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  1. Do Liverpool Rock and Roll half! Great day out.
  2. I've not been there yet, giving my Nike contacts a nudge to see if I can bagsie a pair...
  3. The Alphaflys have 100mile on the clock. I'd say I'd only ever consider them for a race where you've executed a four month training plan to perfection and the race is of supreme importance. Get some Pegasus turbos otherwise I'd say?
  4. What you getting Alphaflys for??
  5. Don't get me wrong, I can see no reason why he can't headline one day, just feel 2021 will come too soon...
  6. Lol no worries. All about context though. It was actually just in response to loads of previous one line bullshit statements about who or who wouldn't. It was pretty obvious that Stormzy was headlining at that point, hence my throwing him in specifically. With Dave however, I just can't see it. Doesn't have the wave that Stormzy had.
  7. Not me. Dave won't headline.
  8. Yep. That ground would be as bad as 2007 or worse if the fest was on. Water coming through tent doors, the lot.
  9. Dave isn't headlining next year. No way.
  10. Tyson Fury special guest on Pyramid before Macca
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