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  1. I keep dreaming that Block9 are gonna drop their line-up. Ben
  2. Oh my good golly. That is beyond incredible. I love organ music, listen to a lot of organ drone outside of festival/clubbing times and that is SPECTACULAR. Ben
  3. Awwww, lovely boy! I found the previous record somewhat difficult to penetrate, despite its indisputable emotional heft. Though their rendition of it on Park was quite the thing. Pin drop scenes. I don't like everything they do, but holy smoke the new record is a great hip hop record. I would suggest you stick it on loudly, but in the background when you're making tea or something. You might find you go "woah, this is bloody good" without your subconscious trying to remind you of your former experience! Salt Coast from the new record is set to be a something in my eye moment, I fear... Ben x
  4. Oh Mardy, you mardy bugger! The new KT record is absolutely brilliant. The melodies and beats are superb and Kae's flow is wonderful. But I guess they are a bit Marmite™️! Ben *and as for @Gnomicide, we know he's beyond redemption!
  5. Well, that rather depends on how courteous you are, in my experience. Ben
  6. You must approach as you think is best, but I'd be politely bombarding See all weekend until this is resolved. Good luck, you. Ben
  7. Hi @Mich1268 I'm so sorry for what you're going through, but as others have said, you should be able to get this sorted, just be persistent. I'm sure you have tried/are trying all of the avenues of contact. Make sure to use any webchat See have, and try to find a phone number online. Use Twitter too. I was referring only to not seeing my 2022 Glastonbury booking when reviewing 'My Orders' when signing into my SeeTickets account. I downloaded all orders related to my email address as someone earlier had suggested, and my 2022 ticket booking appeared in the updated list of my orders. Do keep us up to date on here as it's a great community of people with lots of experience and ideas. You should be able to find booking references from anyone with a ticket bought in your booking - I'm guessing you were the lead booker, but they'll have received confirmation emails too, obviously. Let us know and I'm sure it will be sorted out. You've got plenty of time, even if you end up having to pick up reissued tickets at the Box Office at PGA. Ben x
  8. Had exactly the same experience on the way home from work today, checking in the train. Eek. Now less frantic. Hope the OP gets sorted. Ben
  9. As an eternal optimist, I'm keen to keep that theory and dream alive. And it would be entirely in character for Mr J to turn up in one of the least likely areas. However, I also am here to manage people's expectations. So... No... 🤪 Ben
  10. I really hope not. For whatever reason, that slot just never fits into what I want to be doing, and Supergrass are FAR too good to be over and done with by midday on the Friday! I reckon they'll be later afternoon on Other - the Liam G slot maybe from 2017 (2019?). First band I ever crowdsurfed too, waaaaaay back. Ben
  11. It seems almost impossible that it wouldn't be, but Ddiamondd now less sure about 'this week', and we're pretty sure Unfairground is today. They could, of course, drop two SECs on the same day (TINP), but I sort of doubt it. We know for sure that WH will get its own poster, so if all remaining expected drops are pre-full drop on Tuesday, then it's one a day. Which is exciting! One imagines they are having kittens trying to get the full line-up finished. I mean, look at it. It's a ridiculously complex thing! Ben
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