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  1. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    I read that earlier, incredibly disrespectful and typical Madrid attitude. Insinuating that she Zidane leaves Klopp will be theirs. That we only have 3 good players and nothing in our midfield is anything to worry about. I really hope their words come back to haunt them.
  2. DareToDibble

    Biggest artists not to have headlined?

    Susan Boyle
  3. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    Yeah he did this to my country and he's gonna do it to my club. Ronaldo; ruining my dreams one ridiculous header at a time.
  4. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    I''m fairly certain both teams will score. I can't get the image of Ronaldo scoring one of his headers where he somehow jumps about a foot higher than the defenders out of my head. Ridiculous player.
  5. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    I think that's fair to be honest. They just seem to win this competition with a lot more ease than anyone else. 3 in 4 years, possibly 4 in 5. No other team has even successful defended it in it's new format so their achievement is incredible. Having said that I am optimistic. Some of their defenders are fantastic going forward but can be got at when they have to defend. Plus we won a Champions League with Djimi Traore so anything is possible. EDIT: Sorry, I didn't see there was another page.
  6. DareToDibble

    Why don't they let this many people in any more?

    This is the type of thread I would expect to see immediately after ticket day is over. Was worried I had slept through summer and the start of October at first.
  7. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    Mourinho's treatment of certain players is staggering. He's hung Rashford out to dry a few times this season. Saw on twitter that of his signings: Mkhitaryan - sold Ibrahimovic - Left Bailly - Seemingly being frozen out despite being their best defender Lindelof - Not a frequent starter, don't think he made the cup final 18? Pogba - Very hit and miss Lukaku - Had a pop at him a few times, including calling him "weak" in the final Matic - He seems to be pretty happy with him to be fair With this kind of record on his transfers I'm surprised United fans want him to spend hundreds of millions again this summer.
  8. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    If his ego will allow then I think he could be a great signing for a promoted team. He would have to take a pay cut but that would mean regular football and the chance to show his quality again.
  9. DareToDibble

    BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    Oh really? Cheers @Stuart1000 Me and my best friend are going with our girlfriends so i'm sure there will always be someone to watch an act with anyway. I refuse to miss James Bay though.
  10. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    Jack Wilshere seems to have been (serious) injury free for a while now? Although maybe that's just how it seems as I'm used to him not stringing more than 5 games in a row before breaking again.
  11. DareToDibble

    BBC's The Biggest Weekend 2018

    It does seem Florence and James Bay will be clashing which is a shame. That's assuming the running order is roughly the same as the order on the poster. I got an email through the other day with what you can and can't take in... It's good they let you take your own food in, that'll save about £20. I'm assuming it's about £5 a pint so it'll probably still be a fairly expensive one.
  12. DareToDibble

    Old Music Thread

    This will forever be one of my favourite songs. Gutted I never got to see them live.
  13. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    That is shocking. Never realised. I've been lucky to be nearer the front when I've been in the Annie Rd end.
  14. DareToDibble

    Alone v With Others?

    With others is definitely my preference. Most of my best memories with my friends are from festivals. I do enjoy chatting to new people at Glastonbury though. I tend not to do that so much at other festivals.
  15. DareToDibble

    Football 17/18

    I must admit I haven't, is it that bad? Have we had any planning permission to get that stand replaced yet?

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