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  1. e2p2

    Bilbao BBK Live 2019

    There's no way that 3 big Spanish festival will be able to book an entirely different poster in the exact same weekend, so some of the names will play in 2 of them. Together with Nos Alive every one of these Spanish festivals can have a partner to help booking artists together. I dont know what is the size of Doctor Music but BBK Bilbao has a 40k daily capacity which is a only bit more than half the size of Mad Cool so I guess lineup-wise they cant really compete with MC, but operating together with MC may give them the edge over Doctor Music.
  2. e2p2

    2019 Headliners

    The dream is still alive:
  3. e2p2

    Firenze Rocks 2019

    From the website I see that they have 'Posto Unico' and 'Pit1' tickets or a vip package that costs as 4 Pit1 tickets. My nieces have Pit1 tickets and I guess it's the "golden circle" you are talking about. I also thought about going there in 2017 for the Eddie Vedder day but when I manage to get Glastonbury tickets in the resale I opted for his show in Taormina.
  4. e2p2

    Mad Cool 2019

    Well actually Slaves>Eels>Fleet Foxes>Tame Impala>Pearl Jam>Kasabian>MGMT. Terrible day
  5. e2p2

    Firenze Rocks 2019

    Thanx guys! @johnybegood can you share any tips for the festival/gig?
  6. e2p2

    Firenze Rocks 2019

    Thanx guys! @johnybegood can you share any for the festival/gig?
  7. e2p2

    Firenze Rocks 2019

    So apparently 2 nieces who will be 18 and 16 years old are going by themselves for the Ed Sheeran day. How is the transportation back to the city after the shows? Is this festival safe for 2 teenagers girls going by themselves? Is there anything to do there, besides the music?
  8. e2p2

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

    I don't understand how this top songs feature works. Last.fm has a different story, although those 5 artists are definitely the ones I heard the most this year.
  9. e2p2

    Spotify Wrapped 2018

    Double post.
  10. e2p2

    Primavera Sound 2019

    Freshness, just like music, means something different for different people. Last time Arcade Fire played at Primavera they played only 2 songs from their forthcoming album on both of their sets, same 2 songs ofc. Is it fresh? I don't think so. On the other hand, last time I saw the National half the set were songs from their forthcoming album (with one song I already heard before) so it was fresh enough but very disappointing for me. That same album turned out to be album of the year for me but I wish I saw them after that, when Im familiar with the songs. There's also a different feel to a set when a band doesn't feel oblige to play their recent output, especially when most of the bands doesnt tend to mix their setlist enough during a tour.
  11. e2p2

    NOS Alive 2019

    Sharon Van Etten is a great addition!! First single from her new album may imply she's heading into a new direction but it's good nonetheless.
  12. e2p2

    Southside / Hurricane 2019

    Yeah, they have a history of bad weather. 20 minutes is quite an overlap, especially when the sets are 90 minutes long but I guess the Cure and the Foos will play at least 120 minutes set. How far those stages are from each other?
  13. e2p2

    Primavera Sound 2019

    A strong and diverse undercard as always but I can understand why people are disappointed with the top names. It's a funny thought but if the top names were replaced by the current Mad Cool top names, I think people would have accept it much better (I know that the National headlined last year and Bon Iver not so long etc, but you get the idea).
  14. e2p2

    Southside / Hurricane 2019

    Thanx! Actually I'm more interested with the concept and setup than actually going over there as the other days are much less interesting for me. I do hope to find a festival on either side of Glastonbury so I'll keep an eye on that one.
  15. e2p2

    Southside / Hurricane 2019

    I've never been to one of these before but if the clashfinder I found are correct, it's not looking like mainstage 1 & mainstage 2 setup because there is an overlap. Is this true? So this means the Cure headlining a second stage?