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  1. We’ll be trying, it’ll be 10 years since my first next year. Been every year since, it’s my happy place
  2. ‘Someone must have a birthday, there’s lots of balloons around’
  3. I was devastated about gandhi’s flip flop
  4. For me it’s so hard to choose this year. I was surprised by how much I loved seeing Foals were amazing, and I bloody loved Jamie T. Also enjoyed pet shop boys and was surprised by how much I loved crowded house and the years and years set. Porij on bbc introducing was also bloody brilliant! You could see how much they loved it.
  5. Another person I know of now has it! I’m still clear so far but just hoping it stays that way as I was really poorly when I got covid in April…
  6. All of my group have it but I’m clear so far
  7. Stayed away today but can’t resist a peek - what did I miss?
  8. My fiancée had planned to do it for the last few years there (2020 and 2021) and due to covid had to change plans! Ended up doing it the same weekend in 2021
  9. This community is bloody amazing. I hope he has the best time and him and his friends get to make special memories. If this year has taught me anything it’s to cherish all the great moments in life, it’s far too short.
  10. Met office isn’t that bad this morning
  11. Lucy92

    Just spoke to M.E

    How wonderful! I love the idea of him answering the phone this close to the festival
  12. 2016 was pretty horrid just from the mud
  13. How’s it looking folks?
  14. Radio 1 also giving tickets away in the morning 🙂
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