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  1. Superscally

    2020 headliners

    A twitch on a flatline is not a sign of life. 😁 Edit: I'm no Kasabian hater either. First three albums all decent then a steep drop off the plateau i.m.o
  2. Superscally

    2020 headliners

    They're in rapid decline when it comes to quality...
  3. The best thing is, everyone is speculating who you mean! 😃
  4. What if Nick Cave, the National and Beans on Toast headlined?
  5. The only reason we spend so much time debating this festival to the nth degree is that it isn't just a gig. It's a way of life for many, a focal point of the years for many times more. It also has a fairly unique ethos and is a force for good in many ways. I don't think it's a quantum leap to suggest we could be a bit different and maybe even useful in the ticket buying process. I do get your point and respect it, but just think (personally) that this would be cool as a "thing". I think I love you.
  6. Superscally

    2020 headliners

    Bless you my child. 🥰😘
  7. Again Dan, that wasn't my intention. Yes there is a benefit, or if you made it a lottery, a potential benefit, for those involved. However, from what was a throwaway comment from a pal that I put on here for discussion, it's changed to something that isn't a compulsory thing, but merely an alternative path for those who cared enough to pursue. Hopefully there won't be any more confusion. I wouldn't want organisations to pay for the ticket either, that'd still be on the punter, so it wouldn't be a burden. All it is, is another route, like competitions, but with a positive effect that would hopefully inspire beyond the week on the farm.
  8. That wasn't the intention. If you actually read the thread you'll realise it stemmed from a suggestion that could be an incentive to get people to engage positively in the community. The initial way it was put to me that I thought on face value was a cool idea wasn't workable, as some pointed out, but it's not much different to the system that exists for stewarding, but the work is done before the festival, to allow appropriate charities to benefit, but allow you to do the whole festival. There's nothing wrong with that idea at all apart from the fact that some people have got in into their head that this is some sly scheme. Yes, charity work would be better if everyone did it for nothing, but a miniscule proportion of the population do that. There is nothing wrong with a means to encourage a few more. Because people are so focussed on the original wording which was typed as a suggestion for discussion, before comments deteriorated into those that say a lot more about the people who made them than they realise, I've reworded it to one that takes into account the good suggestions that were made by those who were able to articulate properly...
  9. Superscally

    2020 headliners

    Slipknot have come out and said they wanted to play...
  10. My first post was just repeating a suggestion which I thought sounded good, but for some of the reasons pointed out, I was able to see why aspects wouldn't work. A partial implementation would definitely be doable and be workable, so I don't mind that staying out there and respect other people's opinion why they wouldn't be keen, but yeah, I still (and I'm sure others) feel like it has merit. I didn't take that personally, but there was a lot of snideness and overbearing responses from some people that I felt I have right to take umbrage with. You weren't one. I don't mind people disagreeing with me, just when they're a dick at the same time, they can do one.
  11. That wasn't my intention at all. Chuggers get paid to help charities. They contribute immensely to charities' budgets. They also expose a large number of people who do it to the resultant work of the charities. Are they a bad thing? No. Would it be better if they did it for free? Probably. This is a way that the festival linked charities could be helped for a fair reward. Maybe I'm being over sensitive on this, but I'm genuinely disappointed with some of the comments on here. I'm not saying it does make anyone more "worthy", but it would be a nice reward for those who did work in advance of the festival, maybe more hours than stewarding to help the charities concerned. For those who say you can steward, yes, you can and I found it a great experience, but it is a different expereince. Some prefer it, some dont. I really don't understand why people are so against the "tweaked" idea. Can't be arsed arguing anymore. I feel like Theresa May...
  12. Some great points, but I still feel, managed well it could be a real positive thing if done in the right amount. Organisations that Glasto favour, put in the hours, get rewarded twofold. It wouldn't be a competitive thing. Limited amount of places say, had to sign up before ticket day. Can't see how it wouldn't be for the good of the world.
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