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  1. Given today’s sad news about overseas aid budget cuts supporting our Glastonbury charities is more important than ever.
  2. Only Mick Box left now from their classic line up. I still go to their gigs when they tour. Great to hear the old tunes .
  3. Says a lot for the funding of our NHS when the consultant has to whisper sweet nothings in your ear rather than use some piece of high tech equipment. As for my hearing I’ve spent 50 years with my ears being bombarded with heavy rock music including countless gigs from bands such as Deep Purple, Sabbath ACDC etc, absolutely ear splitting volume especially in the early days. Ears ringing for days after the gigs. Doesn’t seem to have affected me too much.
  4. Good news thread, ideal place to deliver my 5000th post! It’s well seen what I’ve been doing since retiring last year. Thanks to everyone on here for the laughs, information and banter. Here’s to the next 5000 😁
  5. It will surely go ahead barring the unexpected. Hopefully, despite all folks reservations, over the next few crucial months we don’t let our guards down. Everyone has to continue to social distance, hand washing, obeying the restrictions etc. No matter what is to be allowed at Xmas we’ve decided to err on the side of caution, we will see our grandkids with their pressies but no other meetings with relatives and friends or family dinners. Xmas will be a time to reflect on the horrendous year that is about to end and look forward to next year. Giving up a visit to a pub or a family meal
  6. Former SNP leaders are already in enough trouble over cuddles 😉
  7. Blah blah blah. Independence cures everything blah blah blah we luv wee Nicky blah blah blah.
  8. If this is who will give the jabs in Scotland, I’m heading to Carlisle for mine
  9. Seeing him just gees you up when you’re feeling down. 😉
  10. Every time you walk by him he sticks his big face over the gate and demands to be clapped and given a handful of grass! He lives in the grounds of a local castle so is quite noble.
  11. So I believe but it’s similar to the tweet!
  12. Out walking this morning, pouring with rain, and had a chat with this old pal, told him ‘why the long face?, cheer up, more good news about the vaccine!’
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