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  1. FF I've got an inflatable mattress, I bought it on here! They are good If the ticket gods see fit, I shall be using mine again this year in Pilton! #scaredaboutresaleandkeepgoingonaboutit
  2. Guy that wins Post Of The Day!! Had me laughing out loud!! "We will get up outa our camping chairs in the LOUNGE and go woooop woooop with you.. Looking for your flag with....... Hi to you lot at home.... Written in neon paint so we'll now its you.." HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! So funny! NO WE FUCKING WON'T!
  3. Fantastic!!! The mice are lovely and CAN fix anything. I went to a fancy dress party as Evil Edna a few years. That was fun
  4. Love you guys!! All help in resale gratefully received!! EEEKK!
  5. lucyginger

    The Cure

    I'm with you there! No ticket as yet (must be positive), The Cure playing the night before my 42nd birthday would actually be the meaning of life.
  6. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA The Cure playing the NIGHT BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY So sad NEED A TICKET! Just off for another little cry. Love you all. xxxx
  7. Thanks FF! We are trying to be positive!!! CG yep just main sale. FD are great fun, it's always a lively gig!
  8. Guy what a great pic! Thank you for sharing! And FF what great news about the painting, ooh you must go for a pint with Dee and Digger! It's the law when in Pilton! It's all go with the nerves for resale here, we have a group of four of us and if anyone would like to help we would be most grateful. We do have a team of helpers but you know how it is! Nerves are at TOP WHACK at the mo! Anyway other than that, it's all good here at Ginger Towers. I'm just starting a run of gigs, I saw Ferocious Dog in London at the weekend, seeing them again on home turf this week. Then it's Jim Bob from Carter USM, I've got Suede, Manics, Dreadzone, Take That, Olly Murs (yes I know), and I can't remember what else! All in about 7 weeks! Think my lack of Glastonbury tickets (at the mo) has made me go a bit ticket happy with everything else. Oops!
  9. Thanks both!!! Good update, Dizzy. Glad to hear you're getting yourself sorted after leaving that job!!!
  10. Ooh that sounds interesting, Dee! Although I thought you were saying YOU were in a band too!!! Resale nerves in full swing here. Trying to keep busy to stop panicking! Luckily I've got a few gigs coming up from this weekend to keep me occupied!
  11. Hello! End of March I think, it's just me that's done it so we really need to be successful in resales really! EEK! Yes all good here thanks love, hope you are too xx
  12. I've just applied for WaterAid. Fingers crossed!
  13. Hello gang!! I have just submitted my application to volunteer with WaterAid, please keep everything crossed for me!! Wellyboot is going to apply too, so everything crossed for her as well! In other news, I'm ok, got a fair few gigs and theatre trips lines up so that's good. I miss you guys! I'm busy so popping in is more tricky!! Sending love to everyone ❤️
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