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  1. mistress? Great word Are you Heathcliff? 😁 Do gimp masks count as protection?
  2. I’ve been there and managed to get on a coaster only a few times every visit I Accompanied around 120 teenagers on a school day out. We Spent the whole day chasing them out the bars, dealing with relationship break ups, confiscating substances (didn’t mind doing that😉), puking 🤮 kids, looking in the gardens for couples doing what teenagers do and of course the shoplifting in the motorway services! i must have enjoyed it, did the trip every year for 25 years😀!
  3. Would be better wearing incontinence pants if they are shitting themselves
  4. even in my prime the 2m rule would have been a challenge , now? Not an effing chance.
  5. Same here, just might go back in for another.
  6. Hope you chose a colour that doesn’t clash with, or detract from, your designer hat. I would guess you went for the black.
  7. Ordered t shirts, And even remembered my password for the merchandise without having to guess what word I had chosen!
  8. These look good! Available on official web site Edit. oops, posted this just prior to noticing there was a thread on it!
  9. Yes they do, and us in Scotland especially need to win back the many voters who have deserted us in traditional labour areas and moved to the nationalists. A few decades ago the snp moved to the left, designed to increase their votes in the central belt. Labour didn’t grasp the significance of this until it was too late. In fact the snp used to be known as the tartan Tories! Labour needs Scottish MPs, I would much rather have an opposition or government made up of labour MPs than a coalition of labour and nationalists who will set conditions for their support,
  10. Yes, my second favourites after the JP field ones. and also the views of the Tor are good and help pass the time in the event of a long squat .
  11. Great response from the club, concise and to the point!
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