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  1. Is it See that has the deposits? Hope they've got the £~10,000,000 in a high interest account
  2. It doesn't make a difference though as the PCR capacity is at 800,000+ tests daily, so the daily test requests are still below capacity and anyone who has symptoms is able to have a test.
  3. It’s because Putin leaked a case file on Trump to the Village People- they are a Russian sleeper cell. Now they have him under their thumb and he’s forced to play their tracks for the royalties.
  4. Overall this topic has got me thinking that a citizens assembly with some experts thrown in would have done an alright job at managing the pandemic restrictions. I think we’ve had a good range of views over the pages here
  5. lol, clearly a piss take. I'm sure they lost it as soon as the police were oot the door
  6. I wish I was still on that sweet furlough. Instead I quit my job, started a masters, quit the masters, became unemployed. Nice work.
  7. Nah I don't think so, it's % increase in serious cases from the last time period for that age group. There's no way that the 60+ age group would only make up 30% of the seriously ill a couple weeks ago and now less that 10%, so it has to be growth rate. To be honest though it's a pretty shitey graph that doesn't contain enough information to interpret it properly.
  8. Chawk


    Ahh yeah, of course. In which case they probably are the best you can get
  9. Chawk


    I used to get a lot my food out the bins behind Waitrose (i've never eaten so good). One night there was 5 of those pizzas, so like £20+ worth. I thought they were alright, but personally prefer the vegan own brand ones from Aldi and Co op I think
  10. @priest17 Was it just low body confidence that caused you to love simultaneously in a hoody and a tee? i actually think there wasn't enough information in the original post and Dental shouldn't shoot you down for opening up.
  11. From Bearded Theory's site "The OFSTED approved school will be in full operation on the Friday to assist with getting authorised leave" Haven't heard of a festival having a school before
  12. Chawk

    2021 New Music

    I’m so confused
  13. Chawk

    2021 New Music

    The Antlers put out another single to sleep by (fine by me)
  14. More 5D chess. Trump's the queen, My Pillow Man is a knight: we're all pawns.
  15. Does anyone know if there's daily vaccinations statistics by region? I found weekly by region (England) but not daily
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