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  1. Ignore calories burned on any watch.
  2. It's pretty weird that you could get a number one and only really you, your parents and your mates might be arsed... That LadBaby shite? Jeezus. At least for a good cause I guess...
  3. @Woffy is inbound for a 100k soon!
  4. That microphone skin tone matching is something else ♥️
  5. You'll be fine I'd say. T cell responses and the anamnestic response where antibodies can be ramped up quickly, plus the fairly stable nature of coronaviruses (this new variant included) will mean you'd be unlucky to get it bad a second time...if at all.
  6. Lol me too 😂 ...I do have @vintagelaureate though.
  7. In my oscillating mood of swinging from high to deep, a pal with connections in the insurance industry told me they can't get insurance unless there are zero restrictions in place and they can test everyone. Not saying that won't happen, but I'm saying 5.2%
  8. My experience is that Reading is more piss tastic than Leeds...
  9. Not bothered about us, bothered about them.
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