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  1. The60ftOctopus

    Mad Cool 2018

    Pretty much the same gripes as you. Had to wait 45 minutes to be served at one point. Plus there should've definitely been more water points. That being said, I had a great time. Met some great people, the sound was probably the best I've ever heard at a festival. The organisation was shambolic, but I reckon this will be a lineup we look back on in years to come. Also did anyone see that one of the buses went off a bridge? Basically sums up the festival 😂
  2. The60ftOctopus

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    . Same. Can't say I've been really hyped about this revival... I need more.
  3. The60ftOctopus

    Mad Cool 2018

    Thursday Mick Jenkins/Toundra/Ylia/Re-Tros > Fleet Foxes > Tame Impala > Pearl Jam > Justice > MGMT Will be getting there early for wristband collection, so might as well see one of the early acts. Friday Kevin Morby > ATDI > Goat Girl > Jack White > Arctic Monkeys > Franz Ferdinand > Erol Alkan Saturday Repion > Cora Novoa > Jack Johnson/Frankie Cosmos > QOTSA > Depeche Mode > NIN > Dua Lipa > Underworld
  4. The60ftOctopus

    Mad Cool 2018

    Valencia is great. Recommend hiring a bike and riding around the parks and science complex. Though now I wish I thought of your idea of popping to Ibiza for a night.
  5. The60ftOctopus

    Mad Cool 2018

    NIN > Dua Lipa > Underworld will be a weird one, but i'm fully on board.
  6. The60ftOctopus

    All Points East Festival 2018

    Had a lovely time on Friday. YYYs and Phoenix were sublime. Though I thought the main stage sound was pretty weak- didn't even realise LCD came on at first. With that being said not the best time i've seen LCD, but not sure if that's because I peaked at Phoenix.
  7. The60ftOctopus

    Lost In Vagueness

    Went to see it in Birmingham. Really enjoyed it. I just missed out on experiencing LV, so really interesting to see how Shangri La was born.
  8. The60ftOctopus

    Shine On Birmingham

    Sadly it's not that efficient.It just means you get to collect from another counter and bypass the queue.
  9. The60ftOctopus

    Shine On Birmingham

    As far as arenas go, I think the Genting is one of the best going. Modernized, decent variety of food and drink - venue prices are always going to be higher than your average pub. Plus you can by your beer via an app to skip the queues.
  10. The60ftOctopus

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I don't think anyone has yet, but I believe it's a rename/revamp of one of the Rainbow venues?
  11. The60ftOctopus

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Yay! But how are they not playing bigger venues by now?
  12. The60ftOctopus

    Best ticket buying experience AXS

    AXS is an american corporation, along with Ticketmaster. They should use The Ticket Factory. UK based, and very customer friendly. Saying that I can't really see them moving now since See have built a system that 'sort of' works, but Glastonbury should always stick to it's British roots.
  13. The60ftOctopus

    2019 Headliners

    Apparently one of her requests backstage is that nobody can look at her. Can't imagine Worthy Farm sucking up to such demands. It would be a good one to tick off though.
  14. The60ftOctopus

    2019 Headliners

    Yep I'm still going for Elton John and The 1975 for 2019, though.
  15. The60ftOctopus

    2019 Headliners

    BBC 6 Music interviewed Emily and asked about the headliners. She completely skipped the subject and said "everybody wants to play the 20th Anniversary in 2 years".