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  1. Where is the best cocktail bar in your view? I remember having a great Bloody Mary in the circus fields 2017.
  2. 10th Glastonbury and first volunteering so excited to do it different. Will be on the Oxfam bus 12pm Monday from Bristol - perfect reason to tin off I think! Beers on Monday?
  3. O'Doyle Rules

    Roger Waters

    IT’S A SIGN. Very impressive last night in London
  4. I happened to be the annoying man who started the Corbyn chant during Radiohead. My strong and stable ones went down like a lead balloon.
  5. When does registration open? Sometime November 2018....
  6. Started establishing strong relationships with those who may prove useful come ticket day...
  7. Friend walking back spangled at 6am Something about this just makes me happy
  8. If the three blokes who adopted a 26 year old during the gig are on efestivals, that was me and say hi!
  9. Yeah, that's why I don't think baking hot is good festival weather. If you get in at 4am/5am, you're then forced awake by 7am It's dangerous re sunstroke There is no shade 21 degrees cloudy please!
  10. O'Doyle Rules


    My god if they play all the bangers....doesn't get better for dance music
  11. O'Doyle Rules


    Haha seems like a dream? The Blues hit me today massively
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