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  1. I've only ever parked in Orange 36 and I've driven the past 4 festivals. I do try to get there in good time though to avoid the traffic. Generally I've not had a problem getting out either, but I also try to get that done as early as possible on the Monday morning. Don't have to suffer the drive back this year though - first time by coach!
  2. Lakey91

    Glasto Google Map

    Thanks for this, much better than the map in the EE app.
  3. My mates are getting there early on Wednesday and camping on Pennard Hill. I am getting there Wednesday afternoon by coach, hoping I will still manage to squeeze my tent in near them. Dreading the walk from PGA to PH with all my stuff though!
  4. I tweeted EE the other day asking when it would be released but the reply I got was just "soon".
  5. Lakey91

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Nice, poundland version it is then! Will see if I can pick some up today. The muc-off is £5 on amazon but has good reviews - I wonder what the poundland stuff will be like.
  6. Lakey91

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Cheers guys! Never heard of this dry shower stuff before - gonna order some now.
  7. Lakey91


    Holy shit this this gonna be good!
  8. I'm thinking just add a load of trap bar deadlifts and walking lunges into my gym routine to prep myself! 🤔😂
  9. Thanks! And my mates always park in orange and camp pennards so it will be a bit of a treck. Sweet that's more or less what I'll have I think.
  10. 20L?? Isn't that like the size of the boxes they have in pubs? Where can I get myself one of these?? My housemates and I love an Old Rosie or two... can soon get messy though!
  11. It's See coaches I'm going with. Might have to come up with a better solution for the beer then! I do know a fair few people going by car, maybe I can convince some of them to take an extra couple of crates down for me and I'll retrieve them from the carpark. I think I'll have to do a "dress rehersal" over the bank holiday to see how much stuff I can squeeze into my large rucksack!
  12. Is there some sort of limit? It's my first time taking the coach so I am obviously going to reduce what I take massively, however I still reckon I will have a fair few bits. I am going on holiday a couple of weeks after Glasto, so trying to keep Glasto a fairly cheap one. I have an 85L rucksack, which I plan on basically filling with beer, spirits, and the odd tin of food. Clothes I will have in a large sports holdall and a second small rucksack on my front. Then I've got a fairly large family size tent and my camping chair, sleeping bad, and roll mat. I've got no issues with having to carry it all from the coach to the campsite, even if I have to stop for the odd break or two but will the coach driver refuse to take some of your stuff if they think you have too much?
  13. Lakey91

    The Beat Hotel

    I spent a lot of time in beat hotel in my first glasto - 2014. Absolutely loved it in there, except it was too hot a lot of the time (especially the day I was wearing a red suit as seen in the profile pic) but I have to say I don't think I've been in since. I will definitely be going back there this year and I wanna try one of these absynthe cocktails you guys have been talking about!
  14. Smartphone for pictures but I also find the EE Glastonbury app very useful. Just tick all the artists you are interested in seeing and it gives you a personal lineup.
  15. Lakey91

    Resale Club 2019

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