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  1. Absolutely gutted for them.
  2. Completely forgot it was only 1 leg now, not 2. I think that will actually benefit PSG over Atletico. Atletico are an outstanding team but a lot of their strength is getting ahead at home then defending all game in the second leg. Can't see it happening that way in a 1 off game. Think it's pretty open but still fancy City will win it overall.
  3. Am I right in saying that the winner of City/Lyon will play one of Barcelona or Bayern? If so then that half of the draw is absolutely savage. Other half of the draw is Atalanta, PSG, Leipzig and Atletico. I'm going City v Atletico final.
  4. I'll be doing that most of the weekend. With beer
  5. My main thinking behind it was about them hanging on to peoples money for 2 years. I wouldn't care, but financially didn't know how that would work. I openly admit I have absolute no knowledge of how all that stuff works though.
  6. Yeah that would be up until the end of July. Pubs have just been allowed to open indoors in Wales from Monday just gone so I imagine that combined with the eat out scheme should sales getting even closer to normal. Granted the eat out scheme can't be used on alcohol, but the food and drink aspect goes hand in hand.
  7. Thanks for those. Not sure why it wouldn't let me see them. I can only speak for my company (and therefore I guess the industry will be vaguely similar) but a big % of my pubs/restaurants etc that I look after are actually selling near enough the same volumes they were this time last year, this is despite indoors only opening a few weeks ago. A number of my accounts are actually selling "Christmas volumes" which is absolutely nuts considering the restrictions still in place.
  8. Can't see that unless a subscriber. Dare I ask how bad it looks?
  9. Actually thought similar myself earlier on. Can't see why they would when there would be so much uncertainty about whether the festival will actually happen in 2021. I have a feeling if they did have to reschedule again to 2022 that they wouldn't roll over the tickets again and the October 2021 ticket window would be a free for all again.
  10. Sky Sports reporting the Saudi consortium have pulled out of buying Newcastle! Finally thought it was going to happen this time too.
  11. Things like this terrify me. Despite KNOWING I never asked for a refund I’ve still had to go and check! Also being lead booker makes me feel like it gives me a bit more security that nobody else should be able to cancel mine. Not sure if that’s actually true though.
  12. DareToDibble

    Virtual Meet

    This is true. I was staggered when you weren’t actually a kitten inside a welly 🤯
  13. Not sure I agree. I'm not defending the people causing trouble at all. But that would have happened irrespective of if we had the presentation inside the stadium or not.
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