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  1. bennyhana22


    There’s just SOOOOO much on that bloody lineup that would be unreal on the Farm. Let’s hope at least some of them can do both. It’s hardly bloody far, is it?!! And if Ben Klock can do Berlin, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol in a day, surely these buggers can play Awakenings at 10pm on Saturday and The Temple at 2am on Monday???!!!! Ben
  2. bennyhana22


    That Boomtown set was the hottest mosh pit I've ever been in. And I've been in a few. It was a bloody riot! Ben
  3. bennyhana22


    I could easily see Palms Traxx on a Downlow lineup... Ben
  4. bennyhana22


    Arnaud Le Texier in Birmingham for me in four weeks. I am flippin' excited as he seems to focus on exactly my favourite brand of intelligent, sometimes euphoric, techno. He's playing in a new room at a decent Brum venue so it should be ace. I've also got Jon Hopkins live in Bristol in March and possibly a Trance night (😃) in April. Then I'll probably not do much/anything as I've got a bit of a monster running event to tackle three weeks before heading to the Farm. Ben
  5. bennyhana22

    Glastonbury Virgin

    It's incredibly reassuring and comforting to read other people's posts that include something along the lines of "at least once per festival I wish I wasn't there". It sounds crazy that that would be the case, and almost blasphemous to say it out loud, but it's lovely to know that so many that people who adore the festival and think of it as the greatest place on Earth, can also have a wobble when they're there. Just knowing that there are kindred spirits on the Farm should help anyone having such a wobble to think "this is OK. It's normal to feel like this sometimes", as it always passes and the other 98.6% of your time there is just beyond wonderful...! Ben
  6. bennyhana22


    ☹️ ❤️ I'm sure lots on here will try to help you go full gas in April, Mez Ben
  7. bennyhana22

    Glastonbury Virgin

    This is a brilliant post - well done @kalifire And he's totally correct. I love festivals. I've done them on my own plenty of times. I'm a ridiculous enthusiast... ...at my first Glastonbury there were moments on the Wednesday and Thursday when I was...overwhelmed. I felt really strange, just for a bit, and a little out of place! Mental, really, but it really is an overwhelming experience. So, Kali's advice is excellent. Don't try to feel that any moment/period of time has to 'be' anything. Just take it as it comes. Allow yourself a break from the hysteria and madness, if that's what your inner self is telling you. The wonderful thing about Glastonbury is that there are so many amazing places away from the mayhem - try sitting up in the field above the Tipis (used to be 'Flagtopia'). It's lovely for a quiet sit, without feeling you have to be having the same time as all of the people up by the Glastonbury sign in the next field along, above The Park. You'll love it, I'm sure. Ben x
  8. bennyhana22

    Glastonbury Virgin

    Hi Ridge I am somewhat known for bucking the consensus trend and championing the above model! It is possible to do Glastonbury with military precision. Harder than almost anywhere else, but it is possible. And it's bloody GREAT!!! Ben
  9. bennyhana22

    Cinearmegeddon 2019

    You have no idea how many times I started, and then deleted, a post for this thread yesterday... I have no doubt that @poppyh24 is entirely delightful, but that thread title is an absolute shocker... I had to have a little lie down to prevent myself from putting fingers to keys and being that guy. Ben Edit: PS - but your concern is as comforting as it was well founded, Gnomy x
  10. bennyhana22


    Wow! That Bicep set looks off the scale. I like them. Not massively, but I do like them. But, that looks incredible. However... ...the fuckers stood stock still against the barrier, looking into their phones...? I mean, I realise that someone has to be at the front and it's bound to be super squashed and so hard/impossible to dance, but to be watching a light show like that, with a set that good, and to be poring over your phone...? What. The. Fuck? Ben
  11. bennyhana22


    Ooooh. Rødhäd, you lucky bugger. Been wanting to see that big brute for ages! Have a blast, Fuzz. Ben
  12. bennyhana22


    Just booked to see Arnaud Le Texier in February. Anyone seen him? His Soundcloud mixes/sets are fantastic - lovely, dark, brooding cliche-free techno. His short LP Granular Therapy is great too. So that's a nice rave to look forward to for when I get into the New Year! Ben
  13. bennyhana22

    West Holts 2019

    Beirut are an amazing band. But...they have a very singular sound that, with prolonged listening can get a bit repetitive. Translate that to a live set with a healthy smattering of the best tracks from across their records and they are FAB! They're great musicians and always seem to have a lot of fun on stage, so there's a huge feelgood factor. They'd be ace as Park headliners and, clashmageddon aside, I'd be there. And Zach plays uke and trumpet/flugelhorn. Which makes him very cool. Ben
  14. bennyhana22


    Silver Hayes is just a mess. And such a shame, as the area is huge. It just feels like the part of Glastonbury that gets the least amount of love. Sound in Wow! is ordinary at best. Pussy Parlure (new location) can be OK, but none of the venues feel as if they're welcoming you in. I think we have to be fair/realistic to Glastonbury in observing that they're not trying to do the installation thing on anywhere near the same level as Boomtown - tbh, who is? And that's part of the magic of BT... - but you're absolutely right about how much more they could do. You only have to look at The Blues, which is pretty cool! Ben
  15. bennyhana22


    Hmmmm...I'm kind of not sure about that, shuttle. I think it's a bit of yes and no. Bang Hai - great sound quality, too damn quiet. The atmosphere gets lost in a field that big. Visuals are great. The fact the 98% of the stuff played there is shit for me is irrelevant! Sector 6 - yeah, pretty damn good PsyForest - again great clarity, but turn the bugger UP! Tribe of Frog - quite frankly the best sound I've heard in an outdoor dance rig. Volume superb, clarity off the scale Pagoda Plaza - utter shite. Made a few sets there that I wanted to see almost a waste of time. I even bailed at one point and climbed there steps to Tribe of Frog to get back to that beautiful sound! ScapYard - yeah, very good Robotika - reasonable. Not stellar And what about The Glade? Don't get me wrong, dance at BT is superb, and their attention to detail is wonderful. But sound wasn't universally great! Ben