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  1. Brilliance from 'last year' - question is how which form will your local weather reports take on next year :-)
  2. No . theres a state of the ground thread as well - was this thread not intense enough to chat through the weather ..... ph my going tohave to wait for another conference call to trawl the state of the ground thread Thanks for the heads up
  3. I;ve just caught up with this thread from most of June (during a v boring conference call), I had dibbed into it during June, but not really read it - its genius, brilliant and now I get the flag and the true brilliance of the jam jars and fruit and big dog and the tent peg. @deebeedoobee @Sawdusty Surfer utter heroes xx
  4. Oh how I wish I lived in the uk to go to midweek gigs, in particular close to Portsmouth on 25th - Frank Turner
  5. Oh my goodness, it's all happening for you, hope your mates wife is all ok and she gets better soon. Take care
  6. Great photo's - magical even when the festivals not on. Are the cows back in the fields yet ? Thanks for sharing
  7. And independantly moving eagle eyes :-) The deluxe edition TechnoBen comes with a special limited edition excel hour by hour daytime plan with wipeable highlighter and go faster stripes on his walking boots
  8. I want to discover IndieBen or BritpopBen ... I know they exist, its a bit like the old action men figures , you sometimes need to dig deep to find the retro Ben figures but they exist, .... taken over by technoben, but there are more layers to Ben as we have discovered today (expecting to see Ben in a Cast band t shirt at next years meet )
  9. I am saving this post for ever more . Who has kidnapped the Ben we know and love. Who would have thought there was a Ben before technoBen
  10. I am sure that Suidgy squiddy hugs are amazing Was teaching 2.5 year old Tilly differnt fish the other evening and pointed to a cuttlefish in her book - she explained that's a Cuddlefish ! A cuddlefish is now my favourite fish for sure :-)
  11. Ha ha yes that was early morning - yeah maybe not that early (was it really that late lol), to be fair I;d probably gone to bed the night before as the sun rose, and ususally with staying in Campervan east we don;t see the site before lunchtime each day so yes that was an earlier walk than normal :-) and was lovely, over the the pier via the other stage and back via a few stalls . For me it was so lovely staying back on site and not having that hike back at the end of every night :-) Alcohol problems are really tough, one of my best male friends is currently in hospital in the UK having collapsed post the Neil Young gig in Hyde park wiht a siezure, being taken to hospital and treated for alcohol withdrawal and now diagnosed with alcolohol related brain damage/dementia - no idea at the moment how much of a revoery he will make or once he is back home if he will want to or be able to stay off the alcohol and he is a proper functioning alcoholic Anyway all the best, and thanks once again for the quick meeting , made me smile :-)
  12. I'm with you , and sending you condolences. Every now and again life throws a ball of rubbish with a loss/illness etc that brings the worry into perspective and makes me for one ensure I try to live every moment wiht the most postive attitude I can muster. With that I am lucky and have a somewhat tigger bounce attititude to life, but not everyone is so lucky I keep meaning to say to you thank you for calling to me one morning at Glasto (was it Thursday ?) , I was out for a morning walk , all my travelling companions were still relaxing and I was in pure tigger bounce mode and instead of waiting for them decided just to take myself and meander for a few hours , and a very good few hours it was. Met everyone back at camp ready to go for a wedding and didn;t feel frustated as missing half a day .... you were on your way to breakfast ? ( i do hope I didn;t dream this meeting else I'm gong to look like a right buffoon) - anyway thanks for calling out hi and hope your breakie was worth the walk up the hill x
  13. Who's that ? What are they filming ?
  14. Ususally the first / second Thursday/Sunday of Ocober, but not been announced yet
  15. J ust seen that Rewind North has been cancelled and telling everyone not to travel this weekend - https://www.mirror.co.uk/3am/celebrity-news/breaking-rewind-north-festival-cancelled-18810539
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