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  1. Absolutely. It's a show that is even more lovely now that drones are routinely used in film and TV, yet used with such a gentle touch that it never loses its cozy, old-fashioned feel. And the extended cast are so good too. As wonderful as it is to spend time in the fields with Lance and Andy, I think that Russell and Hugh make me laugh just as much. Pearce Quigley, who plays Russell, is a fantastic comic actor! Ben
  2. It is, quite frankly, outstanding. Performances and writing are exceptional and Toby Jones is a thespian god. Ben
  3. Oh man, I'm absolutely useless at identifying top tracks etc. However, I can't not try to help! What's the brief - what genres etc are included? Is it 'just dance stuff', or do you want stuff from the broader church of electronica? If the latter, I can defo ping you a few...! Ben
  4. Would LOVE that. Still very happy with my clash choices from the weekend, as Stingray was excellent and a nice change of sound from the techno before and after him. But yeah, would love Fjaak to play IICON, especially live. And with the Awakenings dates move, hopefully there's masses of potential names for the Farm for 2022. It must be clear to GFL that there is an ever-increasing appetite for proper rave stuff in the SEC and elsewhere at the festival and that it's becoming a big component of attraction for a significant part of the crowd. Ben
  5. Interestingly, it was a Rebekah set that first alerted me to my aversion to the current trend of harder and faster. It was the end of a really good night in Birmingham a few years ago and she was closing. As her 2 hour set progressed I found myself thinking that the tracks were getting less and less distinguishable from one another and were, essentially, just identikit reverb-kick whompers with almost no nuance! Fast forward to Hidden in Manchester a couple of months ago and I swear I could have been parachuted into Paula Temple's, Perc's or Rebekah's set and had absolutely no idea which set I was in. Just air-punching slammers. I now realise I have to search harder for what I need from a techno night. Saying that, and conscious of very much needing to break my Printworks duck, that Rødhäd/Vril live A/V has got me drooling! But, why does Printworks still only go until 3am (occasionally 4am?)? I'm presuming licensing, but when Child 1 torments me with his recent Berghain trip (he lives in Berlin now) and the Friday morning until when the closer has had enough on Monday...or Tuesday!!...it just shows the gulf in approach between the two countries! Ben
  6. On the train back to Brum from Manchester, so I thought now is as good a time as any. Overall Superb night. Probably the best 'huge' one-night event I've been to. Entry A doddle. Pretty efficient system with friendly staff. We pitched up around 9pm to a pretty sizeable queue, but it moved forward smoothly. COVID passes checked, we were waved through the ID check - I mean, would it have hurt them at least to ask me to verify my age? They seemed to be filtering off some of the lads lads lads to go through metal detection arches. The rest of us just carried on through the barriered lanes. Brief stretch of no-man's land with a couple of Springer Spaniels, and on. One of our guys got dogged, conceivably for showing interest in the dog (will they never learn...?) but was fine after a cursory pat down. Ticket scanned and we were in. Top marks for processing that many people in a reasonable and safe manner. Progress In by just before 9.30, I was slightly twitchy as my first promised set was Cleric in the Concourse at...9.30! We all had loads of layers given the cold, and so getting a locker was mandatory. Joined THE BIGGEST locker queue I've ever seen, and pals who have been to quite a few WHPs this season said it was usually, say, five people deep. Must have been everyone's need to wrap up warm. After 25 minutes we were almost at the locker desk when we started to get genuine concern that they would run out (they did not long afterwards), but we were ok and stuffed our stuff. Apparently a couple of people paid the Merch stand a fiver to store their coats, which I thought was a nice touch. And so off to the Concourse. The sets As luck (for me, at least) would have it, Blawan had had to cancel, and so a set time shuffle meant that Cleric started half an hour later. So we were in five minutes after he started. He was a great warm up for us. At the start, a little generic, lots of kick, not a lot else, but the sound in there was excellent, with great separation and very crisp percussion. After 45mins he hit his stride and the place was banging. We were on the floor, dead centre (Moi?) around five rows back and even at 11 there was already a good vibe. There was also the inevitable gone too early-ers too, including a girl pissing on the floor and another vomiting quite close to my feet. Ah well! We left Cleric around 11.15 for a quick pit stop and to be ready for Stingray (313 with his reclaimed moniker) at 11.30. The boy from Detroit did not disappoint. 