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  1. balti-pie

    BRIT Awards 2019

    “Presented by Jack Whitehall” well, that’s not just a No from me, it’s a HELL TO THE FUCK NO.
  2. balti-pie

    The Volunteering thread 2019

    I have a question: oxfam/festaff etc are camped just outside gate b, right? I guess we get an EPO wristband etc but do we access the site via the normal gates or is there a staff access point up there? I’m just thinking about Wednesday morning and trying to bung up a tent for my mates first thing. Well, that and to watch the crowds as they come in and leg it for the best camping spot, I bet it’s good entertainment!
  3. I’d offer a plethora of hugs, kisses, reacharounds and would consider stretching to muggings if necessary
  4. balti-pie

    EE site phone reception

    I’m a very big fan of regressing to a burner and locking my idevice up for 5 days - my missus is less keen on apparently imessaging me and wondering why I don’t get back to her for 8hrs at a time 🤣🤣🤣
  5. balti-pie

    2019 Headliners

    I’m an Irish. They are not bloody headlining.
  6. balti-pie

    Oxfam Volunteering 12th Feb

    Email confirmation received, dancing can now commence. For some reason I’m more excited about stewarding that I would be about getting a normal punter’s ticket 🤣🤣 this’ll be my 7th Glastonbury so the idea of doing things a bit differently, as well as giving a little bit back to the festival, is fantastic. I really can’t wait . . . Im possibly borrowing a mate’s campervan too, so it’s going to be a fair bit different to my usual appearance of camping up at Top Webb’s Ash and spending the weekend maintaining my usual drunkenness levels!
  7. balti-pie

    The 'Friday Afternoon Rock Slot'

    Slayer would of course be utterly amazing, because I love em and they’re brilliant and it would also make for lots of confused Pyramid denizens, but it ain’t happening. They’re a Download exclusive and it’s also billed as their last UK show. Shame, cos they were great in November 🤘🏻🤘🏻
  8. balti-pie

    The Volunteering thread 2019

    Cool - avoiding the hour of carrying a wardrobe on my back, and the initial scrum for a camping spot, is going to be BEAUTIFUL 🤣🤣
  9. Mate I don’t mean to disappoint you here, but there are a lot of selfish dickheads in the world - both in and out of festivals.
  10. balti-pie

    The Volunteering thread 2019

    I’ve not got email confirmation yet but it’s held the payment so I’m presuming I’m in: I’m pretty chuffed with that, I’ve always fancied volunteering and I’m happy to do another event and have priority for 2020 as well. I’ve got a few mates with tickets/waiting on performers tickets but I normally do my own thing at the fest anyway so not camping with them isn’t so bad for me - is the oxfam camping just by gate b? I can’t find any staff camping maps etc online . . .
  11. balti-pie

    Oxfam Volunteering 12th Feb

    No dancing around from me til email confirmation received and digested.
  12. balti-pie

    Oxfam Volunteering 12th Feb

    Yep - I’ve been charged, but didn’t get a confirmation number. So it’s the waiting game . . . (At least others are in the same boat as me though)
  13. balti-pie

    Toughest clash choices

    I did the same, and I’m very happy with my choice: I’ll be even happier when I do get to see LCD (tbf I’d never ever watch Coldplay under any circumstances) but EWF were all kinds of great
  14. balti-pie

    Lead Booker may cancel our tickets - Help

    As soon as the balance repayment opens, get on em and pay. They’ll be completely yours then. That’s the only thing under your control, that you can definitely change. As for your unwell mate, if she’s detained in hospital then she’s receiving treatment and will hopefully be improving in mental state. It could easily be that this time next month, she’ll be fully insightful to how she was when she was unwell, and will be mortified to think about how she threatened to knacker everyone’s tickets up! Give her time, she’ll get better 👍🏻
  15. balti-pie

    The 'Friday Afternoon Rock Slot'

    gojira are playing Hellfest in France on the 21st and have just announced a date in Brixton on the 30th - dunno if they’d be big enough for the Friday Pyramid rock slot (well, to be honest they’re definitely not!) but they’re bloody good and I’d very much like to see em headlining the Truth stage