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  1. I think they are trialling the ballot system!
  2. My friend, we want the rain. That's why we are going in September. I've heard Wales has some of the finest specimens in the fungi family...
  3. yes! Fingers crossed buddy. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled everywhere.
  4. It's okay! We have a young daughter and there are other financial reasons why it's not the end of the world for us. But winning tickets on the other hand... ?
  5. I feel ya! I know some newbies who got tickets and I am super happy that they get to experience the wonderful place, I'm lucky to have been before so it does fill me with a warm fuzzy feeling imagining their faces when they see it all for the first time. And yes, I have a feeling at least one of us will get lucky! Mark my words... ?
  6. https://www.waterstones.com/win/glastonbury-50-prize-draw Purchase necessary. Non transferable. Etc. Etc. Ends before midnight 30/10/2019
  7. I didn't get tickets. Booked a holiday to Wales to cheer me up. Perhaps I'll get lucky and win tickets, who knows?! But either way I'd love to share all the Glastonbury ticket competitions I find in the hope that it can help someone get there. Good luck!
  8. I was bang on asking. I facebook them also.
  9. It's not a failure :-) I messaged them on Facebook first and they didn't even know what competition I was talking about! It's fine guys. Enjoy the next 2 months and don't stress about t-day just yet.
  10. You sound like you need to let off some steam mate
  11. I'd always pay face value. I'd much rather volunteer than fork out hundreds that I don't particularly have available.
  12. Do it! My partner decided to apply for another job yesterday and he was offered it. He's much happier now he has something to look forward to
  13. I agree. I still haven't actually done any work and am just looking at other festivals to attend to help me get over the Glastonblues.
  14. that tent was rammed and incredibly hot. Elvis Cobain did not disappoint.
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