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  1. We still love you! Everytime I need some random cheering I'm scrolling to one of the 'favourite Glastonbury photos /videos / misheard' threads and it doing the job for me plus it give me some proper excitement.
  2. e2p2

    Sziget 2019

    You aren't in your 30's anymore, take care of them bones 😉
  3. e2p2

    NOS Alive 2019

    Right, but without dimi confirming it. People here (myself included) still had hopes for Nos/MC or MC separate event. And regarding what you wrote in the RW thread, dimi confirmed he's not playing RW too.
  4. e2p2

    NOS Alive 2019

    Last update from dimi in the PJ board is that London show is the end of the tour. So sadly, no Nos/Mad Cool shows (https://community.pearljam.com/discussion/279077/eddie-vedder-eu-tour-2019/p16)
  5. It will be the first edition since the 90s..
  6. e2p2

    Rock Werchter 2019

    If Thom Yorke will play the Barn, he'll play opposite to the Mainstage sub end and the Slope headliner. He'll end when Muse set begin (or a few minutes overlap at most), take a look at previous clashfinders.
  7. e2p2

    NOS Alive 2019

    Great addition! Check Spirit Bird and Follow the Sun.
  8. e2p2

    Rock Werchter 2019

    It looks like Werchter has a great undercard once again and the tents looks awesome already! I'm a bit surprised there is no Slope artists yet. Surely it will keep going?
  9. e2p2

    Mad Cool 2019

    My take is that's a separate event (maybe with a discount for those who already have tickets to the festival) with only one or two stages. This can give them an opportunity to sign a band from another spanish festival or have a go at someone who became free on that day. In addition, it may also be an opportunity to test all their systems with a smaller scale before the first day of the festival to avoid what happen on day1 in 2018 edition.
  10. e2p2

    Coachella 2019

    How can you even compare those festivals? Shaky Knees has about 40k capacity (and in Atlanta, Georgia) while Coachella is about 3 times bigger, spreading on two weekends and located in California, more than 3000 km away.
  11. e2p2

    Mad Cool 2019

    According to this tweet, the Smashing Pumpkins are co-headlining with the National. One co-headliner to be added to Thursday and maybe another one to the Saturday.
  12. e2p2

    Mad Cool 2019

    Because on another forum someone who works for Mad Cool said that there will be announcement before Xmas. So basically if that's true, most likely that today will be a teaser and tomorrow the announcement.
  13. e2p2

    Doctor Music

    It's probably old and in Spanish but Google translate it OK. Public transport can't be worse than 97... Old map of the festival ground is in there too https://doctormusicfestival.com/festival97/html/s_info__escalarre_.html
  14. e2p2


    I can't help with the flying from UK stuff but I can recommend visiting Cefalu if you are around. You'll probably need a car because public transportation isn't ideal there.
  15. e2p2

    Acts Touring Around Glastonbury 2019

    Actually, so far they're the biggest name they have by far and also the performance was billed as exclusive in the Iberian Peninsula so probably big money was thrown.