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  1. Are you going to House of God?
  2. Any crossover with Awakenings? Techno?
  3. The60ftOctopus

    2020 headliners

    Can we just throw Kate Bush out there again? Would be special and someone who hasn’t already been mentioned.
  4. Another one here. Had cold and flu symptoms but now I have a really bad chest infection of some sorts.
  5. 1. Chem Bros 2. Jungle 3. Kylie Slowthai and Lizzo also smashed it.
  6. Customised all the stages to only show the ones I will attend. Landscape. Tight fit. All days squeezed nicely on to 4 pages. Ooft.
  7. Boy Azooga are doing another set on Greenpeace. Solved!
  8. I would really love to see Travis! The Park or Williams Green are the only viable slots for them?
  9. The60ftOctopus


    I think the base structure might be the Earth? The moon will definitely be hanging from the crane. It shouldn't be a hazard if it spins very slowly and doesn't carry heavy goods? The year off has done Glastonbury wonders for this year.
  10. The60ftOctopus


    Is the crane/moon going to spin around? ?
  11. Chemical Brothers - 140  Hot Chip - 43  Kate Tempest - 60 The Cure - 25 (+20) = 45 Christine & The Queens - 92 Janelle Monae - 155
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