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  1. What song do you think that is?
  2. Fred Zepplin

    2020 headliners

    Aerosmith on 6music now, it’s a sign
  3. Elbow surely since they have a new album out, standard slot
  4. First year with the kids, 8 month old and 2 and a half year old. The 8 month old is currently 15 hours old, still in hospital with him. what sleeping arrangements do people have with babies and toddlers? There will be me and my wife with the 2 kids in a 6 man tent so a fair size.
  5. Unfortunately my wife was diagnosed with gestational diabetes last week which means the home birth is off and she is being induced on Wednesday. The good news is we got tickets today so will be myself, my wife, 2 year old daughter and 8 month old son plus my two brother in laws, 19 and 22 year olds, both first timers on the farm.
  6. This is the fairest way. I missed out last year for the first time in 10 years, was lucky this year, that’s all it’s down to, luck. If anything the fairest way would be to let people go who haven’t been before so they get to experience it. I know this would be impossible to manage and would mean I wouldn’t go.
  7. Is their less people camping inside the fence now compared to 5 years ago? I know capacity has gone up but WV takes a lot of people plus the other hospitality places outside the fence.
  8. Always new this would be the date so pretty bad planning from me. We are expecting our second child and he’s due on October 11th. If he comes early and it’s the Sunday my wife and I have agreed as long as she’s not in full labour I can try for tickets. We are having a home birth anyway and the computer is next to where the birthing pool is going so I will be next to her anyway, just to add more stress to ticket day
  9. Led zeppelin ripping off Taurus for stairway to heaven is pretty blatant even though Taurus lost the court case.
  10. Fred Zepplin

    Camp Fires

    Whilst I agree sitting around a campfire is a really nice and relaxing way to end a night I am a little apprehensive of them in such close proximity to tents. I'm glad they took the decision to remove the free wood so those who did have fires came prepared for it and knew what they were doing. With it being so dry and windy all it would take is for a group of slightly merry folk to think a fire would be nice, lets use this free wood to start one in this little space between our tents. I hate to think what would happen if a tent caught fire, they burn so quick and with the conditions this year there could have been a disaster.
  11. Fred Zepplin


    The distance would be the big decider for me, plus would it feel like you are doing day trips to the festival leaving each night. We've camped in big ground and I love waking up and seeing the pyramid stage. Will have 2 and a half year old and a 8 month old next year so the facilities of a camper van would be good be I know they have good facilities in the family camping which I would be using next year anyway, also might be good to have other families around.
  12. I use the lock ups but still have my wallet and phone in the tent. If I was robbed I doubt I would report it either. Would be annoyed enough never mind having to spend a few hours reporting it
  13. Fred Zepplin


    I've thought about staying in the campervan fields but renting a van for a minimum of £1000 realistically and then having a 20 min walk potentially to the gate seems like a lot of money and hassle. I have considered buying a van and renting it out throughout the summer which in theory should cover the cost of buying it within a few years and just using it for glastonbury. They seem to hold their value so if I decided to sell it after a few years should even make a profit.
  14. Has anyone got any pictures of it?
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