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  1. Or just have merch to order on the bands website?
  2. Oooo super thanks! Was supposed to be on a bit of a bender next weekend with the Lovely Eggs on Friday and Henge on Saturday. I may do it home-styley instead!!!
  3. i'm joining the furlough club from Monday too, as usual my company are not giving anything extra. I'll use the time wisely - I have a list of jobs to do at home, and I will probably get my cv up to date too. I wish i could decide at 50 years old what i want to do when I grow up!
  4. The Lovely Eggs.... Now Scrambled..
  5. Too many! Theres pulp on the park 2011 after a heavy few days looking after my mum, theres dancing in the glade to dreadzone on my 1st pill aged 40, theres watching ray davies in 2010 balling my eyes out as my dad had died a few weeks before, theres buying some gear from a bloke and being up 2 days later, there's sitting at a sunset with the ome you love the most, there's daft conversations with kids (and parents), there's hugs with strangers, I'm not sure even where to start!
  6. Sorry I don't believe that either, there might have been 250k and yes it did feel emptier the year after the super fence.. But not 500k, thats silly numbers!
  7. Yes there were but the site was about half the size, only about 80000 tickets, theres no way that there was 300k on site, let alone watching 1 band
  8. I was there and there definitely wasn't 300000 watching the Levellers!
  9. Hang on, are you doing 2 dissertations?
  10. Just updated their profile pic on Facebook, hopefully that means some activity at last!
  11. I tweeted them..... nothing....
  12. Well, my big tent is 7m x 3.5m... So not many of them! But my small tent is 3m x 1.5m, so quite a lot more!
  13. We booked tickets for this so do hope its a goer, as its my birthday weekend too! But yes, could do with an announcement!
  14. Jcb providing the hardware in cinemageddon!
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