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  1. Selfish or not this level of detail is useful, appreciated. I'm going to Vietnam end of April so similarly eyeing reports. Wondering if the situation won't cancel the fest, but might have more of an impact on bookings at this point in time. West Holts is my favourite stage and it tends to have a more international range of artists booked.
  2. Both my girlfriend and I had Glastonbury dreams last night, therefore something is coming today. 🔮
  3. matichin

    The Who?

    These guys actually are on my wishlist for a West Holts slot, they are in Europe again in June and have space free. They've played Bristol recently but no chance I'm ever going back to the O2, worst venue in town.
  4. This is potentially the ultimate killer clash of all clashes. Please let them be against Taylor Swift instead.
  5. Now that it's finally confirmed, what do people think his setlist would be? His most recent gigs has been promoting his last album, but remove that stuff that likely no one wants and you get a set of rather good proportions. https://www.setlist.fm/setlist/paul-mccartney/2019/dodger-stadium-los-angeles-ca-639e826f.html That encore starting with Birthday and ending with The End is pretty banging, mainly because I personally think the second side of Abbey Road is one of the best album enders ever recorded.
  6. matichin

    2020 headliners

    I missed this - WTF? Neil Young INTO Macca would be insane, and for the first time in ages i'd be stuck at the Pyramid for hours. It would sadly mean my girlfriend would insist on being elsewhere as she's not a fan of either, but i'm sure we'd survive...
  7. matichin


    Saw them on the Pyramid early on in maybe 2009? Brilliant and would 100% love to see them again on the farm. Get it booked!
  8. Slight tangent, but on the subject of exposure, I wonder how many artists get a boost on streaming services, just by being on the lineup, due to being added to various "getting ready for Glasto" playlists? I know Spotify requires millions of streams to return any proper revenue, but the exposure to in theory 200k new listeners who might hear one or two tracks from an artist to check them out might reflect on streaming numbers the few weeks before the fest. Anyone on here played Glasto and seen such a boost to their numbers? Thinking of smaller acts, but anyone would do. Obviously the science behind this is full of flaws and assumptions...
  9. matichin

    2020 headliners

    Which generation was the jilted generation?
  10. matichin

    2020 headliners

    If Scooter headlined then guarantee ticket sales day the next year would be easier. Small mercies.
  11. matichin

    PJ Harvey

    Park headliner would work perfectly, and all things being equal I'd want to be there for it. Based on Setlist.fm she's not played live for three years? About time she came back.
  12. matichin

    2020 headliners

    Book them please for the love of god.
  13. matichin

    2020 headliners

    Out of interest, who replaced them that year? Wondering if it was a blessing in disguise, i've got it in my head that RHCP have a reputation for being hit and miss live...
  14. matichin

    2020 headliners

    That's the one! They were bloody good too.
  15. matichin

    Other Stage 2020

    Liam going from Pyramid sub to Other headliner in one year? Nah. Noel Other headliner though?
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