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  1. Chazwozza

    fuck yeah

    Heartfelt thank you @eFestivals for persevering - I didn’t realise how much I missed this site until it went down. Well done and thanks again.
  2. This. You must be about the same vintage as me @AyrshireChris - and my first time was 2008. 3 cheers for old guys.
  3. Well there's a thing - you have to enter a queue just to get on to the ticket buying page. And that's before it's even open...!
  4. The Country file weather forecast didn’t fill me with joy. But I suppose it didn’t cast me down into despondency either. We now need the semi legendary Azores Finger…
  5. Yay! Time for the GFS Ensembles and the NOAA Models? Whatever they are...
  6. Hmmm.... there's a surprising number of tickets going back into the pot via the Fanticks website... not sure what to make of that. Shorter queues at the bars, I suppose.
  7. Just for old times’ sake here’s one he made earlier: https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/91776-glastonbury-festival-26–30-june-2019/?do=findComment&comment=4043993
  8. Never too soon to do weather! But what we really need are the bafflingly scientific observations of Jack One (I think that was his name)...
  9. Huge thanks to @Losing my hair@marathonsteveand of course @bennyhana22 - great advice from all of you, anecdotal and medical. I'm going!
  10. I don't have a medical bone in my body, I'm keen to go but... my festival buddy is a bit chary. We're both fit as butchers dogs with no underlying health conditions and in our early 60's. Are we being foolhardy if we go, or just plain chicken if we don't? Is there anyone out there (looking at you, @bennyhana22) who can offer any quick insights into risk levels? Thanks in advance.
  11. Stand by, the GM web page has changed again….!
  12. On a different (GM) note, Big Jeff knows something... https://twitter.com/BigJeffJohns/status/1415775719481921537?s=19
  13. This should do the trick: “ Mi fydda i’n hapus iawn , iawn ! “
  14. I find it impossible to pick a favourite song, but one of my favourite intro's is the first ninety seconds of Jethro Tull's 'Locomotive Breath'... the rest of the song's good too, but nothing compared to the intro.
  15. Now here's an interesting development, the Spotify playlist for Green Man 2020 has been re-named Green Man 2021.... and it's currently empty. Suggests (at the very least) that this year's lineup is about to be released... 🤞
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