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  1. This is mental even by Jose’s standards
  2. Oh right. Well that's.... odd.
  3. I'm sure the BBC have already announced they will be showing a lot of highlights over the festival weekend? Actually I just found the link: https://www.nme.com/news/music/coronavirus-bbc-confirms-details-of-glastonbury-and-eurovision-replacements-2634111 On the last weekend of June, the broadcaster will also air the “Glastonbury Experience”, which will allow fans to enjoy classic performances from the comfort of their own homes. “Glastonbury may have had to cancel its 50th anniversary festival this June, but we are still working to mark the weekend with a Glastonbury experience to celebrate the spirit of this unique event,” the BBC said. “We will bring the nation together and create a weekend of the best in music across radio, television and online with amazing performances for you to enjoy in the comfort of your home. And we will be in touch shortly with more details of the weekend.” EDIT: Sorry, I misread your post. The above is in relation to highlights of previous festivals. Not a bad idea to have some streams from this years acts but guess that's very much down to the artists themselves.
  4. Yeah I saw his video on this earlier. Batshit crazy!
  5. I read on twitter (so take it with a fistful of salt) that the staff of the Everton Shop in Liverpool ONE have been furloughed. If they're doing it for that store I would imagine they're doing it club-wide?
  6. I'm glad they changed their mind but it should never have been an issue in the first place.
  7. DareToDibble


    I've seen this said by a lot of people. I watched "live" so was pretty tired which may be why I missed it. I'm going to rewatch parts of it and listen properly.
  8. Yeah saw that. Not sure why but that gave me more of a "holy shit" reaction than any of the others we've heard of so far.
  9. It’s never going to happen but I think of people knew an end date to all this they’d be a lot better off. If you knew that on 1st May shops would reopen, 1st June pubs with small numbers then 1st July everything would be fully back to normal (just example dates) then people know they’re x% through. At the moment we have no idea. The problem is nobody knows and any dates given would be complete guesses.
  10. Interesting. How far behind Austria are we in term of lockdown measures?
  11. DareToDibble


    Yeah pre-recording and being able to edit it to their hearts content definitely helped. I actually think my 2 favourite matches were the Taker/Styles and Cena/Wyatt matches. Not sure how much of it was down to Cena/Wyatt and how much was down to WWE Creative but whoever it was they absolutely smashed it out of the park! Good storytelling in Edge/Orton but at 37 minutes I think it was a little too long.
  12. DareToDibble


    Has anyone seen the Cena/Wyatt stuff from last night yet? It's absolutely fantastic! 😂
  13. Seeing loads of ”How lucky are we to have the Queen?!” And “What an uplifting speech”. Baffling.
  14. DareToDibble

    How do you feel?

    I think it was Twitter I saw this quote but it’s such a positive take on it all. Each morning we wake up is 1 day closer to this all being over.
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