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  1. Lakey91

    Diana Ross

    I am dead excited for Diana - so many classics, great booking!
  2. You can run a browser speed test here and see which scores higher: http://speed-battle.com/speedtest_e.php I used Firefox & Chrome in the sale. Firefox scored higher in the test, and was also the one I got through with. Coincidence? Probably.
  3. The form will auto-fill the address fields to that of the lead bookers. You can use a different card, just be sure to change the address to match!
  4. I had a few devices on the go. The first 2 that got to the holding page I had 1 on auto refresh and the other refreshing manually every second. Never got through on those. The device that got through didn't even make it to the screen with the Wednesday and Thursday pink buttons at first. It just had a timeout error, so I gave up on that one and focussed on the other 2. After 10 mins or so I hit F5 on the timed out one and it went straight to pink buttons - selected wednesday and I had the transaction complete within less than a minute. So in my case, I think less refreshing was better. But who knows!
  5. Me too, must be on about 6 now...
  6. None on WiFi. The tablet is 4G and the others are technically wired into the same office network but I've got laptop going through a French VPN and a remote desktop to london on the PC. 4 different IP addresses - probably won't make any difference but let's see....
  7. Good luck all! 12 hours until coach sales... ?
  8. Lakey91

    How Big Is Your Team?

    Our group has been slowly growing over the years and is nearing 50 now. We've always gone for general sale but last year a few of us (myself included) weren't successful. I ended up bagging a coach ticket in the resale. The coach was great, so this year 4 of us are going for coach tickets, and we've got help from all the others - bonus!
  9. Lakey91

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Shave your ass hole today before you leave - makes wiping a lot quicker so saves toilet paper and time spent in the longdrops.
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