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    Here you go me lovelies
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    Hurrah, home again. Driving from Red Gate through site up to the CN Field the tracks were dry and actually dusty in places. There were patches of mud on the verges by the tracks but they were clearly where vehicles went off the track and caused deep depressions which were compacted and collected water which was unable to drain due to the compaction. There was also a thin smear of mud outside Maceos at the bottom of The railway line bank which is to be expected as it is under the canopy of trees and so gets no direct sun. We arrived at the CN field and parked on the track to say hi to Sally (Glastonbury Royalty, Field coordinator and gorgeous) and to ask her where to dump our stuff and which route to take across her pristine field. She said that as long as we avoided her drilled through water main area we'd be fine. Drove a fully laden Transit towing a fully laden 2.75 tonne trailer across the grass to our pitch with no wheel spin. Result. That pretty much sums up the state of the ground. Slightly damp but right now I have no concerns whatsoever. Looking at the various different weather forecasts I'm confidant that eevrything will be fine. OK, no heatwave but it isn't looking to me that it will be unpleasant. Interestingly the grass seems to be an inch or maybe an inch and a half longer than usual. Maybe cut longer so that it wil draw more moisture out of the ground and also create a slighty more solid mat if the ground deteriorates a little? It's all good man. (Sorry for the BB ref ) (BTW, from now on I am going to respect the new policy of the festival which asks people not to post spoilers of what is being built on site so as not to spoil the surprise. I do normally view many rules and indeed laws as mere guidelines but in this case they do have me onboard.) Pic below is in the shade at the bottom of a bank outside Maceo's.
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    So I don't have any pet pictures to offer as tribute to the weather gods, but this thread is one of my favourite on the site and I couldn't just browse and contribute nothing now could I? So, put a couple of free hours to good use and I threw together a fancier version of Dee's State Of The Ground coat of arms from a whole two days and 16 pages ago. Keep up the good work fine people of Pilton!
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    good morning peeps Just back after restocking the fruit bowl. Blimey it’s like the M25 outside today. The security have arrived and shut off the village. Coffee has been supplied to our boys outside the house. Gotta keep them hydrated in this warm weather. Might even buy them ice creams later. today’s update is: RAM jam jar = 25mm. That’s a reduction of 5mm in 24hours. Gherkin = empty well Sticky stick = well is well dry. Almost Sahara like. I’m in danger of snapping the sacred stick. It will still go into the base but only an inch maybe. Big Dog’s paws= This piece of ground detection equipment will be deployed later today with Pilton Digger. He will report back then.
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    Good morning happy smiley people. Today’s facts ( believe them or not , I give no shits): RAM jam jar = 30mm. So some evaporation occurring. The gherkin = 0 mm. no rainfall in 24 hours avocado eaten - replaced with a more high tech device. well sticky stick = well dry. Base harder than it’s been since records began. Mud thick and difficult for 2 inches. Increasingly difficult to get the stick into the base. Not yet got to “snappy stick” status but we are on our way. Big Dog paws= Flakey. A little like himself this morning. Current position- sideways on grass soaking up some rays.
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    Good morning peeps getting this in before the deluge. RAM jam jar = is showing 30mm. Which means we have had further evaporation in the last 24 hours well sticky stick = well dry. Base hardening. Mud thick for 3 inches. Big Dog paws= warm and sweet smelling RAM jam jar has been joined by the gherkin pot. This will be measured then emptied every morning to record 24 hours of rainfall. shit ....any more measures and I’ll need to retire just to keep up!
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    Hi all, not aiming to bring anyone down or post anything that might be offensive to anyone. This weekend a very good and long term friend of mine lost her battle with cancer, right up until the end she was still planning on daily weekend attending this year but the heat and humidity made that impossible for her. She had got the tickets for me this year and knowing she was so ill did take the edge off of it for me but i am grateful that i got to attend if a little sad for a lot of the week. Helen had attended the last few festivals and this is where we got back in touch after my moves around the UK and then the world kept us apart. As a fellow efester (more of a lurker than a poster i feel) i know she would have appreciated the thought of us having a glass or two of something (especially a cocktail) in her memory and wishing her the best. If you have a can or a cocktail in hand it would be fantastic if could spare 5 seconds to spare a thought for her and efesters in general who haven't been as fortunate as us who are still able to read this clumsy tribute to my wonderful and greatly missed friend. Thanks all
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    Morning all. Rain overnight but it has only affected the top inch of the ground. Rain now stopped and it's brightening up. Nothing to worry about. One more sleep to go. It's going to be the best one yet Sorry about the poor framing of the vid.
