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  1. well then i think you're deluding yourself and not looking at the wider picture. Rodgers won 0 trophies in a few years, Klopp has won a good chunk. There's a reason Liverpool fans are gutted Klopp is going and why Rodgers got sacked.
  2. Compare it to when he came in though
  3. Yeah I know (well actually I forgot about 09 lol) and they won the champions league too in 05 or whatever. But yeah Klopp still won a good amount and also made them a force again who can attract big names- he leaves them in a better place than he took over by far. Wenger at arsenal was totally different. He stayed too long and left a team on the decline from amazing successes. He overstayed his welcome and was clearly passed his best. Klopp on the other hand leaves Liverpool in good nick.
  4. Yeah the only team that has dominated english football for the last decade is City, but Klopp did amazing up against that and his tenure was impressive. A golden period for Liverpool I guess, compared to what came before just before it.
  5. you're missing out a champions league also he inherited a bit of a mess, here is the team from his first game in charge:
  6. No doubt yeah but in reality in an actual election using FPTP I doubt it holds up. Last time they only stood in 22 seats which is less than half. They lost their deposits in all of them. They might get 3 or 4 percent from people who will no longer vote SNP due to what's gone on.
  7. 😀 excellent Not to go all Neil on things but no way Greens get 7% in an actual UK election in scotland, they got 1% last time and barely stand in any seats If results were anything like that, Labour would absolutely clean up in the central belt
  8. Green surge etc They're going to win Bristol Central aren't they. I really hope that is Neil's seat lol
  9. bottom of the barrel stuff that is lol. I wonder if he could actually lose his seat to the Lib Dems if it still exists with boundary changes. Beat them by 9k votes last time.... One things for sure is a lot of big names are going to lose their seats in like 5 months 🙂
  10. Probably, but on the other hand the economy showed surprising growth with the last figures. As long as they don't go back to the stupidly low rates of the last decade or so then it's fine. Somewhere in the region of 4% is probs good.
  11. How do you rate labour’s last stint in government?
  12. Labour will likely get a sizeable majority. And good. Give them 5 years to show what they’re about and see if Starmer and reeves can actually improve things. There should be no excuses if they have a big majority. I just hope they don’t waste too much time with playing it safe. The time to do radical things is when you’re newly elected and have some grace period. How things go at the 2029(?) election will largely depend on the economy and if the tories elect a total loony as leader (very possible).
  13. Can’t believe Andy street’s partner is Michael fabricant. Never knew that
  14. Disgraceful the tories changed the voting method to FPTP but would be funny if it had actually hindered them
  15. Was hardly a bold shout
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