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  1. Just back from Madness and Squeeze , fun gig, just great to back into a full venue
  2. Off to see Madness and Squeeze tonight. Nice cheery gig, just what we need!
  3. It’s currently on demand BBC4 catch up. I’ve added it all to my sky planner. Johnny Flynn’s theme song is perfect for it
  4. Yes, aside from the humour and performances it’s just relaxing watching the quiet moments, enjoying the lovely countryside. And of course the appearances of Simon and Garfunkel!
  5. That’s good, mrs c, a carer, deals with a few folk who get motability allowance. Some use it to purchase a vehicle and others use it for taxis or private help to get around. Never heard of anyone going electric yet.
  6. 1985, Brilliant, Miami Vice, She Ra, He Man and of course saucy films on C4 late Friday nights!
  7. Glastonbury bobble hat arrived today, only ordered it 4 days ago. Good quality, nice and warm!
  8. I used the word tenuous only because I dare to hope. I’ve only seen Robert Plant once since I was lucky enough to see him with led zep. Styles changed of course but like the music plant and krauss produce. Just great to get back to proper conjecture about who is playing on the farm.
  9. I’ve went back to the beginning and working my way through them all, Not forgetting the Xmas special of course. The expression on Mackenzie Crooks face when he digs up a Jim fixed it for me badge is priceless.
  10. Decided it was time for a bit of gentle but excellent comedy so working my way through the detectorists (again!)
  11. Shouty capitals, That’s him told! I was just about to ask the same thing, glad I didn’t now😉
  12. This is one of those hypothetical situations you just wouldn’t know how to deal with if it actually became a reality. Reckon if it’s something I couldn’t get out of then I’d still do my utmost to have at least a couple of days on the farm. It’s so difficult getting tickets you might never be successful for years to come.
  13. Robert Plant and Alison Krauss are around next summer. Acc to reports they are ‘coy’ about playing but when asked about playing on the farm, Plant replied I do like agriculture. Tenuous I know but I’d love to see them on the pyramid.
  14. So that’s why me and Mrs c enjoyed the Crown so much! I remember those fish and chips! Once the renovations are complete we will be back to sample the new owners fayre.
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