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  1. TheDayman

    Queue watch

    Stewards have told people to stand up at PGA... no movement at PGD yet (but we're a good bit back)
  2. TheDayman

    Queue watch

    Box office update - The steward at car park entrance has told me they are boxing everyone in until 8am. When I explained we were trying to get to the box office and that this means people will need to queue 3 times he said "it's just one of those things".
  3. TheDayman

    Queue watch

    D queue is pretty massive now too - wrapping out along the hedge row back to the orange 39
  4. TheDayman

    Queue watch

    They don't seem to be allowing people get to the box office from the orange car park side. 2 of our crew have had to join the PGA queue just to get to the otherside and start queuing again at the box office. What a pain in the hole - triple queuing.
  5. Soooo.... they don't seem to be allowing people get to the box office from the orange car park side. 2 of our crew have had to join the PGA queue just to get to the otherside and start queuing again at the box office. What a pain in the hole - triple queuing.
  6. Given they're giving festival tickets to people with CV's, what are peoples thoughts on trying to collect box office tickets today? Wondering if its worth risking dropping across to the festival.
  7. I'm pretty sure I've seen at least tequila in plastic bottles before but as @crazyfool1 has said, its less common as I would assume it would need to be a specific type of plastic. We've bought a few cheap metal thermal bottles in Primark (€4.50 so maybe £3/4 in the UK). They're perfect for spirits and as they empty you can use them to carry ice if you're lucky enough to find some!
  8. Yep. And the fact that it's sitting at the bottom of the shower, someone must be practicing. ...I just hope she's properly cleaned up after herself! 😂
  9. Looks like someone in my house is starting to prep... 😂
  10. I've no doubt that's the case and tbf, the live events industry was disproportionately affected. That said, a lot of people have pointed out these oncoming issues well in advance to See and the Festival. People are even tweeting Emily directly as well as cc'ing See's CEO on their emails. I can understand gaps in knowledge as a result of covid but people are literally highlighting the problems directly to the top brass but it seems to be falling on deaf ears. Anywho, here's hoping this is all just sensationalism and everything works out fine when we get there! I'll never be as happy to be proven wrong! Onwards and upwards, we're nearly there! 🥳
  11. Tbh, I have less issues with Royal Mail than I do with See. Final delivery is only one part of, what might be, a complete and utter shitshow come Wednesday morning. For example, a strategic decision was made to not post international tickets and its becoming more and more apparent that they have no plan in place to distribute what is going to be an exceptionally larger number of tickets left for box office collection. People are also being told that the parking passes that weren't sent in time will need to be sent back for a refund (and they will now need to pay again at the gate). Others are being told to park at PGA to pick up their tickets (which lets be honest, is never going to be allowed). There's no clear pedestrian routes - other than the road - from the car parks for those who need to get back to the box office at PGA. It's all pointing to a clear disconnect with the on the ground logistics of the festival and there seems to be zero planning in place to mitigate against the disruption their decisions may cause. I really hope all will goes well but right now, the evidence is starting to point towards a messy start and at a minimum, probable traffic issues. Sorry, long rant but it's so frustrating...
  12. This is more principal than anything else but they want to be refunding the postage too.
  13. Yeah, not great timing but it's actually not as bad as initially thought. Not my drinking hand anyway so all good! 😂
  14. So confirmation just recieved from An Post that they won't be sent until Monday. To the Irish Contingent who got theirs this week - did the postman require a signature? Wondering if they'll put them through the letter box.
  15. Ah, tbf I'm in no way concerned about getting in. If I can get them to him @snipe has very kindly offered to bring them across with him on Tuesday (thanks again!) but it's still annoying that they've added this extra hassle. They've also only sent 4/7 so half our group will still have to go to the box office first and double queue on Wednesday morning. Anyway on a far more positive note, the whole ticket fiasco seems to have brought everyone a bit closer on here, which is really great!
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