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  1. Israel.. Avalon isn't your typical Hebrew name😊
  2. While my partner was pregnant we called our now-newborn son Avalon. I really think that could have been a nice name for him but it would be weird to call him Avalon where we live.
  3. And most of the setlist too, usually πŸ™‚ If only I was living in England..
  4. e2p2

    The National

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Congrats!!
  5. I ordered on June 18th and got an email that the items have shipped on June 26th. Still nothing. I sent an email to Sandbag yesterday and they replied today, saying that I should contact them after 40 working/business days so here's hoping.
  6. e2p2

    BBC Glastonbury

    It is a UK VPN and I can watch whatever I want but not the live stream.. I mean I can search for the LCD Soundsystem video and watch it but I cant watch it via the "live" channel.
  7. e2p2

    BBC Glastonbury

    Does anybody have an idea why I can watch Iplayer's on-demand videos but I cant watch stuff live? I get this error message: This content doesn't seem to be working. Please try again later. Im using a VPN before logging into BBC.
  8. e2p2

    Virtual Meet

    I'm ok with that too. Sorry I haven't got too much involved in the conversation but I had a great time listening and drinking 😁
  9. Great thread. I dont really know what's going on in the UK and if or how this late lockdown is enforced, but here we're at a semi-lockdown for almost two weeks. The tips you guys wrote are great - have a routine/structure of day, exercise, learn and re-learn stuff and more but please, find time to speak or text your friends and family members. Not everyone can handle the stuff thats going on right now, or think of how to make a plan for the foreseen future.
  10. I think the point was to get into the festival site, wasn't it? Anyway that's awesome, thank you very much! Mixing 90s quests and Glastonbury deserve much praise πŸ€“
  11. I see that you made a big progress from last year. Awesome!!
  12. try inserting this in the search bar and press enter: spotify:playlist:7AErSPO2kyq6V0yskhkiJN
  13. Archive will tear the Barn down. I expect Kiwanuka and Wilco to be special too.
  14. Great additions today, the lineup looks terrific!
  15. There's no info on shuttles for 2020 yet. Last summer they were quick, no waiting times and no issues at all. The only problem was that the info came out only a few days before the festival.
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