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  1. Ah thought people were on about Liverpool Rock and Roll
  2. Just gutted I'm not running. Ridiculous decision from organisers to cancel future editions and give no warning. Still not sold out and would have easily done if they'd given 4 month's notice that it was the last one.
  3. Ha cheers! 😍 Thanks matey! Yeah, it got a bit...elongated! Hope your shop had the book! Been a problem with the Waterstones ones apparently, think it's part of the whole delivery/lack of drivers farce we have at the mo... 🤣😄 Hope you had a nice afternoon together!
  4. Gotta abide by that code man! Besides - I think you're ace.
  5. Is this a good thing? 😬
  6. Oh man, since my exertions at the weekend and 46h straight awake with no "enhancers" at the age of 43, I'm there too. Had to summon all my brainpower to write that last night, but knew I had to, cos I couldn't leave you hanging!
  7. I feel this post abides by the eFests code. 🙂
  8. Ah Yog! Not even remotely directed at you, or anyone in particular - if anything, it was probably at me, when I've vented or gotten something wrong. So sorry that this post had you questioning owt - twas merely a light-hearted joke intended to raise a knowing giggle from all who recognised that they've probably been a muppet on here at one time or another (i.e. most of us regulars). Didn't mean to leave the equivalent of a flaming bag of poo in your front step! Hope you're grand mate x This! Thanks for pouring a pan of water on the poo bag 😍
  9. No likes? No upvotes? Scoundrels. Reckon you need to post this in the main forum mate. What do you mean this isn't a direct message? Ah shi... 😜😘 😍 That's what we're talking about!! Ha! Was a celebration of the Gump run, with the idea to run until I was pretty tired and I'd go home. That happened after 42 hours without sleep!! I tagged a fundraiser on afterwards as a few people asked if I was and I thought "why not?" For my USA heroes, Peace Direct and the WWF. https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?pageId=1321110 (If anyone won the Euromillions tonight, or found 50p in an old jacket) My feeling when I saw the hill at Sutton Manor... Some Strava fun:
  10. The eFests code: "Try your best not to be a c**t and if you do, back down when it becomes obvious you have been. At all other times, be sound."
  11. My weekend, if anyone fancies coming along for any of it. They're parkruns, by the way!
  12. Well done @Greenelk and @JoeyT! Rest up and be proud!
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