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  1. Nobody Interesting


    Davey Malone is worth seeing and Mr B is always a good laugh.
  2. Nobody Interesting


    A tip for a fun set is The Tribe in the Little Big Top. Saw them twice last year and really enjoyed them. Just watch out for broken toes
  3. Nobody Interesting

    Who's going?

    Saw them 4 times last year - superb every time. I had actually forgotten they were playing at BD.
  4. Nobody Interesting

    YNOT Festival 2018

    Gave it a go this year as liked lots of the line-up and thought that after last years epic failure they really would make sure things went well. Oh Dear. We treated ourselves to a pre picthed Bell Tent as my back is bad and they told us they were the nearest to the entrance. They were, apart from live in vehicles, the furthest away. In the Glamping field was a gate, a gate to the outside. It was not locked and people were walking through it and there were no security in sight. We tried it to see what would happen and nobody said a word to us! Thursday night the tent thieves struck that area and there was no security to be found. VIP and Glamping had 8 toilet cublicles for men and 3 of those broke on Thursday. I have never seen any festival with so few toilets. On Sunday morning 30% of thew glamping tents had blown over so their occupants left early. Given the forecast you might have thought they would have had more bark chippings on site - but no, they looked like they had pretty much run out Sunday morning. On Saturday due to the wind they cancelled the main stage until 5.30 - yet on Sunday despite the wind being far worse they cancelled none of it. Their refund policy will explain that one. As my back had gone due to having to drag our trolley so far and our bell tent had half collapsed we decided to call it a day at around 2pm today and as we left I was stunned. The car exit route aimed cars down the slope right towards the main walkway where people were heading, and it was a steep slope. One car had already lost control and slid in the mud right towards pedestrians. Not a single steward in sight! Anyway. We gave it a go and they failed us and so many others. We spoke to regulars who said this was their last time and saw so many who were very annoyed by the lack of 'giving a shit' they had when asking for assistance.
  5. Nobody Interesting

    Who's going?

    We shall be there. The Hives are superb live. Barstewards too a must see to wake us up Sunday morning :-)
  6. Nobody Interesting

    Bestival 2018 incoming!

    They did big searches last year.
  7. Nobody Interesting

    YNOT Festival 2018

    I have now added the rest - hopefully I got it right.
  8. Nobody Interesting

    YNOT Festival 2018

    I have updated the clashfinder - just changed times for stages that were there already. https://clashfinder.com/s/ynot2018 Tickets are being sent this week they say!!!
  9. Nobody Interesting


    Hives = Excellent booking
  10. Nobody Interesting

    왜 스팸입니까? 한국인은 여기 없습니다. 가버려.

    트럼프는 cockwomble 이다
  11. Nobody Interesting

    왜 스팸입니까? 한국인은 여기 없습니다. 가버려.

    I don't want to go away though.
  12. Nobody Interesting


    Faith? It's George Michael then
  13. Nobody Interesting


    I like your rumour and wish it to be true.
  14. Nobody Interesting


    Drums watch, checks fingers.
  15. Nobody Interesting

    Bearded Theory 2018

    I read it and wanted to be back there.