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  1. There is no mention of Chai Wallahs on the GM website. I'll be mighty miffed if it's not there this year.
  2. Good spot. I should have bothered checking :-)
  3. Here's a haiku John Cooper Clarke did at Glastonbury 2015: To-con-vey one’s moodIn sev-en-teen syll-able-sIs ve-ry dif-fic
  4. Babymetal are in the UK around this time. That would be a laugh!
  5. I've been camping in SP2 for a number of years, having got tired of the guy rope obstacle course in Paines (formerly Dairy). There's always space up there throughout the whole festival. If I can get a data connection, I'll update on Thursday am if you want Sweet_pea. I can see the attraction of just rocking up in Darble/Pylon, having done the schlep up to SP from Gate A in '15 and '16. In 2016 it was an absolute killer! Worth it for the view though. Great to sit outside the tent just taking it all in.
  6. West Holts has its own team of organisers. Twitter handle is @WestHoltsGlasto
  7. Impressive research there incident...
  8. Now that is a very odd question indeed, prompting the obvious retort - 'why do you want to know?'
  9. warriormonk


    Peeps could record Glasto anecdotes on their mobile phones and send them in. Sound quality on phone mics is normally pretty good as long as people don't it too close in (and don't fidget!). Also quality is dependent on the apps people use. Some are voice memo type with low sample rate i.e. sound shit. Free version of iRig app is pretty good.
  10. Eels have UK dates starting day after GM. Here's hoping!
  11. There might be a later one. 2015 I have no idea what time the coach arrived but 3pm sounds about right. 2016 was a different story altogether though. Departed 9am. Arrived 8pm!!!!! That was the infamous mudageddon year.
  12. I've travelled twice on the Weds coach/ticket package from Sheffield. On both occasions I have been allocated 9am . I think I am right in saying there is an earlier coach on the Weds. Might be 6am. I'd much prefer to go earlier tbh, but you do not get a say. I have heard of people sending pleading e-mails to See Tickets requesting a particular coach with varying degrees of success. I always try for a coach ticket first because, although I prefer to travel under my own steam, the ticket is by far the most important thing....
  13. That's more or less what I did last year, with it being my first time and not knowing site at all. Arrived Orange Car Park, got wrist band, then camped up in the first spot I found. It seemed to me most folks venture deeper into the camping areas to get closer to the stages, so the periphery fills up last. There was space there on Friday morning and it never got super rammed in any case. But, as others have noted, the site is rather 'compact' and, wherever you are, it's never a huge schlep to get to the stages in any case. I had a walk round all the camping areas and even in the busiest spots it's never super high density e.g. the insanity of Pennards at Glastonbury.
  14. Yeah exactly the same for me. The main route out of our section of the car park (well, field) was just plain old grass. On the way out it was getting chewed up into a right old bog in places. Some cars were getting stuck. Could do with some metal track way in places methinks.
  15. Yeah I'm up for that. I always fully intend to go to the meet at Glasto, but always seem to miss it. Probably because I've been to the Cider Bus and I'm lying in a ditch somewhere.
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