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  1. It's a treasure for sure! Thanks again dude!
  2. Have this Amazing poster thanks to @Yoghurt on a Stick in my bar here built during lockdown MK1. It's stored away now as moved out of that house, can't wait to find a new home for him!
  3. This would be amazing..
  4. Love the stories about things being returned on here.. I went to lost property at the farm twice in 2017 they weren't there or handed in.. never appeared in the post either 😅 I was laughing telling random people the story of why I was wearing sunglasses 24/7. Luckily I didn't loose my specs this year. Bonus 👍🏻
  5. Haha... I did exactly the same thing in 2017.. lost my glasses on the Thursday Eve and spent the whole weekend in my prescription sunglasses.. it wasn't easy after dark to see 🤣🤣🤣
  6. I haven't received them yet
  7. Great weather again helped. Always used to seem a lot worse on when it was a mud bath or boggy fest. In 07 somebody I camped with left a great big tents and just went home.. I packed it all away and wheeled it back to the car.. then the cheeky bugger asked if he could have it back a few months later after leaving it for dead 🙄
  8. It was a lovely 20 minutes.. if you were they you'll know why haha It involved a lot of breasts anyway 🤣
  9. Just a genuine question.. do we make the festival even more middle/upper class for the sakes of a quieter site.. or maybe god forbid the organisers are just getting to greedy and letting more in to the detriment of the masses onsite. It'll come back and bit their bums if that's the case and they carry on pushing to new limits I guess?
  10. I was thinking of starting a separate thread with a poll as quite a few seem to think it was a bit over crowded this year. Something along the lines of would you be willing to pay x amount more for a ticket to have less tickets sold and a quieter site in general. Personally I found it busy everywhere but not unbearably so. I did think it seemed busier than ever, but I hadn't done a festival since Glastonbury 2017 so you forget the scale after a 5 year hiatus I think? I'd probably pay a bit more for my ticket if it meant the capacity was reduced a bit though. But if there was a lot of jibbing in on the sly then that wouldn't make much difference anyway. Plus it would reduce everyone's chances of getting a golden ticket I guess! Thoughts?
  11. get over covid and party on hopefully
  12. Don't mean this to sound like a best set/worst set sorta thread. But if you were there and thought a set was amazeballs but didn't hit the spot when watching back, likewise what really came across better than you remember? I'll start, Noel Gallaghe. I'm a massive fan, sung my heart out the whole set. Was in my element. Looked pretty plain on Iplayer. Sunset was orgasmic on film though. Just seemed a bit flat watching back Blown away. I watched Bicep on west holts, the footage elevates what I remember. Its a piece of art. Good on them! Didnt expect it to come across so well on the recording! and yous?
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