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  1. Looking at the jet stream forecasts there is a lush big bump pushing in from the Sunday before the festival. Not seen ant runs that show temps as high as yours yet but it all looks like it might, just might, calm the feck down. I shall keep dancing in praise of the sun until it sorts out.
  2. Great idea. Mine has to be Asha Puthli 12:30 — 13:30 Friday on West Holts. A 4/5 way clash and none of the others stood a chance against her.
  3. Rayner said when asked if CGT was going up that their plans were costed and funded and so no more tax rises were needed. When pushed and pushed by Mordant she eventually said a clear 'no' to CGT being increased. At the end in the summing up Mordant said that Labour would hit families with taxes on their home. Certain media, likely from being told to, have run with this suggesting that CGT will be on all house sales even if it is just your one and only home. It is yet more Tory bullshit.
  4. Is he saying his aides forced him to take refuge then? But more seriously, it must be awful to have to seek refuge from persecution to try and find somewhere safe to be................ maybe th4e pub owners should threaten to send him to Rwanda and then the picture is complete.
  5. That's what everyone said in May in the build up to Bearded Theory.............................
  6. Given the weather the UK has had in 2024 so far I personally will be overjoyed if the festival weather is 18 degrees and mostly dry...................... weather like yesterday would just be so depressing and the cold north wind before that would be OK in November, just.
  7. Last night Farage Population explosion with 6 million more people Also last night Farage 40 minutes later Population explosion with 4.2 million more people Also last night Farage 10 minutes later People need to have lots more babies Mordant - Clueless Raynor - So so wanted to open up and speak her mind but is unable to Lib Dem one - Really good and came across well and actually answered questions The rest - All far better on the spot than the main two parties I look forward to some random words from this being quoted to change the whole context
  8. Dua Lipa 145 +10 The National 190 Justice 205 Fontaines D.C. 197
  9. The difference is I quoted you and removed/ignored part of what you said where as you just did a quote and then wrote something I never said or wrote even if you did what I did. I did it to highlight how annoying it is to have people quote a small part of what you say out of context to make their own point............... and it seems to have annoyed you. Perhaps you will now not do it to others.
  10. You are still proving apoi nt I did not make. The point I said that is both main parties say often that they want better services (the EU has them) and they want lower taxes (the US has that)................. I then simply point out that you cannot have them both. I did not say at any point that what any of them are doing now actually backs that up. Believe it or not some people actully write exactly what they are sayi g rather than writing something that might mean anything. I have re-read my initial post and it really is very clear about what it says. I shall now end this cos it is rather boring like the whole election and I have no doubt you will still ignore what I actually wrote as history suggests that is highly likely.
  11. Labour have said they want to have lower taxes on 'working people' and have many times said they want lower taxes like in the USA. There are loads of examples in Hansard. In the EU taxes are higher than the UK and services per capita are better funded. It is an EU wide statistic which is why I said the EU. I don't expect you to understand that though as you will, as always, just select a little random part of one sentence to quote and question rather than the full post that has the context.
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