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  1. Cleaning the caravan inside and out then reloading the bedding, cushions, towels, tinned food etc....
  2. StoneCircle

    BBC Glastonbury

    Will @halvin be doing a ClashFinder? Fingers crossed!!
  3. It is available to download if that helps....https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/download-the-glastonbury-free-press/
  4. Correct, over to you! My poor husband had the misfortune of travelling on the same train, Boris attempted to make conversation with him! He is pictured here to Boris's left as they disembark.
  5. Who invited Boris Johnson to speak at Glastonbury in 2000?
  6. We need confirmation from @grumpyhack in case he had something eldo in mind!
  7. It certainly has with me so thank you OP! Despite not having missed a festival since 2005 I applaud the memories of others posting on this thread, mine are not as clear!
  8. This is the best thread on here for a long time! Thank you to everyone who has posted fabulous questions and answers, we are all improving our knowledge on our favourite place!
  9. Very saddened to hear this today, he was probably best known as drummer with R.E.M. and King Crimson. He was only 59
  10. Ahem, it's old daughter.....
  11. StoneCircle

    turbo drinks

    How many time do I have to remind you? It's old daughter!
  12. Check out @guypjfreak 's post on Turbo Drinks - we may need to improvise in these uncertain times....
  13. StoneCircle

    turbo drinks

    I am surprised this thread by @guypjfreak from 2011 hasn't been archived, but in view of potential "essential supplies" shortages in the supermarkets/shops especially now the pubs are closing their doors this evening, there are some great tips to brew your own whilst we all self isolate in this thread! The more the merrier, please add yours!
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