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  1. We have zero cases, and have had zero cases the last two days. The last week or more all cases were asyptomatic and found through workplace screening only …. it feels very strange (nice but strange) . Borders open on Friday so likely to change, athough ferries to France already cancelled all this weekend due to industrial action ! And pubs are only open from today … I may just go for a pint, (you do have to book a table though and its only table service)
  2. Happy Birthday @lucyginger, hope you have had a lovely day x
  3. Funkyfairy!

    How do you feel?

    Most places have a reserve list, even after the initial places are gone, keep mailing and ask to be put on a reserve list as you have the week off, are flexible etc, and keep everything crossed
  4. The bar in the Theatre and circus field (near to gate C) opposite Astolobe, and near to the summer sensations stage, excellent Indie nights till I think 2am or is it 3 am (or 1am or maybe 2am on the Sunday) but great for a few hours post headliner
  5. Don’t follow mates , And don’t feel the pressure to be ‘sensible ‘ and go to bed . I can run at glasto on v minimal sleep , but too many times I trudged back to my tent with the gang as ‘felt I should ‘ , last year I stayed out , I didn’t feel guilty , I had a brilliant time and was still up and out earlier than everyone . have your own Glastonbury and don’t spend time trying to please everyone else
  6. Doves John peel 2009 , first pyramid headliner Bruce Springsteen 2009
  7. Funkyfairy!

    How do you feel?

    Oh I missed the meet , how did that happen... mm probably because I decamped under canvas on a campsite , with more than one other group celebrating glasto weekend. I stuck on the coverage and indulged in cider , rum and too many shots . I rarely watch sets back after the event so it was lovely to watch so much back , and feel very blessed to have experienced so many Glastonbury’s less than a year now , we’re back to normal and just hope and hope and hope those gates open next year any plans for any more virtual meets ?
  8. Finished my last official shift bin painting and ready to spend the weekend on site watching it grow and visiting any open staff bars, and getting a few extra shifts in to finish off the painting , of and collecting my ticket and wristband and wail wail wail everything else …..
  9. spot on, the high street looks busy, but the actual shops are empty, so its really misleading
  10. booked a posh pitch - electricity included :-)
  11. great idea, I'll have pitched my real tent so see you from under canvas :-) (If I'm brave enough and remember)
  12. Thanks for asking. Shes in Essex, and literally does not know the neighbours, and no family nearby. My brother lives in Bali and I am here, I speak to her every evening on WhatsApp without fail, I prop her up in the kitchen while I'm cooking dinner, just so she gets some human contact. I really do worry for anyone isolating, that is still isolating. She has asthma but itsn;t on the vulnerable list but is now too scared to go out (I think) , she doesn't see the point. She can get home delivery shopping and doesn't want to put herself at risk. Her sister (My aunt) passed away from covid 2 weeks ago and the first time I think she will go out is for her funeral in 2 weeks time As soon as boats are running I'll be driving over, collecting her and bringing her back here for a month or so - and at least then I can start to get her out again where she feels safer. It must be heartwrenching when the government announced bubbles can be formed but you've got no one nearby to form a bubble with :-(
  13. Funkyfairy!


    Firstly huge hugs and so sorry for you loss. My two pennies worth ( for what it’s worth ) , the first ‘anniversaries are horrible , take care and be kind to yourself . It’s dreadful having to leave site after that happening (I had dreadful news one year and had to get off site super quickly and heading off as party revelellers were heading home , it was surreal and heartbreaking ) you love the festival and you did you get to show your dad the SE corner and that’s all all precious memories , I am quite sure your Dad would want you to go there again , no decision to be made yet , take your time but when the time is right step onto that turf again , you may do it differently , But the festival will envelop you with love , and the memories will remain but the demons will fade . I remember really needing to go back , to not leave the festival on the bad memories but to make new ones , we’re all built differently and in time you’ll make the right decision for you x Take care
  14. Hotel started to open this weekend for staycations so they will / should be open . Exceptions look like they are some of the chains at the moment - eg premier inn. There is a trial at the moment for testing as planes land , (optional ) , quarantine for 48 hours and get results , if negative have fun and off you go , another test after 4 days and regular testing over a 14 day period . If you don’t want to go down the testing route then it’s 14 day quarantine . Not sure if the trial will continue or how that works will get ramped up , and no sight at the moment of ‘non emergency ‘ travel taking place . To fly you have to get a government agreement , so no tourist flights at the moment ,which also means I cannot get off the island to see my mum who hasn’t had human contact for 12 weeks 😢😢😢😢
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