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  1. ancient_one

    What made you cry at Glasto?

    I think there was a tear in my eye when The Killers came on stage with Teenage Kicks playing. A beautiful moment.
  2. ancient_one

    Paul Carrack

    Oh yes, The Living Years gets me every time. He was also on in the Acoustic tent the year before, with Nick Lowe and Andy Fairweather-Low. Now that was a singalong.
  3. ancient_one

    This time in one week I'll be...

    Getting ready for Mik Artistik, 6pm, CN bandstand....
  4. ancient_one

    So where do people think is best for camping...

    I am willing to tell you, but only after I have got my tent up. Bloomin' incomers...
  5. ancient_one

    Festival "fashion" - what's your take on the concept?

    er...no. A load of old t-shirts, a pair of Craghoppers trousers with loads of pockets, a fleecy top, a sun hat, and that's yer lot. If I am ever in fashion, that's a bonus.
  6. ancient_one

    Bramble FM

    A big pity. When the clashfinder comes out, I always hope that I have a two hour gap on one afternoon, so I can go and sit down in front of Bramble FM and laugh a lot. Ah well, I'm sure something else will be happening.
  7. ancient_one

    Acts missing from line up?

    Great line-up so far, but the chance of Grandaddy being added still appeals to me.
  8. ancient_one

    Oxfam Steward Applications

    I would be aiming for C, so that could be a plan. Thanks again.
  9. ancient_one

    Oxfam Steward Applications

    And thanks for all of that - I will definitely get him to check nearer the time, but for now, that is really useful.
  10. ancient_one

    Oxfam Steward Applications

    Thanks for that - I thought that might be the case, rather than random cars turning up at the gates pouring out stewards.
  11. ancient_one

    Oxfam Steward Applications

    Does anyone know where the Oxfam stewards need to be dropped off on the Tuesday? My son has got in as a steward, and I will be going down on a regular ticket. I assume I will be able to drop him somewhere close and then kill a few hours before coming back as normal.
  12. ancient_one

    2017 New Music Thread

    In an effort to keep up to date, I have spent this weekend listening to the new ones by, in order of preference - 1. Grandaddy 2. King Gizzard 3. Temples 4. Ed Sheeran Positions of the first three could change on repeated listens. 4 is staying where it is. Unless someone gives me a CD of a bloke throwing up for 40 minutes and playing banjo between heaves, in which case Ed drops down to 5. That fiddly diddly Irish stuff is shocking.
  13. ancient_one


    Friday Other Stage opener - I'd be there Friday Park Headliner - tough choice, but probably not there. Pity. I listened to the new album twice on Friday - beautifully put together, but only the first and last tracks jumped out at me. All rather one-paced.
  14. ancient_one

    Kanye west confirmed

    Ah, not just me then. I did much the same thing this morning when I heard that one of the Kardashian clan had said he's had an exhausting tour. Oh yes, I bet he sleeps in the back of a van, does 7 gigs a week. To be honest I have never really got him at all, but maybe what I assumed was a surplus of arrogance over talent, has roots in some actual illness. If so, let's hope he comes back fixed, for the people who do get him.
  15. ancient_one

    Self Confirmed 2017

    Mik Artistik, of course. http://mikartistik.com/live/