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  1. Poster drop and champs league draw. Praying for the foals and Liverpool vs Porto plus praying to get a ticket in the resale
  2. The average walking speed is 5km an hour and you would be walking slower at Glastonbury so 45km in a day is basically 9-10 non stop walking which doesn’t seem right. Not saying you didn’t stop walking but you must have watched some bands and stood still. Maybe dancing and shuffling or tapping you feet whilst watching bands adds on mileage
  3. Exactly this. I was there and had a great time but can’t remember the set list. Maybe miss out the bit where Eavis came on stage though this time
  4. Their light show on the pyramid would be epic but I doubt they would have them on there.Who was the last dance act to headline the pyramid?
  5. We got that one as well. It is light and it takes seconds to pump up
  6. I have this tent and used it last Glastonbury, it's great. The blackout really does work and its easy to put up but you will need to take a pump with you.
  7. All I've heard is bad things about BST gigs, is it really that bad? My wifes favourite bands are the National and Florence and if we don't get glasto tickets in the resale this could be an option
  8. haven't got a ticket yet so have been off the forum sulking but since the first headliner has been announced thought I would come and have a look and see what everyones saying. A mixed reaction like every other headliner who has or will be announced in the future. There will never be a headliner that everyone is happy with, that's why there's a lot of stages. Personally I'm happy with it. Not a fan of his and have only heard a few of his songs but its someone new, relevant and British. If I get a ticket and nothing else takes my fancy I might even go and watch him. Isn't this the third year in a row he's played? Silver hayes first, Other stage now the pyramid
  9. Nothing for me. Hope they announce the cure and macca so a lot of the youngster decide to put their tickets back in the pot for the resale. imagine what ticket day will be like for the 50th anniversary
  10. Got a different screen noe
  11. We’ve got something like that and also a bike trailer which can have a front wheel and handle added to it to make a big pram so she can lay down and sleep in it.
  12. We’ve got something like that and also a bike trailer which can have a front wheel and handle added to it to make a big pram so she can lay down and sleep in it.
  13. no magic method I'm afraid. Half the times it just been me and the other times 2 of us. I've got the tickets 7 times and the other person twice. One time I got tickets a few minutes before 9 and one time in the last few minutes but other than that at random times. I come to work now, have done for the last 5 years and have 2 computers on the go refreshing each 1 every few seconds. Last year I didn't get a sniff and in the resale I didn't either but my wife got them after 10 minutes. If I'm successful this year we will have 2 newbies with us. My brother in law who turns 18 a few days before the festival and my 10 month old girl. She was there last year but safely tucked away in her mummies tummy
  14. this time tomorrow there will be tears of joy and tears of sadness. Good luck to all but if you don't get tickets its not over. I didn't get tickets last year for the first time in 9 years but managed to get them in the re-sale, where there's a will there's a way
  15. more like 60% I would think, 70-80% for the biggest bands
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