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  1. bennyhana22

    Music discovery

    Hi Mike As @Tranquility of Solitude has mentioned, I am a bit OCD about all of this! Schedule - yes. Personally designed and populated Stick to it - pretty much completely. Mainly as I have taken so much time to create it that it's defo what I want to see! Discovery - depends what you mean. Do you mean spontaneous discovery by 'accident', or discovery of new stuff by finding it on the line-up beforehand? If the former, then yes, if the latter then incredibly - the true joy of festivals for me is the weeks/months of line-up scrutiny, gradually becoming obsessed with a few bands who I didn't know about before, and who go on to become some of my all-time favourites New bands - I go through the entire line-up with a fine tooth comb from the moment it is released! It's an unalloyed joy! Info can come from Bandcamp, their own websites, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube etc. Hope that's useful! Ben
  2. bennyhana22


    Awwww Hope you rally, matey Ben
  3. bennyhana22


    I am raving tonight and that makes me REALLY HAPPY!!! Ben
  4. bennyhana22


    Now, now ghosty! Remember that we’re equal opportunities music snobs in here... Ben
  5. bennyhana22

    so, Stormzy then...?

    Yay, your Mum!** Ben **Obviously not the Daily Mail and Tory bits, but hey, my Mum ticks both of those boxes too. Hang on......
  6. bennyhana22


    Ahem! Ben
  7. For anyone wondering, yes @Keithy has climbed Everest, and so is perfectly placed to make this comparison**. Ben **he hasn’t of course, the silly tit.
  8. bennyhana22

    so, Stormzy then...?

    It’s going to blow your mind, @gearbm95! Almost everyone on here is hugely jealous of you being about to experience the Farm for the first time... Ben
  9. bennyhana22


    Yes he bloody was 😡 So him, and the Blawan no show and YOU OWE US, EAVII!! Ben
  10. Sorry, no, I’m not quite sure what you mean. Ben x
  11. The Park presented an almost unique mud-challenge in 2016. Under the arch at the bottom and you were into Mr Sticky’s Sticky Glue Fun Park. Successfully navigate that and you then faced the 30 degree Uphill Super Slide™️, on which you took, to paraphrase Paula Abdul, one slip forwards and two slops back! Ben
  12. Is that your thinly-veiled attempt to say “you weren’t there, man...” 😝 Ben
  13. Ha! Oh FF, don’t get me wrong, I’m neither complaining, nor suggesting that 2016 wasn’t totally flippin’ brilliant. But that was DESPITE the mud, which WAS that bad!! 😂😂 Ben x
  14. I can’t believe people are saying that the 2016 mud wasn’t too bad! It was the WORST mud, because it never got sloppy enough not to be like glue! I’m not in anyway trying to claim it as the ‘worst’ Glastonbury weather...I know the legend of 2007 ( @Titters “you weren’t there, man, you don’t know what it was like”...). But purely in terms of how hard it was to move across the ground, 2016 mud was SHITE!!!!! Like an idiot, I refused to compromise my schedule. At one point I considered NOT completing the final leg of my Park-Williams Green-Park consecutive sets, but ended up doing it. So, I barely reduced a dry weather mileage etc. Doing that, the mud WAS fucking bad! So, so tiring. Anyone who says that they almost feel a dry Glastonbury is too easy, is a mental! If you’ve done a properly wet/muddy one, you’ve earned your stripes and need feel nothing but unalloyed joy if every moment of every other one you ever have is dry and wonderful! Ben
  15. bennyhana22

    Hot Chip

    Gotcha. Actually, I’m not sure you’re right. Having been to Latitude a few times, I’m not sure they’re nearly as much of a Hot Chip crowd as Glastonbury is... Hot Chip definitely have this relationship with the Farm that, like them though I do, seems to allow them to punch above the weight category they’re in outside of Worthy... Ben