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    Good Morning everyone , wherever you may be in the world and whatever stage of prep you are at . I just thought I would take 5 minutes to do a pre Glastonbury thank you message in advance of the Festival .... Thanks first of all to Michael and Emily for hosting the worlds most incredible party ....... @eFestivals for his incredibly hard work and long hours running this site I hope you know how much your efforts are appreciated ..... thanks to @deebeedoobee and @Sawdusty Surfer for the level of detail in your ground reports , the weather threaders whos minute by minute reports we have all wanted to avoid looking at but couldnt avoid the sneaky dip into the thread .... Any fancy dressers who posted on the thread .. @CeriG for sorting my ticket out and great organisational skills .... @vintagelaureate and all the others who have been on here through the dark days of the fallow year ...... to every single volunteer I salute your efforts what a remarkable bunch of people helping to run this party and to FMS whos superb services I hope im not in need of this year and to the resalers the party is just going to be a better one next time Stay safe people , put those phones down and participate and have a fantastic festival See you around the farm CF X
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    An homage to the thread of the year 😜 see you all in the field on Wednesday.
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    Overheard this between a couple in the queue for the loos post Mylie... Girl : You were really rude to Gareth then. Boy : What do you mean? Girl : He came over to say hello and you just completely ignored him. Boy : Look I’m here for the music, it’s called Glastonbury not Garethstonbury.
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    Can't keep up with the Weather Thread. Stopping here now
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    I couldn't post earlier as being a "new" poster, it seems I could only post a limited number in a day. The news is good(ish). Though today was excruciating as my appointment wasn't until after work so I had to get through a whole day at work first. I rang the gynae clinic and they said that yes they had me down for an urgent appointment but the earliest they could offer was September! So that was a double whammy of confirmation that I was considered urgent but would have to wait three months to know the worst. Although they thought there was a good chance that the consultant would ask for the appointment to be brought forward. But all this didn't make the wait for my GP appointment any easier. I was in a daze most of the day. I also wasn't sure what would happen at the GP - would she tell me the diagnosis and the gynae appointment was the treatment or what? However when I got to the GP she said that the result was that the smear test had found the cervix clear but it had found abnormal cells from my uterus which could be due to anything from an inflammation through to cancer. But she said she really didn't think I should be worrying as they had not identified any cancerous cells and I had no symptoms such as bleeding. She said if they hadn't contacted me with a revised, earlier appointment in two weeks she would intervene and ask them to bring it forward. And suggested she ring me in two week's time to follow this up. I told her that 1st probably wasn't a good day to call as I would be on my way back from Glasto. We then had a nice little chat about Glasto and she agreed to call me later in the week instead. And she told me not to worry and enjoy it! I am so relieved I can't tell you. My mouth was dry and my head was tense all day. And I kept having to go to the loo with nerves. I wasn't sure how I would cope at Glasto as I was in such a strange, almost split personality state - I was talking to people but was at the same time very detached. Though maybe...... Thank you all for your support. I was really quite freaked and it was therapeutic to talk on here. Now I feel I really can look forward to it again. BRING IT ON!!
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    When it said Miss Lauren Hill on the poster I didn't realise that was actually a sensible suggestion.
