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  1. Fucking hell...😲 Ben
  2. By virtue of Child 2's pre-sale code, I'm off to the Drumcode night in October. That line-up is incredible for me! @FuzzyDunlop - Enrico Sangiuliano, Monika Kruse, Victor Ruiz! Also getting Pan-Pot, MJC, Alan Fitzpatrick. Absolutely hyped for this. I'm fine with all the concern about WHP issues etc. The venue looks stellar and I'm not security's target audience, so if the sound and lights are as good as they should be, my Glastonbury pal and me should have the best time. If anyone else pulls the trigger on this, do let me know. Would be brilliant to meet up at an event that isn't Glastonbury. Ben x
  3. 1. Low 2. Sharon Van Etten 3. Ishmael Ensemble Ben x
  4. That all sounds excellent and very reasonable. Except for your mate. He needs either: 1. Educating 2. Dumping 3. Being politely told “I’ll see you in a few hours, bud” as you bugger off to dance 🤩 Ben
  5. Just this. I’ve seen lots of her online and was in no doubt as to her skills, but she’s also a very versatile DJ who puts together excellent sets of stuff that just doesn’t especially do it for me. Then she entered the booth at my favourite dance venue on the planet. And played a set that was seemingly curated entirely personally for me. I will never forget that set. Ben
  6. Perfect. For me it was Saturday. Anthony Parasole > HAAi > 15 mins of Perfect Lovers > Monika Kruse That’s a just about perfect six hours of my life. Ben
  7. That’s what it’s all about, buddyboy....! Ben x
  8. You have to remember that you’re slightly comparing apples with oranges! HAAi was mixing tracks, Karenn were playing live, improvised techno. As such the latter was always going to be less diverse and varied than the former. Also, Karenn have very much a ‘sound’ that they like to produce and so it’s a more singular vibe than a DJ set. I thought both were staggeringly good but, as said earlier in the thread, that HAAi set was off the scale. Genuinely one of the five best sets I’ve ever seen. Every track selection was superb. The sequencing of tracks was sublime, making the two hours fly by as a beautifully narrated story. And she is SOOOOO into it and that really enhances the whole shebang. I just can’t express enough how good she was and how grateful I am to her for giving me my favourite moment of Glastonbury 2019. Block9 often have recordings of sets online from Glastonbury. I don’t know how quickly they go up, and can’t remember the platform, but I’ve seen a website with a whole bunch of sets before from NYCD, Genosys etc. I’m sure that Dr Google will be your friend. Linky, anyone...? Ben
  9. Yes! Thought he was really good. And he was. And then HAAi came on and made him look like a Student Union DJ! 🤪 Ben
  10. Hi E/D lovelies As with all years, I have this 'thing' whereby I just don't feel I can be on the forum lots in the immediate aftermath. I've never understood why. Maybe it's part of my subconscious sadness and denial that the festival is over! Anyway, I always need a few days to assimilate what happened to me. Suffice to say that I had the most unbelievable time and it was my favourite Glastonbury. I danced until 0300, 0530, 0600 and 0300 (I had a 4am coach home!) Thurs-Sun. I saw 48 bands and DJs. I had five and half hours sleep from Friday to Monday morning. I am a bit (blissfully) broken. For now, all I can offer is my top 5: 1. HAAi (Genosys, 0200-0400h, Sat) - flawless set. Indescribable. One of the best sets I have ever seen 2. Karenn (0130-0300h, Sun) - blistering. Very hard without losing its soul. Boys were on fire and that double bpm increase in the last 15 minutes was mental. 3. Josh Wink (2300-0100h, Sun) - cliche-free, perfectly flowing techno from a master. Absolutely perfect. 4. Tristan (0130-0255h, Thu) - I promised myself Thursday Trance NightTM and he scratched that itch 5. Monika Kruse (0430-0600h, Sat) - phenomenal atmosphere in a Temple packed right to the death. She's lovely. Back when I can face it! Ben xx
  11. We’ll have a rave for you, matey. Have a wonderful time and we’ll see you in 2020 Ben x
  12. Final five made the teamsheet yesterday. Nice combo of I'm a muso snob obscure record labels, a Japanese post-rock band and AWVFTS. Some very sad t-shirts currently sobbing in the drawer after just missing the cut. Brutal. Ben
  13. I'm upvote-depleted...! Ben
  14. Despite my best intentions for today, productivity at work is falling exponentially... Eek Ben
  15. Oh Man! It's 8 pages! Each day is an A4 sheet with 1100-2400 on one side and 0000-0600h on the other! I printed them at work this morning. And they're in MS Word! Suffice to say, gaps are not there in any great number... Ben
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