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  1. Looks promising - from their website Electric Picnic will take place between 3rd - 5th September, 2021.
  2. Serious amount of acts. How many stages?
  3. Good luck, hope theyre not gone after 30 mins like last year
  4. Has anyone managed to get tickets before 9am in the past? I'm told its possible
  5. Thanks PJ, Yeah maybe 5-10 second refresh maybe a good option. A few different options on about 5 different tabs including manual refresh and lets see what happens
  6. Perfect Gooder, I'll give it a shot ....
  7. Maiden at Glastonbury would be great but it wont happen
  8. The auto refresh test seems to work well. I just have one question though. If you set your refresh rate for every 2 seconds and while Seetickets is processing your access, chrome/IE will refresh again. Does this mean that you actually havent allowed your browser to determine if you had gained access or not if it just continually tries to refresh? Hope my question makes sense.
  9. Sounds great Gooner but are you sure? Will it not refresh back to the starting position?
  10. Any stage times listed for the Picnic yet?
  11. Pateen

    Sam Fender

    Bumber, really disappointed about this. Dont fancy Liam Gallagher instead
  12. You should be fine
  13. Is it possible they maybe surprise guests on one of the smaller stages
  14. Not sure if its been mentioned New Punk Band FontainesDC
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