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  1. I wouldn't mind that. I like a bit of spave to dance 👍
  2. Pendulum into Franz Ferdinand 2009 was epic for me.
  3. plaskins


    Would have loved the 2004 set to be shown. That was the perfect end to my very first Glastonbury. Biblical
  4. Nah, you just have more sense. These kids are daft, they act like they are immune to the virus. Hang round in big big groups near us. I'm sure they'd love it if their parents or grandparents became ill as a result of their neglect of the advice..
  5. Thanks! PM'd you 👍
  6. Does anyone know the artist? I want a high quality version of this that I can get printed please!
  7. Phone location data? Big bro is watching you. Leave your phone at home?
  8. plaskins

    The poster 2020

    Brilliant lineup. Wish I was going this year!
  9. Liam Gallagher playing Manchester on 12th June, apparently. Not officially confirmed yet
  10. Coldplay and computer love
  11. plaskins

    Is It Too Hot?

    Bunch of pussies . Wish I was there??
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