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  1. marcwilson87

    Rock Werchter 2017

    Yo ladies and gentlemen, first time I've been to RW for 10 years and I have a couple of q's if anyone could answer them I'll be forever in your debt! What is the food like for vegetarians? Some festivals are really bad, I'm hoping to survive on something more than chips and falafel! Also, how long should we expect the car journey from Brussels to the festival car park to take on the Monday morning? Cheeeeers
  2. marcwilson87

    Rock Werchter 2017

    This. Audioslave album came out when I was 16, I remember coming home from school in time to see Cochise on MTV2 everyday (How times have changed!) This news has really shocked me, I'll be having some beers listening to him all night tonight. I'll bring my Soundgarden shirt to Werchter!
  3. marcwilson87

    Rock Werchter 2017

    Just got the eurostar to Brussels for £96 return, very happy with that. Is anyone staying in Brussels on the weds night? If so, where? Would be cool to get a hostel full of people going to Wertcher. P.S Has anyone made a spotify playlist? I turned 30 last month so I instantly became out of the loop with music
  4. marcwilson87

    Rock Werchter 2017

    Do you think we can expect to see Ryan Adams at RW? He has a new album out this year and has been confirmed for Nos and Mad Cool in early July.
  5. marcwilson87

    Kanye west confirmed

    I suppose you see what you want to see. All my friends were mega excited, reaction online didn't seem as bad as I expected, saw a lot of Metallica shirts at glasto and they had a pretty large crowd. I'm sure non metallica fans saw different to me. With kanye I've seen a hell of a lot of negative reaction - my friends are furious (some seem to think Glasto should cater especially to their tastes). But I agree, he'll be much more popular with a fan base than Metallica - How popular he stays with the crowd during his set is anohter thing though. I am happy Glastonbury are keeping their headliners interesting, not recycling the same old bands like all the other festival.
  6. marcwilson87

    Kanye west confirmed

    I don't remember the reaction when Metallica were announced being quite so... heated. And they seem to have gone down better than expected with the crowd? But then again, I'm a bias Metallica fan.
  7. marcwilson87

    Kanye west confirmed

    I think he IS kanye...
  8. marcwilson87

    Kanye west confirmed

    I think kanye is a pile of w*nk. I'm more interested in the return of Mike99
  9. marcwilson87

    Taylor Swift

    Fucking hell
  10. marcwilson87

    One act you want there more than anybody

    Joni Mitchell Tom Waits Neither are realistic, but I don't care.
  11. marcwilson87

    T day

    This http://glastonbury.seetickets.com/event/glastonbury-2015-deposits/worthy-farm/850000/?pre=pru2aduz has just changed from redirecting to 'reg is currently closed' page to saying 'event not found' Surely if they are changing that one page (not done the others I have saved) they will use it?
  12. marcwilson87

    T day

    That was too easy. I'm scared for Sunday now. Will be sold out in 20 minutes.
  13. marcwilson87

    Kasabian 2014

    Tom Wells: Personally I dislike Kasabian, but totally agree they are popular enough to do it. Comfortably. I hope you and everyone who watches them think they are outstanding and has a excellent time. But my whole post, as a Metallica fanboy, is to point out there is no chance Kasabian are bigger than Metallica. :-)
  14. marcwilson87

    Efesters on Twitter

    @marcwilson87 I fully recommend following me if you like tweets that swear at politicians.
  15. marcwilson87


    That has happened to all of us. You can't whinge they dont have current bands though, Arcade Fire and Kasabian are headlining. And they have a whole stage dedicated to new bands. For the record, I have seen maybe 1-2 headliners at Glasto the last 4 years. It's a blessing in disguise as far as im concerned.