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  1. They should put a second floor in the field around 50ft above the ground for the flag people. And have free coffee and life assurance.
  2. Same. I think the total might well be 2. One the first year I went in 2008 and then one I was forced to go to. Walk through it loads as I camp nearby
  3. That looks the business alright!
  4. It's only me and my missus that were there this year so it's almost essential as between bar visits and toilet trips we would hardly see each other otherwise. Freezing cold tins are splendid in that heat too rather than paper cups with cider that is luke warm in a couple of mins in the heat.
  5. First bus goes at 10am, 14 mins in and comes back at 10.30. We camped in river mead so can leave the tent and be back in an hour in time for the action starting. Carrying the thing can be a bollocks on my little girly office hands but I have devised a strategy whereby you hold the handles of the bag up above your head with your arm locked almost straight and the bag rests on the back of your neck/shoulders. You look like an absolute dick but it's much easier and as the ice melts the water trickles out onto your sunburnt neck which is glorious.
  6. There were a few places doing it for a fiver but almost all sold out by the end of the afternoon every day. Just saw this question answered in another thread. Also great in the heat for dipping your hat in as some people by the lockups found to their absolute delight on the saturday when I let them have a go.
  7. Haha just answered a question I asked in another thread. This is the best thing I ever started doing since I started going to glastonbury. The morning run to Shepton mallet on the bus, 20-30 tins of and 2 bags of ice into a big cool bag and you're elected for the day. With the heat this year it didn't last quite as long as previous years but definitely worth the carrying for the money saved, the benefit of ice cold tins and not needing to go to the bar.
  8. Do you know how much the Co op were selling bags of ice for?
  9. Without fail every year at least one person ridicules the fact that I am carrying a bag of ice with tins of cider in it. Normally someone will say there is something leaking from the bag and I will explain that its just the ice melting. They then usually whisper to a friend "that guy is carrying round ice in that bag", and much giggling ensues. I'm not sure if they think I am trying in vain to keep the ice alive for the duration of the festival but they often seem surprised that the tins are cold when I offer them one. "OMG THEYRE FREEZING!!"
  10. The OP said we were buying the ticket a month before the festival. So we are well past the point you mention @mattiloy. There would be no need to pay anything for a ticket at that stage if you already had one through the normal process
  11. Just found a video in my phone of dolly Parton and Kenny Rodgers (not the real ones) appearing on a rowing boat from under the bridge we were walking over and breaking into "islands in the stream". Would post it but my drunken commentary is giving me serious anxiety.
  12. It's not the right answer though. It might be an idealistic answer but they could charge a hell of a lot more and still sell out, Demand and supply innit? If you're willing to pay £250 on Ticket day in October and you miss out I'd bet the VAST majority would pay more (to varying degrees) to get a ticket after that point.
  13. The whole festival (in line with society as a whole) is becoming less edgy. South East corner even when I started going 10-11 years ago felt a lot more edgy/ underground/ dangerous (not literally, maybe slightly). Maybe it's just the fact that's its less of a novelty to me or because I'm older but it felt different one way or another.
  14. gherkin8r

    Crowd Tolerance

    Had a proper barney with a woman who was particularly angry with me between acts for standing on the corner of the massive blanket she had laid on the ground. Suggested that she may like to go and make love to herself. The security forming a line at side of pyramid was a new one for me too and a bit of a hassle just coming back from the toilet. Easily circumnavigated however
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