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  1. Unfortunately packing for us starts this evening as we've a ferry to catch Monday morning... need to prepare for all eventualities
  2. Jeez, how good is all your eyesight, I'm pretty much always looking at the screen. We bring a small inflatable with a few lights on it. We fire it up when one of our gang can't find us in the crowd - I couldn't tell you the amount of people over the years that have asked us to put it to help find their lost friends too + how incredibly grateful they've been to us for having it.
  3. Mind you with all this positivity, I'm still heading to decathlon soon to pick up some additional waterproofs. A tribute to weather Gods.
  4. Less than 24 hours earlier scenes of 2016 being referenced. I f*cking love this thread!
  5. Where are you heading from on Monday? Plenty of time to recover before the festival, you'll have all the antibodies by Wednesday!
  6. Welcome to the rollercoaster that is Glasto weather forecasting! #Believe
  7. I believe it is now time to sacrifice Chris Martin.
  8. All hail Met Eireann!
  9. I love rain & mud. Can't wait.
  10. Mate, it's just the weather, it'll be grand 😂 All will be good once you get to the farm, you just might need wellies.
  11. 16 is perfect for me, that's a good summer in Ireland.
  12. Proper sports thermal layers, both body and legs, will help (And when say proper, I mean brands like Under Armour & Canterbury and not Primark)
  13. Elton John vibes at West Holts. It’ll be rammed but the route above is a good bet, that’s worked well for me in the past. Just don’t attack it from the greenpeace/glade side, that’ll be chaos.
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