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  1. It isn't the amount of posts from regulars that is an issue imo it is the amount of random articles posted with no context. Like public attitudes to Brexit negotiations a couple pages back. Literally no relevance at all to the Covid discussion. If it was kept as related to Covid as possible and if there's something different at least a bit of context to stimulate an actual discussion would be beneficial I think.
  2. Final thing I will say on the matter but this is my main grievance. Articles with no relevance posted with 0 context. I get this is a difficult time for a lot of people but the thread had basically become a group chat for a few people. I think there is a borderline obsession for some people which really is not healthy.
  3. It's about 5 people making up the majority of the posts so not sure how it's keeping more people happy.
  4. There will be a lot of lurkers here that agree with me. Also I clearly wasn't talking about daily stats etc I clearly took issue with the completely irrelevant posts of which there are plenty. Not sure how it could go anymore off topic than chlorinated chicken but ok I've had you ignored for about a month on here so I can assure u I don't.
  5. Not just him specifically but if it was kept to relevant posts about the topic it would be a better and more useful thread. Atm it's basically the same few people posting every current affairs news piece into the thread as possible. Yeah yeah very good. Well over half the posts in this thread come from the same few people- what are you hoping to achieve with this pish?
  6. Yeah and the thread is getting less and less useful because good, informative posts (from Toilet Duck for example) are diluted by 4 or 5 people posting every new article they can find in here even if it isn't related to Covid. There is a General News Discussion thread elsewhere btw.
  7. Not really gone under the radar, more it has absolutely no relevance to the thread.
  8. This thread used to be about the Covid pandemic but now seems to be any current affairs people fancy talking about. Makes it harder to see useful info imo.
  9. Covid hospitalisations and deaths still really low even with rising cases. Is that not a huge positive?
  10. A few of the recent ones have had Lab and Tory neck and neck so I defo think this is possible. Maybe a Labour 41 and Tory 39 type poll is on the horizon. It's all within margin of error anyway.
  11. You might be the most condescending man on the planet... Saying Ed was better than Corbs might be true but it's a pretty low bar isn't it. Ed might be performing well now the pressure is off but as leader he wasn't good and we both know it. Saying 'aw but he was better than the worst Labour leader ever' doesn't change that. Think @mcshed has already covered this but I'm sure it won't stop you spending all day getting raging about it and keep banging on about it. I don't know how you have the energy.
  12. It seems LJS was correct and you will try shoe horn in Corbyn or SNP to every post here 😆 If there is one thing I don't need convinced of it's that Corbyn was a totally inept leader you don't need to worry about that. I never said it wasn't true I just thought it was an incredibly weird thing to say.
  13. Nah my background is in policy, I read manifestos. However, I am not naive enough to think that is what makes the majority of the electorate vote. In a two party system, a Labour leader would be 'decent' if he wins an election. So by your own admission after he was LOTO lol, bit late then isn't it? Not sure where to begin with this tbh.
  14. He wasn't decent when he was LOTO tho was he? To say otherwise is total revisionism. That said, he does seem to be relishing his new cabinet role with the pressure off him. Also even if every SNP seat at that election went to Labour instead it wouldn't have made Ed PM 👍
  15. That isn't the only factor in determining whether it's a sensible thing to do though is it. Germany will probs be less safe if people from the UK keep going there... I don't care if he wants to go on holiday abroad it's his choice, I am just saying it seems at odds with what his posts here have been saying for months.
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