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  1. Can't see them on Glastonbury. 2014 and 2018 Euro tours were announced early December.
  2. It depends on when they plan to start announcing acts. They'll probably tease an announcement soon. Many efesters went over there so there's plenty of information for you here.
  3. So how was the 2nd set of the National? I was hoping to see more gems in the setlist but after all it was Studio Brussels audience that vote for the setlist if I understood correctly. Great setlist either way.
  4. I remember some topics that were looking like monologs for a couple of years and today they are have dozens of pages. Keep up the good work!!
  5. Sorry for your loss. Will raise one tonight
  6. Finally home after 3 weeks of traveling In Europe, from Glastonbury until Mad Cool. I'm a wreck 😎 I had a great time in MC, it was much more spaced thanks to the lower ticket sales AND the fact that there were no VIP areas near the main stages which free up much space. Everything was running smooth as there were more workers and less people on site. Sound was amazing as it was last year. Foxing, Tash Sultana, Twilight Sad, The National, Vempire Weekend and Bon Iver were the standouts for me, while I didn't enjoy Cat Power as much as I hoped. Lauryn Hill was a disgrace but I should have read about it on the Glastonbury thread. I left for Foxing in the moment she got to the stage. 30 minutes of dj nonesense! The transport shuttles back were smooth at any time but it was very annoying to get the information from them two days before the festival. I had a hotel reservation based on last year's transportation and saw the info at the last minute so I switched to a hotel near the shuttle bus station just before I couldn't cancel the first one.
  7. I forgot, if anyone wants I have a token for a free ride to a couple I got with the FNAC pack. I know it's late but if anyone interested PM me.
  8. Stella Donnely at the Crow's Nest was such a revelation. I was familiar with some songs but she was awesome and she stayed there to chat after the show. Also, Michael Kiwanuka blew me away but I knew that the potential was there.
  9. I was really happy with the National. Yeah I hoped Justin Vernon will hop on for a song or two or Sharon Van Etten will Join for I Need My Girl and also wanted some more unique songs BUT - the crowd around me was well into it and engaged, the most I have seen for their show in a festival. Matt was great and everyone played so tight. I was also surprised for having Gail Ann Dorsey and Lisa Hannigan along with Mina Tindle as I thought that they probably wouldn't be available.
  10. If you have a wristband, you enter with no queues right now. If you don't have a wristband go to a tent called pulseras, queues right now are about 7 minutes.
  11. There are water scattered around with signs for them, but there's no big water container structure with many taps like last year so it was hard to notice them at first. There are machines that sells cigarettes.
  12. That's the price list for the main bars
  13. It's pretty empty in here.. They scanned my mobile ticket, hopefully it will work tomorrow too as I didn't got my wristband in time and I don't really have a formal e-ticket. I also got in with no queues but I got in around 20:15 Water cost 2.5€, Bring extra lids as they take yours! It's going to be very hot for the next days. Small beer (they claim it's 0.5L) cost 5, big one (they claim its 1L) cost 10. Additional 1 Euro for the cup itself if you're not reusing it. I didn't bother with other stuff yet, sorry.
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