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  1. Dunes are evil. There is a technique to running them well. I didn't master it. 😂
  2. Definitely not insignificant! Someone's got to do the crazy shit. This was my turn 😂 Awesome - if you're at the expo, I'm talking at 1040 on Saturday! Good luck Lol, I'm a vet! 😂 The sand was a killer. At least 50% slower on the dunes. Sounds like a good un! NFRNFC
  3. Sounds a plan! Get out and get some vitamin D in ya while we have the chance!
  4. Give it a week off, physio if no better. Hope it's a tweak!
  5. Oops sorry man, missed your comment, thanks... I think! 😂😂😂
  6. That's bloody great! Never let anyone make you feel bad about whatever efforts you make...
  7. That was ace. Same again if resales are kind.
  8. @Quark @Woffy @The Clearest Blue @SwedgeAntilles Thank you for the kind and amusing words. Glad to be back, in solid training for my F5 finger and watching my toenails look more and more precarious! I have not long finished a loooong blog (befitting, I guess) detailing my experiences. Maybe a longer read, so grab an orange Club and a cup of tea. Can be found at www.goingthedistancerun.com and if anyone is entertained, you can donate to my causes, the WWF and Peace Direct (as well as find out about their work there). Not expecting a pound a mile, but not refusing if anyone is really drunk/excited. Cheers guys. Waiting for @Woffy to continue his BEASTMODE so he can take up the torch 😉
  9. Fuckssake people are fucking lazy. Oh well, after Brexit we'll be so poor people can blow up their own or sleep on the deck.
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