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  1. Hnnnnng, that setlist! 😍😍😍 I really can’t afford to drop any money on tickets, I bunged £250 on 4x Faith no more tickets the other day and won’t get the rest back til June: this is impossible 😫
  2. balti-pie


    It doesn’t affect you, cos you’ve never felt like you weren’t born in the wrong body. I havnt either, it is a strange concept, but I can empathise with people who feel like colossal outsiders from society for reasons that are completely out of their control, and I like to feel solidarity with people who are hugely marginalised. And trans people are very much abused and held up to ridicule.
  3. balti-pie


    Y’see, more reasons why having an old, unsexy and thoroughly functional car is much better - nobody covets my bonnet or seating, and nobody thinks I’m overcompensating for my tiny genitals either! I have other ways of doing that 😎
  4. Holy fucking shitballs, Faith No More at Brixton academy is the absolute stuff of dreams. I have got to get a ticket. Got to.
  5. Holy fucking shitballs, Faith No More at Brixton academy is the absolute stuff of dreams. I have got to get a ticket. Got to. Edit; triple posted! Sorry 🤣🤣 I just really need to make it clear that I have to get tickets 🤣🤣
  6. Holy fucking shitballs, Faith No More at Brixton academy is the absolute stuff of dreams. I have got to get a ticket. Got to.
  7. Hyde park. Oh ffs. I said I wouldn’t go back there.
  8. My first night at Glastonbury was the Thursday in 2005. Yes, THAT Thursday 🤣🤣 my missus of the time had been to Glastonbury a few times, she loved it, but as we got together we knew it was something we wanted to do. We drove down on the Thursday, boiling hot, 30 degrees - carried all our stuff for miles, she got a major strop on and sat in the shade (By Bella’s bridge, I always sit there and smile now) while I found somewhere to pop the tent up in Oxlyers. We set up, walked round, I instantly fell in absolute 100% adoration of the place, and we watched The Goonies on a big screen that night where the JP is now. went to bed that night, excited about the music and the things we were going to see, and at 2am the rains started. And fell. And got heavier and heavier. And heavier! the tent was a £20 job from tesco, and wasn’t all that waterproof - but as soon as we opened the doors at about 6am we saw a river had opened up about 15 feet from us, washing everything away in its path. It was absolutely apocalyptic. Bless her, she popped out to get me some emergency wellies (not many people need size 12, happily) and we walked around the site like we were inspecting a crime scene. Standing water 4ft deep in places! Absolutely incredible. First band I saw was the Undertones on the pyramid. Been back 8 times since, absolutely hate missing them, but i work it now with Oxfam and I’ll keep going for as long as I’m physically able. my home 🥰 (oh for gods sake, I’m crying a bit 🤣🤣🤣)
  9. balti-pie


    He’s VERY good at enabling top notch forummers to attend Idles gigs 👀
  10. Bloody hell sirjonnyp, you’ve made me slightly wistful and nostalgic and completely thrilled all in one post. Beautiful 🤘🏻
  11. balti-pie

    2020 headliners

    Spurs fan here. Could really do without seeing Lewandowski pics, because he’s been haunting my dreams since . . . well, yknow, since then. Though RHCP is an even worse prospect than getting drilled 2-7 at home!
  12. balti-pie


    Truth stage was even better tbf 😎 (source: me, I was working during the Park set and couldn’t see it but I finished in tune for a Gojira and IDLES and that was the best back-to-back over the whole weekend 🤣🤣)
  13. Yer standard Sports Direct Karrimor efforts are perfectly cromulent for this kind of thing, if you’re planning on regularly walking/hiking then get something better but if it’s for occasional use then go for em. Your sock choice will be pretty important too - I wear bamboo socks or some mega technical efforts for big hiking events. (I do 20+ mile things a few times a year, which is a pretty standard day at Glastonbury 🤣🤣)
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