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  1. It can't and won't happen until it's agreed that social distancing is no longer required. It's just not logistically possible to run any sort of event wherein the continuous movement of 100s of 1000s of people is entirely 'random', and also expect to be able to distance them. I can't even begin to imagine a second Glastonbury in a row being cancelled and I am crossing everything for a scenario in which we will all be there in June 2021. But that will only happen if societal movement of people is back to normal with no mask use needed. Anything other than that and it's game over. Sorry
  2. More than I can express. Other than festivals, to which I almost only ever go to one a year, occasionally two, my all-night nights out dancing are incredibly important to me in terms of general well-being and happiness. I don't go out more than every 2-3 months, but when I do it's invariably a biggie and I just love them SOOOOOOOO much 😭. And I'm sorry, but I ain't going to any events until they're proper, normal raves again. I applaud venues for their innovation and efforts in doing some of these sit-down, limited-number table events, but it's just not for me, I'm afraid. I realise that
  3. Tickets on sale again now, and after an hour, Tier 1 tickets still available, which wouldn't usually be the case. It must be so difficult for all these festival teams, especially ones like Boomtown, desperate to hang onto the ethos and philosophy that made them start the whole thing in the first place. At the moment, their biggest challenge is whether or not this current bloody situation will even allow them to hold a festival in 2021... I, for one, will feel hugely privileged if I can walk through those gates next August, and trust them to create a magical world in th
  4. I only went to the Fort once, but yes, fantastic venue. I will long remember DVS1 in the Moat... But look at that line-up... Skee MAsk b2b Stenny is on a few line-ups, and I need to see them. Steevio and Suzy Bee's mental live massive analogue modular stacks...yes please. Karenn, Helena H, Pangaea, Stingray, Nicolas Lutz, the god that is DVS1... So much stuff in there. And if there's any danger of it not going ahead by July, then all of us in here will already be bloody distraught, so fingers crossed. Ben
  5. Team, BBCR1’s essential mix last night from Rebüke has got some bloody good stuff on it, especially the last half hour. Got me dancing in the fields walking the dog this morning. And a pertinent reminder of how long since we’ve all been out... Ben x Rebüke BBCR1 Essential Mix
  6. Still holding onto the tiniest glimmer of hope that four months is a long time in CoronaLandTM and I get to see Mr Avery and friends rave it up in Manchester in the third week of December... Ben
  7. The prosecution rests, m'lud Ben x
  8. WOW! That looks fantastic! And serves only to remind me of how long ago my last rave in February feels now... Thanks for sharing! Ben And, welcome to non-lurker status, @SophieBee and @RustyBee - welcome to the best thread on the forum!
  9. Team, Take a couple of moments to read to the bottom of the event in the link below. Gaze in awe at the comprehensive fun-vacuum the promoters seem to have created. Serious question - would anyone in this wonderful thread even dream of going to an event with this sort of set up? I mean, whaaa???? If this is the interim solution then, sadly, I ain't going dancing any time soon... Ben Why Would Anyone Want To Go To This???
  10. I think they will. To preclude trading for all large gathering businesses for 15 months is unsustainable. They'll 'all' go to the wall. We've already seen a drop in GDP beyond that which most modellers consider the level below which death and morbidity from the economic hardship will outstrip that from coronavirus. My feeling is that there will likely a waiver model created, whereby businesses will require clients to 'sign' a waiver accepting personally responsibility for contracting infection. I can see that being the only route back for businesses like theatres etc. And, I can foresee s
  11. Make sure you link to it on here... Ben x
  12. It will surprise you not one tiny bit to hear that I could go all night to that, Fuzz... Pushes. All. My. Buttons. 🙌🏼 Ben
  13. Welcome to the best thread on the 'board, @tpark It might help if you clarify a little what you're after... Are you looking for recs of mixes? DJs? Tracks? Are you looking for a route in to get into house and or techno (there's a massive spectrum of music from one side of house to the other side of techno...!)? Let us know a little more clearly and I am sure that many of the faithful in here will be more than happy to help you out. Also - do you have a ticket for 2021? If you do, then this place is the best place on the internet in the 2-3 weeks before the festival onc
  14. ...and is/was magnificent. How I wish I was less than a fortnight from being in the IICON field to dance like a lunatic to a set like that. Damn you, 2020 Ben x
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