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  1. Hiya. Pilton weather station will be on air and reporting from 1st June. Up until then I can give the odd update, such as “No we didn’t get that rain shower even if you did 20 miles away” and “yes the ground is as hard as …. <insert joke>“. Or “ no there is no pattern”. currently it is warm and sunny. Perfect festival weather.
  2. What you mean the big beehive thing in the Greenpeace field? BEAM
  3. How many people have found the wood nymph? He’s only about 7 foot tall. I have photos but will only put them up if they are wanted.
  4. deebeedoobee


    Pilton party auditions on Saturday at the working man’s club. Tickets available on line.
  5. deebeedoobee


    Depends on the month. Lately Pilton digger has been joining me in the afternoons. So maybe…maybe not. We’re easy to spot. Fluorescent tee shirts and shorts for me all year round.
  6. deebeedoobee


    Ah but you are in one place for a length of time. More screen time I reckon.
  7. deebeedoobee


    Been here for year’s and no one has ever seen me 🥷
  8. Me three. Was at Reading 1983. Were you in the line of fire when the stage fireworks went wrong for Big Country? I think the first few rows of that stage audience got their eyebrows removed!
  9. I’m not sure many people are remotely interested in my twaddle. But in memory of Big Dog, I’ll keep wittering on. Full forecasts will be available daily from 1st June. For now it’s just weekly/ odd days.
  10. Finally home and have checked the RAM jam jar. It has about 1 inch of water in it. That is for two days. Obviously there will have been some evaporation, but my garden is certainly thanking the weather gods today.
  11. Currently in Devon so won’t be able to record the RAM jar until this evening. It seems to had had a little rain at least according to the webcam
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