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  1. Manchego really would be intricate spanish guitar like Rodrigo Y Gabriela and Manu Chao wouldnt it? Marvellous scenes! i'd be there, front and centre, mouth open 😛
  2. Coldplay Cheddar - well suited to undemanding palates, a lovely smear of beige blandness!
  3. yeah, i agree actually, its quite meh. might try a bit of cheese on toast and see if that enlivens it at all. Though i do like a kickass strong cheese, blue/stilton/manchego/all sorts, so perhaps its just a bit more middle of the road and my tastebuds are used to being blown away?
  4. i had a three course pie dinner last year to herald Pie Week: a slice of gala pie with salad for starters steak and ale pie with mash and mushy peas (the classic aussie pie floater) for main course and for afters i had a lovely apple pie and custard. At no point did it all feel a bit much, i was very impressed with my ability to eat so much pie 😀
  5. this is very definitely my territory.
  6. Ten years without an admission is fantastic to be fair, he's obviously been doing lots of things right in order to stay out of hospital for that long! A relapse, while debilitating and distressing, does at least give more information to the patient (and their carers) about what to look for when they are dipping in mood - so it serves to help protect him in the future. Thats a good thing. In terms of Covid, I can only speak about my ward, but we've had a handful of positive patients over the last year - perhaps 7 or 8 in total. And none have been particularly unwell, thankfully. Its not le
  7. Hello, I work on a psych ward in the south east of england. As noted above, people who are detained under the mental health act are able to be given medication without their consent, though this is only mental health meds - a vaccine for a physical health issue, as this vaccine is, wouldn’t be able to be compelled. Besides the legal ramifications, when holding people down, we can only inject in the top of the buttocks, and this injection goes in the arm - and the logistics of holding someone down and injecting them on the arm don’t really work very easily. the latest that I hav
  8. My cousins live in the EU, so jabs going into the arm of a Brit means an Irish person dies. OR perhaps its fuck all to do with borders and nationalities, and lets just concentrate on helping out everyone we can, ya daftie
  9. All gone 😒 i was wanting a two day Ten club thingo, or at least one of the days, but nope - sold out everywhere at the mo. Hyde park is a bit of a disgrace of a venue and getting into the pen at the front would be the only way it could be redeemed - general admission is a) miles away and b) disappointingly quiet. Hopefully something will come up at the last minute! (thanks though)
  10. Bloody good idea for a standalone post. Mine would be the twenty minutes spent enduring Ellie fucking Goulding on the pyramid stage, who awoke me from an extremely nice afternoon nap with her hideous caterwauling. Nobody can enjoy that, surely?
  11. Hmm, I’ve been keeping an eye on these dates and seeing as everything will hopefully be fine from 21/06, I was earmarking this as my triumphant return to live music: but I want ten club tickets dammit, and they’re sold out on all the websites!
  12. no Skid Row - i remember you? or Motley Crue - home sweet home? ffs man! Estranged though 😎 and Sister Christian is an INSPIRED choice
  13. Power ballads: id just like it on record that at karaoke, I smash out a quite magnificent Heart - Alone.
  14. Thanks mate 👍🏻 I dare say the gig will be shifted again, mid-June isn’t really that far away - it’s been a proper saga but at some point I can wang the money over to you. Bloody hell, it’s aaaaages ago the tickets went up for sale! yeah, it’s been a big process, quite lifechanging! but I’m glad to be on the other side of it. I’ve been working in mental health for nigh on twelve years now so you’d think I’d be better at communicating! The counselling has been sourced through Mankind in Brighton, they’re a wonderful service for male survivors of CSA. I’m going to raise a few quid for t
  15. About 15 months ago, i reconciled myself with some pretty distressing personal history - in short, i was sexually abused as a kid and didnt bother to talk about it, or acknowledge it really, for 32 years. So i had this dark and horrible stuff in my head, and started going to counselling and seeking help over it - talking to my friends, just opening the lid of my head and having a good reorganise. Its been extremely liberating and beneficial, and i really do feel like a different person. Since i started talking about it, i've had absolutely zero interest in being drunk. I'll have a
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