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  1. I’ve got toothache and am off my nut a bit on codeine. Happy Sunday, everyone! Dentist for me tomorrow! Ugh!!
  2. I did 51.1 miles over the weekend! That's walking and dancing and explains why my legs ache!!
  3. Safe journey everyone! See you later 😊
  4. The final Jar of Destiny report!! I don’t think it rained overnight, it’s a bit cloudy and there’s been a spot of drizzle but that’s all:
  5. Bit tipsy! Tiny bit of rain today, lasting a minute at most. Jar report:
  6. We had a blip earlier, me and my mate were out having a smoke and it rained quite heavily for about one minute then stopped! Keep the Faith, people!
  7. The Jar of Destiny still only holds slugs! UGH! I'll do a pic later! I can do a wind sock of hope if I remember
  8. The "Is this Guy's last Glastonbury" debate needs it's own thread!
  9. Good evening, jar watchers! Today has been mainly sunny, but quite windy at times. Bring extra tent pegs! You may notice that today’s item of interest that accompanies the jar is alcohol free cider. I don’t want anyone to panic, I have to drive again later but really wanted a drink! So I’m cheating 😁 Anyway, today:
  10. It is here at the moment! Bit cloudy but nice. I'll do the Jar reading later when I get home!
  11. The Jar contains slugs and a tiny bit of moisture which is probably from the slugs!!! Ugh!!! No more rain here today and it’s been warm and mostly sunny.
  12. OVERSLEPT!! Oops! JoD reading for today will be this evening but there has been a bit of the wet stuff! Ground almost all dry now though. Don't panic!!!
  13. I think I’ll go with Salt n Pepper but it’s a horrible clash!!
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