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  1. Simple answer is No. Signs up at Mary’s Gate and at red gate.
  2. No Glastonbury truly starts until the Dubs have played in the Glade 😎 see ya down the front
  3. Definitely a great album from first listen, unlike Worshipping the Dollar, which took me time to get into. I'm liking the collaborations with Ragga Twins and Horseman. I've heard a track or two live and they certainly hit the spot. The next live tour will be a sweaty affair for sure.
  4. On the sonos as I type 😁
  5. That’s what I’ll be going for tonight. So @Ayrshire Chris if you are in Pilton tonight there is a gathering of 4 efesters in there tonight. You are very welcome to come join us😀
  6. I get a weekly email from Bookbub.com with offers of ebooks. There is usually a free book each week. You just set up what type of books you like and it sends recommendations from your list.
  7. I work with a publishing company. Our ebooks give us more profit than print as they sell for the same as print and , after set up, it costs very little to upkeep. I like my old kindle for travel as it weighs so little. I also like it as I think it is more environmentally friendly ( I could be wrong here). I also have large book cases in my house that can bear no more. Having said that, I do like a real book to hold from time to time. Also I want physical books for photographic images or if im studying ( so i can scribble on them). So for me i like both formats.
  8. It does great fish n chips. Best in the area. Our weekly treat.
  9. Pilton by sea at this time of year
  10. Television I can take or leave. Pies should never be left
  11. Don't suppose it was you yesterday in Pilton crossing the road to the Crown, in the pouring rain? Looked like visitors who were hoping the pub was open at lunchtime ( which it's not)
  12. Does anyone else have to finish a book even if you are really not enjoying it? I hate the fact I can't stop reading a book once I've started even if I think it's boring/ not my thing etc.
  13. Usually when there are threads like this on face ache it turns into a “who can name the most intellectual demanding book and claim to have read and understood it”. I have faith in efesters that this won’t be the case here. i was a late starter in reading as a kid. Having been told as a youngster that I was stupid because I couldn’t read out loud with confidence. So it took me some time to have the confidence to read an adult book. Even to this day, if it has too many pages I’m immediately put off. So I’m always after “ easy reads” as I call them. Not beach books but books that are easy to
  14. I’m with you on this. Although I can’t blame kids. Just can’t get started on a book that holds my attention.
  15. I waved, did you see me 😃😃😃
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