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  1. That’s what I thought. It’s a gazebo that has 4 sides so when put in front of our tent will look more like part of the tent. That’s what we will be using it for to keep our stuff in and for getting changed in. The tent we have is big enough for sleeping but not to store everything for 2 kids and to sit in, especially if it rains. The tent plus the gazebo will be about 7m long so about the same size as a family tent which is what we would have to buy if we didn’t take the gazebo
  2. I know gazebos aren’t allowed but do people know if they are strict in family camping? We would be staying in the not so busy one with more space. We have a 4 man tent which was fine for me and my wife but not now we have 2 kids. If we put a gazebo which has four solid sides on it in front of our tent we would have enough space. The tent and gazebo are the same manufacturer and the same colour so it’s not to obvious that it’s a separate gazebo. Put together they would be the size of a large tent which would be the other option but I don’t want to spend money on another tent
  3. I’ve just watched the great Pottery throw down which I really enjoyed. Basically bake off but with pottery. I’ve no interest in pottery but really enjoyed it and it was interesting learning about all the different types of clay and styles you can do. Mel Sykes is the presenter and I think they try to get more innuendos in than bake off
  4. Fred Zepplin

    Worthy FM

    Do you think Worthy FM will be broadcast over what would be the festival period? They could record remotely or just play old shows from previous festival. I would love to be able to sit in the garden with a beer listening to it
  5. This is my old Screamadelica t-shirt that had a few holes in it. Rather than getting rid of it my wife has just made it into a romper for my son. It would have been worn at this years festival, hopefully my wife can adjust it so he can wear it next year instead.
  6. They are playing of the back of their singles album so the set list is full of bangers. I’m with you on what they do at the minute but I did see them on this tour and they looked like they were having a lot of fun and sounded great. I would definitely go and see them if nothing else took my fancy elsewhere
  7. They also know people will be getting prepared and buying and booking things so pulling the plug early will stop people losing money
  8. The government will pull the plug rather than Eavis and it’s a matter of when it’s cancelled rather than if In my opinion unfortunately. As some people have said they can’t have emergency services in a field in Somerset when they will need to be deployed elsewhere. How can they justify it when there are talks of getting retired people back in the hospitals and the army out on the streets. I just wish they would put us all out of our misery and tell us it’s cancelled so we can all move on. I also think they will give people with first tickets first refusal for next year, I do have a ticket but if I didn’t I would still think the same.
  9. I ordered a new fridge freezer a few weeks ago and had it delivered today. The delivery guys asked me if I had bought it to stock pile and l laughed and said that would be taking it way to far. He told me out of 21 deliveries today 17 were for a fridge or freezer and most people had bought it as an additional item to fill up
  10. I’ve thought from the beginning the festival would go ahead but with every passing day my optimism fades. If it does get cancelled I will be gutted but we will probably all have bigger problems to deal with than missing out on Glastonbury
  11. I’m normally chomping at the bit to get the line up but will be taking my 2 year old and 8 month old this year so I won’t get to see the usual amount of bands as normal so not checking here every 10 minutes like previous years. As long as I’ve got a couple of bands I like a day to see then I will be happy. 24th March is my guess for the line up, my birthday
  12. I was thinking this. If I go through my back pack and all my old festival bags that are in the loft I bet I could find 5 or 6 unused ones and the same again half empty
  13. Love the original and the whole album. Matts vocals brings something different to the song though https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/the-national-matt-berninger-mercury-rev-planned-parenthood-959315/amp/
  14. This model is very expensive. I manage to pick one up second hand on eBay for £50. Needs a new rain cover but we can make one of them. We are coming with 6 month old and a 2 year old so will have loads of space with this
  15. Happy new year everyone, Glastonbury’s this year, woo hoo
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