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  1. Don’t know about that, as much hand sanitiser as you want.
  2. I am surprised it isn’t a white cloak with a pointy hat
  3. Maybe saw a van load of posters arriving at the farm when she was out running?
  4. All part of a new Tory initiative, now they won seats up north they are all been given the local foods to try out. Start off with crisps, Next week they graduate onto black pudding, finally in an attempt to woo us Scots they will be given a deep fried Mars bar
  5. And probably put a few more tickets into the resale
  6. It’s a woman who actually has just returned from northern Italy
  7. Given his track record of weather predictions it looks a certainty the festival is on!
  8. I will add Hunterston A and B nuclear power stations, complete with cracks in the reactor! They do seem to build these things in the most pristine of locations! Nothing to worry about though, the local cops have a supply of iodine tablets to be issued in the event of a meltdown. Reckon your hat would give better protection.
  9. Yes it’s beautiful and serene, unfortunately what you can’t see is the trident nuclear sub under the water heading for its base!
  10. think we need to calm down, what will be will be. This was the view across the Clyde this morning. Certainly gave me a sense of inner peace!
  11. School close to me came back from an Italian ski trip last week and 40 kids , 3 staff went down with a vomiting bug, ruined the trip. Their hotel was quarantined, seems others in the hotel were also infected with a bacterial , not viral, infection. Not having much luck in the Italian ski area.
  12. Any football game or gigs i have had tickets for that were cancelled I have been offered a full refund or a ticket for the rearranged game or gig, if , of course,it can be rearranged. I would imagine that Glastonbury would do the same. Offer a ticket for the next one and retain any monies paid or a refund . But let’s hope it doesn’t get that far.
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