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  1. I never understood why RHCP festival sets got so much flak until I looked up a setlist once and it opened with '20 minute bass jam'.
  2. Which will come first, the full Primavera 2023 lineup or the first names for Sziget? Place your bets people
  3. I'm just going to say something absurd so I look like Nostradamus if it comes off, it's probably NWA...
  4. I agree Disclosure would feel super tepid as a headliner. What I absolutely don't want is for Sziget to bet the farm on one humongous act I'm not fussed about (*cough* Coldplay) and then dilute the rest of the week because of it. It's supposed to be a multi-day experience, it's not BST.
  5. Well bugger, I only saw that they had a nice Sziget shaped gap in their tour schedule...
  6. Thought I'd throw some hopes out there and then people can shoot them down if it turns out that they're not going to happen. My wishlist in order of likelihood: Foals Seasick Steve Pixies Florence & the Machine London Grammar IDLES Dropkick Murphys Gorillaz Rage Against the Machine
  7. It's a bold strategy Cotton, let's see if it pays off...
  8. I've not heard of that but I'll definitely look into it. If it has an atmosphere reminiscent of The Secret History then I'm sure it's worth a read, whether it quite reaches that level or not.
  9. Can recommend The Secret History by Donna Tartt if you've not read it. It's bizarre and well characterised and really went in a direction I didn't expect, really stayed with me for a while.
  10. Are ratm out for 2022? I know the dream is dead for this year but I was hoping they'd be back in Europe before I turn about 50...
  11. Do I remember some Flogging Molly talk earlier in this thread? I can't recall if it was a rumour of ruling them out though
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51734115 🙄
  13. Wasn't there a fair bit of Biffy talk a while back? Either them or London Grammar would be the cherry on top personally.
  14. I think the consensus is that they attempted to book someone else but it fell through so they went back to Dua Lipa.
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