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  1. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    I bloody implied that it was not in anyway me suggesting there wasn't enough already, you bugger! As I've said to lots of people, I'm incredibly excited that because BT is not typical for 'my music', for pretty much the first time ever in my festival career I will not need/be able to plan my time with the military precision that has always been my model! That's right, I'll actually be able to wander 'round and see what I come across...like a normal person! Ben x Edit - and that's 5000 posts for me
  2. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    So, we've had all the announcements etc. I was wondering if... 1. Boomtown have much of a record for 'secret' or unannounced perfomances? 2. Not that the line-up is anything other than staggering in size and diversity, but 'is that it?' - i.e. now the districts are all announced, is that pretty much a done deal. This apropos of nothing other than idle daydreaming about how excited I am to be going to my first Boomtown! Ben
  3. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Excellent! With it getting warm this week, I need to start getting properly, disproportionately excited about my first Boomtown. I have a feeling it might be just a little bit unbelievably amazing...! Ben
  4. bennyhana22


    Holy moly, @ghostdancer1 - thanks for this. Hell of a set. He does crank up the bpm, doesn't he?! And Lady Starlight is always good fun, if you love modular analogue as I do. Which brings me to a couple of points: 1. Sorry to all (not that anyone gives a monkey's, don't get me wrong!) for being SO poor at posting in our lovely little thread. I am a real creature of habit and tend to hibernate from message boards when not in pre-, peri- or post-festival mode. I do lurk around and check that you're all OK and looking after yourselves, and love to read about the nights you've been to. 2. I've been reasonably busy (for me) since last posting here, including some pretty brilliant nights in the company of Joe Farr, Ansome, Rebekah, Øliver (he was phenomenal) and others. Currently most excited about seeing the British Murder Boys (YES!) in Birmingham on 5 May. If anyone was planning to go to that one, feel free to ping me a message. Stay safe, kiddiewinks. Ben
  5. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Just read your post again! Yes, I see what you mean about that - i.e. all well and good being immersive and theatrical and 'very Boomtown', but not if only a handful of people who can afford the higher ticket price can be involved. Good point. Ignore me! Ben
  6. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    As in, you take part (i.e. participate) in the theatricality of BT Springs Neil, you doofus! In contrast to just having the cash to splurge on a ridiculously sanitised and posh 'festival' experience...i.e. like my friend at GF last year! Ben
  7. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    I'm a self-confessed massive inverted snob when it comes to pretty much all things exclusive and VIP in the music industry. I mean, a few years ago, who could have imagined that if you wanted to get to the front at a gig, rather than queue for 5 hours outside (ahhhhh...those were the days... , you now have to spend £50-80 more for a Golden Circle wristband. I mean, WHAT??? The sense of community is what I hold most dearly about festivals and gradual, inexorable erosion of that, in part due to the continuing commodification of the entire scene - a workmate of mine bucket-list ticked Glastonbury last year in a just-off-site Glamp-Trailer arrangement for £1000s...silver service kippers for breakfast FFS... Boomtown really appeals in part as the production team talk the talk of remaining true to their roots and ideals, working hard to maintain the spirit of their original project, despite the exponential festival growth. Even this seemingly cash cow like new initiative (BT Springs) seems to be part of the thing, with its participatory, immersive concept. but yes, I can see the Skylarkers getting a bit chipped off. How much are the regular tickets going for, Sku? Is this, like the 'earliest sell out' scenario, a real indication of the festival's promotion to proper big hitter (notwithstanding the boost of a GF fallow year)? Has there been much of a secondary sales market for BT before this year? It will be very interesting to see how different this year's experience is for BT veterans. Despite being a BT newbie, I kind of get the feeling that for the festival, the times, they are a-changin', and that this year might be a bit of a rubicon...or people will look back and say that last year turned out to be so... Ben
  8. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Any/how many districts still to announce? Ben Edit - Barrio Loco coming tomorrow!
  9. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    When I knew I was going to my first BT, I had a little explore for info on the web and came across an amazing pdf 'brochure' for (I think) 2017. It was really well laid out with all of the stage times for all venues, including street venues etc. Is that a regular 'thing' and does it get published before we get to the festival, or is it a pdf version of the official 'programme' and only available once you're through the sacred gates...? Ben PS - I'll see if I can find it again... Edit - I can't!
  10. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Get in! That's BRILLIANT news! Ben x
  11. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Oooh. That's actually rather natty! You may be aware of my t shirt obsession from other threads...! And yes, if it was back printed with the logo of a nicely underground techno imprint it's be just about perfect. Saying that, remember too that after several Glastonburys I am, and never will be, I suspect, a solo-er again - not that I 'wouldn't', just that I'm not sure I'll ever not be with some of the dearest friends I have now, as a result of meeting them on the Farm. For my first Boomtown I'll be camping with a really good friend and raving non-stop with a camper-van field based other best pal! Can't wait, Sasperella. Assuming the volunteering comes off, we really must meet up for a dance sometime over the weekend... Ben
  12. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Did you get sorted, Sas? Did you get a volunteer place or are you a common punter like the rest of us?! Ben
  13. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    I think you're right and I think it's pretty much unavoidable, sadly. I'm glad to be going to Boomtown whilst it is seemingly holding on to almost all of its original philosophy. I'm telling myself that, no matter what does happen to it in the future, going to the 10th edition, when it will be fully hitting its stride and ultimate ambitions, will be a real privilege. For Glastonbury, I think its a case of people individually, and collectively, retaining the festival as what they 'want it to be', even if many aspects are progressively morphing into being a bit more 'like all festivals'. I feel that there still is a 'Glastonbury spirit' for many that has not evaporated. I certainly feel different there to anywhere else... Ben
  14. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Wowsers. They can claim to be a proper big-hitter now. And the antithesis to the current vanilla, identi-fest landscape... Ben
  15. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Agree wholeheartedly! @eFestivals - Neil, how does this compare time-wise with previous sell-outs for Boomtown? Presumably this is the earliest sell out by some margin...? Ben

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