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  1. I get what you are suggesting, a way to potentially speed it up is to have a separate server for those who have got to the booking screen and beyond. So instead of battling with everybody for bandwidth they are in their own space and will complete the transaction much more easily and in theory, more quickly. It would also, hopefully, take away pretty much all instances of being crashed out of any of the pages once in. Maybe a server that handles 20,000 people at the same time maximum. It might take 5 minutes off the time as you will still have the masses all trying to get to the first page but at least might make the system smoother once in.
  2. Thnaks. Do you have an email address I get get hold of you on?
  3. I also tried messaging you but think your inbox might be full. Can you please drop me a PM, I would love to have 2 tickets. Ta muchly
  4. Excellent work, and hard work as I know from organising my groups. We had such a good success rate until this year - I suppose the bubble had to burst one year and boy did it burst!! We managed only 27 out of 75 tickets! Utter nightmare. I wish you and everyone here the very best of luck for the resale (maybe not as much luck as us though ). I shan't join your lists though as I can't give it all the attention it would deserve whilst sorting for ours who failed and that would not be fair to others.
  5. To me it is obvious, and others have already said this. It is the 50th anniversary so 50 pairs of tickets in a ballot. The ballot is less relevant than the number 50. You will be seeing that number lots more between now and June.
  6. I will accept Chris Martin and Coldplay playing somewhere every day of the festival - just as long as I get a ticket.
  7. Hello resale thread. Been here lots over the years but always to offer help and support to others. Now I am here cos I have no ticket 😪
  8. There have not been any secret sales for either the 2017 or 2019 festivals. I would say they are a thing of the past so certainly do not expect them.
  9. Lots of people, like me, who did not get a ticket, are probably avoiding all things Glastonbury so the results may well be skewed. Personally I think worldwide there are night on a million trying, but at least 25% of them are not even registered. I know half a dozen who tried on Sunday who had not registered and did not even know you had to
  10. Nobody Interesting

    Rum club

    I would let you sample both my Toasted Coconut and Vanilla infused Rum and the vodka done in the same way - cos both are fantastic and the vodka is actually very like a single malt whisky..................... but I will not be there next year 😪
  11. I've been on the lash since failing to get tickets.
  12. Not seen a booking page since 2015 either but have had tickets thanks to other lovely people. I have tried so many methods, browsers, number of windows open etc etc No difference. I think they ought to put some dancing cats on the holding page to make it less dull for us who only ever get to see that page.
  13. If one in a group dos have tickets it will highlight that in red on the booking page so you can identify who to remove. If that one is number 3 of 6 you have to move all the others up to leave the gap at the end. This all takes time. Over the years I have seen 3 times a group fail because of one or more selfish people who do not stick with the same group where ever they are trying for tickets.
  14. Excellent, thanks for the confirmation.
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