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  1. Spotted these guys again, they aren't Royal Blood for sure, sorry about that.
  2. I think I talked to one guy from Royal Blood in the queues to the flight to Brussels (I didn't ask..). If that's them, he told me he think they are playing tomorrow in Werchter but I look for their tour and it said that they're supposed to play in Poland tomorrow. Anyway, I looked in RW website for the pictures of everyone that plays tomorrow but none of them looked like the guys I spoke to. edit:can't get rid of the emoji😎
  3. I teached my 2 years old kid his first words in English - hello and thank you. Hopefully he'll be a charmer in English too.
  4. So where is it exactly? Never drove to East CV before.
  5. I just don't get it. I hired a campervan. I want to get to East Campervan on Tuesday. According to the email See sent, I can't do it.
  6. These are great tips guys, thanks!! 2. Yeah it was your topic I was referring to because I read it and wonder why no one just says use Waze or Google Maps.
  7. Thanks a lot! Regarding the imperial system - that's good to know, I know the height (it's 3 meters) and I didn't think it might be a problem so that's an important heads up. These 10L bottles can be found in a supermarket or only in a designated camping stores? 5 trips are time consuming but there's no way I'm lifting more than 2 10L bottles🙃
  8. Hi there, we are a couple coming from abroad with a 2 years old kid (that's a first) and we're hiring a Motorhome from a place near heathrow Airport. We've been before in East CV Quiet when we hired a pre-delivered caravan so this time will be my first driving to the site and sadly we only manage to get tickets to East CV (not Quiet). I have a few questions: 1. In order to be parked as close as possible to gate C, is Tuesday arrival better than Wednesday? 2. What navigation app are you using in England for driving? I see posts that people advice other people to drive in that road or the other, is there a reason for not using an app? 3. How do you fill water in the tank in the Motorhome? When we hired a caravan there was a rolling water tank outside of the caravan. According to the pictures I saw, in the Motorhome it looks like its inside the Motorhome and not rolling at all 🙂 4. ...Which leads me to ask where can I fill the water tank with ease before arriving to the festival site? 5. Is it allowed to park the Motorhome in regular car parking spots? I don't mean for overnight sleeping - if we want a stop at the supermarket or for a coffee. 6. Any recommendations on where to stop on the way to the festival for essentials (beers, nappies, etc)? After we pick up the Motorhome we drive to Redhill, Surrey to pick up a stroller we rented and only then we go to the festival. 7. Witnessing with horror the amount of Motorhomes waiting for tractor to bail them out in 2016, I took an extra day after the festival before our flight home. Of course the weather will be glorious (🙃) so we'll have time to travel on the Monday after. Any recommendations where to stop on the way back to London for a hike or a view? I'm also looking for a recommendation for where to camp\sleep with the Motorhome near London for the night, so I can easily return the Motorhome on Tuesday morning. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  9. e2p2

    Secret sets 2022

    Regarding Florence, Rock Werchter announced today that they are merging two 1-day festivals into 1 day XL festival, making Florence a (huge) tent headliner instead of a headlining a day of her own and as a result she's playing Saturday instead of Sunday.
  10. OPENING TIMES: The Kidzfield is the place to be for 12‘s and under at Glastonbury. We are open 12:00 19:00pm on Thursday and 9:00 – 19:00pm on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Source: https://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/kidz-field/
  11. e2p2

    Surprise Ideas

    I can't think of an idea but I'm sorry for your loss. Im sure it'll be emotional and a special one for you two.
  12. Daft Punk 58Depeche Mode 70The Strokes 52Led Zeppelin 59Eminem 43Elton John 100The Stone Roses 39Rihanna 55Red Hot Chilli Peppers 40Rage Against the Machine 62 Green Day 55The Weeknd 50P!nk 30 Pearl Jam 99 (+10) Talking Heads 77AC/DC 34Kate Bush 70Taylor Swift 100Nick Cave 70Dua Lipa 76The Jam 60Lady Gaga 65
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