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  1. balti-pie

    June 2018

    I love reading all this technical stuff about cookies, servers and IP addresses but I’m buggered if I know what any of it means. I seem to recall some shortcut thing one year where you had to edit your PC log-in and connect directly to a SeeTickets server (in some primary school? Why do I remember this stuff) but while reading the tip on here and scratching my head as to what it meant I got through anyways: I’ve tried for tickets six times and got through five, with absolutely no idea about tactics beyond smashing the f5 button really . . . So I think the moral of my story is that sometimes you get through and sometimes you don’t, and stressing about it doesn’t change your odds 🤣
  2. balti-pie

    Fallow Year Support Thread

    That Wednesday was amazing and insanely hard work in almost equal measure. I put up four tents and then collapsed in the shade with a couple of litres of water - a good hour of slopping as much on my head as in my mouth resulted in me finally feeling human by about 4pm-ish, when I found the Brooklyn bar by theatre&circus and had a few pints in the sunshine awaiting the influx of mates who were very grateful for my erectile abilities 🤣
  3. I've got one of those fists too! Beautiful, they really are. I was on a lads weekend in Amsterdam a good 15 years ago, four of us drinking/smoking/etc etc. I'm sure you can imagine the scenes. Anyways, in the red light district was a little sex shop right next to one of the bars, and we'd noticed a fist in the window. It fascinated us. We'd walk past and visit it, and then on the last night we clubbed together and bought it. He's been a beautiful souvenir ever since! I'm seriously considering spraying him (him, he's a him, he's called fisty funnily enough) gold and treating him as a World Cup replica. He's latex so he'll need a bit of prep, but I'm game
  4. balti-pie

    Glasto 2017 from the eyes of a first timer

    That was a really good read, and fascinating to compare it to Roskilde in your other post - which sounds a little bit more . . . what's the right term? full of twats!
  5. balti-pie

    First festival advice, not Glastonbury

    Look after your feet, cos daaaaaammm you'll be using em fresh socks are like a beautiful pedicure always take wellies (jeez, I seem like a foot fetishist)
  6. balti-pie

    Your favourite bar at Glastonbury?

    The Mandela and the Wood are my 'locals', cos I camp around there - but my favourite has to be the t+c bar, it now incorporates the craft bar next door as that's where my Grimbergen has moved to
  7. Ten hours Jesus! I can sleep for ten hours, I can drink for ten hours. That's about it. Your arse must be in tatters by the time you get to Cheddar, bloody hell . . .
  8. balti-pie

    NYC Downlow

    It's all down to the music for me - if there was a metal LGBT venue playing Rammstein and Judas Priest all night with dark rooms and leather blokes all over the shop, I'd be right in there! But house and disco? God no. So as interesting and different as it sounds, I've got no interest in actually attending. The more adult goings-on in there are entirely down to the participants as far as I'm concerned, it's really not anyone else's business. If people want to get pious and puritanical about it then jeez they really shouldn't be at Glastonbury!
  9. balti-pie

    Glastonbury Toe

    Not just AIDS, but galloping bad AIDS. the serious one. Get to your doctors, you poor manky footed souls
  10. balti-pie

    quechua Fresh and black tents

    REALLY easy if you've got some 3 day old piss
  11. balti-pie

    2017 - The Changes

    The Earache express became my beautiful new Glastonbury home
  12. balti-pie

    New security measures in place

    Don't blame me, blame Homme
  13. balti-pie

    New security measures in place

    Nicotine, Valium, vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol . . . Vicodin! Not cyclozine! Sorry queens
  14. balti-pie

    Kevin Bloody Wilson

    It's all a bit unreconstructed and very Australian, isn't it? He'd be too big for the cabaret tent but not really appropriate on the music stages, so I really don't know where you could put him!
  15. balti-pie

    I will show you mine if I can see yours ...

    Hey Strangegoose, I was outside the Pilton Palais for the film on Wednesday 3:15 but presumed you really didn't fancy suiting up in 32 degree heat! I had some heat-related issues myself (three tents in that heat - not recommended) and had to disappear into the shade with a massive bottle of water for a couple of hours and ended up missing the meetup - but deebeedoobee, being the awesome person they are, is going to forward Groot onwards to me. He's had adventure no.1 at the festival already I'll take him on the beachy head marathon in October, got a couple of other plans for him too