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  1. aye if you're worried just leave it in the car and carry it through at a quieter time
  2. Think some new artists just get lucky with the algorithms/playlists. Like George Oligive is first on the Walled Garden yet has a track with 30mil Spotify plays
  3. Chelou is pretty good, played GM a few times now starting on the Rising stage.
  4. I think festivals also only get their own efests forum (rather than just a topic) if they don't have their own official forum on another site
  5. guess this is similar to what we'll see
  6. Kiki's Delivery Service, love that film!
  7. Mary Lattimore is great
  8. Yep reckon Aurora still just playing the Sunday at Ms Dockville- the same weekend
  9. "In a sign perhaps of the target audience for this revelry, student tickets for both the festival and Settler’s Pass have already sold out" Yeah, this guys never been to this revelry. ahoy hoy
  10. unfortunately March 21st is just the default calendar emoji for twitter
  11. I put my student ticket on Twickets the Saturday before the fest last year and it sold within an hour. But I think if I'd waited until Monday it wouldn't have sold, there was loads on there at under face value. So you guys should be OK, just might be a bit tense lol.
  12. have been sinking to this recently
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/GreenManFest/status/1136275369802248192 Still 'soon'!
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