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  1. Might be fine? Paul, I predict that by the time Shambala was due to take place, EVERYTHING that hasn't had to adjust because of inadequate support (like the lack of insurance for festivals) will be essentially normal on a domestic level. FFS, we're almost certainly close to herd immunity in the U.K. Now. And we're talking about outdoor events in OVER four months' time. It's fucking outrageous. Ben
  2. This. Fucking. Government. But don't fret, you can fill your boots in Primarni, no worries. Arseholes. Ben
  3. No worries, man! I was just a bit shocked as I'd seen their announcement! Ben 🙂
  4. Erm...you sure? There's an article on their first artist announcement on this very website from 6.15pm tonight... Ben
  5. They can, but transmission outside, in a couple of months' time with the huge increase in natural and vaccinated herd immunity make that a bit of a moot point. The bottom line is that these events could easily happen safely with an incredibly small risk of significant clinical impact of CV on a population level. Especially were there to be certification (I don't support it, but I can appreciate its utility). But the Johnson administration is showing no interest in making it so...unlike Grant Shapps who is now suggesting that your two weeks in Marbella is back on... Ben
  6. This is so annoying now. All this talk of 45000 people for a cup semi-final, but still no support from the bunch of w*nkers in the govt for businesses in the entertainment sector. As more festivals start to cancel, there will be massive pressure on them to step in with insurance support, which by then they 'can't' do as it will reflect so poorly that they had to let events go to the wall before doing so. With no complacency, but just a reasonable analysis from a position of, at least, some knowledge, the coronavirus situation in the UK in mid-late summer 'will' be perfectly safe enou
  7. It's this kind of thing that must make decision-making almost impossible for the festival bosses... I really feel for them. Ben
  8. I'm exactly the same. I wasn't looking at things with a ridiculously unrealistic, over-optimistic perspective. I've tried to stay across the factual detail of infection rates, vaccination rates, comparison with other countries (Aus and NZ, mainly) etc., and I am 'so confident' that, come mid-late summer, all these events will be able to take place. If most of them have already been pulled by then because of a complete lack of support by this sham of an administration, then they will be guilty of unnecessarily decimating a massive part of this country's cultural heritage. And for what? £37
  9. I can foresee a mid-late summer littered with festival organisers wistfully reflecting on the fact that they could have run their events, but the shameful lack of govt underwriting just left them in such a precarious position that they had to pull the plug. @Suprefan - I hope that's not tarnishing my Tory credentials in your eyes 😉 Ben
  10. Without being that guy, and in no way intending to be discourteous, old pal, are you fucking joking?! Ben x
  11. Ha! Yeah I get you, of course. I'm not saying they don't have their uses, and if one of those is to increase public confidence and so facilitate an earlier and more successful recovery for the entertainment and hospitality sectors, then it's a no-brainer. My frustration is two-fold: (a) I don't believe that, medically, they will have a material impact by the time they're introduced and (b) I just cannot see this bunch of chumps doing anything other than making an absolute fuck-up of their development and implementation! Ben x
  12. Again, you're slightly misrepresenting what I'm saying, Neil. They only allow people's jobs to restart if the govt decide to impose them in order for people's jobs to restart. That and a scientific need for the passports are not necessarily the same thing... Ben
  13. I think you've misunderstood what I'm trying (perhaps failing!) to say, Neil. I understand that the imposition of passports could be used as a tool to reopen different forms of venues. I'm saying that, scientifically, by the time they're introduced, their actual usefulness in disease control and prevention, given the U.K. trajectory and the sole justification of restrictions (health service protection) would be negligible. There will undoubtedly be a rise in cases with every step of unlocking. There 'should not' be a corresponding, unmanageable rise in hospitalisation and death, given th
  14. As ever, I am available for your linguistic needs x Ben
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