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  1. It will be safe in the lockups but your bigger problem is that there are so many photo opportunities, many of them unplanned that either you will end up missing them because your camera is miles away, or you'll just end up carrying your camera all the time.
  2. The site expanded westwards considerably when the Park was introduced in 2007 (?) , but I dont recall tbat it went all in 1 go. Oh bollocks I don't know! All i know is that each year we camp closer and closer to that west fence!
  3. It was definitely there in 2014! So maybe 2013? I don't remember it there in '11
  4. Done it years ago and it was fine, you see all sorts of kit out n about. It ended up being too much of a pain in the arse to carry around though, especially as phone cameras got better
  5. Oh my word! I wasn't expecting that!
  6. bexj

    Co-Op / alcohol

    Just to clarify, yes there was a coop at the bottom of Park Home, but no it didn't sell alcohol.
  7. Sorry Jack, but have you ever actually been to a festival? Its just so far away from the ethos of any festival I've ever been to, i just cannot see how it would attract any customers. Even if it does, I can't see how your business model would actually return you any profit, the cost of your service would far outweigh the charges made to punters in my opinion.
  8. The "under the influence" documentary on friday evening with Lauren Laverne was superb!
  9. bexj

    Daily gate checks

    Yes you will have to go through the gates each time. On your first exit you will get a pass out ticket which you need to show in addition to your normal ticket when you re-enter. Same procedure then for each exit and re-entry. You will be subject to any security checks each time, but there are no restrictions on bringing in booze for personal consumption. Be aware that its quite a long walk to/from gate A to anywhere in the festival, John Peel tent probably being your closest at around 10 mins walk. I've never stayed off site but i can't imagine you would want to waste time going in and out several times a day, so take what you need for the day and night, and leave stuff in the lockups until you need it.
  10. Amazing!!! Thank you!!! i am totally not being nit-picky, I absolutely love the book!! Interesting you found some other anomalies!!
  11. Smiths - never gonna happen Pulp - unlikely Travis - bloody hope not!
  12. Some may call us obsessed....
  13. 1997 was so bloody wet, there's no way that photo was taken in the mud! Also, the Jazz World stage, where is it?
  14. I love this, reading bits, flicking pictures, going back and forwards filling me with warm fuzzy feelings... Question though, page 146 refers to the double page photo on the previous pages as being 1997, but theres about 3 good reasons why i dont think it is... Anyone with me?
  15. Imagine if everyone did that...
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