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  1. Lucy92

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    I should be at Glastonbury right now... 😭
  2. Lucy92

    Taylor Swift

    It's dreadful! Heard it earlier and wondered if she was serious
  3. Lucy92

    Chester Bennington

    Genuinely shocked and gutted for his family and band mates. So sad
  4. Lucy92

    The Killers Headling 2019

    I'm off to see them tomorrow at Hyde park, very excited!
  5. Lucy92

    Worthy warrior

    I just helped by handing out bin bags etc on the Monday morning but didn't know about signing in and out. I just signed in at the start to get the wristband
  6. Lucy92

    Glastonbury flu

    Last night started feeling really dreadful and today I've been in bed all day feeling really unwell. Unsure if it's late glasto lurgy or I've caught something going round the office.
  7. Lucy92

    Free baseball caps

    Think it was to make sure people were shaded from the heat. Thought it was a really great idea! That and the water spray in the queue were really good ideas!
  8. Lucy92

    Glastonbury Mental Health

    Just wanted to check in to say I hope everyone had a wonderful festival, everyone has very personal experiences and I hope that you all personally found this year special for you.
  9. Lucy92

    Disrespect in the Theatre & Circus fields.

    People are just so desperate for their five minutes of fame. With the ability to film so easily now days people act like twats just for the camera so their mates can upload it to social media and get some likes. It's a pathetic culture and rather worrying it's not likely to change anytime soon. Sadly it's mixed with festivals where there's a culture of going to get that picture or video there so their mates can all see it on Fb after and think they're cool. People like lee nelson just take it all up a notch.
  10. Lucy92


    They were asking at the end for people to get on shoulders. I don't really have a problem with it, tall people block my view anyway so it makes no difference to me as I'm really short! The screens were great for seeing when you couldn't see the stage. If they did it throughout the whole gig fair enough but mostly it was only for a bit of a song from what I saw around me. I just love seeing people enjoy themselves at gigs and this one was particularly full of people really enjoying the moment.
  11. Lucy92

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    This thread is everything I hoped it to be. Such amazing pictures!
  12. Lucy92

    Which Fest next?

    Bestival has moved to Dorset this year. I really enjoyed it last year, loved the random nature of it and the line up this year doesn't look too bad!
  13. Lucy92


  14. Lucy92


    Their faces last night were so special, it clearly meant the world to them to have that send off. What an amazing night.
  15. Lucy92

    Thank You eFestival people

    Glad you had a fab time. Here's to 2019!