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  1. I don’t know, there are a load of instances of people carrying on regardless of the bad PR it brings. They realised they fucked up, issued an apology and found another way of doing things. Even if it was due to the bombardment of messages from fans etc there are some owners who would still have stuck with it.
  2. I think everyone apart from the clubs involved get it. I'm pretty sure they will change their minds on it when they realise the backlash they would get.
  3. I can't remember in honesty as it was so long ago. What is meant to happen to the Champions League under this new super league proposal? I haven't read much on it as hoping it doesn't go ahead.
  4. Absolutely not. Not sure what's gone on the last few months with my club. On the pitch it's going better than ever, absolutely love this manager and team. Off the pitch - I love our owners for what they have done for us, let's not forget we weren't far from administration with the old owners! They have built us up slowly and have a great (and sensible) business model. However some of the things recently have been shocking. Furloughing the staff was a terrible idea and one I'm glad they changed their mind on, so credit to them for that. Then we have the revelations from the last coupl
  5. Very fair point. Similar to when we religiously believe a headliner based of a rumour, we're weak
  6. This move to September talk is filling me with dread. Don't even think about it, Eavii (please).
  7. Yes but my wedding is then and it'd be a shame for it to be delayed again.... (Praying the fiancé isn't on here )
  8. Got all emotional looking at this picture. God I miss the farm and festival 😔
  9. Pretty much my thoughts this evening. I think a lot of it is down to the fact Wales is about to go back into lockdown, because I work in the beer industry I’m likely to be furloughed again... just feels like a massive step backwards again. Completely understand why they’re doing it and it was always expected around winter time but struggling to see an end in sight at the moment.
  10. I’ve stopped watching Boris’ announcements now. Mainly as we’re doing our own thing in Wales but also because he’s just a massive twat. Anything major in today’s or did he just use it to try and shame Andy Burnham?
  11. I did briefly change it to the “hope shines brightest in the dark” picture you ha e but changed it back when I realised it had caused confusion!
  12. Yeah it's not a great help that @squirrelarmy and @Wellyboot have the same thing written under their Usernames either Quick glance at the heading and profile picture and Squirrel has gotten away with a couple of posts I assumer were Welly. Genius.
  13. Ha, I knew the minute I changed it that I would cause that issue. I'll go on the hunt for another one.
  14. I want a post from the 4 people who voted the top option, please... Share your optimism
  15. That definitely hasn’t always been the rules. You’ve been able to mix households in pubs and restaurants, just not in groups over 6. There are undoubtedly pubs that will have taken the mick but the huge majority have been very safe in their enforcing of social distancing.
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