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    Depends if they get lucky in the resale.
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    I have serious concerns with the term gammon, i know it is media short hand for a type of person in much the same way as snowflake or millenial. However it will quickly create a stereotype for a group of people, in this caee white males over a certain age. It is no different from a “gammon” having stereotypical views on certain groups of society. In the end it wil lead to people making assumptions about an individuals values, ethos and opinions based on their race, sex and age. Creating a group title to criticise people for having certain blinkered views is somewhat ironic. The term gammon will quickly undermine the sub structure of the moral high ground that people preach from.
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    I abhor the cult of personality that’s developed around Corbyn. A man who has essentially said that we all need to be nice to each other, but has been utterly useless in opposing the worst government in our lifetime. Seriously, what has he been doing the last year? Providing a credible opposition to that gang of turds should be the easiest job in the world and he’s done the square root of fuck all. He can take his speeches on the Pyramid and White Stripes chants and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine.
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    Ah bollocks, been called on my bullshit. Turns out "complicated" = "not very well thought through". It goes something like this: 1 John is equivalent to 1 Paul. 1 George is equivalent to 0.5 John or Paul equivalents (JPEs) 1 Ringo is equivalent to 0.5 George, so Ringo = 0.25 JPEs So we get 1 + 1 +0.5 +0.25 = 2.75 JPEs in the band. Then you divide 1 by 2.75 to get the decimal contribution of Paul McCartney (and John Lennon) at .36 recurring, which turns out is pretty close to 1/3, but that was a guess. Ringo is .09 recurring. George is .1818 recurring. I'm sure there is a nicer fractional way of expressing these values. Pablo Honey
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    My tip would be not to expect every moment to be the time of your life. There's an extraordinary amount of hype attached to Glastonbury, most of it totally deserved, but to some, it distorts expectation and can lead to a belief that every moment is going to be great. Spoiler: it isn't. At times, you may feel tired, hungry, your feet will hurt, you'll regret your choice in a clash, the whole thing will be a bit overwhelming and there'll be a voice somewhere in your mind that blames you for not getting more out of it. I've seen people really struggle with this, and some even leave the festival early as a result. So when one of more of those moments inevitably happen, give yourself a break. You're there for five full days, so you can afford half an hour to have a sit down, or maybe a couple of hours in a quieter field. There's nothing wrong with how you're feeling - everyone will at some point. There's also nothing wrong with not enjoying things that are popular with others - I enjoy a lot of the SE corner, for example, but being there for more than a look around for a while isn't my idea of a great night. At the same time, it's incredibly popular, and that's fine.
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    cheers to all the detectives letting us know that lineup is not official
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    I love this lineup. Exactly what I want from a festival. Some indie, some harder rock and metal and then electronic music
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    Ill be at Macca, like 100k others next June. With an 8 year old on my shoulders throughout. Both singing our hearts out.
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    I reckon, and this is the sum total of my day, i’ll take Macca over JM, but probably JM over Stormzy. And picking the fluff out my bellybutton over The Cure.
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    Yep she writes and co produces a lot of her own stuff and has a huge team of people behind her aswell, as is the way with big US pop stars these days. Shes worked really hard and seems like a nice person and a decent singer. Fair play to her, The problem is that her music is fucking terrible. I'm not into this desperate scramble to listen to "now" acts to prove my anti gammonness or up my leftie credentials or whatever. Using someone like her to do that is more patronising than flat out saying her music fairly bog standard US pop and shit.
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    Quote @Gedh "Let the kids stay awake longer than advisable and meet the sweet weirdos that only come out at night. We were having a lovely chat with a guy who said words to the effect of "oh well better get on with the job" - this seemed to consist of putting a live coal fired stove on his head and wandering off into the night. Glastonbury!!" Haha, guilty as charged
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    Oof this thread was a painful read. So much elitisim and "music was better back in my day". I don't mind the headliners tbh. Tame Impala have clearly been bumped up for Kanye, but Grande and Gambino are both acts that are pretty much ready to headline this kinda thing, and its nice to see new acts getting the bump up. I love how everyone here loved the Eavii for booking Stormzy and taking a risk to bump someone new up, but then when it comes to Ariana everyone all of a sudden has a problem with it? People always complain about the lack of woman on lineups surely you can at least be happy we are getting better representation? What a joke
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    This is literally fantasy - it's like me saying if I were in charge of glastonbury it would be ten times better! It's a statement that can't be disproved then being used as fact. You can see this folly in the brexit debate--after all the recent disaster, the polls still show roughly the same 50/50split - shouldn't remain be 20points ahead? Blair backs it! Why aren't remain 20 points ahead?! See its daft simplification that ignores an interesting and unpredictable era we're currently in politically. Looking at electoral indicators at home and abroad, centrism looks like its collapsed, and voters seem to have polarised, favouring anti establishment or anti status quo/orthodoxy. Essentially in the UK there's a pretty evenly balanced split - 40% conservatives, 40% labour, 10% lib dems 5% ukip, 5% greens. Its a stalemate, and each of the main parties can't take on other parties votes without losing supporters from the other side (eg if they went more pro brexit they'd pick up more ukip votes but would lose current supporters to either the greens or lib dems) To say Blair or any other leader would be leading be x amount is a daft simplification and assumes nothings changed since 1997 when the whole problem is everything's changed since then. What would blairs brexit policy be? His economic policy? How would he won voters without alienating others? I voted Corbyn in the first leadership contest and the second, I still support him because I believe in his policies. Since day one supporters of these policies have been dismissed as cultists, idiots etc when really the people who seem most obsessed with him are his critics. When he first became leader austerity was all the rage and any one who opposed it was dismissed as a fantasist. Now no main stream party supports it. He's had a huge impact on shifting the debate. At the end of the day if Corbyn is so awful why are the tories so shit scared of an election?
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    Wrong. ABBA are an exclusive at Yorkshire Fields.
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    Flew in through the camper van field, down Gate C, didnt get to bed last night On the way tripped and really hurt my knee Hill of death is really shite Back in the Eavis. Back in the Eavis. Back in the Eavis' Farm.
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    Is someone with a vague conection to a band following an unofficial Glastonbury account enough for a rumour (no matter how ridiculous)?
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    Dances like the cat from Red Dwarf, sounds a bit like Prince, natty suit. What's not to like?
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    This enormous woman will devour us all!
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    We could get that Kony guy to headline. People were really into that too.
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    Rah rah ah-ah-ah! Ro mah ro-mah-mah Gaga oh-la-la!
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    Honestly puzzled by some of what I read in here. The Cure, other than being IMO one of the greatest bands in our generation (and certainly a legendary band deserving a headline slot), also have loads of hits and they're proven as great festival headliners. They would be an excellent choice. The BST setlist was pretty much as "greatest hits" as they come, minus the Lovecats. This main set "full of yawns" included Lovesong, Just Like Heaven, Pictures of You, Fascination Street, A Forest, Inbetween Days and many others top-drawer Cure hits. If Stormzy is a headliner, The Cure surely are.
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    Nothing I like more than utter insanity built out of fully logical components. This is on the same basis as my "Brownian Theory of Human Motion" that I cobbled together one afternoon sat in a bar on campus as student. Can't remember the full details, but it worked along the lines of x being the number of students on campus, y being the number of people coming through the door on a 15 minute period, and z being the number of people I knew well enough to join me for a beer. Based on that I worked out how long it would take for someone to join me at the bar so I wouldn't be drinking alone. 5 hours later and with nary a fellow drinker to be seen, I fell off my stool and was escorted from the premises.