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  1. Anyone know how to go about getting a refund? I booked through Festiticket
  2. What tone? Just wondering why he always says things as if they're fact when it isn't the case.
  3. The Guardian is reporting that the crisis will last in the UK till Spring 2021. Tonnes of different info floating about and no one knows for sure. I would, however, guess that you coming from Australia for a music festival during this might be unlikely and unwise.
  4. if ever a comment summed up how out of touch efests was with the general population
  5. It's hardly going to thrive if people like you don't buy tickets and wait for free ones tho is it?
  6. why were they so desperate to move to a 4 day festival?
  7. Cause their planned ones pulled out so they had nothing to announce..
  8. do you know what happened to tame impala?
  9. They alway seem to announce at 11am UK time/ midday spanish time. So probs half an hour.
  10. have you looked at his posts from late last year? look at them and tell me he doesn't know his stuff
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