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  1. It will be a pleasure to share a beer with you m’dear🍻
  2. Some people may need to go to the office and queue
  3. She’s gonna have some great memories when she grows up. What a cool grandad. Whereas we know if we hear you are singing.....you ain’t gonna remember it in the morning 😉 looking forward to singing with you to Pearl Jam at the Pyramid stage....one day.
  4. Sorry ill put up a photo when I get to a pc.
  5. Doghouse and Michael Eavis. Second song was Fleetwood Mac. Just saying.
  6. Turns out Michael Eavis is singing tonight with my mates band. Well he kept that a secret. Photos to follow.
  7. That’s late this year!
  8. deebeedoobee


    They have a clay pigeon shoot set up in this field all year round ( apart from June obviously).
  9. It’s no secret. Yes Rodney Brannigan is there on Friday along with 5 other acts. One of which may involve the man himself. And no it’s not the vodka jellies or karaoke. In fact he has been rehearsing for Friday with a band! Of course if I had a t shirt with a rumoured headliner on it I could wear it and see what his reaction is. But most of my shirts are Grateful Dead t shirts.
  10. I will edit to make it a little more obvious I think. the ticket gods are with you Lucy 🤞🤞🤞
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