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  1. I think you've hit the nail on the head. We're going from Anna of the North headlining A38 and Tove Lo subbing main to having 21P subbing the Foos. Some days are far stronger than others, it's feeling a liitle wonk.
  2. Looks like Macklemore is replacing The Prodigy at Provinssi in Finland, makes me wonder if something similar happened here. Not necessarily the the Prodigy were booked, just that Macklemore is going round Europe plugging gaps for people
  3. The beauty of Sziget is that there's so much going on even if no-one you know is playing. Go to the circus, watch a movie in magic mirror, go to the beach, find new friends at the campsite and make bad decisions together. The one thing I'll say is there are reports of drinks being watered down but that doesn't happen with pailnka. That shit will hit you like a train. Long story short, it's a party that everybody wants to be part of and once you're there you'll know it. I've never been anywhere like it. Dive in, embrace it, and you'll love every second.
  4. This lineup really is all over the place. I've heard of none of those A38 headliners. Also, who came up with Macklemore>The National, that's going to be one hell of a vibe change.
  5. But seriously, do we think Bob Dylan would work for a festival crowd. Seems like a man made for his own shows to me, and I like Dylan.
  6. From what I recall the Sziget 'passport' that you're given on entry is effectively a programme with all the acts in. There are many shirts on sale. It is cashless but it's very easy to top up at the stations/ with the app. Personally I've never been at the front of the main stage but I would imagine that it is very tightly packed.
  7. Festileaks is reporting that Aalma Dili and Ezza have self-confirmed so there's going to be world music even if there isn't a world music stage. https://en.festileaks.com/2019/02/two-world-music-acts-self-confirmed-for-sziget-2019/
  8. Keep on dreaming my friend, you never know then they might come true.
  9. This is just because you love Bjork, isn't it?
  10. Couldn't agree more. Who would I love to be announced for the festival? System of a Down, The Chemical Brothers, Nine Inch Nails. Who would I book if I wanted to seek tickets to a festival in 2019? Post Malone and Ariana Grande. (though I still think she'd be too expensive and it's going to be someone else)
  11. I hope your body is stronger than mine then, or else avoid hitting the Dreher and Palinka too hard before noon.
  12. I've done hotels before, certainly more relaxing than camping though you have to pay for taxis if you want the nightlife experience. Camping is fun but it takes a real toll on you, after the heat, the dust and the endless drinking I was in a properly rough state. Ended up going to bed at 10pm on Mumford's night cos I was dying and they were shite. On thing I will say is if you're in basic camping it is definitely worth paying for the early entry ticket. Me and my friend arrived at 6am the day the festival opened and were very lucky to get a decent spot as almost everywhere was full from early entry people.
  13. How many A38 headliners do people think we have? I know Chvrches are headlining on Thursday, maybe Years and Years on the Sunday if they're not subbing Post and Catfish on the Monday?
  14. There's certainly some interesting stuff in there. James Blake, Protoje, Razorlight and Franz Ferdinand are some quality nostalgia. I just feel like I'm haunted by the spectre of Post Malone.
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