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  1. Surely can't have drones above a crowd
  2. That was a lot of fun. A great subplot and a worthy winner. I was feeling a bit sad to see you arrive just as the house had burned to the ground 🥺. See you there my mate xxx
  3. Out of upvotes...or should that be downvotes?
  4. The KLF is all that matters
  5. Me too, but without the Chinese!! However, it was one of those bullshit ones where its clearly marginal...
  6. He was offside dude. I'm a Scots loving Scouser and was desperate for Robbo to go through. I thought it was a pen at full speed, then saw the reply and thought he'd pulled the Hungarian lad into him, so no pen, but then saw the knee in his leg...pen. Then there was a fair bit of chatter about the initial pass. Looks off, just about and that has to be the only logical explanation.
  7. We didn't have enough points. If we were on 240, it would have been anyone's game. What would have made it tactically super interesting and something that could be done in the future is like a playoffs system. The final four all get reset to 400 points and it's minus only.
  8. Nah, there was a definite "Get the National" vibe from the Justice crew - the only band that got negatively talked about from one side. If we'd have gone for Fontaines, we'd have been dead in the water and Justice would have won. Besides, I'm happy with Fontaines winning as they were my number 2 choice once IDLES went. My vote was true, as always. P.s. I also like Justice. The two worst clashes of the weekend for me have all been name checked in this post. All just a laugh, innit.
  9. We take the joy from sadness just like our lads! You can't hurt us now! Happy with third, full on Mr November with second!
  10. The big news is WE HAVE A SILVER MEDALLIST! "Goldfishboy! Rwoo! Canwerest! Mcbain! Crazyfool! Clasher! Crumbler! MikeA - can you hear me, MikeA! Your boys took one hell of a beating! Your boys took one hell of a beating!" 😘😍👌🥰
  11. IT'S MINUS MONDAY, no plus voting (please copy to each post so people know The National 1 Fontaines D.C 100
  12. Fontaines are on 110 by the way @Charliehmillermust have posted at same time. IT'S MINUS MONDAY, no plus voting (please copy to each post so people know The National 1 Fontaines D.C 110
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