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  1. Ask the person running the spreadsheet by reading through the thread lower down, it is nothing to do with me.
  2. DM me your email, I have access to the efestivals 2019 sheet. This will give you some ideas....
  3. They haven't since 2016, they were after the main resale and SeeTickets would sell off any other tickets without any announcements. We used page checkers to monitor SeeTickets. Too stressful for words!
  4. With this being on an open forum I would recommend having a couple of admins and make the spreadsheet so it can't be shared by anyone other that them. So as people ask to join they send you/admin their email address and they they can access and edit the sheet. Every single change is shown in the spreadsheet history so if need be you can see who made what changes. Have a read of this https://support.google.com/drive/answer/2494822?visit_id=637060588426775261-3970233994&p=link_sharing_options&hl=en-GB&rd=1&authuser=0#link_sharing
  5. Yes by setting it up early you will have time to befriend each other and work out the best solution within each group for payment. I would also recommend an early cut off for people joining the spreadsheet as late comers won't have time to develop the level of trust needed.
  6. Thanks for the offer, I am already in a ticket group so can't join another one as it's unfair to others. We do ours on a Google spreadsheet by invitation only. The best advice I can give is to ensure you group people into 4's to maximise your chances in the resale and have a "tickets got" value cell to change it to yes so helpers can quickly see who needs help. Our group of 193 managed 97 yesterday and Thursday combined. The biggest problem with the resale is everyone having 4 x full payment in your bank account! Good luck and shout out if I can help you in any way.
  7. And Glastonbury won't be Glastonbury without StoneCircle!
  8. I'm back for 2020, was last here for 2016. I may try in the resale but I won't be hoping for a secret resale as I really couldn't put myself through that again! Good luck to everyone in finding a way in!
  9. I am with @Mardy on this - beautifully phrased!
  10. Just renewed mine so I thought this thread should get a well deserved bump! 👍
  11. There was a DVD of one of his London shows recorded in 2008 and released in 2009, he needed money badly after his manager ripped him off big time. I doubt that he would have wanted a free recording to be televised in case sales were affected by it. What a magical set!
  12. StoneCircle

    Resale Club 2019

    I have taken the decision not to feed the troll.......
  13. StoneCircle

    Resale Club 2019

    How on earth have you made this assumption?
  14. He wasn't resting as he and his family members who live in St Just were hosting the choir at lunchtime, he was also spotted being interviewed. The choir are playing in Wells tonight so he has probably gone there now. I don't think he does resting!
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