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    Totally forgot about this until my wife jogged my memory this morning.... Group of around 10-12 youngish (mid 20s) lads and lasses standing in front of us before Lauryn Hill, all of them were pretty spangled, gurning away but having lots of fun. 10 minutes into her set one of the lads takes a bit of a turn and needs a sit down, going very pale and eyes rolling around. A couple of the lads hold him up and give him some water, I asked if he was OK and they said “he’ll be fine, we’ve rung for a doctor”. We were then a bit concerned, as were others in the crowd around them. 5 minutes later a guy dressed in fancy dress as a doctor comes through the crowd, presumably their mate. “Don’t worry lads the doc is here”. Gets out a big bag of coke and gives the lad a huge key. 5 minutes later he’s up on his feet partying away again!!
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    Would be interested to know how much the lowest paid staff at his firm are earning. A year's take-home for a lot of people the ugly dickhead pissed up the wall. Eat the rich.
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    Ended up front centre on the barrier for these boys. It was an experience I'll never forget, that first 90 minutes was nothing short of spellbinding. The sound was phenomenally clear and balanced and rich, the band themselves were note perfect and visibly really passionate about the gig. Throughout those songs I was thinking about how long I've loved this band and how many times the lyrics and the feelings behind them have been relevant to me. It was odd but marvelous to be stood right at the front of one of the biggest and most iconic gatherings the in all of global pop culture, and having an experience which felt so personal, in a crowd of hundreds of thousands of strangers. When they played Disintegration I was so happy to hear those opening notes because I've never heard them play it live before and I love it. As it went on it became clear that this wasn't just another performance to Robert Smith, in his head he'd dug down right back to the place he was in when he wrote it. By the end of it he and I were both in tears, and I suspect we weren't the only ones. It's a fucking tough song, but it's one that speaks to feelings a lot of us have dealt with in our lives and would probably rather not revisit, but there's something so moving and cathartic about it. Frankly, I feel fucking honoured to have been there and lived that show. There'll never be anything like that headlining the Pyramid ever again, which is a shame really because last night proved that the field can be a whole different beast when you let the weird kids take over every now and again.
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    No we're in the home straight. Glasto prep happening now. Phew, we got through it everyone well done all! See you on the 2020 weather thread this fucking October.
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    Hi All site report after a busy day painting. After rain overnight the site was wet this morning BUT it was dry all day with a gentle breeze. Tracks are still a little wet on top but drying up nicely. grass areas are taped of to stop vehicles driving on them but when vehicles do they leave ruts meaning it’s wet underneath. dry for the next 2 days I am told by the people in the know on site so everything should dry out. What we need is no more rain before the traders arrive on site. going down to Maceos tonight (Block 9 crew bar) so will report on the ground conditions in SE corner tomorrow. so many deliveries being made today (so many) refrigeration lorries parked near some of the bars 😀😀😀😀 It’s nice to write a positive update again.
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    Here's the 00Z run through! Pressure: Building to a high through the week before beginning to fall after in the early hours of Saturday. This again remains really consistent, with low pressure NOT winning. Precipitation: We're now CLEAR OF RAIN THROUGH THE WHOLE FESTIVAL. Any sign of rain for today would be nothing more than a bit of drizzle even if it arrives. Brilliant for drying the overnight rain. Same on Sunday, even if it were around it would be drizzle. This is what it looks like when the gates open: Max Temperature (BBC app, Accuweather temp in brackets): Tuesday 19-20 (21, 21), Wednesday 20 (21, 21), Thursday 21-22 (24, 24), Friday 23 (26, 26), Saturday 25-26 (26, 22), Sunday 19-20 (21, 20) Summary: GFS has dropped two degrees to 23 on Friday. But then GFS has flipped to agree with the BBC on Sat at 26 degrees, while Accuweather has tracked right down to be in agreement with the old GFS at 22 degrees. Reminder that there will be a very good breeze all weekend - especially Wednesday to Friday. This might well be a bonus, but do be cautious as a breeze can lull you into a false sense of security vis a vis the sun and sun burn! Also, we don't really want that dust kicked up too much! We've only gone and won it. One more in-full update left for me!
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    Good morning peeps. Just 2 more updates and we are in ! today’s update is: RAM jam jar = 20mm. No decrease/increase in 24hours. Gherkin = empty. thermometer reading 19c well Sticky stick = well is dry. The mud negligible. I tried to push it into the base and nearly snapped the stick. Measured 1 inch of dirt. Big Dog’s paws= dry and currently twitching as he is dreaming on the sofa. Probably chasing those tractors again.
