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  1. Good suit - the material looks like the Glastonbury posters/artwork
  2. Camping world - 20% off today online (on top of already discounted ) with code Friday20 …. and their prices and service are good
  3. Funkyfairy!

    Mrs C

    Pushing it I’m afraid , can take some time to ge out of cv fields at that time, best before 8am / after 2pm from memory
  4. Funkyfairy!

    Mrs C

    We usually book the ferry (not from Hollyhead) for the Tuesday, East cv can take time to clear and its horrible leaving on Sunday night .... unless you want to queue in the dark etc. Other option is to leave super super early on the Monday - and then queus die down around 1-2pm - we usually get off at lunchtime and book stauy down by the ferry and then get an early tuesday ferry - it just feels better if you can do it
  5. I'd go through standard process and get the refund back to you, and let the tent go back into the pool for the resale, else if you have any issues with lead booker etc you will need to sort them out .
  6. Thanks @Curlygirl, it was a very good one, two gigs, too much vino and I never want to see food again :-) Snow patrol last night was so different, stripped back, initimate and quite lovely. It was sold out immediately when the tickets went on sale, and for some reason we managed to get row G tickets just last week , we were in with what seemed like friends/family of the band members. felt like a very privelidged gig to be at - love it when you can see a performers expression :-)
  7. Snow patrol @Quark, last minute tickets this week , they released some more, row G ( all seated gig gggrrrr ) , so whilst I was here thought I’d grab the chance
  8. In previous years you've been able to by muliple passes for the same registration , in different transactions, but that caused an issue with multiple people trying so incorrect multiple tickets being bought so they may have closed that loophole now
  9. I sssooo want to go to Shiine one weekend, but won;t be next year as that clashes with Elton in Liverpool (already), so its pencilled in for 2021 .... which is ridiculous. Its Butlins Minehead, and choice of no food, breaky only or half board ... i dithered about this year literally until a few days before , and then spent the weekend wishing I was there :-( Anyway back on the good ole mainland tomorrow , got a couple of gigs (Essex and Brighton) and a rather posh meal in the big smoke for a big birthday on Saturday ... just got to pack now :-)
  10. I've never been bothered about Mcartney , and always thought I'd swerve him, but seeing this I am actaully quite excited, and thinking yes gotta be there - Eavis on stage doing Hey Jude with him as a finale on Sunday night - what a way to close :-)
  11. Thinking of you Guy, it’s bloody tough when a good mate passes away, always remember the good times and think how lucky you were to have them with him . No one can take away those memories .. take care x
  12. Funkyfairy!

    Volunteering 2020

    I think exactly the same - - defo meet up on the Mon or Tue next year, Efests volunteer meet up ?
  13. Tipi are super hard to get, there are very few, so don;t set your heart on them - always have a back up plan , plus not sure what order they come up for sale in
  14. Theres a sports direct /New Look/Argos/Lidl all within a couple of minues (over the road or along the same strip ) as the tesco so pretty much anything can be purchsed
  15. a few extra strong black coffees and an ibroprofen before the run and you'll be fine - that was my strategy before I did the great north last time after one training session - oops - in hindisght it wasn;t the best strategy but it got me round pretty much pain free (I would walk for the next week though :-)) On second thoughts ignore all the above and all the best and have fun
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