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  1. No idea who recommended it or where on this forum but ... finding/playing 'maggot brain' by funkadelica has made me unreasonably happy. thank you v much whoever suggested that it might be the best guitar solo ever.
  2. I have a flag ready at home to cover the tv with just in case the on site flags don’t do a good enough job.
  3. Now I feel bad for chuckling at his evident indignation, even tho I didn’t post it on here...
  4. @bennyhana22just making sure you’ve picked up on Green Man ticket sale starting at 10 am on Thursday 6 May....
  5. This is the best thread title ever
  6. I met Marcus Brigstocke at the How The Light Gets In festival. He’s just as funny as you’d expect, but a bit shorter. Nice bloke.
  7. I once met Kevin Rowlands mum, off Dexys Midnight Runners, next day my other half meet Suzi Quattro. We were in WA near Perth at the time. So were they. Obvs...
  8. Now there’s an excellent question! I’m going to start the bidding off at 65%. Do I have 70 anywhere in the room...?
  9. True enough - but at least you’re still in the EU 🇪🇺😎
  10. Yup. Most people there seem to have done their pre-festival booze and snacks shopping in Waitrose. Nowt wrong with that though...
  11. I think these have featured in previous Glasto's. Anyway, it's a great cover of a great song:
  12. Is this what you meant? https://doubleblindmag.com/ketamine-nasal-spray-is-the-new-hot-party-drug/
  13. yes I was - sorry, it came across as a bit heavy handed. And in years of festival going I’ve never stopped to read the Ts & Cs.... 😔
  14. Looking at the detail, Terms & Conditions No. 6 is really going to stuff up the winners’ enjoyment of the festival. I think I’ll wait for the Thatcher’s competition to come along - cider poisoning must be more fun than ODing on cheese
  15. Whoops - sorry, please don’t downvote me if they ever come back. Please...?
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