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  1. Do I remember some Flogging Molly talk earlier in this thread? I can't recall if it was a rumour of ruling them out though
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-51734115 🙄
  3. Wasn't there a fair bit of Biffy talk a while back? Either them or London Grammar would be the cherry on top personally.
  4. I think the consensus is that they attempted to book someone else but it fell through so they went back to Dua Lipa.
  5. I'm already working on a way to source VB so that I can down it at the Amyl gig while punching an emu.
  6. So, people are reckoning on a announcement that's solely Eminem, then a second that's the final headliner (shawn?) and more undercard?
  7. Various leakers have confidently said it's a thing and he's announcing a world tour next week (?) so I imagine that will have UK dates.
  8. Secret set by Mad Cool's entire lineup.
  9. These are all cracking, cheers Guy
  10. Does anyone have recommendations for smaller artists that are worth a listen?
  11. Is Lewis Capaldi sub size in Hungary?
  12. Can't believe Seasick Steve was actually correct.
  13. Hey, that's, like, cheating or something.
  14. Anyone want to do a last minute prediction? If you get 5/5 I'll buy you a deher.
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