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  1. Is a pie chart based on ethnicity OK?
  2. km9

    BBC2 9pm

    Although I couldn't possibly know, I'd imagine that this was not so much a factual statement, it was more of a way of giving the documentary a narrative arc. Problems in each decade solved.
  3. +3 for WH Lung. Camped near one of the guy's parents at latitude a few years ago and the dad put me on to a few of their tracks. Obviously went to see them play on a tiny little stage and they were absolutely brilliant. Already sound like a headline act.
  4. km9


    Also noticeable that some of the acts that I've heard about but not seen before looked totally out of their comfort zone. Alfie Templeman could be great one day, but he looks very awkward on stage. The polished acts stood out a mile. I'm a Foals fan but was disappointed with them.
  5. km9


    It seemed like a load of kids who had spent the week learning the words to the songs they were going to be singing along to at the weekend
  6. km9

    Vodka Infusion

    Obviously nobody is using Russian vodka...
  7. km9

    Formula 1

    No not that one, the Allo Allo one
  8. This thread and the shit thread keep you sane?? 😂
  9. With any luck you won't have to see Lewis. Keep your fingers crossed.
  10. This could definitely be true. I was meant to be km69 but I mistyped.
  11. No, just one motorhome ticket is fine.
  12. Similar here mate, but with added tour de France. Have a great week.
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