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  1. A blast from the past seems to have re-emerged where I live. The iconic stickers proclaiming ‘Call out Gouranga, Be Happy!’ with a cannabis leaf image are back on lamposts etc. Wish I could claim I was responsible!
  2. Just noticed that Lee Kerslake their drummer during their most successful spell and albums died today. He also drummed for Ozzy Osbourne. RIP Lee
  3. Thanks to the generosity of my late mum I managed to see loads of bands in the greens/Apollo! Al the greats, in what I would consider their classic line ups! Craziest gig? Alice Coopers first visit to the U.K., place was bouncing. Hard to pick my fav but the Deep Purple gigs were stunning.
  4. I first became aware of the festival in 1972 when as a young teenager I bought a copy of the Glastonbury Fayre triple album which contained tracks, some live, of acts that had played at the 71 festival. Didn’t know too much about the festival but bought it as it had tracks by Hawkwind, Gong and the Pink Fairies. But it was the cover and booklet about the festival that really got me interested. There was even a silver fold out pyramid. It would be many years before I fulfilled an ambition to actually get to the festival big regret, short of cash when I got married I sold lots of my vinyl,
  5. Decent musical taste for a five year old, they did quite a few Beatles covers!
  6. Donation made. Great effort @Superscally! A worthy cause.
  7. Yes I’m sure it did. He was really good, and attracted quite a crowd. I understand he’s a singer/guitarist in a band that usually plays weddings, events, pubs etc so obviously not much work for him at the moment. He had a varied choice of music, listened for about 45 minutes and fair play to him, he didn’t resort to that buskers favourite Wonderwall!😉
  8. So those of us who were alive at that time what were you doing That weekend? I reckon on the Saturday I was playing football for my boys brigade team and sometime that month I saw jethro tull and procol harum at the greens playhouse in Glasgow. A year later saw T Rex who, as you all know, replaced the Kinks at the first Glastonbury!
  9. I posted on the how do you feel thread last night that listening to a busker playing really cheered me up, especially when he played a few tunes that had Glastonbury significance for me personally. So if you fancy some live music go and find a good busker or street musician. It’s a great feeling listening and interacting with a live performance once again!
  10. Cheers for that, it was so out of character for me, usually nothing ever fazes me. If this shit storm is affecting me then god knows how others are feeling. The quid I put in the buskers guitar case must be the cheapest every paid for an hours therapy session!
  11. Strangely, very strangely for me I felt really down today. Listening to the tv news just floored me. I went out for a walk this evening along the shore and sat down, watching the sun set. A busker was playing and it had a bit of an effect on me. He sang a song called garden valley, I had heard it at Glastonbury years ago being sung by Cara Dillon. A few tunes later he sang sister Rosetta, another one I had heard at Glastonbury by Frank Turner. Listening to live music with for me a Glastonbury connection really really lifted me.Wandered home feeling so much better. Ramble over
  12. Just cycled along our shore path. It’s heaving. As busy as a bank holiday Monday swing parks full. Ice cream huts really busy as is the chip shops. Queues outside the Weatherspoons. Booooo😀. I can see the mid term hols being mobbed. IF the weather holds!
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