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  1. The bars had jugs of water on them. Much quicker to fill up there than waste time queuing.
  2. Good morning everyone How the devil are we? It's a day to dig out our canoe here in Pilton. With the wind and wet stuff you might see me scooting across the front of the pyramid followed by flying worthy cows. So last night I saw my 452th band/act of 2019. Actually I saw 5 acts but the one that caught my eye was Sam Evans. Local lad ( well Midsomer, but we can forgive him cos he's quite handy at counting to 12). Check him out on Spotibook or facegram or the like. Right time to find 4 wellies and a sowester for Big Dog. He's such a wimp and will probably refuse to step out. He's got a bladder the size of a beachball when winter comes round. Happy Saturday everyone, I hope you all have a fab day whatever you choose to do. Love Deebeedoobeedoobeedoo Founder of the PPP
  3. There is no way I'm running with a black dooffas of a Big dog. He would be lethal and not make it past the kitchen door.
  4. Absolutely agree with this. My mantra is "wear 1 layer less than I think I need" Gets difficult in summer. Yesterday was perfect running weather. About 9 degrees, no wind, a little cooling drizzle, fairly empty roads/tracks. Got round before it got dark too. Think that might last about another week and then it's time to adorn the flashy lights. We run in the dark down the middle of the roads around Worthy. We know where the holes are plus there is plenty of moon light. Only have to carry a torch to switch on if cars are coming or if we go under the trees. I think winter is my favourite time of year to run.
  5. I think it's a bit like driving a car but red lights mean go.
  6. That piece of worthy is soggy all year round. I’ve learnt to circumnavigate it on my run
  7. Are you accusing Big dog of being peculiar?........oh wait a moment....as you were
  8. I'm not sure Lucy's shoes are good for Big dog's sensitive nose ( sorry Lucy 😀) On reflection I know what he puts his nose into... Plans for 2020 are top secret 🙊🙉🙈
  9. Worthy farm mud has magical properties
  10. Probably the result of my 750 runners on Sunday. Its winter, mud and puddles happen, its normal.
  11. As far as I know everything is as in previous years. In January we get an email which asks if we want to have the ticket or transfer to someone. It is at that point that the name is changed on the ticket and photo. Then the new person HAS to collect the village ticket in person a week or so before the festival from the community centre ( as do we) at a set time ( usually 10 days or so on the Saturday before). If tickets have the original villager name on it, then that villager must enter the festival and get wristbanded. They then exit collecting a pass out. Then hand ticket plus pass out plus green card ( all village ticket people get this) which has who they are passing the ticket to written on it to new person. New person can then enter the festival showing all 3 pieces of paper. Villagers can stay wherever the hell they like but pay as any punter would. So if we want to stay in a campervan we have to buy a pass just like anyone.
  12. The girl at the back with a long ponytail is my work colleague I was the race official at the start / finish line
  13. Moistness levels I can do but other stuff...umm. wot he says⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ But go for the coffee cake
  14. Thank you thank you thank you to all you runners and helpers. We had a fab day and raised a shed load for our charities. Finally tally will be announced once we have counted up the pennies. Final results will be available on Pilton village website in about 7- 10 days. The provisional results are now on www.racetecresults.com
  15. Bit dark to get sticky stick out of storage but ground is soft to good. Boggy in the stone circle stage. Most is on track and it's great under foot.
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