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  1. I quite like The Metro’s interview with a celeb about half way in. I often learn nothing but it kills a few minutes on the train.
  2. Been out tonight. Does anyone remember this?
  3. Go to Leeds. Even if the weather is crap it’s better, especially after the main acts have finished.
  4. I’m a Geography teacher now & what I say (a bit cheesey) is that Geography is everywhere. Make the most of fieldtrips, you will soon get to know your course mates better. You’ll end up having lectures with other courses that overlap eg business studies, cruise ship management, geology (weirdos), surf science, physics, farmers (avoid) etc & then you might get a mentor for lab work.
  5. Geography is a fun degree. I did mine with Business Studies, lot’s of overlap. Make sure you enjoy it.
  6. Cobra Kai, already been mentioned, but brilliantly low budget but brilliant. The Brad Pitt Netflix Original I tapped out of half way through although it is a movie.
  7. Enter Shikari, Brixton, back in February 2018 (I think). Been a while.
  8. Keith Richards now lives down the road from me currently but I assume he has many houses.
  9. Bobby Davro was my neighbour for a few years. You Me At Six, met them a few times & one of their dad’s taught me how to restring & learn a bit of bass guitar. Jamie T was in the year above at my best mates school. Cliff Richard played tennis at my school, sounds weird but we had very good facilities so was often open at weekends & holidays. Lived round the corner from us very briefly. Some of The Beatles lived in a private estate nearby but a long time ago. Mates used to buy stuff off Alfie Allen when he lived with his sister Lily. A bit further down t
  10. Not sure if any of you are bothered but...
  11. I went a about a month ago. Absolutely nothing to see as expected. I just jumped over the fence.
  12. Saved up a lot of Ellis James & Jon Robins for a drive down to Devon/Cornwall, it’s a shame they have met their contractual obligation & there will be no more ‘Isolation pods’.
  13. Not all of them. Rinse out!
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