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  1. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

    yes. have been waiting years for this.
  2. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

    Stewarding now open for applications, reckon I'll be in for that this year .
  3. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

    Missed this one from the GM Booker last month as well(from the Idles track Well Done) https://mobile.twitter.com/benjamsid/status/1072463804024451073 And whoever these guys are https://mobile.twitter.com/benjamsid/status/1083324162960171009 SVE played in 2014, high on the main stage as well. Really hope so again.
  4. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

    Says Jan 7th here, but still not opened yet I don't think https://www.facebook.com/greenmansteward/posts/10161107821085262 I reckon, hopefully: Idles, The National, Sharon Van Etten, Mount Eerie
  5. Chawk

    2019 Headliners

    Yeah, he played The Big Chill the same year as Coachella. Was a pretty great show, included ballet dancers and a rant about people acting like he's Hitler. Sounds ridiculous now, Kanue West playing Big Chill
  6. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

    First release will be later this month
  7. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

    Aye 2013, headlined Thursday, was great. I was younger then, and didn't know who she was, watched Money beforehand then asked the guy next to me who was playing next "Patti smith" "I don't know her" "She's a legend!" So I stuck around and was probably the first person to be in front row of a Patti Smith gig and not know who she was since 1979.
  8. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

    Grimes definitely could play. Jon Hopkins played in 2012 and 2014, would headline Far Out now. Courtney Barnett and Spiritulized apparently not in this year.
  9. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

  10. Chawk

    Arcadia Spider absent 2019?

    it won´t be the same
  11. Chawk


    Going to David August tomorrow night, I think
  12. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

    Leftfield headlined the Thursday a few years back, was quality too. Always a fair few djs too, Jon Hopkins, Daniel Avery etc
  13. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

    Would be good to have Aurora back, new album is nice and seems pretty aligned with the festival´s values
  14. Chawk

    Green Man 2019

    Yah, hoping for SVE too!
  15. Chawk

    Cycling to Glastonbury

    Yep nothing stopping you using the bag drop and camping somewhere else. http://www.biketoglasto.co.uk/luggage.php I did it in 2017, was great cycling along the country lanes in the dark and the festival appearing below, then having an exercise high on arrival ha.