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  1. So if one person with multiple comorbidities dies, but happened to test positive as an inpatient, we should remain in lock down? 🤣
  2. Luckily my gym has no mask wearing and that tape has gone from the floor along with the requirement to wipe down every piece of equipment after use. Currently a haven of normality. At the peak I was 100% behind restrictions and feel at times we should have gone further. What they're suggesting after June is madness
  3. Full bars but they expect people to wear masks and follow a one way system 😂 I'm done with this shit. Just waiting for everyone else to realise this pandemics over and rules like this beyond June are dumb
  4. This would be awesome
  5. Fair enough but what's the point if its going to sit in a fridge
  6. So when they say no restrictions from 21st June?
  7. But there are studies showing that covid effects fertility, even in mild/moderate cases. They think this is likely only a short term effect as with other viruses but they don't know. Given the fact that covid has been shown to have lasting effects on different bodily systems I wouldn't be so sure that it doesn't have a lasting impact on fertility.
  8. Given the combination of slow procurement and more vaccine hesitancy in Europe I'd be surprised if even the vulnerable have been sufficiently vaccinated in Europe by the summer. In contrast the UK will have offered the entire population at least one jab which is highly protective against sever illness / hospitalisation in itself. I don't think we will have full capacity but it would make sense to host the whole thing
  9. At what point do you feel we should have no restrictions?
  10. Some will say we still need restrictions lol
  11. I do but the level of protection from severe disease should drastically reduce deaths. I'm not for living under this shit when the hospitals are empty
  12. If restrictions continue to be in place once everyone has been offered a vaccine I'll be more inclined to believe lunatics who said that the whole thing is a nefarious scheme to increase government control over the population
  13. I think there will be a push for 'some' larger scale events that will suit the tories. I can see some crowds at euros for example. We'll definitely be able to do more than meet a couple of friends in a park at the height of summer as suggested by the article though
  14. But they've consistently fucked up throughout. Vaccines will massively reduce hospital admissions which is only more likely to make them push for normality. If you don't open this summer you won't next summer either as there won't be any difference.
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