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  1. Pretty sure tier 3 is no meeting anywhere...
  2. Yep. I was just asking if Neil and his mam were in a support bubble, as if they lived a way away, she may have someone else doing that job and you can only have one. Sure they won't be cancelling dude, they'll be desperate for the Christmas trade. As for the house moving, you'd have a decent excuse for essential travel I'd say...
  3. I'm confused dude, you can't visit tier 3 and mix with other households. Are you your mum's support bubble? If not, Xmas dinner in pub not allowed either if you were in a tier 3 area, or if a person is from there... Not telling you what to do, by the way...
  4. You also don't see him break the seal on the test. May very well have swabbed himself...
  5. He was that far behind last time. Trump has got this sewn up. Don't believe the hype that Biden's got him on the run that you see in the media. It was the same here and in the States last time with Hillary. I was in the States, albeit in the South and trust me, the result was never in doubt. There was genuine surprise that there was a "surprise" for Democrats...
  6. Hardest job in the world and both fellas are in retirement bracket. Should be a ceiling of first term must end at 65.
  7. I'm always open to optimism...I just wonder that if "legacy ruining" could be a factor in GFL thoughts. They'd hate to be labelled the pariah if an outbreak occurred...
  8. Which is why winter is gonna be such a bummer man. 😕
  9. Unfortunately my Glasto going high level PHE epidemiologist friend does not share TD's optimism...
  10. Attacked in numbers? One knobhead let a single firework off. Rules on the league win? The streets in Soho and Leicester Square were more packed than that every weekend. There were the same amount of people outside Elland Road too. Guess what - there was no spike after the title parties. Completely irrelevant bollocks to fit your narrative. Case numbers have also been far higher in Nottingham and Manchester and are equivalent now. Next.
  11. Well if it's as it is now, unless people want to self isolate for 14d before Glasto, it'd be pretty easy. You'd just have to show your flight arrival details on entry if the address on your ticket wasn't from the UK. Oxfam team on gate, refuse entry and refer to police on gate who then detain the offender if they arrived less than 14d ago.
  12. You are aware that it was a student gathering, right? Students from all around the country and the world. Even still, I'm not calling students the root of all evil.
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