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  1. Yeah, that 30mins, if same as 2019, could be crucial! Ben
  2. I'd say Four Tet on Park is actually a perfect place from which to cut across the top of Pennards and onto the Railway Line - position A!! Ben
  3. This. Overnono have a lot of hype at the moment. They're gonna want the IICON field rammed. Ben
  4. bennyhana22


    That would be excellent if they could and they let us know that. Very Glastonbury, that. Ben
  5. bennyhana22


    Do we know if there was, understandably, a very much 50th anniversary adornment for 2020 which would have to have been sadly shelved? Ben
  6. Ha! Well... After making sure everyone's tent corners are super tight, ensuring magnificent erections for all, I plan to initiate the three camp newbies in the Rites of the Farm™️, before heading off on my customary circumnavigation of the site, always attempting to go 'everywhere' (including this year the lookout in T&C that I did not know existed!). That would naturally lead me to arrive at the R&F with the festival fully absorbed into my being. As to how long I am able to stay still there, well, only fate can that decide*. Ben * but long enough to have a sip of @Curlygirl's Cherry Bakewell, before screwing my face up as, despite it's remarkable flavour, it's still got alcohol in it which, as everyone knows, tastes icky.
  7. Hi lovely NFR-NFC-ers! I know I haven't been in here properly for a while, but I do lurk around to see what you're up to, sometimes. Anyway, was just to say hello and hope you're all as excited as me for LESS THAN FOUR WEEKS TIME!! It's been sooooooooo long. Do people still think they'll gravitate towards the R&F on the Wednesday evening? It's just such a lovely and perfect start to the whole thing, and probably the only genuine chance I'll have to see so many of you. Anyway, as you will imagine, I'm in heaven today as the Block9 drop finally arrived. All I need now is the full thingy on Monday or Tuesday so I can begin three weeks of obsessional scheduling! Love to all Ben x
  8. There is loads of techno!!!! Just not big names! Ben
  9. Ha! Replying as out of upvotes, but I hear you. Mind you, my three are now in their twenties, so going up and down the country every 2-4 months just about does it! Ben
  10. Hi Hank and a massive welcome to the thread. I don't think there's much/any pure DnB/Jungle on there - it's so well catered for (DnB, at least) that Block9 wouldn't typically roster much of that. DjRUM will play some jungle/DnB in sets, but sporadically, mixed with breakbeat, techno and electro. The Common has got loads of DnB, there's Arcadia too, so you'll not go wanting, just maybe not especially in Block9. Ben
  11. As sad as I will be to lose my favourite stage for a year, as long as the sound is as good as that for Genosys, bring it on. Ben
  12. Agreed. Beyer and his crew are good for Arcadia, and maybe an occasional Genosys slot, but I love how Block9 take us away from what you can see up and down the country every week. And, IMOGEN is playing in The Common, for Drumcode devotees. Ben
  13. Awww, Fuzzy, there's plenty of good techno there! Steffi, Pangea x Pariah (should be off the scale), Sedef Adasi (check her out, she's phenomenal), Partok (French genius). I know that you like the more melodic, 'intelligent' side of techno too, and these guys should deliver in spades. I'm already terrified of the nighttime clashes that I'll inevitably face across the site. For electro fans, Adam Shelton's incarnation as A-Future is a must-see. There's good electro elsewhere on site too, with Client_03 in Shangri-La, Yussh in Silver Hayes etc. Honestly, team, it's gonna be clash carnage. Ben
  15. I love my bag. I can leave camp at 10.30am, return at 7am the next morning and have everything in it I need, and it doesn't impair my dancing or knock into anyone on the dance floors. I'm looking at you, backpackers! Ben
  16. No. More. Upvotes. Left. Today. Ben x
  17. I'm guessing (with blind hope and expectation) that there is no way the beautiful, video-mapped, foggy green behemoth will be anything other than present and correct. If it isn't, I will be going bloody ballistic! Ben
  18. And anyway, mine is quite clearly a hip-bag!!! Ben
  19. @zeppelin - I'm desperately trying to have a proper look! Immediate thoughts of joy include: Overmono Pangea x Pariah (are you kidding me?!) FloPo DjRUM A-Future Steffi Giant Swan Partok Virginia Loads more to explore. Oooft. Ben
  20. Unquestionably. (I'm on an 0800-1900h shift and so will have zero opportunity to start my obsessional research) Ben
  21. I'm the reverse. PFB is an absolute must see, and then I'm sprinting to WH for Bonobo. Ben
  22. I guess it's a matter of personal perspective. They're a big part of the overall 'otherness' of Glastonbury compared to any other festival I've ever been to, is all. Ben
  23. Isn't part of why we love Glastonbury that there's *nowhere* like Glastonbury? And the flags are a massive part of the festival and, essentially, no other. Long May they continue. As for regulating how close they go, I don't want any 'unnecessary' regulations in Paradise. Ben
  24. It's only had...one? announcement of its own. Don't expect one before the full line-up drop. Paging @Gnomicide to thread for the definitive info. Ben
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