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  1. Exact same as me. Just behind the sound desk, absolutely rammed and the sound was shocking. Was not their fault at all
  2. Pateen

    Drum n Base

    Brilliant folks, love the music but not so great on the artist names apart from Carl Cox and Chase. Great suggestions in there
  3. Pateen

    Drum n Base

    Or breakbeat, jungle, dubstep ..... Any recommendations?
  4. Do you realise how much these drivers actually get paid. Serious wads from day one, in comparison to graduates who come out with huge debts after studying or trades men who earn very little while training, all these guys are doing fine. Just putting us all over a barrel
  5. Hey there, Two of us looking to travel from South London on Thursday, back Monday. Two camping rug sacks but not much more. PM for more info Many thanks Pat
  6. Looking for a place for two from London the 27th and back on Monday. Parking, petrol + extras (effort and tip) covered. PM me
  7. Am I very naive in thinking the festival organisers will help with more buses. There are so many people affected by this
  8. Has there been any mention of any Bus companies deciding to run some coaches to the festival?
  9. Getting good updates at the moment. A great app and very useful at all points east. Recommend giving them a donation. Just threw them a 5-er now
  10. Cool, that would be great. Let the planning begin ......
  11. Hey Folks, Does anyone know when they will release stage times?
  12. Cant find any of those listed in the last 10 posts or so down as playing in Glastonbury Any ska, Dub or Reggae suggestions for Glasto?
  13. Really like the sound of War and Treaty
  14. Really looking forward to catching Emanual Jal. Any other recommendations
  15. Have stage times been posted anywhere yet?
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