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    I like a challenge! The Dance Village has been revamped into Silver Hayes, replacing most of the venues. The whole area still doesn't work, despite several failed attempts to stop it feeling like a corridor. New walkway through Silver Hayes into the market area which has made that part of the site less of an interminable walk past market stalls. John Peel moved to its own field, where hospitality camping used to be, and (I think) the old outdoor cinema. This means The Dance Village/Silver Hayes no longer is no longer a path to JPT, not that it feels much better in there. New area opened next to new JPT field - The Wood, previously closed off nature reserve. No performances (at least amplified), but some nice chilled out art stuff and a big fire. Some "craft cider" stalls opened up. In reality, they're little bars selling a small range of drinks, but they're rarely busy and the drinks they do sell are pretty good. "Cineramageddon" - a new outdoor cinema in between Paines, Baileys + South Park where you sit in vintage cars. I think you have to queue or book a ticket or something, I'm not sure, but it's not as simple as turn up, wander about and leave. So I never went. New, larger Other Stage. Vastly improved PA at the Pyramid. It's now easily the best soundsystem on site, whereas before you could only ever really claim it was the largest. The Pyramid arena itself is slightly larger. They removed some camping when The Stones played and never put it back. Cut down version of the Pyramid PA at JPT and W Holts. The difference is most noticeable at W Holts where it's now easily beefy enough to regularly have dance headliners, which sound amazing if you're in front of the mixing desk. Unfortunately, you don't have to get far behind the desk for it to sound a bit pants - a lot worse than the old soundsystem. You might think there is a problem with a band and leave, but you just have to get forward (if you can!) Screens at W Holts Pie Minister has gone! As has The Growler. There are now two towers at the Pyramid, meaning line of sight is much better. A new cafe/bar on the hill above The Park. Lots more food options near William's Green Leftfield is now near Glade/Other The Glade has expanded into a full-on area, with a few new venues, most notably the treehouse bar/venue The Spike with a mirrorball in the trees. The SE corner is always changing, so hard to pin down what's going to be there in 2018, but the alleyways aren't coming back. Many more seats dotted about, particularly up near the Greenpeace field. Fluffy Rock Cafe was just a stall last year rather than an actual cafe, sadly. There is a craft ale bar in the T&C field. Yeah, Arcadia has moved.
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    2017 was my first Glastonbury in a long time. A week after successfully getting tickets the previous October, my wife was diagnosed with cancer. It was a hard time, but thankfully the radiotherapy and chemotherapy worked and she subsequently got the all clear, but not without side effects from the treatment. To make life easier we rented a cottage in Glastonbury itself and caught the shuttle bus in daily. I know we missed out on some aspects of the weekend, but ultimately we got the best of both worlds. The downside was the extra outlay, but we treated it as a holiday. Still walked bloody miles of course, but it was bliss getting back to a shower and nice bed.
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    It will be we will rock you instead of we will Brock you so don't you know your quee n songs
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    Cranberry juice for a UTI, my man.
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    Can't believe that we're on page three of this thread and nobody has mentioned the most important thing yet....Make sure that you are wearing your lucky pants!
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    https://chat.whatsapp.com/6J8fGcyfDVUHwIS0jThoNH this link should get you into our chat if anyone else wants in, to incetivise we've already got a little info that I can't repeat here...
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    Hope you're well all. It's my daughter's first birthday today... the situation I am in is incomparable to where I was twelve months ago. Obviously, most of you know about it... but to be here now is quite the rollercoaster of emotions. She is doing really well too, lots of interventions in place and it is looking like she will be going to nursery part time in September with some additional support in place. She is a fighter and an inspiration! Have a fantastic weekend!
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    @FuzzyDunlop "I'm sad" @Gnomicide "Hold my beer..."
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    We said goodbye to our Tipp today. Ferocious cancer took her from us in next to no time. We're utterly heart broken. We, and particularly HMV, had some great times together.
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    No one tell my boss I just wasted an hour trying to get Hadouken into a joke on a forum for a festival that wasn't even on this year.
