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  1. I'm part of the bin painting team so will be onsite from the 8th June - and I know I don't get a wristband until 2 weeks later (when we've finished our work) - going to be a great and intersting experience for sure :-)
  2. ahha - we are inside the fence so maybe will need passout etc - will I have a ticket ? I get my wristband when I'm onsite I think ... oh well all will come out in the wash I'm sure
  3. Thank you - I'm working for the first time this year so used to having to keep my ticket/pass etc, and had seen poeple talking about EPO wristbands but had no idea what they were - guess I'll have one of those this year then :-)
  4. What does EPO stand for please ?
  5. ha ha sorry, wasn;t having a 'pop' , maybe feeling slightly tetchy reaching the end of my 40's lol That and so many posts end up in moaning and negativity and the world seems so full of negativity at the moment we just need to try to be posittive in the one place where the outside world can be left behind. Take care
  6. I wish I had an ounce of creativity to make any fancy dress or trawl shops for amazing outfits - love watching this thread on awe :-)
  7. How has a positive thread descended in parts to the dullness of the line up (which I don;t understand) , also its been derogatory to anyone over 40, 'coffin dodging gammons' , anyone who likes indie ... hey we are all different , lets be nice , lets keep positive, if you don;t like the line and its important to you, you have time to give back your ticket and go and find somewhere else to play Embrace our differences, enjoy learning about other music styles and respect others Not one of us has the right to think we know better than the next person, we all have our views , but they are just that - views, not facts ... xx
  8. Funkyfairy!

    "Moments" of 2019

    Biggest singalongs - George Ezra - espcially if the yellow ball in the sky is out and the cider is flowing, Killers Mr Brightside (they tend to start or end with it, and ended with it from memory in JP so maybe start with it on the pyramid), Kylie - just kylie, coiuld be a cheesey party Moment for me - Snow patrol - What if this is all the love you'll ever get - (from their new album and I think I'll be in bits if they do it )
  9. I thought Doves and Tom Odelle would be there- nothing to base that upon at all, just they're active and thought they would grab the chance (if asked) to play
  10. Surprise guest with Bradley Cooper
  11. I maybe the only one, but I am giddy at the thought of seeing the Killers again , seen them so many times, but to see them on the Pyramid will be the icing on my cake .... boring/predicatable/cheesey - bring it on :-) We're all different, thats the beauty of Glastonbury
  12. We will get you there, yes we will yes we will - keep the faith xx
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