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  1. Without being too soppy, one of the things that does help is looking at what one has gained rather than lost. I’ve really enjoyed the banter and chit chat on this thread - it’s really kept me going and it’s a more than welcome distraction. Raising a can of brothers/wedge of cheese/cup of Clipper to all the lovely souls here who remind me about why I love the festival so much.
  2. Oh I feel for you, to be so close a fair few times is a real pain in the backside. Hopefully means that luck is swaying more to your side for future sales etc? This is how I feel - don’t know if I’m too bothered about watching it how I used to when I was younger in a ‘simulate the experience’ kind of way but there’s definitely a few acts where I’d be keen to see what kind of set they play/how they perform. If I don’t get tickets next year I’ve already said to my partner that we’re going to go on a walking holiday in rural Ireland. The only thing that will heal me is Guinness lol 😂
  3. I keep on having real pangs of sadness about not going. Think it’s the final ‘everything coming together’ phase that’s getting to me. I’d normally be practically vibrating with excitement, buying some camping essentials (cider, berocca, ibuprofen to name but a few thing lol) and having lengthy debates in the pub with friends about our planned running order of who to see but just devastated that it’s not the case this year, especially as about half of our gang got tickets. Just quite deflated tbh.
  4. A tea caddy for me as well! I actually desperately need one so I’m chuffed. I’ve got a Fortnum and Mason one that’s currently storing some tea bags in that I don’t really like (M&S Gold - used to like them but feel like the flavour is different? My go to is normally Yorkshire Gold if it’s on offer but I’m liking the Clipper so only right that it now has a suitable home! 🙂 )
  5. That’s the only news that would take the edge off - hoping one of you lovely lot has struck lucky 🍀 😄
  6. Not me or my partner - bloody gutted!!
  7. A great day to be them, congrats if they’re on here/reading!
  8. I tried to re read the Ts and Cs for a bit of comfort and thought the same re wording. Surely it has to be a draw? Also agree with the caddies - surely they can just give them away at the festival if nothing else?
  9. This is my brain working overtime haha so I really cannot even answer my own question.
  10. What I fear with the Clipper competition is that they won’t have had enough entrants and they’ll pull it. Could they even do that or am I just being dramatic?
  11. We must be getting some news today. Hopefully something to celebrate!
  12. Nice one - just signed up for this. Kicks the competition can down the road at least for me lol 😂
  13. I feel scared about the radio silence from Clipper. I just want to be out of my misery!
  14. Want to echo my thanks to those on here seeking updates, as it’s very much appreciated. Let’s hope it’s good news once it comes.
  15. Nothing here! Clipper Ts and Cs said it’ll be drawn within 5 working days (so this Friday) - feels like an age to wait!
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