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  1. Who built the moon? 😋
  2. !!! Miles Kane The Coral Gomez Blossoms BRMC eels Primal Scream Franz Ferdinand Reverend and the Makers
  3. DMA'S new album was released yesterday. Think I'm going to like it after first listen. Any fans on here?
  4. Their last album was good, Distance Inbetween. The other albums are also good. I'm guessing if it's a support slot then it will be a single-heavy set they play, so start with the Singles Collection if you're not overly familiar?
  5. The Coral announced new music on FB. 19.04.18. Great News
  6. WHY no Manchester date? Grrr. Leeds? Not going there..
  7. Madrid, Neighbourhood Weekender, Lake Garda & possibly BML (lineup dependant)
  8. As it stands: Arctic Monkeys EELS Miles Kane Franz Ferdinand Moby MSP The Prodigy/Chemical Bros due a new one?
  9. plaskins

    Taylor Swift

    Its about half the cost of a Glasto ticket for some of the seats. People are bonkers for paying it
  10. plaskins

    Taylor Swift

    I was thinking of getting the missus a ticket with +1 this morning as an xmas present - but then saw the prices! She's not worth that much, don't tell her
  11. Tickets in the bag. Indie dirge, aka Courteeners? Might actually see what the northern fuss is all about, as not had to before
  12. plaskins


    Would be a nice "big surprise" if they played, but I doubt it too
  13. I didn't want to start a new thread, but was wondering if anyone could give me a few artists to mull over in anticipation of this year's festival. I'm into this: Faithless, Booka Shade, !!!, Tiesto, Chemical Brothers I know there's a lot more tba, any suggestions from what we know so far?
  14. See Tom Meighan's going for the Liam 2004 Glasto look. lol
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