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  1. “We just got the ratios a bit off. So, I do think I am addicted to drugs now.”
  2. What if they created a new legal entity and piled the financial risks into that and leased the equipment from GFL. To quote @squirrelarmy “life finds a way”
  3. I’m on message (I think? 🤣). Thought the point of the thread was “when will it end so we can go to a field with mates (new and old) crack open the hip flask filled with gingerbread vodka and enjoy each other’s company”* *other flavoured vodkas are available
  4. Yeah, it’s difficult to gauge demand without anything of a similar size being run by them as a one off. They can’t go of gut feeling. But the force tells me they could sell out 50k tickets for an august event.
  5. I fully get that. I booked EOTR as soon as BoJo set out the dates. People won’t hang around. I can understand the excitement to book holidays etc. I’ve done the same (all domestic for now)
  6. Which is so positive and sums up “when will this s*** end”. The more this happens the harder it is to turn back
  7. Haha, exactly what I was thinking/just posted. Wouldn’t that be something. They can run that posh glamping event and throw on some proper gigs too. I’ve always said The Park would be an amazing festival in it own right
  8. Yeah, there was talk of that glamping event. With the news now maybe they could run more than one?
  9. They are still selling tickets and their social media is busy as ever. Got a good chance of running now. I wonder if ticket sales have pick up this week?? They probably have little room for manoeuvre. To make money they need to pretty much sell out
  10. Yeah, once I set my absolute optimism aside, it would be a massive gamble. But when you see R&L planning to run you wonder if they could do something on the site for us this summer.
  11. That’s a shame. I’d love it if they had a crack at something this year. Even if not the festival proper. A half Glastonbury
  12. Anyone else think Glastonbury should do a u-turn and press ahead with the 2021 festival. Freedom arrives 48 hours before the gate open...
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