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  1. I know my garmin covers cycling, running, indoor rowing, cardio, weights, walking, swimming, Pilates, yoga and others high I haven’t loaded onto the watch.
  2. Another vote for garmin. I have a 645. Gives me everything I want. I would say do not touch Tom Tom or Fitbit for various reasons. Just not worth the money.
  3. Totally agree with this. I once read, and now use as my guide “ wear one less layer than you think you need”. Works a treat, although as I usually wear t shirt and shorts I’m not sure I can go for any less without putting the Worthy cows off their grass. Yes to shorts. All year round. But according to him indoors I’m a mad woman for running in shorts and t shirt in the freezing fog last week. TBH I was at just the right temperature.
  4. I wouldn’t just yet. Life is depressing enough without having to see the state of Mary’s gate this week. anyone for snorkelling?
  5. Those of us who have chatted to the Nal at the meets know. Top person indeed. The forum needs Nals to provide the smiles.
  6. LICE were the last live band I saw before the March lockdown. Loved the set ( especially in a small room) and was looking forward to seeing them at a festival in the summer.
  7. Thanks Welly. Grandson no.1 is currently playing trains with grandad. This involves arranging bears, ducks and dinosaurs around the track, and some complicated commentary that only a 3 year old understands. I believe the penguin and t-rex are not best friends.
  8. I’m gonna be a granny again whoop whoop
  9. I know I'm bad at singing but don't lay that one at my door 😉😆
  10. Look - I agree. No need to cancel until it is clear it is not possible
  11. From a local festival organiser - he got told that a major supplier to GF have been told 2021 is cancelled. I can not verify this but have no reason to believe this is a lie.🙁
  12. Merry Christmas one and all with love from the Pilton Party People xx
  13. Forgive me if this is else where but....
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