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  1. Tight at the top of the table, looks like we could be in for a great 3 way title race! I still think City will edge it but it could go either way. Remarkable how quickly United have dropped out of it after appearing to keep pace early on.
  2. Are there any Xbox'ers on here who are currently playing Halo Infinite? I'm really enjoying it but miss the social aspect of the old Halo games. I don't know what it is but absolutely nobody seems to speak on there. If anyone has it and fancies some games let me know!
  3. I think the big advantage Hamilton has is even if he was running 1st with Verstappen and Perez 2nd & 3rd the way he is driving and his car is performing I don't think he would really have to worry about the undercut too much so Red Bull wouldn't have as much of an advantage in that situation as Mercedes would if it was Verstappen in 1st with Hamilton and Bottas in 2nd & 3rd.
  4. Yeah Drive To Survive has been great for the sport, even if it is over dramatised at times. I have a few friends who have gotten back into the sport as a result of it. Great season to get back into it too! I think Hamilton has to be strong favourite for the title now. In fact I managed to get 3/1 on him winning the last 2 races which is great odds considering how ridiculous that car/engine are at the moment!
  5. Any idea what the plan for Howe was when he came in? Was it with a view to him getting you back up if you do go down or will he be gone?
  6. Yeah I’m not sure it was an option anyway to be fair. I was lucky enough to be at the Belgium game, the atmosphere was the best I’ve heard it for a Wales game in years. Can only imagine it’ll be on another level for the Austria game.
  7. I think Wales would be making the right call not moving the final from the Cardiff City Stadium. The atmosphere for the Belgium game was unreal. It loses that intensity of moved to a half sold out Principality Stadium.
  8. I’m not sure I fully agree. It’s a good indicator of when a driver has arguably outdriven their car. It’s rare the winning driver isn’t from the winning constructor. There will be other factors at play of course. The winning driving could potentially have had the better car, but an average teammate who wasn’t bringing in the points they should have.
  9. We’ve done well to avoid the big boys (huge that only Portugal OR Italy can go to the World Cup!). Wales v Scotland in the final - should we both make it - is amazing but also a bit gutting as it means there’s no way of both going. Win 2 home games and we’re going to the World Cup. Never gonna get a chance this good.
  10. He is credited with having a big influence on the way Klopp, Tuchel, Nagelsmann and Hasenhuttl manage. Klopp definitely speaks highly of him in the book I read.
  11. I think it's fair to say Lewis is the most naturally gifted on the grid at the moment and has been for some time. Even when he was at McLaren he was getting the car higher up the grid than it should be. I am too young to really remember Senna, which I'm absolutely gutted about. The film/documentary was incredible but I feel was only a small glimpse of what he meant to the sport.
  12. What's the Christmas schedule for these then? Maybe not for a couple of weeks yet but it's likely to get to the stage where people are busy with Christmas/family commitments. Do we take a Christmas break and get a few more in now before it gets busy? (I am aware I'm not exactly a regular on these at the moment but I will get better I promise! 😄)
  13. Are we assuming Poch is that manager? If it was Zidane I don’t see why either party would want to wait until summer.
  14. I think anyone would be brave to bet against Hamilton now. That Mercedes has been like a rocket ship in the last 2 races and Toto has hinted at another upgrade for the next race. Would be great to see the season go down to the last race which seems pretty likely now! I want Max to win, purely as I think it's good for the sport. I hate it when one person/team just dominates season after season. I absolutely love Seb Vettel now but hated it when he was winning endlessly for 4 consecutive years. Whatever happens though this has definitely been one of the best seasons in years!
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