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  1. I've heard a bit about that London Underground secret passage. Amazing story. I must find it next year. Are we led to believe that LU will be in the same spot as previously? Also might hit up Salomun on Friday. Enjoyed his Boiler Room sets but anyone seen him before?
  2. So up for Hollie Cook on a Sunday morning!
  3. Thanks. Well if that's it we definitely need to make a Electronica/Dance playlist
  4. Where can i find this eh?
  5. Hey all - just wondering if anyone is driving back to Birmingham on the Monday and has a spare seat? More than happy to provide petrol money and a much needed coffee on the Monday. Alternatively, if anyone bought a coach tickle bundle and doesn't want to use their return ticket to Birmingham, I would be more than willing to buy it!
  6. The60ftOctopus

    Billie Eilish

    Her album is great. I hope she's on the Other, similar slot to Charli XCX last time out.
  7. Crikey. That's an incredibly strong lineup.
  8. The60ftOctopus


    Got a presale, but £45... NAH. Got festivals to pay for instead.
  9. When is the lineup for this likely to drop?
  10. System of a Down are playing a few festivals in May. Other Stage headliners please
  11. It's not Muse. They're playing "Wanda Metropolitano" on 26th July
  12. Freaking out at a potential clash with Macca/The Cure? Absolutely.
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