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  1. We can’t blame the injuries for this, tonight has been absolutely pathetic. As have the last 3 or 4 games. I have no idea what’s happened. One of the best teams on the planet for the last 2 seasons don’t just become crap overnight but we look devoid of any ideas, confidence at 0. Baffling
  2. Completely understand where you’re coming from, I’ve had the thought myself as it just seems to unrealistic in this current world. However by next summer I’m convinced we’ll be restriction free and back to exactly as it was in 2019.
  3. Reading the Q&As just reminded me that my girlfriends ticket is actually registered to my mums house as when I registered her we were in the process of moving house. Will it cause any issues if I edit her registration now to update the address? I’d hate to do anything that resulted in her not getting her ticket!
  4. Yeah I think they said that was the plan when 2020 got cancelled. The fallow count will start again from 2022 and run right through until 2026 as you said.
  5. I think we all knew it was likely to be cancelled but it still sucks to see it confirmed. I’m confident we’ll be able to enjoy a good summer this year even if it doesn’t involve festivals. IMAGINE how good 2022 is going to be 😀
  6. And that’s just on the way to work.
  7. This blows my mind. I was listening to a podcast the other day and they were discussing which one you would take to the Euros for England (if you could only take one) between Jack Grealish, Phil Foden and Mason Mount. Someone picked Mason Mount which absolutely blew my mind. What am I not seeing?
  8. I read an interview with Drakeford the other day where he essentially said they are going to spread out the administering of the vaccine. His reasoning was "so the vaccinators aren't sat around doing nothing". So we could be vaccinating at a higher rate but he's decided not to. How can he justify that, if just 1 person who should have had the vaccine dies because he's spaced them out, it's on him. Unreal. EDIT: Here's the quote. The First Minister said Wales was using all the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, which is made in the UK and can be kept in a fridge, as they get it. But h
  9. Without giving away any spoilers there is the option to involve her again later in the game. But I felt the same, once her story is done you can’t just pop back etc. Although I accidentally stumbled upon a side mission (not involving her) in the Aldecaldos camp.
  10. One issue I did have with the Panam storyline was having my living room windows open when the “tank scene” occurred. My word I hope no neighbours saw 😆 I genuinely never had the game crash once but you have just reminded me how weird I find the driving in this game. Do you fine it a bit off? Feels like you’re driving on ice sometimes if you try turning at a high speed. And the map is a serious issue as it’s not zoomed out far enough so by the time you see your turning on the mini map you’ve already flown by it!
  11. Also worth noting: I played on Xbox Series X. I had a couple of little bugs here and there but nothing game breaking like others are saying. I don’t think it’s an Xbox/PlayStation thing, sounds like it’s more luck of the draw.
  12. I finished Cyberpunk tonight. I played through as a Nomad. For anyone else that has gotten far enough to have met this character... I think I’ve fallen in love with Panam. The end of the game is great, although I’ve read a lot of hate for it online. I guess it depends which story arc you took etc. Will definitely play it again but I’ll likely wait for the next gen patch before I do so I see a real difference. Unfortunately that isn’t coming until July onwards apparently.
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