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  1. bennyhana22

    2019 Improvements

  2. bennyhana22

    2019 Improvements

    People who do this are idiots, have not a shred of a clue as to the enormous challenge of putting on an event of the complexity of Glastonbury and, arguably, are less worthy of their golden tickets as there are so many unfortunate and more appreciative souls out there who miss out every year! We are so, so lucky to get to go to Glastonbury and experience all of its incredible wonders...! Ben x
  3. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    I thought you'd got rid of all your BT stuff, Yog? Ben x
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  5. bennyhana22


    Seriously, what does everyone do after midnight on Sunday at Boomtown...? Ben
  6. bennyhana22


    Thanks, VL. But I reckon the Thursday reference is simply that they’re at Boomtown, and it starts on this date (the Thursday). I’ve seen that done so much over the years. My understanding is that they’re headlining Earache on one of the nights, so that’s gotta be Fri, Sat or Sun. Or I could be a tit, and they’re playing on Thursday! Hopefully there will be nicely secreted micro-venue action for those of us entirely uninterested in going to bed at 4! And yes, given that I’m now accustomed to dancing to sunrise and then heading for the coach on Monday morning from the Farm, a midnight finish on Sunday is MENTAL!!! 😳 Ben
  7. bennyhana22


    No one will believe me, given my well documented reputation for military-like festival itinerary organisation, but I am genuinely looking forward to being out of my musical comfort zone, making absurd planning somewhat redundant. I’m VERY excited about seeing IDLES, who I think are going to be stellar. They’re the band the Sleafords could only ever dream of being...😆 So, current intention is mostly freestyled days and then reverting to perfectly structured mega-nights! Realistically, how late am I gonna be able to dance? Any of the micro-venues open to go onto 4? 5? 6?? Ben
  8. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

  9. bennyhana22


    You little bugger, Lawn! Ammunition is excellent. Trouble Loves Me is fucking brilliant. Satan Rejected My Soul is classic Morrissey in terms of verve, bite, rollicking along and his unparalleled vocal rhythm (what I mean by that is the way he positions syllables in the phrase), when he had almost no equal in that domain. W*ank is it NOT! And Southpaw Grammar is an underrated gem. Better than Maladjusted and some of my favourite ever rock production. The run of Your Arsenal - Beethoven Was Deaf - Vauxhall & I - Southpaw Grammar - Maladjusted is just a golden run for me. And I'm in no way embarrassed to declare that, for me, musically it betters any run of The Smiths, sacrilege though that may be to many... Bring it. Ben
  10. bennyhana22


    I used to really like him as a hugely interesting and individual musical force. Now he's just an abhorrent, insufferable man. I guess he always was, but I had been oblivious to, or ignored, that aspect of his character. That he hasn't made a genuinely decent record since Maladjusted (yes, it is the last properly good Morrissey album, if showing signs of the weariness that began the spiraling diminishing returns thereafter...) makes it a lot easier for me. I'm confident that I'll never go to see the arsehole again. And yet, Aston Villa Leisure Centre, Boxers Tour, 1995, might still be the best gig I've ever been to.. Yin and Yang, eh? Ben
  11. bennyhana22

    Rolling Stones

    Oh sweet Jeeeesus, it most certainly is still a thing, young Henry... Pffffftt... Ben x
  12. bennyhana22


    Excellent! Who have you got your eye on, Winslow (electronic-wise, naturally...!)? Be keen to get recs from people who know some of the 'other' dance staff that they think I'd like, beyond the 'obvious' (I'm looking at you, Charlotte and Enrico...). Ben
  13. bennyhana22


    Just out of interest, any of you lovely E/D threaders going to Boomtown? Ben x
  14. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    I sort of quite like that... At my annual festival, I love the opportunity to shut myself off from the outside world. The fact that, for a few hours overnight, the world is shut out from us, is strangely comforting! Ben
  15. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    I love you, Yog - I'm touched that you would consider me young enough that you needed to explain the Radio Rental rhyming slang. Our first two tellys were from there!!! Ben