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  1. leath02

    Site Map

    Anyone got a PDF or JPEG version? As the app one is abysmal for any practical reasons
  2. leath02

    Site Map

    Anyone got the map from 2021? Any map will do, crew map, traders map, punters map! TIA
  3. leath02

    Second Helping

    Simz finished her set with "See you next time on the Pyramid" Couldn't tell if it was just a flex, or a nod to next year
  4. leath02

    2019 FreePress

    Anyone got copies they're willing to sell? Managed to get both copies this year and want to start a framed archive of years I've been to Thanks!
  5. Someone please confirm or deny Paolo 😂
  6. Any info on the early BBC slot?
  7. That video is orgasmic
  8. I mean it's starting and finishing 15 mins earlier than one of them, not much of a push Also, didn't those slots change times? Anyone remember what they were before? Maybe it's the old time
  9. Thunderstorms? Are we actually serious?
  10. Erol Alkan is Friday on the main line up on Sam Remo. They’ve just formatted it horrendously
  11. Nah it’s one of the transgressive slots on Friday surely just written in a horrendous order MAD booking though. Get me in there
  12. Well there it is £6 for Carlsberg
  13. maybe this is what BBC optimism was based on
  14. yeah apple predicting a wash out. might just delete the app but in all seriousness, it's because their icon system will just pick up on the one hour during that day with the highest chance of rain
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