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  1. There was chat in the past that too many refreshes would flag you as a ddos attack and block you/send you to a different page that would not let you through, but who knows. I've always refreshed and works out fine. The key is to have multiple devices in different networks, so on your normal WiFi, feathered to 5g, and multiple vpns. At least it's worked for me so far...
  2. Absolutely, it totally understandable after the last two years, just hope that variety will return as time goes on.
  3. I had a brilliant fest, but in general it felt like there were fewer interesting food options, lots of the same stuff across all the fields. As above, missing Oggies. Also, Arcadia only spitting fire from the spider, not any surrounding torches meant it felt a bit muted (compared to last years, it was still very cool). Assumed this and the lack of a proper show were due to it being a quick cobbled together pivot from Pangaea.
  4. Saw this thread, was looking for this video to share as it was mine too, ended up watching the whole 11 mins and you posted it before me! Genuinely life-changing performance for me. Half expect to see Neil Young still on the pyramid tomorrow, still playing that song forever more...
  5. Fresh Kombucha available in a cafe in the Tipi field last time round.
  6. I'm sure I saw Idles share a pic of an unannounced performance somewhere. Could be them here? Edit: they did Truth in 2019, so probably not them then.
  7. matichin


    Ah yeah, the app wasn't updated yet. Replaced by Stephen Lewis and the big band of fun. Sounds fun, but not heavy.
  8. matichin


    Wargasm still on the lineup even though they definitely aren't there. Odd.
  9. We left at 6am, but worth noting that year there were major traffic issues on the M5 I believe, so the whole area got rammed up. Leaving Shepton at 7.30 will get you to the car park probably for the gates opening, so just a case of the queues to deal with. Reckon everyone is going to want to get in as early as possible this year so queues will be pretty chocka.
  10. This was one hell of a set, packed tent, mad music, the band disappearing into the crowd in their weird gilly suits. Banging. I've seen acts up there that seemingly didn't have any other sets at the festival, including acoustic guy Adem and a talk from Robert Lewellyn. Also had a nice cup of lemon and ginger when I was feeling rough on a Sunday morning in the sunshine. Making sure I'm up there at some point this year, just got to check those chalk boards...
  11. I'm thinking if Sam Fender is going to be that rammed then I'll see St Vincent on the way to either West Holts or on the way to the Park after Phoebe, as that would be easier than barging through a Pyramid crowd. She is amazing live and definitely deserves a good slot.
  12. Dub War on the Earache takeover poster, so looks like some Benji is definitely on the menu. Making me rethink my Friday night plans. https://twitter.com/ShangrilaGlasto/status/1537035118770003968?t=YTolxgGmkBsAG7Jru_tExg&s=09
  13. It was definitely an experience... There was also a horde of seagulls eating rubbish on the hill behind me, so felt like something vaguely apocalyptic. Yoko is definitely more of a "I've seen her, tick that box" acts as opposed to a "she was amazing live" acts.
  14. Never found the Piano Bar, even though apparently I've been next to it many times. Never made it to dawn at the stone circle. Never made something in the craft field, although the dream of carving my own wooden spoon may finally be realised this year. Done a lot of the other things people mention, mainly at times when no one else is around, e.g. instead of Dolly Parton's whole set I watched a couple of songs then wandered up to the Park and up the ribbon tower, and watched a bit of Yoko Ono screaming from up there. Fun times.
  15. Utopia Strong are on Glade, psych prog supergroup!
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