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  1. That would be a good move from Labour if true, don’t want a repeat of 2015. I think there’s a reasonable chance they don’t even need snp votes as they could get like 310 Seats or whatever plus Lib Dems on 25 odd
  2. You literally just read the article and lifted what the writer said and put it on here 🤣
  3. If Swift isn’t about till 2024 that would make it 5 years with no touring. Can’t see it. She’ll be about next year imo. She never toured Lover and has 2 more albums since then too.
  4. No chance of restrictions. Nobody even talks about covid anymore in real life.
  5. Obviously lol, what else could it mean
  6. And it’s also filled with well off middle class people
  7. Why do you even take me off ignore if I’m so horrific lol, makes no sense. Tbh I think you relish it tbh. Stevie calls people c**ts all the time without my input lol. No idea why you keep calling me a Tory cause you’re upset that someone calls out your starmer crazed nonsense
  8. Clearly something up with you to be so hostile all the time. Maybe step back from this forum for a couple weeks and see if it helps. No need to take your anger out on other people all the time.
  9. Are you admitting that Starmer is gonna lose and be out in 2024 lol Burnham could be next leader, he just needs to finish his term as mayor and then become an MP again. Nobody mentioned a time frame here. If starmer wins (as you dream about every night) then the vacancy wouldn’t be there till the late 2020s, plenty time for Burnham to become an MP, there are by elections all the time
  10. I like Burnham and want PR more than anything but I find his turnaround regarding this over a decade pretty mad. He was vocally against AV in 2011 (yeah I know that isn’t PR but he seemed pretty pro FPTP then) what’s changed? fptp was awful then and it’s awful now
  11. Lizzo is wildly overrated on here after that 2019 appearance. She isn’t headlining, no way.
  12. It’ll be a decade since last time
  13. On their last tour they played more of AM than TBHC. Personally don’t see Turner as having that big an ego, lot of what he does is an act imo and he seems a nice enough guy
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