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  1. Chawk

    2019 Crew Map

    I cycled to the festival one year, and as I was starting to pedal up the first hill of the Mendips, a guy pulls along side on his bike. He's about the same age as I was (25), shirtless, with shoulder length hair. We started chatting and he said he was heading to the festival too. I said how he had hardly any stuff, he just had a bum bag going diagonally across him. He said it had a folding grappling hook in it, he was going to try jumping the fence. It was like a spontaneous thing, I think he was sat at home and thought 'eh may as well try' We split up once we were down the hills and into the village, but I admired his spontaneity. I guess if he made it inside he'll have just stayed for a couple days, because he really had nothing with him.
  2. Chawk

    2021 New Music

    don't think this was posted last week New Richard Dawson. An album with Circle coming out November 26th
  3. Chawk

    2022 Headliners

    Wayne Rooney during Beyoncé is the greatest guest appearance
  4. True in terms of raw age, but i feel he's about 30 years younger than craig charles in terms of personality and music taste
  5. Yes, sounded like his show wasn't renewed. Makes a strange decision. Craig Charles is great as a specialist show presenter, but every day? And a run of Craig Charles- Steve Lamaq- Marc Riley, it's becoming even more of an old man station.
  6. Chawk

    2021 New Music

    excited to listen to the new Low album.
  7. just pitch your Fresh & Black inside the bell tent and sleep in that 😄
  8. Ibibio Sound Machine on the Walled Garden? gonna be a big ootside party that one
  9. Chawk

    Billie Eilish

    It's probably on a spam blacklist, you see a lot of spam posts selling meds
  10. The Prodigy 290 -4 LCD Soundsystem 210 +6
  11. The Prodigy 355 LCD Soundsystem 225 (+10)
  12. The Prodigy 369 (-10) LCD Soundsystem 189
  13. Park and Ride would drop you off closer AFAIK, just over the bridge right by Live in Vehicles. But it's also not too long a walk from Orange car park either. I'd say if you can do it in one trip then take the Park and Ride as it's cheaper too, otherwise park in the car park.
  14. The Prodigy 441 (-10) LCD Soundsystem 241
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