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  1. Looking for a cover to sit/lie out on the grass at a festival? Try a bag for life cut up the seams and handles removed. Folds easily to fit in a back pack and less bulky than a picnic rug etc telegraph readers can us a Sainsbury’s one if Aldi isn’t good enough for them. Roadtesting this one up the Tor next week!
  2. I have four of these albums in my loft vinyl collection. The mirror effect look at yourself cover is actually very good. Their demons and wizards album cover designed by Roger Dean was criticised for having a representation of a female part in the top left corner. Had to be changed in the US See what you think!
  3. After this I expect dodgy album covers to appear in the top ten google searches soon😉
  4. Wedged between Emerson Lake and Palmers Trilogy and Uriah Heeps demons and Wizards 😉
  5. And it’s in my loft along with a pile of prog and heavy rock vinyl.
  6. Bought this album in the early 70s with this scary cover. my poor old mum started worrying about me when she saw it. Anyway, it had that great song Tomorrow Night on it!
  7. Christ on a bike, that’s freaking scary!
  8. In the stream outside our house this morning, there were10 ducklings following their mum and my grandson who was having a sleepover chased away the heron that was lurking nearby!
  9. Enjoy! We won’t be arriving until early next week, love the roof terrace there. Found out at our last visit that the manager Derrick, despite his accent , actually comes from my home town! Small world indeed.
  10. So are you planning to turn it upside down and use it as another hat?😀
  11. I used to blow smoke rings whilst having a smoke but never one as big as that!
  12. Cheers, is the working men’s club open to all to just wander in for a drink or do you need signed in by a member or know a secret handshake/password? 😉
  13. Just read that the chief executive of NHS has tweeted that the demand for booking vaccinations in the 25 to 29 age group today was comparable to the rush for Glastonbury festival tickets! F5 for a jab!
  14. I went to buy a new balloon but the price had gone up, that’s inflation.
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