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  1. O'Doyle Rules

    Kendrick Lamar

    I love him but heavily dependent on setlist how he will go down.
  2. Okay Headline Glastonbury or score a World Cup winning goal in injury time?
  3. I’m just wondering, why have certain acts just never played Glastonbury? Is it fear of their huge reputations failing to live up to arguably the biggest stage of all? Baffles me as it seems the pinnacle of music success (but I am bias AS F*CK to Glasto).
  4. Issue is they’ve reformed late in the game. Imagine glasto slots are filled
  5. O'Doyle Rules

    2020 headliners

    Fully agree that if they can headline Coachella - a social media influencer paradise - they can headline Glastonbury. Given the current political climate, I’m sure Glastonbury would love to have such a band, too. However, I think Glastonbury sorted Kendrick and Taylor a while back so I’m not sure if they have missed the boat. The 50th anniversary, they knew they’d sell out without a problem so having Rage headline wouldn’t be a 2008 moment.
  6. Given QOTSA took an Other slot, as did Metallica originally - not beyond the realms of possibility.
  7. Reformed and headlining Coachella. No doubt playing Reading, but would be a great booking for Glastonbury. Sub-Kendrick or Other against Swifty?
  8. O'Doyle Rules

    Roger Waters

    Free on the Sunday and in the UK (although would mean a number of gigs in a row). Thoughts? Cheeky Pink Floyd reunion for the 50th is certainly a surprise
  9. Daft Punk 2020 Chic 2017 was pretty special
  10. O'Doyle Rules

    2020 headliners

    Fri - Kendrick Sat - Taylor Swift Sun - Fleetwood Mac
  11. Where is the best cocktail bar in your view? I remember having a great Bloody Mary in the circus fields 2017.
  12. 10th Glastonbury and first volunteering so excited to do it different. Will be on the Oxfam bus 12pm Monday from Bristol - perfect reason to tin off I think! Beers on Monday?
  13. O'Doyle Rules

    Roger Waters

    IT’S A SIGN. Very impressive last night in London
  14. 2 standing tickets can't go anymore! Will take £100 for two (covers the booking fees etc)
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