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  1. It will be the Pet Shop Boys. Followed by another big act perhaps Duran Duran. No way will it be Elton, he will headline Pyramid only if he ever plays which I doubt he will.
  2. Yes Alcohol is only allowed on first entry.
  3. She said it in the same verse as Noel Gallagher being 'next year' which everyone thought was 2019...... but wasn't as he is 2020. I still beleive it was referring to 2020 but only time will tell.
  4. True, and they are playing next year too................................ had heard that before they played with the Killers. I reckon Sunday Tea Time slot for them.
  5. I still think that Disclosure will be one of the 3. Emily loves them, they have headlined West Holts and Other and have new material on the way. They are also 'a couple of blokes' and Emily said that is what we had for 'next year'.
  6. All we ever leave behind is what goes in the toilets. All our stuff comes back to camp site, gets put in a bag and that bag comes home tyo be sorted and recycled. Always been that way at all festivals. If we can carry in full things we can carry out empty things.
  7. If nothing else you should be able to tie to a zip in some way. Always do this when I travel overseas.
  8. Wear one, tie the other to your backpack
  9. The coaster has rolled. We won. See you all in the fields. Enjoy.
  10. From Chrome using the Print option you should be able to change from Print to Save as PDF Choose that option then print from the PDF ought to solve the problems................ if not then you have the default print setting set to 1 page only
  11. Silver Hayes has so much on that is not dance music.
  12. Just what I was saying yesterday, a bit of rain is a good thing now. Just don't say it too loud else some want to use wire brushes on your tongue
  13. 2nd vote for always walking boots. Did 2016 in them no problems at all.
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