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  1. Missed the Foos for the Dead Kennedys, ended up having a beer with the singer in the Earache express right afterwards. Absolutely amazing 🤣🤣 absolutely no regrets, the Foos are the absolute living embodiment of ‘yeah, they’re alright I suppose’
  2. It’s inestimably easier if you drive, it really is! Parking is free for volunteers, you can take more stuff than is practical and leave it in your car, it’s great to store wet/dusty stuff, and you can arrive when you like and head off when you fancy too. If you don’t fancy buying a car then in all honesty I’d hire one for a week, it’s really easy. The car park is no more than a five min walk from where your tent will be, and that’s at the absolute maximum. It’ll likely be 2 mins. it’s a very decent drive from Pompey, down the m27 past Southampton and then straight up the a36, more or less. Not much more than two leisurely hours. (I’m in east Sussex so two further hours down the coast)
  3. That worked out perfectly for me last year - I was most excited about seeing Gojira who played the Truth stage at 10:15, followed by IDLES at about 11:45 - just after my shift ended round the corner. Quick piss, sank half a bottle of rum, got right in amongst it. Magnificent!
  4. This is a great idea. Brownie points 👍🏻
  5. balti-pie

    Volunteering 2020

    They’ll probably announce it via the fbk page at some point in the morning, with a couple of hours notice or so - that’s what happened last year, and what happened with priority this week as well. they went up at 11am last year, I was sorted by about 11.10 but it wasn’t immediately obvious if it worked: if the deposit is removed from your card, it’s definitely got you a place. Emails can take ages to come through and the website doesn’t update too quickly. Good luck!
  6. balti-pie

    Volunteering 2020

    Yeah tbf you really don’t need much money to do the Oxfam thing: it’s fantastic for students, and people on a limited income. (Like me, working for the NHS 🤣🤣 ) free entry to Glastonbury, free parking, meal vouchers for every shift, access to (cheaper and nicer) staff bars, nice big campsite with lots of room and hot water urns, catering at a very decent price, and car only a five min walk from the campsite so cooking/bringing along food is a breeze. Petrol is the only thing that really has to cost a few quid. and all for three 8hr shifts! And I get to raise £250 for Oxfam thru my ‘wages’ being donated to charity: it’s that good, I just don’t fancy going as a punter again. Possibly ever!
  7. balti-pie

    Volunteering 2020

    Woop! I’m all sorted for Glastonbury and Trailwalker (local to me) stewarding so this is a beautiful thing! ideally i’d get the early shifts and be down the Saturday before, but I’m aware that’s pretty unlikely - I’m more than happy with Monday morning first thing. Can’t wait. If anyone fancies a tea/pint and a wander onsite on the Mon or Tues then let me know 👍🏻
  8. West Ham are the Irons iron hoof - poof in rhyming slang ok, it’s somewhat grammatically challenging still, but at least it has real cockney etymology
  9. balti-pie

    Sober times

    I’m having a period of sobriety at the moment for some completely unconnected personal reasons, and I’m really, really enjoying the clarity of thought it gives me, and the extra dollop of weekend as well. No more lazing around in bed feeling dreadful til 2pm: I’m up doing stuff and being healthy. quite looking forward to what a sober glasto would be like
  10. balti-pie

    Sleeping At Glasto

    Some people have this ‘pffft, sleep when I’m dead, I ain’t wasting time unconscious at Glastonbury’ attitude but I can’t operate like that, if I don’t get at least five hours of sleep then a) I can’t really function and b) somebody annoying will get punched in the face. Which is bad in crowd situations. For everyone within a fist’s distance 🤣🤣 so I have a blackout tent, proper pillows, an inflatable mattress, and PJs in which to kip. Must be warm and comfortable, must sleep reasonably. I quite favour a little twenty min disco nap in a quiet tent or some shade too. The yoga tents in the green fields are SUPERB for this!
  11. balti-pie

    Neil Peart

    ☹️ Gutted
  12. balti-pie

    Volunteering 2020

    Vicks vaporub on your top lip will ensure you don’t smell anything too dreadful. Old psych nurse tip 😜
  13. I’m always up for giving things a bash, particularly when you say the magical words ‘Norwegian black metal’, but this is overwhelmingly GCSE drama student waily bollocks - and it’s very low on the whole church burning thing that i personally find very fulfilling. They’re no Mayhem! 🤣🤣🤘🏻
  14. Ta! Been to a couple of their events, always a good night out - but having checked out Arcturus I’d have to say they really are the worst kind of histrionic, cod-theatrical extreme metal nonsense imaginable 🤣🤣🤣 seen Vehement before, they’re decent - but I’ll be missing out on this one I reckon 👍🏻
  15. balti-pie

    2020 headliners

    I’m not really often in here, cos headliners/meh etc etc, but I’d just like it on record that I think RHCP are a bag of bollocks and even getting Harry Kane, Skeletor and Dave Lombardo in the band wouldn’t make them a must-see. hi @Quark ? love you!
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