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  1. As a percent of the festival it must be fairly small, no? I'm not saying they don't exist or shouldn't be there of course, I was more meaning they are the group that would need vaccinated for stuff like Glasto going ahead (not every person in Britain) cause they are at way more risk than younger people.
  2. I think it is more than reasonable that any over 60 who wants a vaccine by June to have had one. It doesn't really matter if people are still getting the virus by June it is the amount that die/ get hospitalised that matter.
  3. There aren't many over 65s that go to Glastonbury I don't think. Why on earth do you think that many people would suffer severe illness? Utterly perplexing that you think 60 mil people need vaccinated, that makes no sense at all.
  4. I really doubt this assertion. Also, Starmer hasn't really talked policy much yet. Is the basis of the whole 'he has abandoned his pledges' chat coming from that one Nandy comment?
  5. This won’t happen. These people are never going to risk losing their seat and influence. Starting a new party in a two party system Is suicide
  6. Oxford trial peer-reviewed data to be published in the Lancet at the weekend according to the Guardian. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/nov/26/scrutiny-grows-over-oxford-universityastrazeneca-vaccine
  7. Have Mad Cool not got into trouble before for 'announcing' acts in advance in advance of them being able to officially announce them? It seems they don't learn. For the other headliner maybe Tame Impala?
  8. Nah, the guy has plenty to say about other people's actions during this pandemic and how people are spreading the virus, but he is less happy to be called out as a hypocrite.
  9. It wasn't a question of legality. Legality wasn't mentioned once. It was about cases going up 😇
  10. And people travelling about. Say to other countries during the pandemic for example.
  11. If this is too personal then tell me to shut up but what age is your mate? Or he does he have long term health conditions? Also where is the vaccination meant to happen, is it GP or somewhere new?
  12. When the vaccine starts getting rolled out do u think it will follow the half dose then full dose method that got better results? Sorry if it’s a stupid question.
  13. Do you always need to be this needy for praise? 🤣
  14. Surely all the vulnerable (or most) is the easiest way to go? I don’t have the figures but the number of people who die/ get very ill who are under 60 and have no health conditions is minuscule?
  15. But why would they need to vaccinate 66 million people as you said? Only a limited amount of people actually die from this thing.
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