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  1. We have a special cold that targets those from the south. Peculiar thing 🤔😉
  2. Works for me (10th is a Thursday btw)
  3. Halfway through The Age of Surveillance Capitalism by Shoshana Zubroff. While a few of the points are oversimplified, it highlights some really unpleasant practices. If you use social media and want to know more about data use it’s worth a try.
  4. Will have to see next time if the two are on screen at the same time
  5. Agree with that, finger in the air feeling is that even those who were more cautious are now just getting on with regular things
  6. Remember in October when Tory MP Jerome Mayhew organised a letter to the north west to ask us to just accept regional restrictions. I wonder how many of those 20 MPs are now resisting it in their own constituency. IMO the old tiers didn’t work so you have to do something different. Different means tighter restrictions.
  7. Vinty such a ledge setting these up
  8. I’m good for about 7
  9. Would be lovely for new faces to pop by and say hello. Genuinely a lovely friendly bunch
  10. Just wrapping up a work call
  11. Good news @stuartbert two hats 🎉
  12. I’m with CF on this, not like we have a lot of quiet moments. I’ll join for a little bit early doors Friday but can be on all evening Saturday.
  13. If we play together you would have the chance to virtually murder squirrel
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