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  1. https://www.greenman.net/information/getting-here/#free-park-and-ride I'll only be doing it as my car's not great in mud and I have to go up to central Scotland on Monday
  2. Yep, think I'm going to park and ride. Happy green man everyone! Sorry to those who aren't making it, especially @lessthanwill1! Also, a weird diet question- but has anyone attempted to do Green Man on a low FODMAP diet (e.g avoiding garlic and onions)? (it's for digestion issues)
  3. I was stewarding in 2015 and it was pretty windy, they closed the mountains foot bar at one point as the ropes were being pulled out the ground. They have structural engineers on site though to monitor it, most big events do I guess.
  4. I feel like Courtney Barnet is bigger than Beruit now anyway. Yes, Beruit were bigger in their prime, but I reckon more people get excited over a new Courtney album than a new Beruit one presently.
  5. Aye gonna be a rush from Sharon to the tent then. Not up for that so will Father or Nilüfer it. Do the stats mean Sharon should really be headlining?
  6. It's only the last act it's really busy for, and if you get near the front for the act before it's usually OK, it's the back of tent that can get rammed
  7. Yep, Willie Healey on the Walled Garden sounds half decent too. Same with mid-afternoon Friday, going to be busy. Who are people seeing Sunday night? Nilüfer Yanya has great tracks and keen to spend one night at Walled Garden. I love Father JM but seen him twice and his new album/show isn't his best, feel like seeing him at Glastonbury 2017 was his prime. Idles in a packed tent could be a good time
  8. Think some new artists just get lucky with the algorithms/playlists. Like George Oligive is first on the Walled Garden yet has a track with 30mil Spotify plays
  9. Chelou is pretty good, played GM a few times now starting on the Rising stage.
  10. I think festivals also only get their own efests forum (rather than just a topic) if they don't have their own official forum on another site
  11. guess this is similar to what we'll see
  12. Kiki's Delivery Service, love that film!
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