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  1. Coupled with a lot of people not wanting to work who ordinarily would be happy to. Some will be happy greeting 1000s at the gates, others not so much. A lot will depend on medical treatments/vaccines etc. Very difficult to put a number on it.
  2. In that weird bee thing made from wooden stakes at the back of the greenpeace stage.
  3. Have to drop off. Was lovely to meet you all! Got to get some of that Oil of Olay DentalPlan uses
  4. Probably would have been an early start, high vis on, giddy with excitement that my mates are in the queue. If I was lucky could have checked your ticket on the way in @WestCountryGirl
  5. Ordered the black t shirt, love it. I like picking up charity t shirts while I’m there so more than happy to support those charities. Need to top up with a CND T soon
  6. Gutted about 2020 but really pleased that all 6 in our group is holding on to tickets for 2021. The festival might be up against it so I would take a one off £20 and you can set up camp the day before, or pre-purchase your festival t-shirt etc etc. I’ve see other festivals doing similar.
  7. Yeah, I agree. They want the cash in the bank in the hope people will just roll over tickets. Was going to be my first Latitude but right now I’d rather it didn’t go ahead. I don’t fancy being in a crowd even three months down the road. We’re in a global pandemic and thousands of people are dying. I really don’t fancy risking mixing in crowds mid summer when right now I won’t even stand within 2m of someone I don’t live with! The prospect of it going ahead is crazy.
  8. July events are starting to be cancelled. My guess is Latitude will be cancelled in the next few weeks. This thing will still be going on in the summer.
  9. March Hare

    Volunteering 2020

    Email the office and ask, they don’t hold back deposits unless it’s cancellation out of the cooling off period etc
  10. I did in my younger days and though the TEFL approach in the Far East would have been right up my street but life got in the way. Got too many commitments now and a settled life. But the dream is there. Just on pause for the moment. Quiz is close to 30 questions now. I’ll do a few each night. I’m actually enjoying doing it. It’s a welcome distraction.
  11. Clearly you haven’t seen my quiz yet?! 😂 Unfortunately my career is far from that. That sounds amazing, always wanted a job I could do anywhere in the world.
  12. No, just a really friendly notification to say it had be flagged and I guessed the reason. All the photos are my own so no copyright issues. My reasons for creating it are genuine, no commercial aspect at all. But rules are rules 😂
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