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  1. The owner is my neighbour (and friend) as the crow flies! She is one of Michael Eavis's daughters. He is a regular visitor to St Just and is president of the Methodist church here. The milk comes from farms in Somerset and is made by Barbers. There is always a truckle or 2 in my fridge.
  2. Could that be from https://www.worthycheddar.co.uk/ which is run by Michaels daughter?
  3. Indeed she is, with a surprisingly similar name! https://www.worthycheddar.co.uk/
  4. If you have a Twitter account chase them up on there as they are usually very responsive.
  5. That appears to have changed to 7 festivals in 7 years?? Which means I only need to get one under my belt this year to qualify for priority in 2022. Things are suddenly not so bleak!
  6. Yes you are correct, there is only the choice between East quiet/hire or general passes and offsite Bath and West Showground if you prefer access to showers or have a van over 8m in length. You will have to hope for a resale as they get snapped up very fast and as they are tied to your admission ticket they cannot be resold. Here is all the information you will need @Derbyphil https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/accommodation/info-campervans-and-caravans/
  7. No worries, and all good thanks! And for the record I too don't think the Twitter account is credible.
  8. No it was me, and I haven't heard anything about 2021 being cancelled.
  9. I have had an email confirming that I have priority status with Oxfam Stewards for booking festivals next year! 😂
  10. All is well thanks, may have had it in March and like many won't know until we can be tested. So taking no risks as I have Menieres Disease which could be an autoimmune condition. As we live in a coastal tourist area in Cornwall we are still inundated with visitors many of who "came here to get away from Covid" so face masks and social distancing don't apply to them! With this in mind we are still shielding and having groceries delivered. Hope you are keeping well?
  11. Oxfam have a liftshare page on Facebook which will be worth checking nearer the time. There are taxis from Castle Cary railway station if you don't get a liftshare. You will need to get to Gate B (where Oxfam camp is), the shuttles go to A and it's a fair walk by road between the two.
  12. I was volunteering for Glastonbury and Download, as long as you secure your place in the first couple of days it will be fine. Never known anyone with priority not get a place. I'm not even trying for resale, going to volunteer as planned this year! It will be my first time volunteering at Glastonbury and my 14th Glastonbury. I have volunteered at other festivals though.
  13. Fat Boy Slim - Other Stage 2005, he was amazing!
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