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  1. I am not a number,I am a sheep! (For fans of the prisoner 60s cult tv)
  2. my rescued sheep has also given birth, well I think it’s her anyway!
  3. Ta! There’s only so much you can spot from scanning the webcam at every opportunity!
  4. Lovely picture. Any work being done on site, roadways etc? These enforced fallow years would be an ideal time for such work.
  5. How many excited smiles and excitement in this queue!
  6. Just love these photos. They show how much happiness, friendship and incredible memories that will last forever our festival creates.
  7. Don’t know what situation is down south but all I was told when I was jagged (jabbed) was that I would be sent a letter of an appointment for the second dose.
  8. Hancocks half hour about to start, about to face the backlash from the 1% pay offer to nhs staff. Boris has put him up for a right doing here
  9. Never in the navy unless you count an embarrassing village people Karaoke in a school end of term staff show!
  10. It’s six metres wide and over two feet deep in places. Also very slippy. Ok maybe the raging torrent (happens during heavy rainfalls) was a bit of hyperbole . Love 💗 Bungle, hated the hippo.
  11. Looked out our window this morning and saw the sheep back down to the field . Amongst them is the one I saved and I was sure it saw me and stared at me with eyes filled with gratitude . You can just see her through the woods over the raging torrent I had to wade through.
  12. Last evening out for a walk we noticed a sheep halfway up a steep banking in the field across the wee river than runs outside our house. This morning the poor thing was still there and all his wee sheepy pals had wandered back up to the farm for breakfast. Mrs C demanded I see what was wrong. So I put on the Glasto wellies, waded across the river, through the muddy field twice sinking into the bog. A bit like Glastonbury 2016. Clambered up the banking to the sheep, heavily pregnant I reckon, and tried to coax it down. Managed to give her a gentle shove and she slithered down to the path and st
  13. I might be tempted to buddy up with him! Reckon it could be pet shop boys v swiftly
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