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  1. Funkyfairy!

    Volunteering 2020

    Got a mail over the weekend volunteer spot confirmed for 2021 - phew can breathe now :-)
  2. A rumshack party sometime later in the year ?
  3. Funkyfairy!

    Volunteering 2020

    Great news..... keeping everything crossed that my volunteer spot will do the same .
  4. Gutted its cancelled, so pleased for those who have tickets and they are rolled over, will be there hammering away for anyone that's wants to go in 2021 Personally just want to hear about whats happening to our volunteer places - and if they will be carried forward . on another note I now have 18 days holiday back.(and nothing to do with it ) - roll on the end of the summer when maybe we can all come out and its worth having leave :-)
  5. With this forced non socialising, I'm taking the opportunity to decorate and do all the jobs I've been putting off I've also bought a pair of running shoes today, I'm going to have more time, and less excuses, I need to get outside, go for a trot and get fitter/see the sea and just breathe fresh air If this all clears Autumn is going to be one amazing party !
  6. The OP poster is not connected to the festival, she is a friend of Michaels oldest daughter which I know to be true, so no reason why they weren't just chatting. Its not an announcement, but a piece of info the OP has through a conversation
  7. Thanks a lot, at least I know I won't be missing it …. I'll await the reschedule dates and hopefully will be able to make it. If it all clears up it'll be time off in the UK in September/October gig hopping - which will be epic :-)
  8. Still got Sam Fender tickets for next Friday, and not been cancelled yet, even though he seems to be quite good at cancelling :-) Not going to jump on a plane to come over, even if I could but would be good to know its actually cancelled !
  9. Funkyfairy!

    Volunteering 2020

    Defo, will message you. I'll stick it in my diary
  10. Funkyfairy!

    Volunteering 2020

    Do you want help Wednesday morning ?
  11. Two fish divers :-) … He has operations in Gili A, Lembongen, Sanur, Amed and Lombok - he really does try to look after his local staff as much as possible, even to the point when the Volcano was threatening to go his Amed place was in the zone, and he drive up bags of rice on the back of his scooter, round the coast (so he didn't get caught through the roadblocks , to ensure his staff were all ok - thanks fully that particular period didn't last long. Just actually spoken to him, his wife, son and unborn second son are in New Zealand presently and he;s telling them to stay there, while he stays in Bali as they have a 90 day visa , are due back this Friday, but he feels its better for them there than in Bali right now (healthcare, etc) along with once tourism gets sorted there 'could' be looting etc so he's just trying to keep them safe
  12. My brother part owns 5 dive centres in Bali, Gilis' etc, and its dire for them out there with tourism. Right decision for your parents, but the flip side is the tourist industry will be in tatters when if comes back - bro's worked so so hard to build a good business, and now has to put all his staff (90% are local) on 50% wage for the next few months in order for the company to survive (it had already been walloped due to the volcano). For the staff that will be the difference between eating just rice every day, or being able to buy a chicken to have with the rice. Most of them work to keep extended families. Wish your parents well returning and if they can afford to tip a few locals on the way out for good service , then it could make a lot of difference for a few weeks
  13. Funkyfairy!


    Woah she did this - I will admit to not knowing who she is, (sorry) but I'm now off to educate myself
  14. Funkyfairy!

    Other Stage 2020

    No snow patrol on the line up after pulling out last year, maybe opening other stage with their reworked stuff, they’re doing a special lunchtime Sunday set at latitude with reworked ....
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