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  1. Exile is a choooonnnnnn.
  2. They were excellent
  3. Say what you want about Coldplay - they’re great live and it’s always good to see a band who love Glastonbury
  4. I’m in tears watching this - when the world was a better place
  5. It’s so weird. He almost seems other worldly - a true icon
  6. Someone at the top of his game and having the best time
  7. Is anyone else feeling teary watching this?
  8. Heavy weekend on the beers and tears at Bowie, but just need to say - Glastonbury is the most special place in the world. It’s quite hard to describe to people just how much that place means to me.
  9. It doesn’t get much better than this
  10. Walking in the snow is literally insane.
  11. Kendrick Lamar on the pyramid during this whole situation would have been biblical
  12. One of the must underrated acts out there - would love them to be back next year.
  13. Online dating is going to explode when we're let loose again - there are lots of lovely people out there ready for you to focus your feelings on!
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