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  1. The choice of Mrs c😉. Having said that he’s got a fair amount of sing a longs, the pyramid field full of robin hood costumes. 😊
  2. Bryan Adams or my preference, Annie Lennox
  3. I saw one guy obviously dressed as a cowboy for Shania. He was wearing a paper cowboy hat, a paper waistcoat and paper trousers. The police arrested him for rustling. 😉
  4. Must have wandered passed it several times! That’s what you get for thinking you’ve been so often you don’t need maps, apps etc.!😉
  5. Thought we had managed a near perfect glasto this year regarding what to see, weather, food etc then I read the crumble reviews. Missed out on this! Where was this new crumble place situated?
  6. Mate of ours was so pissed/high he thought he was watching Radiohead but he had taken a wrong turning and ended up seeing status quo playing an acoustic set. He thought it was a bit odd Radiohead had an accordion player.
  7. Good to know that pre festival even Camilla was desperate for the Azores finger
  8. Won’t be long now girls!😊😉
  9. Ribbon tower about to lose its hat☹️
  10. Ayrshire Chris

    The Killers

    What? Delayed Mr Brightside for a football,score? Why? seriously, great result all the best for Sunday🤞
  11. The police phone lanyards that the coppers were handing out would be perfect for that, and quite ironic😊😉
  12. Current negotiations are at a delicate stage 😉
  13. Yes, been several times and made it part of a camping trip to the area.
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