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  1. I preordered the book, no details needed. I know some competitions don’t ask for your reg details anyway as when I won tickets from here last year they just needed my name and address (and the same for my guest). They are very strict on the gate and understandably pay a lot of attention to the details matching etc. But no, they don’t always ask for your registration details.
  2. Are you planning on coming to Cardiff the night before or heading there the same day? If you’re coming the night before there are a lot of hotels right in the centre which will only be about 5 minutes walk from any of the stops.
  3. I might be wrong but I think my friend told me he got it from the Megabus stop by the Hilton Hotel before. Only other place I can really see it being is Sophia Gardens or outside the castle. Not the best answer, I know, but at least they're all fairly close to each other.
  4. DareToDibble


    I will give them some credit this week... the end of RAW this week has left me genuinely curious about what is going to happen next week. Also nice to see (randomly) Jurgen Klopp and the Allez Allez Allez chant got a mention...
  5. Finding out tent is never an issue as we always camp in the same spot every year. The nightmare is when you leave your friends in a crowd to go to the bar/toilet etc and swear you know where they’re stood her struggle to get back. I remember one year I told my friend I was “by where he left us, under a flag with a yellow smiley face”. As soon as I said that the person carrying the flag moved - at a fairly impressive pace it has to be said! I genuinely didn’t know whether to walk with them and hope my friend was doing the same or stay where my mate had left us and hope he hadn’t gone wandering with the smiley face
  6. Elton John REM (never gonna happen) Taylor Swift. Substitute REM for The 1975 and I would be a happy bunny with the 3 headliners. even if the majority of eFestivals would seemingly be as far away from the Pyramid as possible for their performance (The 1975 I mean).
  7. The only issue she had was due to the heat this year it quickly became a warm drink... which didn’t have quite the same appeal. But yes it was just like drinking sugar so you forget it’s straight 37% spirit I’ve seen a Skittles one made before but can’t imagine they will mask the taste of vodka quite as well.
  8. Awesome, thanks! I’ll do a couple of practice runs of making it over the next 6 months and if it’s to an acceptable standard I’ll bring some along! My friend made some Werthers vodka this year. Delicious and deadly.
  9. DareToDibble

    2020 headliners

    I have to admit whilst I acknowledge that Kendrick is pretty big globally I am surprised by his popularity on here I didn't think he was that big in the UK. I'll get back in my box!
  10. Is this the one by the stone circle? I actually found a secret entrance to this a couple of years ago... problem was I was in there alone so I left to queue with them again after having a nose around.
  11. Exactly! I'm sure my rum and coke was in an unmarked 3L bottle... there were many alcoholic trades during the time I was there! Also refreshers vodka sounds fantastic so I'm gonna have to find you at next years meet clearly! Can I put an order in now or should I wait until the new year?
  12. DareToDibble

    2020 headliners

    Just when we'd gone nearly an hour without discussing this!
  13. I think I was there a couple of hours. I know some got there before me and left after me. People just come and go as they please, really. And for some of the people I was speaking to... end up being made to share my rum
  14. I normally make a few visits, too. Only time I went there this year was when watching Jeff Goldblum. Does anyone know if they still play music on the Thursday night?
  15. Come to the eFests meet. I was really nervous last year so dragged some friends along. Shouldn't have worried... everyone was really welcoming and it'll now be a yearly Glasto ritual (ticket permitting of course) to start my festival. Oh and the cider bus.
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