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  1. Recommend ingesting magic mushrooms and watching the trippy effects on the Green Man landing page.
  2. What with all the seeming over crowding, I’m spending more and more time in the Green Futures and Healing fields….
  3. Talking of meets, I’m pleased and proud to say I just met @crazyfool1 and his resplendent hat
  4. Chazwozza

    Worthy FM

    sounds great so far, but it keeps cutting out for some reason... probably my crap internet connection
  5. And that's where the problem lies. In a nationalized railway system everyone's aim is making the thing work well and making a profit is not the aim. As it is, making a profit is the aim - just ask the shareholders - and everything else comes second. It's the same with all those out-sourced bits of the NHS, they don't care about patient welfare or doctors/nurses' working hours - all they want is profit for their shareholders.
  6. The title of this thread is an anagram of ‘cheaters hate gates’.
  7. Not Glastonbury related, but I once had my day sack searched, rather cursorily, at Wilderness.
  8. Medium I think. And I got mine in some cheap deal a few years back. Worth asking google for discount codes for these bags - and they are good, I use mine all the time. Recommend.
  9. My glastobuddy of the past 12 years has devised an ingenious way of removing all anxiety about the price of booze at the festival. The price of an average pint, whatever it might be in £, is ‘1 Pilton’. Everything else can be converted at that rate. A main meal is typically 1.6 Piltons, cocktails are normally around 2 Piltons, and so on. And at the end of a riotous 5 days the total cost is invariably the same, about 50 Piltons. The only one who fails to understand this New Economic Theory, strangely enough, is Mrs Chaz…
  10. I use a single strap bag from the Healthy Back Bag people - designed to not strain your lower back. Also useful as a pillow for afternoon power naps.
  11. Chazwozza

    fuck yeah

    Heartfelt thank you @eFestivals for persevering - I didn’t realise how much I missed this site until it went down. Well done and thanks again.
  12. This. You must be about the same vintage as me @AyrshireChris - and my first time was 2008. 3 cheers for old guys.
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