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  1. When you see a random wasted bloke ask a copper for a lighter to light his joint…and then offer him a toke as thanks, that’s when you know you’re at Glastonbury! 😂 (The offer was politely declined, although he did tell the fella to enjoy, which won him a round of applause 😂)
  2. I can't see Kae without crying, and this weekend was no exception. Their set on the Other stage was magical, but the Truth stage set was something else entirely. The crowd made them cry, they made the crowd cry. It was truly special. 💜
  3. So, so many moments. Walking into Darble and hugging my Camp Solo friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen since we last left the field in 2019 thanks to the shitshow that came our way shortly afterwards. Beans on the Bandstand on Wednesday, and in particular his tribute to Big Jeff. Kae Tempest, their Other Stage set was magical, but for me the Truth Stage set was just something else. The crowd made them cry, they made the crowd cry. It was so bloody powerful. Grace Petrie, because I just can’t see her perform without losing it. Every single time. Billie Eilish, she was a total wildcard for me. I’d had every intention of heading up to the acoustic, but I felt compelled to stay and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t ‘get’ her before that, but I sure do now. The entire early Sunday Morning at the Truth stage, from Johnny Voltik through to Oh My God! It’s The Church. 4 hours of singing, dancing and partying with my favourite people in the world. The entirety of Paul’s set on Saturday night. That was probably the happiest couple of hours of my life, right down at the front. A Beatle, on the Pyramid Stage. No words can come close to describing it. Yes, I was a bit of a blubbering wreck, but I don’t think there was a moment the entire weekend when I didn’t have a smile on my face even when the tears were falling. Just wow.
  4. Come on folks, keep a weary traveller amused with your own tales of woe…as I endure the second half of my epic 17 hour journey home! 😂 I should point out, this is a situation entirely of my own making…I went big on the last night, overindulged pretty spectacularly 🙈, forgot to collect my wallet and car and house keys from the lockups in time and then missed my booked coach as a result, so my journey instead looks like this. 😬 2hrs in a queue for the shuttle bus to Castle Cary. Half hour on the bus. 2.5hrs in the queue for the train. 2hrs on the train. Tube across London. Nearly 2hrs to kill at the coach station. 7hrs on the coach coming up next. 😭 Taxi to collect my car. Half hour drive home. Shower. Half hour drive to work. Roughly 17 hours, I could have flown almost anywhere in the world in that time! 🤣 I’m going to be needing LOTS of coffee tomorrow! 🙈😂 And before all of that I’d already covered nearly 6 miles around site trying to track down my keys so I could actually leave. 🤦‍♂️
  5. Cornish Arms is open, quite a few of us in here. 😊
  6. Queue building at gate A coach side. A few have gone through to security for searches, but they seem to be taking a lot more time over it than in the past - lots of trolleys being fully unloaded and bags opened etc.
  7. We’re going to need a bigger coach! 🙈😂
  8. I'm sure it's somewhere near Cabaret? I certainly got an absolutely delicious cordial there on the Saturday in 2019. Never has a cold drink been more welcome, or more amazing!
  9. I'm physically present in the office. As to the volume of work that will be completed...well, I may as well put my out of office on now. 😂
  10. Time for the obligatory Oasis reunion secret set rumour. 😉
  11. Squashing. Crushing. Rolling. Grinding. Dancing. 😁
  12. Went to see a man about a dog. Sampled the wares. fFuu******K 🔥❤️
  13. Crying. In front of the pyramid stage. This time next week I’ll be seeing a Beatle on the pyramid stage. 😭❤️
  14. A Beatle, seeing a Beatle live on the Pyramid stage. ❤️
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