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  1. Now I’m panicking when I read payment some e mails have been sent out. Ain’t got one yet. Has anyone had theirs yet ? A quick see tickets check of my order will be undertaken!
  2. Cancel? Not on your nelly , on holiday on Monday in jersey and will be paying from our hotel room!
  3. The earache is a bit niche and tiny. Like you I fancy a wee bit of classic hard rock on one of the main stages.
  4. Ayrshire Chris


    I reckon the other stage sunset was actually the highlight of the Ellie Goulding performance in. 2014
  5. If I recollect the beer sold in worthy view a few years ago was cans of Kronenbourg🙁 so bring some of your own!
  6. Last time we were there the bar only sold beer in cans , nothing on draught. That was a few years ago. Remember the spare groundsheet for the outer part of the tent , Good to keep shoes and wellies on.
  7. Ayrshire Chris


    Was watching it myself whilst outside here was cloudy and grey. It really is magical . Reminds me of watching acts on the other stage at twilight
  8. Yes, the information e mail you get in May is comprehensive and answers all obvious questions.
  9. If I recollect Father Dougal preferred Blur but Father Damon was more trendy so went for Oasis
  10. Lynrid skynrid for me. Trouble is they need an hour to play freebird leaving them five minutes for sweet home Alabama as an encore. Would love to see Alice Cooper.
  11. Given my age it’s got to be Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd. But then favourite bands tend to be those that you were besotted with in your teens. After that your musical tastes tend to broaden. For instance I would listen to nothing but heavy rock such as deep purple sabbath etc in my younger days. Now I am excited about seeing Christine and the queens! As for oasis, I loved them live. It’s all subjective. Just keep an open mind on music.
  12. Ayrshire Chris


    Put me down for the Sunday night effigy headliner, Rees Mogg.
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