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    He's not as good as he used to be
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    I am 48 years old and if you would believe all comments you read (especially on dutch speaking fora) you would think PKP has become sort of a burning hell for us oldies. Well....we had a blast! My top 10 1: Shellac! What a band! If next year's line-up consists of Shellac and 149 Travis Scott like acts, I will still buy a ticket. Steve Albini is a legend and Todd trainer is drumming...well...in a league of his own. Credits to Eppo for booking these heroes! 2: Jungle. Much better and more consistent than a couple of years ago. Incredible atmosphere in the Castello. 3: Nakhane. Best voice of the festival (sorry, Trixie), great music, great performance. 4: METZ. Very energetic! This is how punk rock should sound! Discovery of the W-E for me. 5: Steak Nr 8. Even better than last year. Very curious about their career switch. 6: Kiasmos. Just like I expected them to sound: heavy base, beautiful melodies + They played all my favorite tracks! 7: Protomartyr. I didn't care much for the frontman's attitude but his voice and the band's performance more than made up for that. Best postpunk show in years for me. 8: Amenra. surprised by the big crowd in the Marquee to be honest as they aren not really a crowd pleasing band. I managed to get to the front rows after the first two songs and this is where you had to be to really enjoy their show. 9: Justice. Party from minute 1 till minute 70. Too crowded in the beginning but got better as lots of people left early to get a good spot for Kendrick. 10: Sofi Tukker: managed to put a smile on my face for several hours after their show was done. Got us in the mood for the rest of a very good friday. Credits also for Kelly Lee Owens...she had serious problems with her voice but still chose to show up. She tried singing the first 2 songs but her voice went all ways except the right one. So she switched to sort of a boiler room set and frankly, I had a good time. If her voice would have been OK I am almost sure she would have been in my top 10. I also liked James Holden (didn't see the whole show) and thought Sudan Archives and Superorganism were intresting. Also saw the first 40 minutes of TWOD and Arcade Fire and although I am not a MainStage man...I like both shows a lot. Very good sound! NERD was fun...more a friends come together party than a real concert though. All in all, the Castello was the place to be for me this year! The proximity of the new fabulous beer shack will probably have helped to that On the downside: contrary to previous editions, the hiphop let me down this year. I don't understand the hype around Brockhampton. Suicideboys started OK but I got bored after about 3 tracks, that means 4 minutes (they chased me towards the Lift where I saw a very decent show from RBCF so actually...thank you Suicideboys). Saw a couple of songs from leafs and Glints...couldn't keep me interested either. And than Kendrick...I expected better from him. The first half of his show was just not enough for a PKP headliner. The second half was much better. The "encore" was unnecessary. Other letdowns were David August, LA Dispute and BORNS (new Tame Impala? Excuse me?). Due to transport issues I had to miss Madensuyu, Bearcubs and Confidence Man. If I'm in the country I will for sure be back in 2019.
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    I think you got lost looking for the Reading & Leeds forum.
