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  1. Back on topic though... unfortunately the government can't speak like that. Too many people NEED to be told exactly what they can and can't do.
  2. I wonder if the big gap before Bowie is to allow us to all get over the shuddering disappointment of George Ezra?
  3. I was thinking that this was unlikely, being that she would have been 17 years old, but looking at her career it could have happened.
  4. You will not miss out on a camping spot. I would recommend staying to the family area if you're taking kids, so worth waiting.
  5. km9

    Black Lives Matter

    It's been dragging on for ages mate, not your fault. Who knows though, maybe all of a sudden everyone will spontaneously accept that in online arguments, people are very unlikely to change their opinion and so will stop ranting at each other. I doubt it though.
  6. I would have thought that too
  7. km9

    Black Lives Matter

    You're my favourite person of the night
  8. km9

    Black Lives Matter

    Thanks mate
  9. km9

    Black Lives Matter

    Is this code?
  10. km9

    Black Lives Matter

    Why kick this off again?
  11. Jumping in to this late, but hopefully I can help anybody still suffering like I was. Some history, I've suffered with a bad back since my 20s (I'm now 41), and was diagnosed with a slipped disc about 3 years ago (no coincidence that we had just had a baby). It gradually eased with use of naproxen, but came back a little while after my wife had our last baby (just over a year ago). I had a feeling that my sofa wasn't helping, so started using a proper armchair (not a 3 piece suite chair, a solid wood chair). I can't describe how much better my back is now, it is almost as if I've never had a problem. My wife doesn't like the chair, it looks like we have an old person living in the house, but I remind her that without it, I pretty much WAS an old person.
  12. It's a meme so it doesn't have to make sense.
  13. km9

    Black Lives Matter

    I've run out of space in my head to get into a pointless online discussion about this, so hopefully this will convey how I feel.
  14. km9

    Steve Davis

    Struggled getting past the electronic church organ sound of the first tune. Does it get better? Couldn't tell whether it was a long jingle or he actually chose to open with that.
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