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  1. Love The Lovely Eggs. We had tickets for the Bristol gig next Saturday. Unfortunately with a newborn grandson due any minute ( currently 9 days overdue) it didn’t seem sensible, not with the rates of infection in the city. Ah well there will be other gigs.
  2. Maybe they have switched off the outside world and are relaxing in the sunshine. That's what holidays are all about.
  3. We once again have a pub in Pilton. Well half of one. The Crown has opened its garden ( not inside) for beer and food. Hurrah
  4. It certainly is. A little rain and wind over night. Not enough to fill the water butt but enough to keep the roses happy Now its warm sun with a light breeze. I'm sat in the garden in Pilton and it is glorious
  5. The Prodigy 425 (-10) LCD Soundsystem 225
  6. Its the woods by the JP field. Next to the lake.
  7. As far as I am aware it is. The boards were outside it a few weeks ago so I imagine it is open as usual.
  8. You will be surprised how little it will have affected your time. I had to stop running for 6 weeks. I continued to walk but as soon as I got back to running I was back to the same speed as before. Not saying it felt great to start with but a couple of weeks later and everything was back there. Improvement can come quickly if you have a good base fitness.
  9. No people/ cars and more wildlife makes for an interesting run. I was out run by a cat the other day. Was following it for ages. Not sure if I was chasing or he was leading. I have also been surprising juvenile squirrels who are not sure whether I am friend or foe.
  10. Not had experience of that injury but I would say only you know if it's right for you. Maybe start with just walking a distance and increase by the day. Then add in run - walk intervals to start with, no hills. If it hurts - stop. But I'm not a doctor so don't trust me
  11. Great milage in this weather. I have resorted to running at 5am just to stay at a temperature I can stand. I'm never normally an early morning runner, but this has felt like heaven. Its been really cool. Plus I'm done and dusted before the day has started. I may continue.
  12. The Prodigy 486 -10 LCD Soundsystem 286
  13. I have not looked at the map but I would be surprised if it was not accessible to campers. Here is the fire and description of what it’s for. I believe the Spike bar area has an art exhibition in it. If you walk around the outside of the farm you may come across Wonderful walk. This is a path through the Ashes wood just on the edge of the farm. It’s very beautiful if a little short.
  14. Check out the Tollpuddle fire in the woods by the JP field. Oh and the spike bar that has had a revamp. The wildlife on the farm is not used to people so there are loads of young squirrels that are confused when they see humans approaching. But most importantly have a great time.
  15. Typical GF weather. Lead up is scorchio ( have had to resort to going for a run at 5am so as not to die from heat exhaustion) and come Friday night we are forecast rain and thunder. But I suppose it gives the campers a feel for the real thing. I do hope its not wet , as the site is looking amazing at yhe moment. Nothing beats Somerset in the summer.
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