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  1. Led zeppelin ripping off Taurus for stairway to heaven is pretty blatant even though Taurus lost the court case.
  2. Fred Zepplin

    Camp Fires

    Whilst I agree sitting around a campfire is a really nice and relaxing way to end a night I am a little apprehensive of them in such close proximity to tents. I'm glad they took the decision to remove the free wood so those who did have fires came prepared for it and knew what they were doing. With it being so dry and windy all it would take is for a group of slightly merry folk to think a fire would be nice, lets use this free wood to start one in this little space between our tents. I hate to think what would happen if a tent caught fire, they burn so quick and with the conditions this year there could have been a disaster.
  3. Fred Zepplin


    The distance would be the big decider for me, plus would it feel like you are doing day trips to the festival leaving each night. We've camped in big ground and I love waking up and seeing the pyramid stage. Will have 2 and a half year old and a 8 month old next year so the facilities of a camper van would be good be I know they have good facilities in the family camping which I would be using next year anyway, also might be good to have other families around.
  4. I use the lock ups but still have my wallet and phone in the tent. If I was robbed I doubt I would report it either. Would be annoyed enough never mind having to spend a few hours reporting it
  5. Fred Zepplin


    I've thought about staying in the campervan fields but renting a van for a minimum of £1000 realistically and then having a 20 min walk potentially to the gate seems like a lot of money and hassle. I have considered buying a van and renting it out throughout the summer which in theory should cover the cost of buying it within a few years and just using it for glastonbury. They seem to hold their value so if I decided to sell it after a few years should even make a profit.
  6. Has anyone got any pictures of it?
  7. What is this from?
  8. Anyone want to stay in bath tonight for free? I’ve got a double room booked in the waterside travelodge but I didn’t go to Glastonbury and can’t get a refund, I can send someone the booking details
  9. Fred Zepplin


    I don’t think it’s going to get as hot as that but it’s going to be very hot with no cloud cover. Try and get in some shade for a few hours, todays the day to go and watch some theatre
  10. Walk straight in through any gates at that time
  11. No one wants rain but with those temperatures you will all be doing a rain dance and praying for a quick downpour to cool you down. Be the first time at Glastonbury that everyone runs out of the bar to get in the rain rather than in to escape it
  12. I'm assuming these are just normal tickets so we would be able to bring a toddler with us
  13. Just take some bin bags to sit on if it’s muddy, even cut them open so they are bigger. Once you’ve move just put them in your pocket
  14. That’s it then, all hope gone, been to the last 10, gutted I’m not going to be there. I’m signing off, keeps getting me down coming on here and reading all the difference threads. Going to just forget about this year, not long till ticket day, pray to god I get one then, can’t go through all this again. I might watch a bit over the weekend, will decide how I feel. Hope everyone who has tickets has a great time, make the most of it, you never know when you will be going again.
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