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  1. bexj

    Green Man 2019

    We did settlers last year, don't have kids but friends who are regular settlers do. Seemed like a good set up, huge programme of daytime and evening activities for all ages but some are very popular so you need to be quick off the mark for signing up. Very clean loos but showers were busy at many times. Can use their bbqs. Lots of kids seem to make friends with other kids. Felt very safe. Off site, lots of things to do in the area and vouchers available as a settler. Many people seemed to head out in cars for the day. The 4 girls I was with, aged roughly 7-11 absolutely loved Green Man and said they would rather go there than any other holiday!
  2. bexj

    Bearded Theory 2019

    Green man is massively child friendly, seperate kiddies loos, lots of entertainment, lots and lots of families everywhere.
  3. bexj

    Bearded Theory 2019

    Oh shite.. Repeat after me.. "do not let bexj near the jaipur", "do not let bexj near the jaipur"... That's it, you gottit! Thanks!
  4. bexj

    2018 in review

    Album This is Eggland - The Lovely Eggs Song Deportation blues - BC Camplight Gig Really hard to choose! King Gizzard at the Trades club for raw sweaty intimate energy, The Lovely Eggs at the Brud, Ride at The Plug and Brix and the Extricated also at the Trades Festival Green man totally blew me away for superb music and chilled out vibe Book Coal black mornings by Brett Anderson Did you miss Glastonbury I miss Glastonbury every day I'm not there Three wishes for Glastonbury 2019 Tickets in the resale for me n 3 friends Tickets in the resale for 4 more friends Tickets in the resale for the remainder of our group of 12 that failed to get a sniff of a ticket in October Festivals lined up Bearded Theory for my 50th, hopefully Glastonbury and if not then Green Man again
  5. bexj

    2019 New Music

    Ian Browns new album is out in April i believe.
  6. bexj

    Green Man 2019

    I'd be very happy to see a return of Stereolab!
  7. Hi Zoe, congrats on getting your 1st glasto ticket. Even though it sounds like you only want to experience it once before you move on to something else on your list (I'm crap at lists, probs why I've been to Glastonbury so many times lol), i hope you enjoy your time there. As for flo, think its probably a bit soon for her to be back and i didn't know maroon 5 were still going! Have fun x
  8. bexj

    Green Man 2019

    Could Spiritualized make an appearance this year? Or Suede?
  9. bexj

    Albums of the Year 2018

    Wow so much good stuff this year! Gaz coombes The coral Suede Spiritualized The Lovely eggs Wooden shjips Brix and the extricated And a surprise late contender from Marianne Faithfull
  10. bexj

    In the loop?

    To me its a no brainer, surely its better to be educated than not, surely its better to understand the risks than not, surely its better to know what you're putting in your body than not. Its then your decision, as an educated, responsible adult to go ahead or not. I've been following the loop on twitter over this summer and some of the work they do is truly outstanding. Long may it continue and, hopefully make an appearance not just at Glastonbury, but up and down the land at music events, night clubs and even in high streets.
  11. bexj

    Camping Ground - West of The Park

    We ended up in a little triangular field (possibly Bailey's) last year, we'd been creeping ever towards the edges of Paines for years so this was only just the other side of the hedge. The grass was knee long, but it was dead quiet and it had no passing traffic. I wouldn't hesitate to go there again, if i get tickets.
  12. bexj

    Campervan fields distance to festival?

    Hi It depends which CV ticket you get. CV west has an entrance directly into the festival, you'd be 10-15 mins walk from the Park/Arcadia which is the nearest bit of the festival. Not sure about CV east as not really been out that way. Theres water points at both but not waste disposal. Alternatively you can get Bath & west showground tickets which is a 24hr shuttle bus ride away to gate A, which is then probably 10 mins walk to JP tent or 15 to Pyramid. But i believe there's proper loos and showers there. Not sure where Love Fields is, but if its outside gate D, its still a long walk. Everywhere is to be honest.
  13. Anyone got any info aboit Noisily, in Leicestershire? Whats it like? What sort of crowd? Vibe? Music? Thanks
  14. bexj

    Green Man 2019

    I really want to go again but I guess it depends on whether we are lucky in the Glasto tickets. I think early birds will sell out pretty quick though... So we might miss them.