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  1. People are, on the whole, selfish twats. This is often worsened by hangovers/comedowns/lack of sleep. I’ve always been most annoyed by the hairwashing crew, who could quite literally scrub while queuing again for a rinse off, it’s perfectly set up!
  2. Typically if it’s a Jack White set, he’ll just play Jack White songs - expect very little white stripes, raconteurs etc, if any at all. (Source; me, who’s seen him at Glastonbury in every incarnation I think!)
  3. This has been a particularly strange time with the delay between getting tickets and actually getting to go - a fair few people I’m sure got tickets before actually having a kid, and then deciding whether to plough on regardless, or give up the ticket. I love seeing kids around the place, but when it’s rammed it does seem a bit scary for them. Kids running around t+c amazed at everything will never not be cool to see though.
  4. balti-pie


    Don’t drink so much, then you won’t need to piss so much. It’s your bladder, control it 👍🏻
  5. My go-to in 2019 was the unfaieground bar which had pint cans of Arbor, they were glorious in the heat; just went past, don’t have em this year
  6. You head off to a cabin for a couple of hours, they’ll ask all sorts of weird questions, then they double wristband you and let you in
  7. That’ll be the hardest conditions of the three shifts, I’m sure - temps are much more manageable from hereon in. How was it? Did it go quickly? I got pre-shifts on a vehicle gate so I’m already done! It’s a very decent thing to get on the Oxfam stewarding gig, the camping/early access etc is great
  8. Shady naps in the circus tents 👍 that’s my advice, get out of the direct sun!
  9. Fresh and black working a treat for me, but this is me second glasto in it now so I’m a true believer #oneofus
  10. Trainers only. Do it! Be brave/foolhardy!
  11. balti-pie

    Queue watch

    If you’re at Gate B, I will legit meet you and EPO your Taytos in for the price of one bag of Taytos (nb- this offer is not available for nordie Taytos, proper Taytos only)
  12. A few years back I got a lift with my mate on the Wednesday, and we were put in purple car parks absolutely bloody miles away from gate c at least a 45min walk - my missus drove in on the Thursday and knackered up the directions, coming in on the other side, bring out in yellow and I have no idea how she did it, but ending up parked about 150 yards from gate a. The filling method makes absolutely no rational sense, sometimes it’s great and sometimes absolutely dreadful
  13. balti-pie

    Queue watch

    Bit bloody cold for your queuers, fair play to ya - if any of you are outside gate B then I’m in the oxfield just the other side of the green fence and I’m in my sleeping bag, I hope you’re comfy!
  14. Brooklyn special effects is an absolute smasher of a non alc beer, if anyone is wondering (it’s an increasing part of the market, I’m glad it’s not just me who wants to drink nice things but not get drunk)
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