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  1. balti-pie

    Musical Confessional

    Unfollowed and blocked. Not just on here and on social media, but everywhere. You SICKEN me. Edit: good gif game though, so you’ve got that going for you
  2. balti-pie

    Musical Confessional

    Despite having far too much time for experimental psych rock like the Flaming Lips (new album today! Woop!) I absolutely fucking hate Pink Floyd and will not willingly sit in a room while their drivel is being played. Their best song is now a Scissor Sisters song, and the only thing of theirs I own is the Flaming Lips cover album of DSOTM (and I don’t particularly like that anyways). If any of em played at Glastonbury - any of em, but particularly Gilmour - I’d turn up and roundly abuse the crowd for supporting that toss. Pink Floyd. Bleh.
  3. balti-pie

    The Rock Slot

    Slipknot just announced a tour for next summer: they couldn’t, could they? Might they? 🤘🏻😜🤘🏻
  4. balti-pie

    The Rock Slot

    Black Sabbath 👍🏻 Their touring days might well be over, but they’ll get the band together for one-offs I reckon. Lying on the pyramid field jamming around to Snowblind might yet happen!
  5. balti-pie

    2020 headliners

    Well, he’s got the one where he drones on about mobile phones, is it? and . . . . that’s it. Couldn’t name another song. He’s got an extremely strange voice. Like a little frog man. Don’t get me wrong, I like frogs! 🐸 lovely little faces! But not pyramid headliners.
  6. balti-pie


    That’s PI, and I’ll thank you not to spread my image all over the World Wide Web willy nilly
  7. balti-pie


    The Cure were the only thing I saw at the Pyramid this year but the sound was absolutely fcking amazing. I felt like I could lean a hand out and actually grab the bass in the air, it was that thick and resonant. Though admittedly the Cure are a bit leading on the ol’ bass, and I was watching it with two bass players so I was super-open to it 🤣🤣 (that sounds so w*nky muso, but it’s true)
  8. balti-pie


    I’m not a violent man by any stretch of the imagination, but I would kick the crap out of anyone I caught having a shite by my tent. (Whatever crap is left in them, anyways)
  9. I quite like that there’s been a silent consensus reached by a lot of people to just ignore shitposting. It’s a secret club of impregnability!
  10. balti-pie

    2020 headliners

    I still don’t know whether it’s bon eyever or bon eevair tbf. Never heard a single note of his/their music. It’s a fairly hairy bloke isn’t it? But then pyramid headliners being stuff I have absolutely no idea about or interest in is not a new thing 🤣🤣🤣
  11. balti-pie

    First and last

    The Hibees version of Sunshine on Leith is absolutely fuckin beautiful and courtesy of working, i didn’t get to see em. I was gutted when I got my shifts and realised it, and I’m still a bit gutted now.
  12. balti-pie


    Entombed were all kinds of great on thurs night 👍🏻 They looked so chuffed when they went offstage!
  13. I reckon the rest of the band would happily play lower down the bill, but Bruce is a bit of a knob and wouldn’t want to go back on his comments. They won’t ever play
  14. balti-pie

    2020 headliners

    Two separate bits of theatrical entertainment, tbf - the cum cannon is ridden by Till, the lead singer, and fires foam into the front ten rows of the crowd. The cooking pot is used to heat up the keyboard player 👍🏻 It’s all very stupid, and magnificently entertaining
  15. balti-pie

    2020 headliners

    They much prefer their own gigs than festivals, cos of the time and effort it takes to organise and insert all the pyro/stage set up/massive cum cannon/cooking pot 🤣🤣 they’re not very talky on stage whether in English (hardly at all, ever) or in German (you might get a Guten tag!). I think if they were offered a spot - and as the Other headliner, I agree, would be the only way it could realistically happen - then they’d consider it. They do like doing different things: they’ve headlined Madison Square Gardens as a German industrial metal band tbf, they’re well used to breaking down metaphorical barriers!
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