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  1. StoneCircle

    Campervan, Worthy View & Tipis Sale Date

    Pretty sure you just need the lead name at this point, the rest of the group to be added later. Good luck! 👍
  2. StoneCircle

    Secret resales 2015

    I was very lucky again this time, but I highly recommend doing 2 festivals with Oxfam each summer to get priority status. This allows early (almost guarenteed) applications to volunteer at Glastonbury. After my very close failure of 2016 (I won tickets via @eFestivals at the last minute) I have done this ever since!
  3. StoneCircle

    CV East family camping or alternatives

    Based purely on 2017, the then Family now renamed Quiet were E19, E20, E23, E24 and E25. See map below. 😀 @eFestivals Please can you move to questions.
  4. StoneCircle

    Campervan tickets

    In 2016 for 2017 an initial shortage occurred due to people buying multiple passes as although it's limited to one per transaction, there is nothing to prevent friends who are helping buying duplicate passes. I alerted loads of people on here and in the Glssto Chat Softies Facebook group when passes became available. I don't think anyone missed out in the end.
  5. StoneCircle

    So...do you remember your first time?

    My 1st too, and we also camped opposite Other Stage in Oxylers. Survived the storm and loved every minute, never missed a festival since!
  6. StoneCircle

    Best camp

    Read this and decide for yourself X http://www.glastoearth.com/the-faq
  7. StoneCircle

    Person who booked camper van ticket needs to be in campervan

    I volunteered with Oxfam in 2016 and this year at Beautiful Days and Boardmasters. This was a back up plan to get priority status. However I have been very fortunate in getting tickets for Glastonbury in both 2017 and for next year so won't be volunteering. To be honest I have found volunteering a struggle due to health issues and I think this year was my last. In 2016 I won tickets in @eFestivals competition, some friends got my CV pass and we convoyed in together. In 2017 loads became available after the resale and I alerted many people both on here and in the Glssto Chat Softies Facebook group. I seriously don't think anyone went without. Good luck!
  8. StoneCircle

    Person who booked camper van ticket needs to be in campervan

    I personally wouldn't risk it as you may come across a steward who does check and turns you away.
  9. StoneCircle

    family camping query

    Yes you will be fine, it may also be worth considering using the accessible campsite, you need to apply but it may suit your 11 year olds needs better. All the details and how to apply are in the link below. https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/information/deaf-and-disabled-info/
  10. StoneCircle

    For Those Who Have Missed Out In The Past ...

    Yes I won through this site in the 3rd redraw I think, I was actually reading an @eFestivals post saying they were about to redraw when the "Congratulations, you have won" email appeared on screen! It certainly was an amazing year, and myself and @Lucy92 were so lucky! 😂
  11. StoneCircle

    For Those Who Have Missed Out In The Past ...

    I too won tickets that year via this wonderful forum. I was on tenterhooks for you when you won. And we all cried happy tears! 😘
  12. StoneCircle

    The "I'm Going to Glastonbury 2019" thread

    I'm going!
  13. StoneCircle

    Secret resales 2015

    A friend got my ticket but will be trying for others in the resale.
  14. StoneCircle

    bank details info

    Card number and ccv and expiry is needed.
  15. StoneCircle

    The thwarted coach and caravan combination

    And this one is very near gate D, although similar in name I don't think they are connected. https://ashcombepark.com