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  1. It now says on the Glastonbury website they’ve drawn the ballot as well
  2. Seen two people say now, so think it must be out
  3. Seen someone post about getting ballot tickets on twitter so I’m guessing they’ve emailed now
  4. I’m through if anyone has any more details to send for the 9am sale
  5. I’m available to help as well if anyone needs it!
  6. If you got a booking complete, something has messed up somewhere and they should have a log of it!
  7. Some but not all, it’s heartbreaking when your friends miss out!
  8. Lucy92

    Resale help

    I’ve got a few friends I’ll be helping but more than happy to take a few lists of details for others Incase I get lucky!
  9. If you got a booking complete screen you should be fine
  10. Has money gone from the bank?
  11. Coach sale seemed a lot more stable than today. Hearing a lot more stories of time-out this year. I didn’t even see a holding page this morning
  12. Lucy92

    Resale club 2020

    Just depends how many tickets get back in the pot. I’ve managed in the resale, but it is just as mental as the main sale. It’s all luck
  13. I wonder if they’ll be normal tickets or special ones?
  14. Lucy92

    The Weather Thread 2020

    I’ll cry if it’s as hot as this year again. Cloudy mid 20s please
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