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  1. Just caught up, congrats @DareToDibble
  2. I vaguely remember getting a later coach than that to Taunton a few years ago, I’m sure there will be later time slots throughout the day
  3. Lucy92

    Resale Club 2019

    From memory, the worthy view and campervan just kept randomly coming on and off, and the ticket resale was just one day. Although I could be wrong, it was a harrowing time so I wasn’t in the best brain state haha!
  4. Lucy92

    Resale Club 2019

    Trying to get tickets for some friends and had a mild panic at the campervan sale! Hopefully this is a hope glimmer for a resale!
  5. Congrats to those who won! When I won tickets a few years back, the name I gave when I entered was what was printed on the ticket and they were strict with the ID. Had to give my guests name the day I won
  6. Lucy92

    Hospitality Camping

    What would the work be?
  7. Lucy92

    Hospitality Camping

    I think there was, yes. Was a few years ago so trying to remember! I do have a feeling there was though and running taps. Great to hear you may have sorted tickets for this year
  8. Lucy92

    Hospitality Camping

    Hi Thea, I’ve camped in hospitality before. Usually quite easy to get a space and there’s showers and food there (I bought steak at the food tent the year I camped there!). The hospitality parking was a huge help as well (mainly because it was 2016 so the year of mud!) I got my tickets free through a competition so it was a great perk, best part of hospitality is the interstage cut through and silver Hayes area if you get stuck in the crowd and need a wee!
  9. I’m surprised they haven’t done an eco bond scheme like bestival had. Something new could be you could get a token when you bring a tent in and get money back when you leave with a tent. Same for rubbish bags.
  10. Lucy92


    If you don’t mind buying breakfast there, there’s an incredible place by the healing fields that does a veggie fry up!
  11. The 2016 one was brutal
  12. Keep an eye on this forum as well, there’s usually a secret set thread
  13. To those entering, make sure whoever you’re planning on taking is registered, just saw T&C say all winners and guests need Glasto registration
  14. Lucy92

    Glasto Leave

    Every year I go back to work on the Tuesday and vow to never do it again, only to book the same leave for the next year. I’m sure it’s like childbirth, you forget the pain
  15. Lucy92

    Resale Club 2019

    They may be more lenient on the experience closer to the festival if they still need staff.
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