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  1. It’s arguably their best single tbf.
  2. Had a toastie which was clearly a Tesco £1 big pack of ham + sliced cheese. Absolutely hit the spot.
  3. Fri - Arctic Monkeys Sat - Elton Sun - Swifty Run the Jewels will headline other against Elton or Swifty. Source: myself + points for showing own workings
  4. Queues for coffee and showers (for men) we’re a joke. However, the easy entry and not having to put up a tent were worth £150 each tbh.
  5. Hi all, After each festival I get the fear that it may be my last for a while following a difficult ticket day. I’ve been nearly every year since I started going - usually trying to get involved in as many groups as possible and trying furiously on the day. Do other regulars think, with a bit of determination and planning, that getting a ticket is a reasonable probability? I can’t help but feel next year will be the quickest sellout year due to massive media coverage of this year’s festival. However, there are a lot of regulars here so I wonder if there is a common theme why everyone is relatively successful. Best!
  6. 10th one this year and the Glasto blues seem to have hit me much harder than usual. Not sure if it was just being that happy for a week (including the buildup) after a rough few years during the pandemic. Anyone else feel same? Any tips on how to manage them? I find it quite hard to describe to others how a festival can make you cry about normal life when you come back, but it certainly seems like some form of medical conditions 🤣
  7. O'Doyle Rules

    Best Bars

    What are your favourite bars at Glastonbury and why? Near pyramid in 2019 I found a tent playing Irish music after the Cure but have no idea where exactly!
  8. Hi all, I am staying at Worthy View this year. My friends who were originally driving from London have a wedding on the weekend before in Wales so will be staying out west. What is the best/easiest way to get to worthy view if not driving? My plan was to get a train Tuesday morning and stay in an air bnb close by and have a pre-booked taxi take me to worthy view weds morning. Is there a town nearby which means any car doesn’t need to drive around the site (and avoid the traffic)? thanks!
  9. Just saw Foals live. I haven’t been this happy in 18 months. I love every single thing about live music. The friends you make, the “I’m to old too old to be in this moshpit”, the terrible toilets. And Foals played Neptune ❤️ After the most horrible 18 months I felt like crying with joy just seeing everyone happy. Sorry for soppy post but it’s just great
  10. Exile is a choooonnnnnn.
  11. They were excellent
  12. Say what you want about Coldplay - they’re great live and it’s always good to see a band who love Glastonbury
  13. I’m in tears watching this - when the world was a better place
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