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  1. Is there a meet tonight?
  2. This thread is mad 😂 If you’ve had crisps taken off you by security then ask the festival for your money back. Quick letter to head office should do the trick
  3. I man showed me one of those and said I had to hand him all my drugs. Did I do the right thing giving it to him?
  4. March Hare

    Kendrick Lamar

    Up close it was a tremendous gig IMG_6465.MOV
  5. This is really shocking, more and more it’s clear that something went wrong
  6. When you say “It's interesting about the numbers though. There were only an extra 3k punters, yet an extra 7k staff/performers?! How many people did Kendrick have on stage for his opening and closing again? Lol.” @MEGATRONICMEATWAGON there is something in this. Glastonbury Festival stewards lost hundreds when they moved the camp outside of the fence, the replacements may have been younger and more keen to explore the late night entertainment. The extra 7k staff/performers may have brought a similar mentality. The demographic of the festival may have shifted to a younger working crowd and that could account for it being busier than expected. It would be interesting to see the data but no one has it. The above isn’t based on any science, but I think the is more to it than scheduling and the crude number increase.
  7. March Hare

    Gate C

    Looks like the gate c queue is the only realistic option then. That’s a shame
  8. March Hare

    Gate C

    It needs feeding back to the festival for sure or it won’t change
  9. March Hare

    Gate C

    Which stewards are in the campervan site? Genuinely curious. I honestly felt bad for people as they came through the gate (apart from one handsy lady who felt she had to explain how bad it was by stroking my arm 😂). It didn’t feel like a great start to their day
  10. March Hare

    Gate C

    I appreciate I’m saying this as a seasoned hiker, but this would be a 30 minute walk and I’d take that over the 90 minutes people told me they had to queue. Unless they were exaggerating. Is this possible or is it fenced off?
  11. March Hare

    Gate C

    I wonder which stewards these are. Oxfam only covered the gate. Is there dedicated stewards for the campervan fields?
  12. March Hare

    Gate C

    Clusterfuck is a slight exaggeration for the gate. I’m not privy to what has happening outside the fence. If glamping was being given priority that a poor show but how many love fields punters showed up? It was busy for 2-3 hours around lunch time on each day. I was working on both days around that time. More lanes is a possibility (maybe).
  13. March Hare

    Gate C

    You can’t win! 😂 I did few bad for people coming through Friday lunch time. Everyone was working as quickly as possible to get them through but there was just a lot of people to process
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