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  1. I would use any excuse for a visit to the farm! Anyway panic, well bit of a concern, over. Got a see tickets e mail that they’ve been posted today. A nice wee tingle getting a see tickets notification re Glastonbury.
  2. worthy view, I wondered why there was a few different coloured tents mixed in. Now from the air you see they spelt out worthyview. Clever stuff.
  3. Anyone else ordered tickets via see tickets? They are still awaiting delivery of them. Maybe I should start a mini panicky ‘where are my tickets’ thread! Just like we do for the festival!
  4. Ok good idea. Heading down to the pilton party, since it’s a 450 mile drive we just won’t bother going home and will take up residence in the woods next to the JP field. Just leave the long drop in place after the pilton party and we’re sorted!
  5. Ayrshire Chris

    The Cure

    Foos were terrific last night. Strange leaving a muddy site and not going back to a tent!
  6. And act to Dave g tonight he met the bay city roller singer back stage. So it could have been Shang a Lang added to the set!
  7. Foos were terrific tonight in Glasgow, and a great version of AC/DC let there be rock went down a storm. And it didn’t rain. A few moans about the mud but for us glasto goers it was nothing . Certainly not the wellie swallowing mud of 2016!
  8. Ayrshire Chris

    The Cure

    Thanks, heard the cure were terrific. Gave them a miss because we saw them at Glastonbury. Wellies on tonight!
  9. Ayrshire Chris

    The Cure

    Do that in Glasgow and you will float away
  10. Ayrshire Chris

    The Cure

    Glastowellies and rain cape brought out of hibernation for the Foos tomorrow. Expect the ground to be churned up after today’s gig.
  11. Up here I will need a log burner for the bloody summer.
  12. Currently in the planning stage of a summerhouse/shed with a Glastonbury theme. These posters look ace. Also when down in Glastonbury town before the festival saw a glasto street sign for sale in a local high st shop. Going to buy it when we are down for the pilton party.
  13. The movement of emergency vehicles might explain why the Glastonbury site has added more roadways in recent years, certainly that would be a major concern during poor weather.
  14. Might be wrong but I always thought that the on line store just sold off excess stock left over from the festival merchandise stalls. Previous years common sizes were out of stock very quickly. So now they are producing more shirts etc on demand after the festival?
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