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  1. Me likey this idea. Especially as the farm is my running track. May have to leave the big hairy one behind cos he tends to run zig zag all the way. Don't want to ruin my chances by being slowed down by mutley. And no I wad not referring to pilton digger there.
  2. He might take an encore before his usual winter hibernation on the sofa, or glued to the front of the wood burner. Well not literally. I don’t want the RSPCA involved, but so close he zaps all the heat before it gets into the room. Big dog’s predecessor, the ginger minger, actually fell asleep so near to a gas fire that she started to singe. We only noticed when we went to investigate where the ‘burning’ smell was coming from. The mutt was still fast asleep.
  3. It's in the planning stage. But like the great man says, next year will be the best year ever.
  4. They are so last year now, but they did their job.
  5. Latest news is that Relic closed til Sunday. All other stages open atm. Suns out. Strong gusty wind which is less onsite than it is in the campervan field
  6. Apart from the Daily Star you mean?
  7. They are sold at the office on the Saturday, then on the farm if any are left. Then go online to all. They didn’t do this last year because they mostly sold out on the Saturday. For less popular acts they always go online to sell. Liam was always going to sell out quick as the secret got out and people travelled from outside the county to buy on the Saturday. Wolf Alice have been and gone IMHO so it will take time to sell. I reckon they will announce the “secret act” ( yeah right) soon so that they do sell out.
  8. No cows but signs still up saying no access because of the build/ unbuild.
  9. Yes walk through Mary's gate. Or easier, park outside the football field/skate park and walk through Tresco gate straight to the farm office on the left hand side of the farm house.
  10. Having been to more Shambalas than I can remember I Agree with a lot of this. However I don’t agree with the fancy dress comment. Yes there is a lot of dressing up and people love it. However I have NEVER worn fancy dress or glitter shit , and I feel very comfortable and accepted. Nobody looks at me funny or singles me out with comments. That’s because generally Shambala people are so friendly. They never would. So yeah do it if it floats your boat but don’t think you have to. Do what makes you happy.
  11. This happened to the tickets for Shambala festival this year too. Lots of people emailed ticketseller and they reissued the tickets barcodes so that they printed correctly. I suggest you email the ticketseller and let them know it is happening . I had my tickets resent and they downloaded correctly.
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