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  1. Get that shit published. 😂 I'm lovin' it.
  2. I think we can categorically state this is the best album released in the last two weeks.
  3. Correct. 5 times across America, put on two pounds.
  4. Explaining why this absolute banger never gets airing. Shame. It's in my top ten. https://www.nme.com/news/music/the-nationals-matt-berninger-and-phoebe-bridges-reveal-the-songs-they-hate-performing-2717851
  5. Can't see anything other than Trump winning.
  6. Admissions and therefore deaths will be lagging a couple of weeks behind unfortunately...
  7. Superscally

    Taylor Swift

    I'm only responding to notifications that I've been quoted in. If you hadn't quoted me, I wouldn't have been in here to see the response and I wouldn't be replying to you. I haven't got a strong bone to pick with her music. That would only happen if it was really bad or offensive, not beige. Exile, Epiphany, Mirrorball, worthy of a second listen. The rest is pretty average.
  8. Superscally

    Taylor Swift

    You make out like she was crafting classic albums left, right and centre then. Nope.
  9. Our business is completely cashless. pre-COVID too.
  10. Superscally

    Nick Cave

  11. Superscally

    Glasto Vlogs

    Exactly. 99% of Glasto vlogs are made by the people who annoy you there.
  12. Superscally

    Taylor Swift

    I've read a couple of pieces. I'm not bothered enough to bother again. It's a fairly decent album. That's all. Sounds like a fun collab. Dessner was the musical driving force, Swift had the ideas. Fair shits to em both.
  13. Superscally

    Taylor Swift

    Not me doing it. Dessner himself said he wrote it all from voice memos.
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