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  1. Hiya, we are so grateful to all our Marshall’s, so thank you. Yes , it would be awesome to do this unfortunately we have been asked by the farm to run the event every other year. So 2021 is the next time we can hold the event. mind you, after all the restrictions are lifted, I’m sure Pilton Digger and I can stand on the start/ finish line and cheer you through. I could even arrange for Big Dog to chase you around the course although he would no doubt give up at the first sign of rabbit poo.
  2. Just back from a lovely evening run around Worthy. If only that wind would dip it would be perfect. saw 2 pheasants who were not social distancing. I soon told them what was what.
  3. Looks like a permanent base going down at the Spike
  4. Blimey there was me thinking I was just about to read about some dogging going on in your area.
  5. No never had it before and to be fair I did use doctor google to diagnose . The NHS site seemed to describe my symptoms pretty accurately and said how to deal with it. Basically if it doesn’t get better in 2 weeks then go to docs for antibiotics. I don’t think they need me in the surgery with a hurty hip 😂 but yes I will keep an eye on it
  6. I can walk, but it get’s sore after a mile or so. But reading up on it, it recommends rest and ice and NSAIDs. So going to try and stay put for a couple of days then start on short walks. yoga it is then.
  7. What a time to get hip bursitis 😣 what am I gonna do now!
  8. The mutt is pretty fussy who he gives info to.....unless they pay in cheese and rabbit poop. Then he'll pimp himself out.
  9. My exercise time outside today - saw no one. Nobody. Not even a dog. Good news
  10. This is at one of the ends of the woodland path ( near JP field) near a set of long drops. Been there a year or so now.
  11. Yep. There is virtually no one on site at the moment. The weekend was busier but I still only saw a couple of dogs from afar. One of the plus points of living in the countryside I suppose.
  12. The well predicts the current state of affairs
  13. Thanks. I’ll look forward to isolation in June then ☹️
  14. Big Dog (aka the shite master) will soldier on and bring you on the ground news, updates and rumours.
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