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    Finally felt back to normal yesterday afternoon. On the last night I was well and truly done, could barely walk or talk Had a great edition personally and would put it in the top two, 2016 being the other one, definitely enjoyed it a lot more than last year - the weather does make a big difference to me tbh though. Arrived on site on the Wednesday for a couple of hours, after spending the day travelling and boozing in Leuven, nothing special band wise, although the speed of getting the wristband was very noticeable, thought that and the security were spot on this year, not that there's normally a massive problem. Onto Thursday and most of the bands I saw first thing were pretty terrible in all honesty - Kelly Lee Owens was ok but nothing mind blowing, and Death From Above were late and were like Royal Blood without the songs. Saw bits of Brockhampton, Rag N Bone man and Superorganism - all shit. I like Superorganism on record but Christ they're dull as dishwater live. It may have got going but I thought if the leader singer can't be arsed then why should I, and left after a couple of songs. All kicked into life with UMO who were brilliant and then the night really kicked in with Dua Lipa, TWOD, a bit of a walk around the site as the Dance Hall was rammed for Jess Glynne and then Arcade Fire who were absolute top draw as per usual. Martin Solveig and then Eppo and his friends finished off the night. Touched on it before but the War on Drugs were really stunning, easily the best set of the weekend for me. A proper headliner. I and other people I know were expecting to be a little bored by them and was expecting to dip in and out but they could have played another hour for me I was enjoying them that much. Credit to the sound people for that and the Arcade Fire set, I've never heard the main stage sound as it did on that night. A great start. Got to the site about 5.45pm on the Friday, did the backstage tour (not in English this time unfortunately), saw a bit of the atrocious Papa Roach, then an odd mix of Dimenson, Ho99o9 and the back end of Yungblud's set. Dimension, bearing in mind I'm not the worlds biggest d'n'b fan was pretty good as was Friction the day before, at least they put a bit of effort into it. Ho99o9 was a bit mental. Yungblud, although his music wasn't to my taste has the potential to be massive. Big stage presence and catchy songs. He's playing R&L and will go down very well there. NERD were decent enough. Fair play to Pharrell for getting the fans on stage and giving them a night they'll never forget. A-Trak really kicked the night off for me and as I've said before, absolutely blown away by Goose, in a packed out Dance Hall. Band of the day by a country mile. Todd Terje played a great set ending with a bit of Supertramp. Saw a bit of Charlotte De Witte beforehand but it just didn't translate that well on the main stage. Poor replacement for an already shit headliner. I'm amazed they didn't get more shit for the whole Travis Scott thing. They must have known about the cancellation way earlier than they let on and it seems to me like they've done the easiest/sneakiest thing to make the most amount of money out of it. If it had been AF or TWOD that had pulled out, I'm sure they would have tried a lot harder to get a proper replacement. As it stands, as it is who it is that's cancelled, I think they'll get away with it with their reputation fairly intact. Got up to the site the earliest in 8 editions for the Saturday purely for Confidence Man who were absolutely outstanding. Probably the most fun I've ever had at a gig. Smaller crowd than I thought to begin with but filled up nicely towards the end. I had really high expectations of them which were totally exceeded. Everything about it was ace. Ron Gallo was ok, Chase Atlantic (who we'd only gone to see as we met one of them in Hasselt the day before) were ok, but again not my thing. RBCF were great and then a few bits of popping into Maribou State, Sleaford Mods and Gogo Penguin. Then a straight run of Vitalic (brilliant), King Giz (good, but I was a bit fucked by then) and then the Mighty Justice who were amazing. Didn't think anyone would top Confidence Man but they did. A massive tick off the list for me, thoroughly enjoyed it, and the Marquee wasn't as ram packed as I had feared. Watched a bit of George Fitzgerald but was seriously flagging by then so watched the first 15 minutes of Kendrick who was pretty average and then fucked off home. Organisation wise, thought it was fairly faultless. The boardwalk and getting rid of the gates in between the dance and main stage side was a big plus, and the beer shack was a really welcome addition. Handiest place to get a beer if you're in the Castello too. Liked the new stages and thought placing the Castello and Lift near the entrance were good moves. As per usual, getting a beer and having a piss was dead easy and getting home of a night was a breeze. Noticeably less people heading back to Hasselt this year as well. Good meeting the usual suspects from this forum who we've been good friends with for a while now + @TheNewUnion who it was nice to meet after all these years! As for next year, of course it is line up dependent but I'd like to think we'll be back next year as we did have a great time (apart from those fucking wasps!) and on the whole, for me - they did a stellar job of the line up barring the Friday, and hopefully they'll act on the feedback. I'll probably just do the 3 nights (Fri, Sat, Sun) as the extra night really took it out of me this year. Just getting too old for this shit 🙂
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    You're sad? I actively look this shit up. The earlier announcement was after the last fallow year. Do you think they were worried people may have forgotten about the festival?
