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  1. Child 1 doesn't have that item, but does have a personal, portable butt-bin and as a woke young man in his early twenties is very committed to such things. His smoking? Frustrating. His eco credentials? Admirable! Ben
  2. WHO have just cited that as a greater risk to public health than COVID-19 coronavirus. Ben
  3. You're incredibly welcome to our little oasis of electronic joy. Hope you get a resale ticket - the nighttime madness at Glastonbury will blow your mind. Makes Dimensions at the Fort look very ordinary! (Though the Moat IS an amazing venue). And even if you're unlucky, your summer is looking very, very nice... Ben
  4. The Saturday daytime line-up looks fantastic. I'm working that day otherwise my pal and me might have gone for it... Ben
  5. Oh gods, @stuie - don't listen to me! I know bugger all! Saw their 3D headline show at Latitude in 2013. Weather was great. Visuals were really good. The 3D effects really did work (the visuals became, understandably, very flat without the 3D specs on) and it was really fun looking around the field at tens of thousands of people all wearing special glasses! Musically it was entertaining, the sound being one of the best I've ever heard at a festival - especially a main stage. Kraftwerk's engineers spent hours fiddling and testing on the Thursday, and their efforts delivered audio worthy of the music. The only thing, I guess, was that after an hour I'd had enough. I am, as has been established to death in these parts, a big techno fan. Whilst in no way underestimating the debt that I personally owe to Kraftwerk, for the music I love today, their tempo, live, just dragged a bit. They put Tour de France in the second half of the set, which was a treat for me, as it's one of my favourite of their melodies, it having been released when I was getting into electronic music (oh my giddy aunt, that was 1983. Fuck, I'm old...), and was just a revelation to me. It was like listening to the future - which, in many ways, it was. But, my attention definitely started to drift towards the last third of the set. Maybe that's just me - I do have a short attention span (which is why I generally prefer festival sets to gigs - an hour is nigh-on perfect for me). I have no doubt that they'll be brilliant in April and you'll have a fantastic time, and I'm hugely glad that I got to see them, again given their legacy to my dance music life. But, I wouldn't be devastated if I didn't get to see them again. Ben
  6. I think we were pretty certain of that anyway I'm afraid, team. As discussed earlier in the thread, some of us are pleased that we seem to be getting Wolfgang Flür on IICON, as we have previously found the full 3D show to drag after 30-40 mins or so! Heresy maybe, but Kraftwerk aren't actually that interesting, live!!! Ben
  7. No, not this one. I'd dearly like to, of course, especially with Surgeon headlining (his opening set at the last one in November was interesting, but not Surgeon!). The only reason I'm not is that I'm out at The White Hotel in Manchester the week after for Daniel Avery curating a fantastic looking event, 8pm-7am, with a live A/V from Alessandro Cortini. Looks like being electronica wonderment in the evening, segueing into full-on rave until the morning. That's heaven to me...! Ben
  8. As you wish. Talking about this stuff is what people do on here. Almost without pause. I'm confident that anyone reading the DiS thread would say that your MO falls within the trolling spectrum. But, hey, knock yourself out. Why have a good chat about stuff you love, when you can be a dick? I can assure that we're all really looking forward to meeting you at your first Glastonbury. Come to the forum meet. You'll make tons of friends. Ben
  9. 1. At least have the cojones to 'fess up, crank_rabbit* 2. That's great - stressful occupations require decent time off 3. Well done for employing better language skills. You could easily have used a 'your' there. Anyway, there are plenty of witty and intelligent folk on this lovely forum who will either entertain your trolling with ripostes, or give you shorter shrift. Ben *for anyone who wishes to check out this poster's wit and repartee, check out the 'Artists on tour but available to play Glastonbury' thread in the Music section of the DiS boards. They're loving his work over there... https://community.drownedinsound.com/t/artists-on-tour-but-available-to-play-glastonbury/45692/59
  10. If you're gonna troll, both here and pretty much the self-same troll thread on Drowned In Sound, then: You really need to get a job/hobby as you have waaaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands and you really need to improve your language skills* Otherwise, you're doing really well. Ben
  11. Apologies if this is a crappy rec if you can't find it to download, @Tommy Dickfingers (am at work so can't do the legwork for you...!), but ASC is one of the most intelligent and interesting techno/IDM producers out there at the moment (he does/has done loads of stuff over the years, including breaks, D 'n' B and ambient...). This is a hybrid live show and is, well, superb. Ben
  12. The man is brilliant. Surgeon - The Golden Sea EP (Ilian Tape) Ben
  13. Don't think there's any indication of headlining, Johnny. His booking is, for me, very in keeping with the Block9 policy of leftfield variety. Last year's line-up had quite a few on there about which I said 'what? on that stage?'. If Wolfgang plays at, say, midnight, as people are pouring into the SEC, and before some of the bigger hitters, that could be great. Ben
  14. See Karenn? Christ on a bike, yes! They were really good for me, Tommy. NOT as good as when I first saw them at House of God, tbh. I thought the development and sequencing of the tracks through the set was not quite as interesting as previously, but I was in a good place, it was Karenn on IICON, and it was the end of my festival. Banging. Ben
  15. Ah, gotcha. Yes, have to agree that I can't see them downscaling their A/V set up for what IICON could offer. And glad to know that it's not just me that finds their live show a bit...dry, after a while. Ben
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