90 minutes of balaclava'd blistering electro, with his customary forays into techno a couple of times in the set. Towards the end of it, it thinned out a little (still packed, but 'nicely' so) as the sheeple trotted off to see Amelie. That left us with great space to see out the end of a great set. 2/5 set boxes ticked. We stayed in Archive for Hector Oaks who was on excellent form, and the only vinyl set of the night. Met some top people in there, including a young lad who opened for Jeff Mills in Leeds a couple of weeks ago. He seemed to have exactly my philosophy about techno and set building so I bored him to death. Apart from a trancey section mid set that could have benefited from losing 5-10 mins, Hector was brilliant. 3/5 ✅ Next back to Concourse for the legend that is Ms Hauff. Bloody hell. Absolutely blistering, intelligent flowing techno, with nair a hint of her trademark electro until an hour and a quarter into the set. It was busy, but easily danceable in the same floor position, the crowd-pleasing Amelie into Charlotte de W proving our friend. 4/5 done and, at that point, Helena had one hand on the set of the night trophy. And then it happened. Oh my sainted trousers. I've waited a long time to see Jeff Mills, and the only inexcusable thing was that he only played 90 minutes. He could have doubled that and not shed a single raver. One of the best sets of techno I think I've ever seen. Flawless. A masterclass. Every transition made complete sense. Variety all over the set, but with invariable quality. A clearly identifiable narrative from a real DJ who clearly puts in so much effort to create a set, with not one of the cheesy tropes that befall 'lazier' artists. It was astonishing, albeit over so very quickly and people were looking around at each other as if to say "is this really happening?" It was so good that I'm going to say that I ticked all 6 sets of the 5 that I had planned to see. General thoughts Compared to my only other WHP to date, a perfectly enjoyable, predictably somewhat formulaic Drumcode from 2019, this was another level. Sound in all three rooms was truly excellent, the Archive much, much better than last time. Visuals were very good too. Crowd was excellent. Once the usual suspects only there to get twatted ("oh, do they do music here as well?") had shuffled off to...presumably the poster names in the big room, it was a knowledgeable and appreciative crowd, with lots of communal love and respect. Etiquette on the floor was remarkably well observed for such a huge venue. Staff were friendly and inconspicuous, save for one moment half way through Jeff when, possibly after a fight close to us, a guy was raised above 6 security guys' heads and marched out with considerable robustness, followed by a trail of about 20 people - presumably his crew. So, I had a spectacular night and, though it will never replace an intimate venue of truly like-minded souls, it restored my faith in the ability of über-events to deliver. It did, in spades. And did I mention that I saw Jeff Mills...? Ben x
  7. I have just witnessed greatness. More tomorrow (today), I hope. Ben
  8. Ha! Only my beard is red! Hair is short and mid-brown! Hope to see you at some point and hope the journey is going OK. Ben
  9. Brilliant - thanks, @Tuna Ben
  10. Hope the journey is ok after the storm. See you in there. Offer always open to come and say hi, as said above. Have a brilliant night. Ben
  11. Welcome to the best thread on eFests @JoeyT 😉 Post whenever you like - we're a nice bunch - a bit like the rest of the Glastonbury forum, but without the aggy shit! Ben
  12. Also, it would be remiss of me not to have a shout out to everyone that has contributed, and continues to do so, to this, my favourite thread on any forum on the 'net. It's a bastion of inclusive positivity, a source of massive happiness for me, and it's been a pleasure sharing it with you for 500 pages since we started just over 7 years ago. Long may it continue. Ben xx
