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  1. Put them on the saturday and have Simon Neil guesting with them and sleeps
  2. does anyone know if there’s going to be a co-op? And if not will there be anywhere to get cheaper food and ice without leaving the site? also of the main campsites is there a quieter and a busier one? I know it’s not a usual year but I’ve never been to download before so would be good to get an insight
  3. According to download Twitter, the links have been sent
  4. Does anyone know what happens if you test positive prior to attending? Do you get to sell your ticket on or just take the L?
  5. Perfect, exactly what I wanted to hear. Thanks
  6. Anyone else confused about the presale? It says on the DL website that we will be sent the links on Tuesday at 12, and that it will go on sale at that time. Surely this is just adding a lot of unnecessary stress having to try and receive the email then access the sale at the same time?
  7. Not another white guy with a guitar but Fontaine’s? Make your mind up haha
  8. I mean fair enough they do book a lot of boring big indie acts like blossoms all the time but it sells. One of the days at r&l is all female acts in the festival republic stage and Melvin benn definitely is committed to try have more of an equal representation on lineup bills. Hoping cos it’s truck fest level cap it could be some acts like wolf alice or foals etc
  9. https://completemusicupdate.com/article/festival-republic-planning-10000-capacity-camping-festival-as-part-of-governments-covid-research-programme-next-month/ Just started this topic as I don’t think there’s been any discussion about this. 10,000 cap festival in mid June. Does anyone have any thoughts of where this might be or who could be playing? Hopefully it’s not Liverpool again as it’d be good to give another city a turn
  10. Vulfpeck packed out madison square garden in New York. While I believe they aren’t as big in the U.K. I doubt they’d play that low down if at all
  11. Hoping idles don’t get upgraded to the main stage. Idles clashing with Rage means less dickheads in the crowd for Rage.
  12. Biffy album coming out May now, confirmed. Does make them more or less likely?
  13. in 2010, 2013, and 2016, Biffy Clyro played both R&L and the big weekend...
  14. I don’t know about that but I reckon Sub Focus is definitely gonna be on the lineup as either a dance tent headliner or higher up on the NME stage. He’s debuting his new live show in April at Printworks in London and hasn’t announced any other live shows, similar to 2018 when pendulum played printworks then R & L
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