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  1. balti-pie

    How do you feel?

    Fed up of feeling miserable 😆😆 i think i must be a bit better. . . . the feelings of 'ill be alone forever' have changed to 'hmmm, there's plenty of women out there . . . perhaps i might find another one who wants to put up with me' Thanks though!
  2. balti-pie

    How do you feel?

    I feel shit today. Split up with my Missus on Monday, I’m struggling with hideous low self esteem and anxiety, counselling finished a couple of weeks ago (I’ve got some horrible childhood traumas I’m trying to tackle) and on top of that, a colleague of mine passed away from Coronavirus yesterday. so in short, I’m hibernating for the day. Everything sucks. It’ll change, I know that, this is a temporary low mood: but it’s really boring and tiring feeling like this.
  3. Well, I’m glad we can all be kept happy then! I get my smaller amount of poncy strong beer and you both get a larger amount of something that keeps you content: this is what the beer industry should be doing! It’s far preferable to the majority of the last 25 years, where the choice in pubs and supermarkets was overwhelmingly the same ol shite slopped into differently coloured cans: Carling or Carlsberg? Oh let’s go round the corner, they have Stella there. Oh joy! my piss-to-getting-pissed ratio is far superior, and that’s my end goal - exponential fun factor per ml 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Some people don’t blink an eye at the idea of £30, £80, £100 for a bottle of wine at a decent restaurant, but it’s widely regarded as insane equating a pint at £12. 16% barrel aged stouts shouldn’t be drunk by the pint, and nor should 14% Chardonnay. well, I mean they can be, but in me at least they’ll precede an extremely lengthy afternoon kip 🤣 the best wines in the world are four, five figures for a bottle. Same with whisky/ey. I don’t personally see any problem with the best beers in the word being £15/£20 a bottle. Perhaps the best beer I’ve ever had was Omnipollo/buxton y
  5. I love people moaning about craft beer 🤣🤣🤣 things change, it’s not only various shades of boring brown twiggy beer or characterless lager, there’s tons of different stuff at all sorts of price points and I love the crazy 16% barrel aged macadamia nut and white chocolate imperial stouts more than anything else
  6. Nobody will have the faintest idea where they got the virus from. It’s completely impossible to know. Yer human brain will always try and pin it down to something to confirm their own (perhaps subconscious) biases, but there’s absolutely no way of knowing at all. She could’ve picked it up off a rogue bean tin that someone sneezed on in Tesco
  7. balti-pie

    How do you feel?

    Yes I do, and that’s why I’m not with her any more 🤣🤣
  8. balti-pie

    How do you feel?

    Good man @kalifire 👍🏻 With every little change, every day that passes, you get a bit further away from all the heartache and you get closer to the next bit of brilliant. There’ll be a stage after you’ve moved into your new place when everything is in its place, everything is tidy and sorted, you’ll be coming home after work etc with nothing on your mind, and you’ll be so chuffed to have your own place with no stress, arguments, stolen leftover ham, washing up, inexplicable shit strewn all over the bathroom despite you cleaning it yesterday, itll just be you and your stuff and it will bring a h
  9. balti-pie

    How do you feel?

    I disagree with that. I lived with my ex-Missus for 11 years and when we split up we were dividing up the kitchen utensils, furniture etc I was absolutely chuffed to bits to secure the egg poachers. Had to buy a new pizza wheel, but I got a majestic one and I’ll be completely honest now, every time I slice through pizza with absolute ease and grace I think of her struggling to cut with that manky old piece of crap she was left with and I smile broadly to myself 🤣🤣
  10. balti-pie

    How do you feel?

    There very much needs to be grief. But there’s a future on the other side of it mate, and you don’t know what it’ll involve. There’ll be tears, there’ll be incredible times, there’ll be mindblowing amazing sex and love and all sorts in your future, and you’ll look back on this part of your life and be glad it’s made you who you are. You’ll get through it, it’ll suck for a while, and then you’ll be better tooled for the future. So hunker down for a while and do what you need to get through, because it will improve. I’m telling you now: it will get better. source material: me, for
  11. I’m 40 and could always do with £50
  12. Already cancelled my annual leave, I did it today in a mild fit of pique. my mate is doing a charity walk from Eastbourne to Stoke, in memory of his sadly deceased little boy, who died last year - it’s a good 300 miles and it’ll take him a fair old while, so I’ll work out whereabouts he’ll be and do a few more days with him. Was doing the first few days anyway. He’s hoping to raise ten grand for the hospitals that looked after his son. hang on, I’d better lob up a charity link! https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/fundraiser-display/showROFundraiserPage?userUrl=ChrisGibbs9&pageUr
  13. I’ve started seeing a new woman in my life, and I’ve had an absolutely colossal amount of sex so far this year. It’s been fun! sorry, but you did want positives 🤣🤣 Our planned holiday next weekend is up the swannee, and Glastonbury is knackered now, I’m waiting on Faith No More to get the boot and then I’ve officially got nothing at all booked. At all. Which sucks a bit.
  14. Sigur Ros in the JP in 2016 ho99o9 in the earache express tube carriage was off the charts ridiculous Napalm death at the Truth stage was a beautiful moment as an avowed metal fan who has long wanted a bit of heavier music here and there; and now we have a stage!
  15. They had Bunny Chow (dunno if it was that specific stall) in 2010 or 2014, on the run between the pyramid and the bottom of silver Hayes. I remember perving at one and deciding to come back and get one when I was next hungry: but of course I didn’t, because ya never do in that situation . . . the moral of my story is eat when it’s in front of you, don’t put meals off til later! If that means five meals a day then so be it 🤣🤣🤣
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