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  1. I think we all do, @Madyaker The worst day was when The Glastonbury Thingy (a Glastonbury campmate) tweeted last week that 'on this day in 2019 the full Glastonbury line up with stage splits and times was released'. It makes a case for my very favourite day of the year, when finally I get to scour every single stage for every single hour slot from Wednesday evening to 0500h on Monday morning and slowly, gradually, meticulously build my five days at the best place on the planet. The initial poster drop is a minor distraction for me...the full line-up drop is the only time I get to plan four consecutive nights of raving. Ugh We will meet again, team Ben x
  2. It's a yes from me, rm! ❤️ Ben
  3. Yeah, saw that @gherring8 I'd have had a lot of fun at that if it had been 'real'. Been wanting to see Anna, Lucy and Truncate for ages. A few years ago 'Lucy' was announced for Silver Hayes. I clicked the link and was taken to his RA page. Explored some stuff, and he became an absolute must-see at the festival for me. I contacted him to say how excited I was about him playing. Very politely, he advised me that there must be some mix-up (despite the hyperlink to his RA page...), as he was not playing Glastonbury, much as he'd like to. The actual Lucy, who has played every festival since, is...erm...not my kind of thing. Amongst my mates and me she has since been (and I suspect forever will be) known as 'WrongLucy' 😩 Ben
  4. Like you care either way... 🙄 😘 Ben
  5. I'm just not a streamer of sets. For me, it's all about the whole package of being there, on the floor, with good people, shared experience. However, for those that way inclined - which in non-COVID time I would be, obviously! - Charlotte de Witte and Enrico Sangiuliano are streaming live B2B at 6pm BST on Thursday (7 May). I should link it, but I haven't got one here when I suddenly thought to post! Those who want to will find it! Links are on Enrico's Twitter and no doubt plenty elsewhere. Oh to be able to dance to those two in the real world again. Soon, team, soon... Take care and stay safe Ben xx Edit - felt lazy: Charlotte B2B Enrico
  6. Well thank you very much, @Ddiamondd 😡 I now have the singularly unshakeable, and utterly rapturous, image of Helena H playing Genosys 0200-0400h with me in a state of transcendental bliss. And nothing I can do about it!! Ben
  7. Flipping heck, I need to go dancing all night. I really do. Ben
  8. If that means that there's still a chance that a smaller, more compact Boomtown 2020 is still a possibility in the UK in mid-August I say BLOODY YES! Bought a ticket after Glastonbury was pulled, on the basis that its going ahead was not impossible. What a late-summer blow-out for me that would be. That would also almost certainly mean that Child 2 and Child 3 could go to Lost Village, which I'd really love them to get to, as it'll be so much fun coming out of this... Obviously they could both be complete non-starters, but I'm remaining cautiously positive about the prospects. Ben
  9. Gah! As I had mentioned before, was due to go to the Daniel Avery-curated White Hotel on 10 April. Gutted about that. A live A/V by Alessandro Cortini? Before a full night's Avery-led rave??? Oooft. Will have to make do with the release of their collaborative album on Friday. Don't worry, team, we'll get through this... Ben
  10. I'm so easy. You know me too damned well, Fuzz. Are you signed up for Boomtown? I grabbed a ticket as soon as the Glastonbury cancellation was official. We have a decent outside chance of it going ahead. Outside, mind... Ben
  12. Lots of love to the solo-habiting E/D threaders. At least you don't have the issue of constantly trying to explain to your 18-22 year old progeny about how fucking serious this is and that they need to STOP GOING TO SEE OTHER FUCKING PEOPLE!!! Use this thread to let us know if you're finding things hard ❤️ Ben xx
  13. Gah. Missed Victor. Love Victor. Bart Skils on now. Got bits and bobs to do at home, but nice to have this on to listen to as I go past the computer! Ben
  14. There will definitely be more in the resale next year, as, inevitably, some who currently have tickets will sadly not be able to attend next June I have to say that it would have been a huge shame had they not rolled over, and I am not in anyway surprised that they did. Glastonbury is unique. The whole emotional psychology behind it is different to every other event of its kind, and this is reflected in Emily and Michael too. For them to have done this is entirely in keeping with the spirit that they embody. It's SO much more than a business for them. Of course, it's easy for me to take this position as a safe and secure ticket holder. But I genuinely believe that, had I been unlucky in October, I would have expected and supported a ticket rollover, for all the reasons above. Non-ticket holders will be no worse off than they are now and, because of the inevitable returns, slightly 'better off' in terms of their chances. How anyone can see that as anything but the 'fairest' way to stay true to Glastonbury's ideals is beyond me. It's exactly the same as the annual Ticket Day debate - Emily and Michael have heard all the arguments for ballot, London Marathon-type multiple-failure guaranteed entry, and they see the current model as the 'most fair'. Ben
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