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  1. You do realise they did a post the other day which was them adding tickets for the Fri & Sat. They clearly aren't struggling to shift the tickets this year. Maybe the Foals day isn't doing quite as well cause it is a monday, who knows. Festivals only give away tickets when things are really desperate which they aren't this year..
  2. I really hope Beni is back and it has survived all this. Such a good festival. Also amazing value for money.
  3. I don’t think I will be wrong... I get what you’re referring to, they gave away tickets to BMTH, Bon Iver etc (and others). But that was when it was selling appallingly, there were rumours BMTH day had only sold 5k I seem to recall. That is incomparable to this year where it is selling well and they even increased the capacity a bit, it also isn’t a brand new festival anymore. If they keep giving away free tickets every year then why would people bother paying for them? Makes no sense when it is selling well.
  4. Why would they desperately have to try and fill the place ? It’s selling well. We get it... you don’t like the lineup
  5. Labour love a bit of infighting don't they. Just as the polls are narrowing too lol. Sooner they support PR and just make themselves redundant the better.
  6. A couple years ago The Killers did a tiny gig in King Tuts in Glasgow after their TRNSMT set. Felt so lucky to be one of the few hundred people there. Hopefully something like that
  7. Could you not have bought tissues or napkins lol
  8. Literally the same day 🤣🤣🤣 How many times you gonna keep going with this pish
  9. Some good news (if that’s allowed in here)
  10. If Labour can’t capitalise on this then they should be embarrassed
  11. I thought it was 50k by Monday then could go as high as 100k after that ... I could be wrong. As I say tho, Scotland is going down so no reason England won’t too
  12. They said cases could get as high as 100k did they not and by all i defo saw 50k per day mooted a few times before opening. Now that is actually materialises everyone starts to lose their head. I don’t get it, they said this would happen. I don’t see how it can be used to justify delaying again. That said, I hope the peak is soon. I reckon it is based on Scotland.
  13. Just over 2k positives in Scotland today and the lowest positivity rate I’ve seen in ages at 6.6%. Still too high but getting there. Confident England will drop soon enough too
  14. If you're double vaxxed it isn't likely to be like getting the flue either. It'll be more like a cold in all likelihood
  15. If you're double vaxxed and have had it before and you then caught it again (which I doubt) the you likely wouldn't even know you had it. If you're so concerned then don't socialise
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