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    I don't get why everyone is fussing about children / parenting on here. The only people I have a problem with is greasy Mac Demarco teenagers being drunkenly obnoxious and middle-aged men chatting during gigs
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    Apple users; just ask Siri to book you tickets the night before. Have a nice lie-in, confident in the thought the tickets will there waiting for you.
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    Start F5ing at around 5 days before.
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    It’s all been downhill for The Hunna since they postponed their tour because it clashed with exams.
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    Best attempt I can do at a review coming up! I will do the bands first and then probably ramble nonsense later. Day 1 Circa Waves - Quite enjoyed them actually. Pretty generic indie but a couple of good songs. Had a decent crowd Jeff Neve & Crossbones - This was brilliant. With Andre Brasseur in 2016 and this I think they are on to something with the "something completely different slot" Phoebe Bridgers - Wasn't too bad. I think I expected more but pleasant enough Rag n Bone Man - I thought he was excellent. Very good voice Dua Lipa - She was great. Exactly the sort of pop act a festival should book. The War on Drugs - They were brilliant as always, added bonus of bumping into some board members at the gig Jess Glynne - Packed, another great example of the right kind of pop act being able to deliver at a festival Arcade Fire - They were very good. Not incredible though, don't know why I didn't 100% connect with them (beer perhaps), but they played Rococo which is one of my favourite tunes Day 2 (aka crap Friday) You Me at Six - They're OK I suppose, though entirely forgettable for me. Seemed to have a decent audience who were into them Nothing but Thieves - Again, not really remembering much about them (maybe getting on the drink early wasn't the best idea) JD McPherson - He was good, really rocking band and some good songs to boot. Kodaline - Just caught the end of them, had a couple of good songs that everyone clearly knew and generated a big sing-a-long Papa Roach - Only caught a bit of them and they were not very good NERD - Lots of fun, good audience participation. Pharrell seemed to be in a good mood and everyone watching seemed to be having fun and a bit of Amenra - I didn't mind these to be honest, the Mrs hated the though. So we left and went back to town for a beer Day 3 Confidence Man - Probably the highlight of the festival. Fantastic live act, lots of fun. Great pop act who are surely destined for bigger things Ronnie Flex and Deuxperience - Sat having a beer whilst they were playing. Pretty good actually, and I think had we headed down to the front and got involved then they would have been very good Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - I was a little bit disappointed actually. They were good but just not as good as I had expected. Shame really as they still sound good on record (Spotify). Maribou State - Really good chill out set, just sat in the tent and let them wash over me. I had not really listened to them before but I liked them and will certainly be listening more in the future. Bazart - Only caught a bit of them but they were another one in the "one that got away" category I think. Seemed fun, engaging and had some good songs. I'd 100% watch them again should they play again (which they undoubtedly will) Roisin Murphy - She's great. I think she's played the festival quite a few times and had a good crowd who were well into it. Nice version of "sing it back" to finish, all good. Imagine Dragons - They were OK I suppose. The Mrs enjoyed them more than I did. Lead singer has clearly been through a lot and put a lot of himself into the show (also, he's been down the Gym. He was HUGE) Justice - Yep, they've definitely got it. I am always surprised be how good some "dance" acts are live. I shouldn't be really as there have been loads of good ones at PKP over the years. All in all, not my favourite edition but much better than I expected it to be given my (mostly misplaced) concerns over the lineup. We had great time, a good catch up with the crew from eFestivals and some other fun stuff going on. I will ramble about non-band stuff later.
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    Compared with recent years, this year's Reading Festival looks a comparatively tame affair.
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    Things are getting scary now...access to/from the site is impossible due to the moat of water...electricity and sanitation is all out of order and campers have started to form tribes. An attempt by the Caravanners to steal our gin failed when we deciphered their new language and we kidnapped one of their children in return. Weapons are scarce although we've engineered an effective bazooka from a bottle of Ruddles Pale Ale, a disposable barbecue and some half frozen sausages. I may never see you all again...good luck to you all x
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    If you use up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A on the queue screen it lets you jump the queue completely and gives you infinite cold ciders at any Greenpeace lockup and no hangovers all weekend.