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  1. I definitely made the top 10 on votes so thank you so much everyone!
  2. She’s announcing over the weekend. Bit worried she’s changed what the comp is though from her recent stories but keeping my 🤞🏻
  3. I was going to film a new video so it had better camera quality and showed that I am actually a fun dancer 🤣 but I’ve got a poorly baby currently
  4. I can’t tell from what she’s said, she said it’s a draw so could be random or she’s picking. I think she’ll notice those with the most support though
  5. We are being spoilt with all these comps! It’s the last day to show support on the dance comp btw for anyone that hasn’t yet
  6. Thank you so much! I don’t have discord or Reddit but if anyone does and wants to share I’d be very grateful!
  7. That cheese and grain gig moment was SUPERB. I remember that well
  8. So she’s posting all the videos as they come in, the top 10 with the most likes and comments will be put into the draw. Theres two slots, so if you get into the top 10 there’s a 2/10 chance you’ll get to perform on the pyramid stage with her for the flashmob!! Winners announced on Friday
  9. I love this community, you’re all so lovely 🥲
  10. We haven’t had any news for a while on wins. Been working through all my brothers but nothing so far! I think a few close at the end of the month
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