then to save us like 50 quid or whatever
  10. I think there often is decent discussions on here but I think it’s pretty hard when every second post is from ozanne who usually posts some drivel about how great starmer is. Occasionally people will bite and call him out on it and then they’ll be accused of bullying. Rinse and repeat every couple months.
  11. Careful CF, you’ll be getting accused of being a bully soon enough
  12. The U.K. gov website seems to say pcr or antigen test taken within 24 hours of departure
  13. Basically boils down to a weird kind of crush/ obsession with starmer. As mentioned, ozanne voted Lib Dem in 2019 so he’s hardly a Labour loyalist
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