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    Left site ten minutes ago. Will try and post properly when I get home.. Brief summary, it's going to be fine. All good. 2016 repeat highly unlikely. A few muddy bits in high traffic areas but everywhere else I looked lovely and firm. Happy days.
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    Sometimes I can’t believe how rude you are to patrons of your site. Especially given you had your begging cup out to the same people just a couple of weeks ago.
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    The votes are in and have been counted and let me tell you, there has been late drama! There has been 1,012 votes cast across 155 different sets (and not one bugger voted for the Courteeners), but in reverse order... 10th place with 149 points... Tame Impala 9th place with 190 points... Miley Cyrus 8th place with 252 points... Kylie 7th place with 255 points... Janelle Monae 6th place with 306 points... IDLES (Park) 5th place with 321 points... Stormzy 4th place with 327 points... The Chemical Brothers Moving into the podium places and WE HAVE A TIE FOR SECOND PLACE! Both with 552 points the joint silver medal goes to Lizzo and The Cure But winners of eFests Set of Glastonbury 2019, and I'd like to invite @CaledonianGonzo up to the stage to present the trophy, with 571 points... it's The Killers!!
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    Here's the 06Z update. Pressure: A KEY change in this run and really is the opposite to the last one. Rather than the low getting over the UK, the high fights back this time and wins the day, keeping the low out to the south west with most of the rain. The high now STAYS OVER THE UK! The UK was yellow at this time in the last run: Precipitation: There some heavy rain showing for Sunday night now through to midnight, but with the temperatures on Monday (22-23) that would dry up quickly. However, there is another band of heavy rain overnight into Tuesday lasting to lunchtime, though Pilton looks to be on the edge of the worst of it. Would again be excellent drying conditions throughout the rest of Tuesday with good temperatues. This is the worst point as it shows now. Now no rain overnight Tuesday into Wednesday. This is how it looks just after the gates have opening, with temperatures lower than previously stated at 20-21: Dry all day Wednesday. Chance of a few minor showers in the small hours of Thursday and in the morning to keep the dust down. But really inconsequential. This rain would be gone in no time with the temps. It's nothing. Dry all day Friday and Saturday now. That awful rain of the last two runs has GONE. Some minor rain in the early hours of Sunday, and the chance of a little bit of Sunday morning rain before it clears up to be a dry and bright Sunday. Max Temperature: Saturday 19-20, Sunday 22-23, Monday 22-23, Tuesday 25-26, Wednesday 27-28, Thursday 27-28, Friday 26, Saturday 25-26, Sunday 22-23 Summary: So many people will be delighted to hear that in this run the temperatures have dropped a little. Still very warm for arrival, but not quite so as oppressive. Yes, a bit more rain overnight into Tuesday, but it really is so warm and the fact the rain is falling in the night with minimal build traffic is a positive. Overall, this is definitely a big upgrade on this morning, with more comfortable temperatures and the removal of the heavy Saturday rain. Also the low pressure no longer gets back over the UK. That rain into Tuesday morning should not be troublesome for arrivals on Wednesday, and the Thursday morning rain is nothing really. As this update tells you, though, we still have a LOT of twists and turns to come about what is going to happen Friday-Sunday.
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    So, after saying I was going to get one for years, I finally found a design I liked and today I got my Glastonbury tattoo! I’m so pleased with how it turned out! Does anyone else have any Glastonbury inspired tattoos? Would love to see pics!
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    Who told you this wasn't too stalkerish? Peter Sutcliffe?
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    @deebeedoobee @Bin Fish Just in time, my T Shirt has arrived.... you should notice me at the farm! @dizzymoo may not be wearing Shaun the Sheep at the meet!
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    Don't do it son. How is that festival going to help your putting?
