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  1. You'll be fine - if anything the coaches get back earlier than stated around that time of leaving, certainly found that going back to Bristol anyway
  2. Yeah would be good to hear why people don't like it - guessing that corner mentioned gets flooded if it's particularly wet, but for location / flat ground it seems to be great
  3. Ideal, thanks! Hopefully should be okay then
  4. Nice one, thanks. Where do you usually go?
  5. Nice! Usually go in the middle-ish on the Other Stage side? Is the back wall the bit up by Park Farm or near the toilets on the railroad?
  6. So booked a coach package back in Oct, going from Bath - found out the leaving time is 9.45am on the Wednesday, so still a decent early time but unsure if my group of 4 is able to get a great camping spot? The previous times I've been we've got GA tickets, then bought a 6am coach from Bristol which has meant we've always been pitched up in Oxlyers by 10am Wednesday. Guessing from Bath at 9.45am we'll be at the site between 10.30-11am and hopefully at Oxlyers by 11.30-12ish? Question is - will we be able to grab a spot in Oxlyers at that time or will it be full by then? If full, where
  7. Hi all, So managed to get coach packages for Glastonbury 2019 (wooooo!!) but I’ve never got one before, all the other times I’ve been I’ve got a general sale ticket and coach later. Can you pick what time you get the coach in a coach package? If not is there a way around it - it’s a Wednesday one but want to be at the site as early as possible in the morning!!
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