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  1. Well done @SweepingTheNation and huge thanks for your work - we'd be lost without you...
  2. This thread needs a *bump* to counter all the scientific learned discussion that's happening elsewhere. All together now, 1 - 2 - 3 - "All Praise The Weather Gods" Now for a quick sacrifice to ensure good weather...
  3. First time volunteering with Oxfam so I aim to be on site at 10 am on the Monday. Can't wait!
  4. Chazwozza

    2019 Crew Map

    D’OH! why do I keep falling for this cruel, cruel prank?
  5. But sorry to say, they’ve built a sweary filter into it, depriving us of endless amusement...
  6. Die Antwoord would be good - they’re at Download this year.
  7. There’s a place in Australia in the Western Desert where they have boring.oasis.gigs
  8. @jfaragher you are Jackone and I claim my £5...
  9. Chazwozza

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Oh dear, yes. A bit like a mis-placed blob of Tiger Balm...
  10. Tested my own resilience by embarking on a Grand Day Out in That London with an old Glastobuddy and finishing at around 2:00 am #GettingTooOldForThis
  11. ...naked trampolining up at the Lost Horizon field. Or so I’m told.
  12. Chazwozza


    Strong black coffee. Then a large brandy. Then good to go
  13. Time to spring Jackone from whichever secure long term institution he’s currently held in...
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