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  1. Yeah it is clear the Scottish numbers are outdated now and based on what I hear from my boss at work, the predicted supply is changing every day. I think your info seems good about mid march signalling a big ramp up. Deliberately used ramp up in the hope it annoys whoever was annoyed by it
  2. It is obv too early for a VONC but in the separate inquiry into whether she has broken the ministerial code if she is found to have done- then why shouldn't she resign? Scottish leaders have gone for less (see: Mcleish, Alexander etc). Why does how appalling the tories are matter?
  3. What a strange take considering what she is speaking about. She is in front of a committee answering questions bout her handling of complaints about Salmond and whether she has broken the ministerial code (e.g a resign-worthy offence). Never ceases to amaze me that left wingers in England seem to view Sturgeon/ SNP as some sort of amazing/ progressive force when the reality is anything but.
  4. If flying out to attend the formula e race in a global pandemic is essential then I must be living in a parallel universe
  5. All I see in this pic is confirmation that no way all these people can be traveling for ‘essential purposes’. Unless you intentionally interpret essential in a peculiar way.
  6. Exactly my point about inessential travel- stuff like this I thought he meant wearing a mask whenever I leave the house. I do not feel it is necessary to wear a mask out doors in general.
  7. Or they’re well off and the cost of a test means nothing to them
  8. Think you seem to be getting defensive about foreign travel cause you yourself have flown abroad in this pandemic. That’s your choice but it’s open to criticism. And no I don’t wear a mask outside cause that’s insane.
  9. Maybe individual responsibility should play a part then eh. Love island influencers can justify trips to Dubai during all this within the rules but it doesn’t make it okay. And yes, it is a stretch to believe numbers as high as 1 in 10 (compared to normal times) can be traveling for justifiable reasons. Jobs requiring international travel at this time are extremely rare.
  10. It's amazing that one in ten people compared to normal have essential reasons to travel during an actual global pandemic. It should be a fraction of a percent. So little reason to travel unless you have a liberal use of the word 'essential'.
  11. The EU regulator approved it for all ages tho? Some EU countries have been appalling with their dismissive nature and lies about AZ. Macron in particular should be ashamed of himself.
  12. That guy is great on Twitter! Hope he’s right. I am feeling very optimistic atm and think we are nearly out of this!
  13. World wide it can't really be a vaccine effect imo. Barely any countries have dished out enough vaccines to cover over even 10 percent of their population.
  14. ''Professor Wei Shen Lim of JCVI says structuring the programme around occupation would be very difficult, could slow down the roll out and would probably only give anyone a jab about a week earlier.'' Seems to not really make much difference. I trust the JCVI a lot and think they will have got it spot on.
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