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    Thanks - as I don't usually log on in this name, I've only just seen your post - very thoughtful of you. I did have a great festival thanks - I pushed my worries to the back of my mind for most of the time which was easier after my GP had reassured me, though occasionally I did wonder........ My appointment was brought forward and was today. I had the hysteroscopy and thankfully the doctor could see nothing to concern him. He took a biopsy just in case but I feel reassured that everything looks fine. I do feel that perhaps being told that i was "an urgent case" made me worry unduly. It didn't help either that every single notice and leaflet on the board in the clinic was cancer support of one type or another. Thanks everyone - it was helpful to share my worries anonymously. And don't forget to have those tests.
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    How is it possible to refrain from overdoing it on Weds/Thurs? I’m at my favourite place in the world with friends I love and haven’t seen in some cases since the last Glastonbury two years ago. You have your cup of tea and a sensible early night. Me, i’ll get stupidly overexcited and go hell for leather.
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    Glastonbury first day of the festival two efesters greet one another amongst a crowd, look to the skies and say "So, the gherkin pot was right then" "All hail the gherkin pot and big dog" Others think, wow they are hitting it pretty hard already....
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    Back from a wander all very dry, took a tent peg out and ground nice a firm over pennards and pyramid camping. with the wood chip preparations that have been made it will take a lot of rain to make it into a mud bath. suggest pack lots of sun cream, shorts and trainers, but take wellies and leave in the car 😀😀😀 its going to be a fab Glastonbury, sitting on the grass in the sunshine drinking a cold cider. Roll on Wednesday when you can all come and play.
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    Greeting from worthy farm. bin painting is now finished. today has been very hot meaning liberal coatings of factor 50 and more water drank than in the English Channel. Blimey it was brutal but what a day. as you can imagine is drying up very quickly add in the wood chip that has been spread next to the roadways (about 12 foot). Grass is dry and freshly cut. Went over to block 9 and Arcadia last night which was very wet and muddy but I recon it will be drying nicely now, word of warning the ruts that are dry are unforgiving on legs and ankles. party night tonight so will report on status tomorrow. I will be home for tomorrow but back in the evening as lockdown starts Sunday morning so need to get wristbands. I will be back regally so updates will continue if you would like me to. i know they are worried about the thunderstorms that may hit Sunday into Tuesday but if they miss it will be a dust bowl festival. 😀😀😀😀 if they hit then..... let’s not go there shall we.
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    That's not mud. It's just sweaty dust.
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    Thing about Robbie is, some of the tunes are alright. I actually really like 'I've Been Expecting You' - some decent pop songs on that one. But it's just his face, isn't it. It's his fucking face. It's like, you start to enjoy the tune, thinking 'oh yeah, this one's alright', then he comes sauntering out, all swag, with that shit-eating grin like a man perpetually locked into a w*nk in front of a mirror. The second he appears, it's all over. I hate the tune and I'm thinking of ways to wipe that simpering smirk off his stupid head.
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    Good morning peeps. Happy Glastonbury eve! Last official update from the well. I might sneak one in tomorrow if time. today’s final update is: RAM jam jar = 20mm. No decrease/increase in 24hours. But this is because there was evaporation yesterday and rain today, leading to equilibrium. Gherkin = 10mm. thermometer reading 16c well Sticky stick = well is dry. The going is soft to good. 5 inches of soppy wet sludge on the stick. Big Dog’s paws= damp with a grassy aroma.
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    If Boris turns up all usual conventions on piss throwing are suspended.
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    From a mate of mine when their crowd was packing up on Monday, and one guys was struggling to pack his tent back into its bag. "You know why you can't get it back in? Cos it's so full of memories"
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    Big Dog is signing off now to go on his holibobs. As you can see from the photo he is delighted that the ground is great and the weather will be perfect. Don’t forget to put your lead in the Lock up. Take your water bowl. You may need a blanket for your basket at night. Ps he says there is shite all over the farm so don’t be surprised if you sit down in some. PPs he will not be seeing you in the fields this week. PPPs some of you folks have really ace t shirts.
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    Just go and enjoy. Nobody gives a shite you didn’t pay to get in.
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    I was in the long drops near the JP when that lightning storm hit. Sat in a metal box my first thought was "I'm going to die having a s**t at Glastonbury". And what a way to go it would have been.

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