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  1. Why is that casual sexism? And I know we've moved on to saying it was Boris's casual sexism now. Happy to be educated by the way.
  2. Pretty standard latitude headliners really. I rarely watch a headliner there, usually getting warmed up for a dj in the woods at that time
  3. I wouldn't rule out isle of Wight Festival, but it is lacking in certain parts. People will defend it by saying that this tent or that tent was brilliant, but my group never really found anything other than the main stage and the big top worth spending time at. My memories of it are a long walk from the vastly overpriced CV field to the main arena, punctuated by stalls selling the usual stuff. There was very little by way of entertainment after the big top closed, and in fact I remember one night some guy was walking around with a sound system in a wheelbarrow, close to the camping areas.
  4. If that's the Annie Mac set in thinking of, she finished up with Toto and womack & womack. Was a highlight of mine. The bestival at Lulworth castle was fun but not in the same league.
  5. It's only around a week later, but I seem to remember that the early to mid September weekends at bestival were probably as late in the year as I would have been comfortable camping. I think that isle of Wight Festival has the potential of doing well, but that will depend on the weather and how we all feel the summer went. If latitude doesn't go ahead I'll think about isle of Wight, but it's unlikely as the fun police tend to be out in force at that particular festival.
  6. But if it saves one life... (And just to be clear I'm joking)
  7. For a year now, young people have put their lives on hold for the older generations and those who are 'vulnerable'. Let's now let THEM enjoy their lives.
  8. That's great news. Really pleased for her and you.
  9. I've read some bullshit on this thread, but this is up there with the best
  10. I read somewhere that people who are being interviewed on TV are allowed the use of a stylist on site. This was linked to the case of a footballer getting his hair cut by a normal barber, when actually he would have been allowed to use a stylist on match day (that's how I remember it anyway).
  11. When I went to reading there weren't that many actual adults there 😉
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