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  1. Yes, best keeping see tickets informed that you haven’t received them and find out what their policy is re delayed tickets
  2. Yes, Monday contact see tickets, maybe even later today after post has been. Won’t do any harm. Don’t know if next weeks jubilee Bank holidays will mean seetickets shut Thursday and Friday.
  3. Been to go outdoors and bought a new air bed and some gas canisters. Started getting the stuff together. Three weeks today we leave for Glastonbury, A few days in the town pre festival. The excitement is building!
  4. That’s more Owain Wyn Evans, the Welsh weather presenter with the sharp suits that our Carol Kirkwood. 😊
  5. If only Carol Kirkwood was so clear and concise explaining the weather as @blutarskyinstead of droning on about pressure, warm fronts et etc.
  6. Could be tomorrow, more likely Monday. All depends when you get the e mail with tracking info. Exciting times!
  7. Tickets arrived Grumpy impatient bear now ecstatic!
  8. I think fuck me it’s getting busy is a very astute observation!
  9. I think delivery ramps up very soon
  10. Ayrshire Chris

    Block 8

    mmmmmm, thought this block 8 was always rammed.
  11. I reckon it gets rerouted back to a main sorting office then sent to your local office
  12. Woke up 3 am to go for a piss, checked tracker and tickets had just been dispatched to my town so expect delivery today!.
  13. Acuweather showing decent weather for the weekend, sunny intervals, around 19 degrees. Keep the faith
  14. Royal Mail Tracking now working, mine has left Nottingham and on their way to Glasgow, so probable delivery tomorrow, but this impatient bear is still waiting and won’t move until I get them
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