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  1. warriormonk

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Yeah exactly the same for me. The main route out of our section of the car park (well, field) was just plain old grass. On the way out it was getting chewed up into a right old bog in places. Some cars were getting stuck. Could do with some metal track way in places methinks.
  2. warriormonk

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Yeah I'm up for that. I always fully intend to go to the meet at Glasto, but always seem to miss it. Probably because I've been to the Cider Bus and I'm lying in a ditch somewhere.
  3. warriormonk

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Think it was June 2nd last year. August 8th in 2016. But with no Glasto this year it will be interesting to see if this speeds up sales.
  4. warriormonk

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Jane Weaver and No Bingen. I'm a happy boy this morning!
  5. warriormonk

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Thanks for the reply. I'm pretty much decided on this now. I think me and my mate passed by the Settlers camp last year. Pretty central. Sounds like a good vibe! We've got more of a posse coming this year I hope, with some of our mates who haven't been to a festival for years cos they've got kids. We've told them GM is pretty much ideal for kids due to proximity of camp sites to stages, generally civilised atmosphere (even saw a queue at a bar!!), facilities etc. I'm paying for my son this year. He's now 18 so can go to the bar for me hehe!
  6. warriormonk

    Green Man Festival 2018

    Anyone been on a Settlers Pass before? What's it like and would you recommend? I went to GM for the first time last year. Really enjoyed myself and discovered some fantastic acts. This year I'm really tempted to do a whole week . Such a beautiful part of the world.
  7. warriormonk

    Green Man Festival 2017

    Another first timer here. Overall a fantastic festival and greatly enjoyed myself. Loved it. Such a beautiful place. My mate had only been to Phoenix, T in the Park and Leeds before and was quite bewildered at first by how civilised and ...well...grown up it all was. Plenty of space for everyone, but large enough crowd to create a good vibe. Glad to hear there are no plans to ram more people in as I feel they've got the formula right here. The line-up was fantastic from the main stage to the smallest venue. Some serendipitous discoveries were made and I came back with plenty of new stuff to listen to, which is a good thing as my Spotify playlist was getting rather stale. The site is nice and compact and it's easy to flit from stage to stage and get more bands in. Food all good quality with some Glasto regulars like Grande Bouffe, Roaming Rotisserie. making an appearance. No do-nuts though?? Warning - Churros in chocolate dip attracts Wasps in great numbers! I ended up running round that field like effin' Usain Bolt. Beer was good quality and I like the beer festival model. But pretty pricey by my parsimonious standards. 4.50 - 5.50 pint is thinning my wallet in super quick time. Stand out acts for me this year - PJ, Richard Dawson, Trembling Bells, Warm Digits, Liars and Nordic Giants for the animations. Already planning my return next year and rounding up more of a posse!!
  8. warriormonk

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    What a marvellous piece of prose frostypaw. I think this be can be applied pretty much to most political discourse nowadays though...especially on social media unfortunately. This seems have been diminished to a battle of egos, rather than a battle of ideas. The first instinct of too many seems to be to lob personal insults rather than present a convincing counter-argument. In fact come to think of it it's not just an online thing. This brutishness seems to be infecting politics in general...especially 'populist' politics on both political wings. My view, for what it's worth, is that Glastonbury has an optimistic communal ethos where people look out for each other. That is inherently a left wing vibe or philosophy or whatever...the feeling that the collective can do more in cooperation than it can in competition. The libertarian right would normally start from the position that human beings..in the state of nature... are hard wired to fuck each over in order to survive. Therefore ones first duty is to look after no 1 and no 1's family. Anything else is a luxury...a luxury that we can never afford in the mind of the average Daily Mail reader. So yes Glastonbury is an inherently left leaning space (although you see quite a few instances of inconsiderate behaviour). But that does not mean it should be a space for organised political groups to invade and then occupy. That would seem to be contrary to the Glastonbury spirit (as far as I have 'felt' it) and thankfully I saw very little evidence of this in 2017. Having said that, though, I did not seem to detect as much of a collective 'vibe' as in...say 2008.
  9. warriormonk

    V Festival banning stage times?

    Obviously banning people taking in Clashfinder print-outs etc is ludicrous and anti-social. But monetising set times does seem to be part of the wider festival 'business model.' I usually go to Glastonbury plus another festival. Went to Kendal Calling last year and they were charging £10 for the lanyard and did not publish set times on their website. I stuffily refused to pay, only to discover I couldn't always get the Clashfinder online, such was the paucity of tinternet coverage and the general shitness of my phone. Anyway I suspect there will be a fair few festivals refusing to publish set times - despite their punters stumping up a big chunk of cash. Grasping raw capitalism is never a good look!
  10. warriormonk

    Kris Kristofferson.....

    Beat me to it!! Compare and contrast!
  11. warriormonk


    It's a new tent. http://www.glastonburyfestivals.co.uk/areas/the-green-fields/croissant-neuf/
  12. warriormonk

    What was the car park 'entertainment' in previous years?

    Philippa's van?
  13. warriormonk

    Spirit burning camping stove - Can I bring one?

    I bring one every year and never had any problems. Never seen any info they are banned at Glasto. Other festivals do ban them though...although that's never stopped me
  14. warriormonk


    Could it be the new permanent phone mast? http://www.whatmobile.net/latest/ee-permanent-mast-glastonbury-2017
  15. warriormonk

    Offer: Lift Share from Sheffield Weds-Mon

    UPDATE: Now full. Can't delete this thread....