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  1. Interesing that.. Last year we took our own booze, wine/spirits mainly, but bought plenty of ale in there. The choice of ale and cider is superb, reasonably priced and good quality. Who wouldn't choose that over a warm fizzy can of something? Great policy!
  2. Absolutely right, small steps are brilliant, none of us can do everything, there's always compromise and therefore improvement to be done x
  3. That's sad, I'm sorry for your loss x
  4. bexj

    Screens at the Park

    No, keep the intimacy, its perfect as it is.
  5. Bearded Theory... But its in May. Very nice atmosphere, Avalon/Glade feel, good mix of music, very easy, and csn take your own booze
  6. On the lookout for 2 x tickets, if anyone can help then shout!
  7. bexj

    Neighbours 2019

    Mainly friendly neighbours, one group infront were peeing behind their tent and leaving their toilet paper... Basically right outside our door. We called them out on it and they didn't do it again. About 2 groups away, a bunch of kids obviously hammered all weekend were attracting attention of security by sunday, turns out at least one of them was thieving, got caught and kicked out. Needless to say the ones remaining left their camp in an absolute disgrace on monday. Put a bit of a down on it.
  8. Did anyone see Jarvis at this year's festival?
  9. bexj

    Free university

    Sorry you missed it, its inside Crows Nest. Brett was fabulous!
  10. 1 The Cure 2 The Chemical Brothers 3 Johnny Marr
  11. Testing a selection of beers and ciders whilst seeing if my pale skin can cope with a bit of sun.... What could possibly go wrong?
  12. bexj

    Out of office

    This is officially the longest afternoon in the history of the calendar. Its longer than every Xmas eve morning put together... I swear I've been sat here for at least 488 hours today....
  13. bexj


    Masses - probably a good half of the festival we can't see.... West Holts, Circus, SE Corner, Theatres etc etc
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