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  1. Where has the insanity of the Libertines come from????
  2. Idles or Fontaines to step up?
  3. Hopefully means you can go to Baggy Mondays and get out again for a wee.
  4. Yeah, but being a diva is a dick move.
  5. I thought she was very rude. Treated that makeup artist with a complete lack of respect. Film great though.
  6. I came up with a good way to do my running at the fest and not do myself in on the way in. I'll prob do the Thursday run, will do one of my own on Weds and I'm going to have a running bag and run to and from the car a few times on Friday in one hit, carrying a few bits each time. Final drop off then up to Greenpeace for a shower. I'm not naive enough to predict a Saturday or Sunday run.
  7. Two tickets for the tiny Killers gig in Sheffield this coming Tuesday. £160 the pair (just less than face value) - drop me a message x
  8. So you're saying there's a chance...? 🤣
  9. Would satisfy my OCD for sure. Was basically asking as saw the new Nick Cave film last night and it was ace. Think them headlining the Park would be magical, but too small for em. Don't see em on the Other Stage for some reason, WH ain't that vibe and while I'd be chuffed if they headliner El Pointo, would be a very bold (but correct 😉) call by the festival...
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