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  1. The new PT album was released a couple of weeks ago and their tour ends in November (plus Steven Wilson is finishing up work on his new solo album). The odds are not in our favour... Sigur Ros are working on a new album but their world tour also ends in November. Hopefully they'll tour again in '23 with the new material. As for Puscifer, Keenan has hinted new things coming but it might just be more remixes. They are on tour in US now.
  2. Sigur Ros, Porcupine Tree and Puscifer would be awesome for the Barn! Together with Archive, The Smile and Madrugada. Those names would get me more excited than most potential headliners.
  3. Thom Yorke mentioned during their concert in Amsterdam that they are already working on a second The Smile record. I was looking for a video of it to share here and I found this (at 25''): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dVtm2OHG6xg&ab_channel=Karin%26Tommy So probably we'll see more of The Smile in '23 but sadly no Radiohead!
  4. It may work well at Graspop but a main reason is that it concerns fans of a specific music genre (with its variations) so people tend to move much less (for example I spent 80% of the time in Marquee). RW is different and much more diverse and moving around to different stages is part of the experience. In addition, although I had a great time at Graspop, the few times that I went to the main stages it wasn't as pleasant as in RW. It was either too packed if I wanted to be relatively close (cause everyone moves left or right to have visual contact so the space becomes more narrow) or it wasn't that nice at the back if you wanted to lie down and enjoy with a few beers. But ok for a metal festival maybe that's not too important.
  5. Yeah...it was intentional...wishful thinking 😂. Looking back though, there was no other Saturday as bad as this year's in that regard. It was a mixed situation at least. So there is hope!
  6. Is this certain or an educated guess based on new music coming? They could definitely get a nice spot in the Barn!
  7. I was hoping for an extension of the "Fear Inoculum" tour but you are probably right.
  8. Considering who played this year, earlier comments, cancelled appearances, rumours (e.g. Blur reunion), almost impossible ones (Radiohead, AC/DC, etc.), I'd be happy with something like this: Thu: Blur // Eddie Vedder (w. Glen Hansard) // Foals // The Brian Jonestown Massacre Fri: TOOL // QOTSA // NIN // Mastodon Sat: Massive Attack // The Strokes // Thom Yorke or The Smile // Interpol Sun: RATM // SOAD // Dropkick Murphys or Alestorm // Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats // All Them Witches
  9. As much as I'd love to see Radiohead (one of my favorite bands) in RW again, I don't see it happening in '23 unfortunately. They were supposed to tour in '21 but I don't know if they still fancy playing together at this point. Maybe it's unrelated, maybe they are just taking a longer break than usual but the formation of The Smile confused me a bit tbh, because from a music style perspective "A light for attracting attention" could have been a Radiohead album. In any case, there is very little time between the end of The Smile tour (22 Dec) and RW '23 for such a big band to prepare for a new tour I think. I really hope I'm wrong! However, I do expect Thom Yorke to be there with one of his projects. Same with Damon Albarn. And if they are both there in any shape or form, I'll be happy!
  10. I agree! I was mostly referring to the many "IFs" involved for such a lineup to be formed. Will Radiohead get back together and tour (with The Smile being on tour till the end of '22)? Same for Blur. Will The Strokes accept to be the sub? But one can dream...
  11. Too good to become true but yes please!!!
  12. I think I 'll take a break from Jupiler for the rest of the year, I had enough 😂. Until June '23 I'll go back to my favourite - less watery - "beverages"! Btw...for whoever might be interested in numbers, here you go: https://press.rockwerchter.be/rock-werchter-2022-all-is-well-in-our-happy-place-x5wiv3 Same attendance as every year with 88.000 per day. I agree that it felt a bit more crowded than previous years (even so, I still found it very comfortable compared to other festivals) but I think this was mostly due to the program (and the aftermath of Corona). In previous editions, apart from the strong headliners on the main, there was a stronger lineup for the other stages which would result in a more even spread of people. Hopefully there won't be an Encore fest attempt next year or a day with a lack of diversity on the lineup like last Saturday.
  13. We just got back to our camp discussing that we already can’t wait for next year! So nice to have these moments back in our lives! As always we had a blast! RW is the only festival we buy tickets for each year before knowing the lineup… Till the first announcement for 2023, happy summer everyone!!!
  14. I don’t think that RW would have posted that if they didn’t have a confirmation from the band. I take it as “show is on” 😉
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