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  1. How busy was it compared to last year? Couldn't make it this year for various reasons really. Last year with it being the first full UK camping festival since RONA it seemed absolutely insanely busy last year. How was it this year, toilet queues, crowding in tents etc etc.
  2. One for the 'camp-setup' enthusiasts, anyone snap any good pictures of their camping area? I'm talking great cooking areas, lovely event shelters etc etc.
  3. Been to lots of UK festivals from tiny to large, never done Glasto but very tempted. This thread and forum making me reconsider :/ seems to be 80% negative comments and 20% positive.
  4. As it's likely the Festival this year will go ahead as near 'normal' as possible. Would we expect the first announcement to be normal, which tends to be February?
  5. Would love to see...(Realistically) Sam Fender (Didn't like his first stuff, but his new record is fantastic) The Cribs DMA'S White Lies Mt.Joy
  6. Get well soon to you and yours mate. Double vax, should do exactly as intended and stave off the worst of the illness. Testing positive now, well after the event you'd assume this wasn't contracted at Latitude.
  7. All clear here for me and the missus 🙂 daily tests and all fine
  8. Loads but just booked Shazia Mirza comedy tour, she was incredible.
  9. Yeah we rented a VW Camper last summer and they really are just that next level of comfort/ease. Hoping that by some divine miracle I can afford one for next Latitude. Camper section looked ace and chilled.
  10. Back to Leeds by 2pm - Nice easy drive home considering it being a Monday morning rush hour near enough. Here goes: Positives Weather was about as good as it gets, fantastic as others have said it made Chems even more incredible. The fact they even got a festival sorted in the timescale under such uncertainty (Especially as similar sized festival in Kendal Calling cancelled) The food offerings were diverse and delicious in the main part. As ever it felt incredibly secure and safe, happy to leave things in tent and chairs/tables out etc. Even though it wasn't a great line up for myself personally, all the acts I did see were phenomenal and just so up for it. The showers although huge and communal were kept pretty clean, had hot water and were a god send. Negatives The layout and fencing off of the camping areas seemed really strange, in Family you had parts where you had to walk 200m's then 200m back on yourself to get beyond the fence to walk back where you've just come from, it was really odd. Luckily some clever folk kept propping a panel open, making the flow much better. The queues for food outlets and toilets between bands was like nothing I've ever seen, it was similar to Leeds Fest main arena and just didn't seem to be enough. The family camping toilets were totally inadequate and toilets were left blocked for most of the weekend. Others seem to disagree but it really did feel like day tickets were over sold, Saturday in particular, even the woodland stages/comedy were absolutely packed to the rafters, that's fine but I always loved Latitude as it felt busy but never too busy. I think it's important to note that there will likely never be a Latitude like this again, you've basically gone to first NORMAL festival in the UK in the last 18 months, that was always going to attract folk who would never usually attend. Lots of people probably thought "YES A PROPER FESTIVAL" let's just go without really wanting to see many acts etc. You'd imagine next year those people will go to festivals they usually do in regular times, or chose a more specific festival for them. I think all in all in was a fantastic weekend in a shit 18 months, organised very well considering but never any harm in trying to improve :)
  11. Whilst I disagree with much of the above, I found it an incredible weekend but do agree with some... Toilets were crazy busy everywhere, bars and food outlets the same. There will never be a Latitude like it again, with it being basically the first full festival in 18 months you'll have thousands who went "because it was a festival" Next year those people will go to the festivals they usually do or more suit them. Gunna post my personal pros and cons in more detail on the main thread. Ps it was ace
  12. It's been incredible but having been to 3 Latitudes never seen food / toilet / stage queues like this. Bonkers Bit stressful at times
  13. How the hell have Kaisers got biggest crowd of the weekend haha! Don't get me wrong they're decent but bizarre.
  14. Yep chemical Bros not my usual thing but fuck me they were outrageous. Absolute top of their craft
  15. Even Obelisk for daytime acts is mental
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