  13. The White Hotel is a truly excellent venue. Great people running it, great people visiting it. Ben
  14. You're so right. But, I'll be in there for 8+ hours, and I love quality electro and especially Stingray, so that seems like the right call for a varied night. I've only been to Mayfield once before and never really got into a good spot in the Concourse, seeing just a bit of Pan-Pot and Alan Fitzpatrick at different points of the night. I've got almost two full sets in there planned, so intend to get right in the melee. Any suggestions for position? Do I 'want' to get up onto the raised levels if I can, or am I better sound-wise in a good spot on the floor? Ben
  15. BPMs are fascinating, aren't they? I'm a big fan of psytrance, like tech-trance, not so much a fan of straight-up trance. But, in all of those, the bpm just works, and I LOVE dancing to psytrance in the 140s. Translate that tempo to my favourite genre, techno, and for me it's clearly 'too fast' and pretty much ruins the tracks! Ben
  16. (a) a whole day of techno sounds amazing - just make sure you try to get to some varied artists...so much atm can be too fast and samey... (b) make sure Nina and Jeff get away in a timely fashion as I need them in Manchester tomorrow night! (c) have a brilliant time (d) try to see Avery b2b Mor Elian - the latter is brilliant and should play lots of quirky, breaky, glitchy stuff which will be a nice contrast to much of the more 'typical' techno Ben
  17. Oh mate! I've decided to be very strict with my plans, in order to maximise my chance of really getting into sets - so easy to bounce around in such a huge, multi-stage venue and never really do anything 'properly' As such, Fjaak (who I've also wanted to see for a while) are to be sacrificed at the alter of DJ Stingray! They're on in the Concourse right after Cleric (who I'll be seeing) and then it's only half an hour until I want to be in a decent spot in the Archive. So, a quick wee and freshen up and there's no real chance of me seeing anything other than their opening track as I walk away! Ben
  18. See my self-description and planned sets up the page and, by all means, come and say hello if you can pick me out. I know it's never hard to make friends at a decent rave, but it's often harder at massive events. Feel free to come and have a dance if you'd like. Ben 🙂
  19. Dunno. The way she cranks it up live with such musicality to her techno bangers, I would hope that her DJ sets are beacons of quality selection. Give us a review from Cardiff if you can! Ben
  20. Kelly Lee Owens in Brum last night. She's part diva, part enigmatic siren, and part techno beast. The end of that set was off the scale and gave me that visceral buzz that only the very best techno can. I turned to my pal and said "I bet she'd be bloody brilliant to go raving with". Fab little warm up for WHP on Saturday. Ben
  21. Calling WHP XXLers. It will surprise none of the regulars here to learn that I am approaching unsustainable levels of excitement for WHP on Saturday. In my perennial fashion I will give a list of sets I intend to be at, in the hope that any of you might feel inclined to tap me on the shoulder, say hi, and share a brief eFests E/D moment on the 'floor. I'm 5'10" (I bloody am!), short hair, glasses and a reddish beard. I'll be in a black t-shirt with braille letters on it and intend to be at: Cleric Stingray Hector Oaks Helena Hauff Our Lord Jeff Mills (end of) Nina K If I can, I'll be dead centre of the speakers, as close in as I can but still have room to dance. Would love to meet any of you lovely people. Ben x
  22. Excellent news - glad you had a great time. And, go on then...who's your favourite band for tonight?! Ben
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    I'll leave this one here, bud, as you quite are clearly angling for confrontation and that is, forgive me, a little childish. And just for the record, you downvoted all of my posts about it, in response to my declaration of dislike for downvoting. To which you are perfectly entitled, of course. But it does come across as a bit petty. Anyway, as I said, whatever makes you happy. Ben
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    Well, whatever gets you through the day, John. Ben
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