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  1. Adult tickets and ticket payment plans had gone when I tried at 10.40
  2. Sure but don't most family tents have a covered porch area?
  3. I've never seen slabs of lager being sold on site. Think it's a trek into Crickhowell for you. It'll be a bit of a slog carrying heavy slabs o' beer though.
  4. Boots. Surely wellies are only required in standing water? Only been to GM twice before so I'll defer to veterans, but the impression I get is it doesn't get that bad. Worst festival mud I've ever seen definitely at Glasto 2016. Even then I didn't need wellies.
  5. There's crime and then there's reported crime. I very much doubt the crime stats will reflect the true level of crime at Glastonbury 2019. I don't get the impression crime was down this year at all. Still the same talk of tent thefts as in any year. But how many people reported these to the cops and got a crime number? Unless people do this we'll never get stats anywhere near accurate.
  6. Sorry to hear that @Cream Soda. Standing up for long periods gave me a whole load of trouble in the mud bath that was 2016. Very few spaces to sit....and I'd lost my shooting stick, which I'd used to help rehabilitate a broken ankle back in 2011 and taken to Glasto ever since. Back got so bad in 2016 that one night I nearly fell over, as my back kind of gave way. Problems persisted after I got back home. I eventually had an MRI scan which showed damage to a disc in my lumbar spine. Whether I had a preexisting injury that was exacerbated by Glasto, or whether damage occurred during Glasto, I'll never know. I really sympathise with you, as back pain can make a festival a rather miserable affair at times. For next time I'd really recommend you invest in a shooting stick. Fairly lightweight and you can rest your back wherever you are. More to the point, if you were experiencing such extreme pain I would be tempted go to your GP and push for an MRI scan to check for damage. Pretty important to check for this and rule it out.
  7. warriormonk

    Coach ticket?

    Ah OK. Looks like different system to when I last went by coach.
  8. warriormonk

    Coach ticket?

    Also e-ticket should specify number of coach seats booked
  9. warriormonk

    Coach ticket?

    Hi. Think they are just sent to the 'lead booker.'
  10. They do indeed. They drive to the top of Paines/bottom of SP2. Milky Milky!!
  11. 'The store will be inside a bespoke marquee located within the campsite area at each of the festivals. It will be trading from 7am – 3am and will be staffed 24 hours and will have up to 18 tills in operation.' No doubt they'll use the other four hours fully replenish the shelves.
  12. According to the Coop 'colleague' website opening hours are 7am-3am. https://colleaguestories.coop.co.uk/co-op-festival-crew-information-page-everything-you-need-to-know-before-you-apply/
  13. Ah OK. Normally camp in SP2. Didn't see that bit.
  14. As long as you're not in my spot hehe ;-) Yes the Park is the other side of crew camping, so you have to walk through Paines, but it's not that far really.
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