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  1. Good spot! For anyone who hasn’t seen it...
  2. Yeah I came to check too. Is it all ordered @HansGruber? Hope so
  3. This is the type of positivity I like to see in this thread!
  4. My father, who is being a hero and giving us all a lift there, has asked if we can leave slightly earlier than the 3am I requested. Madman. So leaving Cardiff for 2am, my guess is getting to Drop & Collect for 4am (predicting little traffic at that time of morning), then getting to the queue for around 5:30-6:00. Really hoping for no rain so we can nap in the queue.
  5. I searched “Glastonbury” on Sky last night and they have 2 hour highlight packages of 14, 15, 16 & 17! That’s my weekend sorted.
  6. Teasing us with pictures of the ground looking great and then not posting the picture... cruel
  7. DareToDibble

    The Joke Thread

    I killed a spider running across the room with my shoe the other day. I don’t care how big it was... nobody steals my shoe!
  8. I hadn’t noticed the folders arms and now I can’t stop looking at them!
  9. I always assumed the Super Cup was a glorified friendly, not sure how much either squad will be bothered if they lost it. The only positive is it's starting the season with silverware but it probably ranks somewhere around the Carabao Cup level?
  10. DareToDibble


    Ribbons going on the tower must be soon, no? That happening is always my “OMG IT’S SO SOON” moment.
  11. Congratulations Moved into my new house yesterday and it’s kept me off these weather reports more than I’d like! Latest is fine and dandy right? RIGHT!?
  12. You still entering them mate or just happy to be there now you’re stewarding?
  13. DareToDibble


    This is an impressive level of dedication. I applaud you.
  14. We always leave Cardiff about 3am and get to the Drop & Collect point about 4:30-5am (let’s pretend 2016 never happened). Straight onto the transfer bus and tend to get to the queue at Gate A for about 6am. As has been said elsewhere i’m Sure they opened the gates earlier than 8am sometimes. In 2017 we were in and set up by 8:15. Still don’t fully understand how.
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