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  1. He wasn't resting as he and his family members who live in St Just were hosting the choir at lunchtime, he was also spotted being interviewed. The choir are playing in Wells tonight so he has probably gone there now. I don't think he does resting!
  2. He was in St Just on Wednesday as the Langa Methodist Choir played here at the Miners Chapel, I had a brief chat with him afterwards. https://www.facebook.com/StJustMinersChapel/
  3. I met him for the second time last night, I went to see Langa Methodist Choir who were performing in the Miners Chapel (he is president) in my hometown of St Just in Cornwall.
  4. I saw the tea ladies and human sized babies and lots of others. We stay in East Campervan fields so enter via gate C and enter straight into T&C area. Perhaps your timing was just unlucky?
  5. It is site wide, Greenpeace, Kids Fields and Love Fields have had to switch theirs off too. Not sure about other glamp sites.
  6. What are the queues like for East currently?
  7. Basically my friends car has broken down. We have got her as far as the overnight campsite 5 miles away. Can we take her caravan in tomorrow, then exit the site and return for ours and re-enter? Thank you all!
  8. StoneCircle

    EPO bands

    From what I have heard they are checked at each entry and exit point, so if the actual owner hasn't left the site they can't re-enter.
  9. Ask @eFestivals what his thoughts are.....
  10. Everything you need to know is in this thread .
  11. Yes you will be able to, just make sure you display your CV pass in the car.
  12. Thanks, and no need to apologise, just me on a downer! Deafness is really really rubbish and I wish you well with your results. As a lifelong lover of music the worst thing is that I can't actually work out the lyrics of new acts, Arctic Monkeys were probably the last band whose lyrics I understood, solely because I lived within a few miles of them and got the dialect. I love lyrics.....
  13. It's possibly me being overly sensitive - some days it gets to you more than others. I just hope you manage to find a solution before Wednesday, being deaf is so socially isolating at times that it's an effort to go places.
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