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  1. bennyhana22


    Is this where I tell you about when I went to the Underground Piano Bar...?!!! Ben
  2. bennyhana22


    With not one iota of Schadenfreude, Sas, that set was off the scale. One of the funnest times I've had and possibly the best single outdoor set of techno ever for me - location, friends and, ahem, condition, all contributing. And only enhanced when he later tweeted that it was one of the most fun DJ sets he's ever done. We must have looked amazing to him from the belly of the spider. It was especially fab because of the timing - 10.30pm on the Saturday night meant that most people there had made a proper effort to be there, and not just stumbled across it. I was with four or five of my closest (only really see at) Glastonbury friends. Magical. Ben
  3. bennyhana22


    Fixed that for me Ben
  4. bennyhana22


    Very tidy, Winslow I've got Elements @ Monastery in Birmingham with Manni Dee and Rebekah. Subtle it will not be... 🙌 Ben
  5. bennyhana22

    When to call it a day?

    I can put together a personalised core workout for a competitive fee, kids... 😄 Ben
  6. bennyhana22


    Psytrance is no different to any other genre when it comes to my 95% rule, Fuzz... Namely, there is just so much stuff being put out now, that 95% of all music in a single genre is shit, and that it's invariably a question of seeking out the 5% that is excellent. There are, naturally, some genres that exceed the 95% shit quota, but few, if any, that stake a decent claim to be lower! So yes, when psytrance hits a rich vein, especially when time, location and environment are spot on, it can be spectacular. The Tribe of Frog sound system at Boomtown is as good as any outdoor (dance) rig I've ever heard, and when the psytrance was hitting its stride...WOW. And I'm consistent in my 95% rule - I love techno, as all on here are bored of hearing. But there's a lot of shit techno... The prosecution rests. Ben x PS - for some blistering, multi-focused electronica, have a listen to Applied Autonomy by Robert Lippok. Bloody hell, it's good...
  7. bennyhana22


    Glad it was good @zero000 Rødhåd has been on my need-to-see list for ages. Just as one-line review of Boomtown electronica... I think I've fallen a bit in love with (good) Psy-Trance (eek!) and Enrico Sangiuliano was absolutely incredible. Ben x
  8. bennyhana22

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Is that a euphemism, @oneeye? 🤪 Ben
  9. bennyhana22

    Your favourite Glasto images

    Thought I might just have got away with that... Ben Edit - but holy moly, doesn't it make you yearn to be back on the Farm...? It feels like forever...
  10. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Got home Drove to Wales straight away No computer and limited wi-fi Report at the weekend, team Teaser, in a single word? Extraordinary Ben x
  11. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Thanks for the heads-up, Fuzz Let's hope they're not too dickish. My pre-festival impression of Boomtown is that it is exactly the ethos and vibe that festivals still should be, so fingers crossed some over-zealous chaps aren't there to bring the spirit down. Have an amazing Boomtown everyone. Ben
  12. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    SOOOOOO exciting! 🤩 Ben
  13. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Hey stalemate - 10 posts up is the pdf of the actual programme, if you wanted to do some homework before getting a paper copy tomorrow... Ben
  14. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Or do the correct thing and sack off Fred’s crew for Charlotte, Fuzz. Obviously. 😉 Ben
  15. bennyhana22

    Boomtown 2018

    Yes, Thursday, Sas. My Friday night is looking quite trancey and my Sunday night is VERY techno! As I’ve said before, always happy to be around as a rave buddy if you’re on your own. Shame about Saturday night! That’s looking pretty sweet too! 0200-0400h Simian Mobile Disco DJ set could be phenomenal. One of the two of them played a techno set at Latitude last year and it was STELLAR! Ben ☺️