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  1. I'm torn on Blur, always hope they will make an appearance but let's face it, it's never going to be as good as last time. That Sunday night is still far and away the best thing that ever happened.
  2. Returning (sort of): The Kinks New: Pink Floyd Ruled out: Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac / Nirvana
  3. gherkin8r

    Taylor Swift

    Nobody that likes Taylor swift is old enough to be in possession of a lighter surely?
  4. Is covid still a thing? People are still testing? Was shocked to see the newspaper articles this morning.
  5. Saw FM in Dublin about 10 years ago and was very much expecting Stevie to be the star of the show. Had always disliked Buckingham and thought of him as a bit of a leech for whatever reason. Anyway he was undoubtedly the star of the show by some distance. Stevie was a bit meh.
  6. gherkin8r

    Diana Ross

    It's was a complete farce on stage with sound and her seemingly just giving up on a few songs midway through. Consumate professional though, held it together well and the crowd were loving the big moments. We were much further back than I'd have liked but looked like a massive party down the front.
  7. gherkin8r

    Queue watch

    Almost certainly the case but won't stop me praying
  8. gherkin8r

    Queue watch

    Anyone else heard rumours of 6am opening? Heard someone say it and then a steward told me in passing.
  9. gherkin8r

    Queue watch

    Seem to be sectioning off a second queue at gate B after the snakes zigzag things. Before the portaloos and the gap in the hedge.
  10. I doubled back on myself 3 times and am almost certain the brown "route" from the map I was looking at did not in fact exist.
  11. gherkin8r

    Queue watch

    There's the sun out already!
  12. Anyone any estimates as to how long it's likely to be onto site in the morning when gates open from about half way back in zigzags at gate B?
  13. And me. Totally blown away by the experience as a whole.
  14. Sorry, thought you were at B
  15. Zig zags are almost full and still filling pretty rapidly.
  16. Just sent us I'm through the zigzags. Probably shouldn't have attempted to carry so much. Trailing a 40kg tent across uneven ground whilst also pushing a cart with my other hand is not something I had given enough thought to
  17. No queues at all on entry to car parks Not 100% but if it's the one immediately at the gate then it is definitely full. Opened at 4. Hard to say what order they filled them but most looked totally empty as I drove in. The queue for gate B was pretty small when I got here from what I gather. They started doubling it back across the bottom of the field but more recently people are queueing up the hill as instructed. Not totally convinced it's coordinated rather than reactionary. Mood is fantastic so will give it the benefit of the doubt.
  18. Just entered (10.30) through purple and currently filling east 2 car park
  19. A step in the right direction for next weekend then. Couple more steps in that direction as the week progresses and everything will be just about perfect for my liking.
  20. I really need to go to sleep, up at 4 tomorrow and a long day and night ahead
  21. Yeah this is the impression I'm getting. Looking good til Thursday as has been the case for a while now. Friday-Sunday could go either way. Will only be taking any Sunday forecasts seriously later in the week.
  22. If you knew what was around the corner you might not ever leave the house
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